Category: Seafood

A La Turka Menu, Prices and Locations

A La Turka Main Menu With Price Breakfast Menu Turkish Breakfast Price :£8.80 Sucuk sausage omelette, sigara boregi, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, olives, butter & honey Menemen Breakfast Price :£8.80 Traditional Turkish breakfast – includes eggs, sigara boregi, sucuk sausage, tomatoes, green peppers and spices Can be prepared as a vegetarian dish! Cold

Coya Menu, Prices and Locations

Coya Main Menu With Price (A La Carte Menu) APERITIVOS Appetisers Menu Crocantes con Guacamole (gf) Price:£8 Avocado, corn tortillas, shrimp crackers Croquetas de Lubina Price:£9 Chilean sea bass croquettes, red chilli Calamares con Ocopa (gf) Price:£12 Baby squid, Peruvian marigold, quinoa TIRADITOS Peruvian Sashimi Menu Vieiras (gf) Price:£16 Scallops, Peruvian olives, crispy cancha, aji

Hawksmoor Menu, Prices and Locations

Hawksmoor Main Menu With Price                     Lunch & Dinner Menu STARTERS MENU Hawksmoor smoked salmon Price:£12.50 Roast scallops Price:£16.00 white port & garlic Elberry Cove mussels Price:£12.00 bay & chilli Langoustine scampi Price:£14.00 tartare sauce Devon crab on toast Price:£14.00 Smoked mackerel salad, Price:£8.50 heritage potatoes

Bestwood Lodge Hotel Menu, Prices and Locations

Bestwood Lodge Hotel Main Menu With Price SRARTER MENU Today’s homemade soup Price:£5.25 a warm crusty roll (v) Chicken liver parfait Price:£6.05 a baby leaf salad, red onion jam and garlic toast Ham hock terrine Price:£6.50 pea puree and grain mustard sabayon Haddock & chive fish cake Price:£7.65 dressed watercress and homemade tartare sauce Spinach

Harbour Heights Hotel Menu, Prices and Locations

Harbour Heights Hotel Main Menu With Price APPETIZERS MENU Szechuan Style Deep Price:£9.95 Fried Shredded Smoked Chicken Shredded Chicken served Price:£9.50 with Fresh Lettuce Crispy Pancake Rolls (2) Price:£4.50 Crispy Seaweed Price:£6.50 Vegetarian Pancake Rolls (6) Price:£4.50 Moo Shu’ Pork served Price:£9.50 with Pancakes Garlic Salt & Chilli Spare Ribs Price:£9.50 Spare Ribs Peking Style