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Excellent food and service. Friendly knowledge staff. Great location

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Phone: +44 20 8560 0455


Head Office address: 169 Thornbury Rd, Osterley, Isleworth TW7 4QG, UK

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Lily Thai Main Menu With Price


Tiger Lily Hors d’Oeuvres per person Price:£7.95

A selection of our six starters:
Chicken Satay, Fish Cakes, Spring Rolls, Sesame
Prawn Toast, Toong Tong and Fried Prawn.
All served with a variety of dips.

Satay Gai Price:£7.75

Chicken breast marinated in Thai herbs, honey
and coconut milk, on bamboo skewers,
char-grilled and served with peanut sauce.

Goong Yang BBQ Price:£8.50

BBQ King Prawns on bamboo skewers with pineapple,
cherry tomato, peppers and shallots.

Goong Chup Pang Tod Price:£7.95

Marinated prawns, fried in light batter, served
with sweet and sour plum sauce.

Tod Man Pla Price:£7.50

Mixed blended in Thai red curry paste, green
beans and lime leaves, fried and served with
crushed peanuts in sweet and sour chilli sauce.

Gong Hom Pa Price:£7.50

A subtle blend of prawns, wrapped in pastry
and fried.

Toong Thong Price:£7.50

Diced chicken and crab meat, potatoes, water-chestnut
and onion, wrapped in a golden parcel and fried.

Gong Tempura Price:£8.95

Marinated King prawns, coated in breadcrumbs and
served with a mixed salad and tamarind sauce

Yum Andaman Price:£9.50

Mixed seafood dressed in lime dressing with Thai
herbs, onion, spring onion and coriander.

Yum Nua Yang Price:£8.95

Grilled sirloin of beef, sliced and dressed in lime
dressing, chilli and Thai herbs.

Pla Gae Makuea-On Price:£9.50

Mouth watering grilled New Zealand Lamb, served
with Thai spring herbs and eggplant.

Yum Samun Prai Gai Price:£8.95

Wrapped chicken with green cabbage leaves,
grilled then sliced and mixed in Thai spicy sauce.

Yang Yum Mamuang Price:£11.50

Grilled prawns or Sea Bass, fried, tossed
in a dressing of shredded mango, shallots, onion,
coriander, lime and chilli and served with cashew nuts.

Salt and pepper Chicken wings Price:£6.95

Chicken or Prawn dumplings Price:£7.50

Salt and Pepper Prawn or Squid Price:£7.95

Tender prawns or squid cooked in salt, garlic,
pepper and fresh chilli.

Sesame Prawn toast Price:£7.50

Minced prawns coated with sesame seeds, and fried.


Tiger Lily Mixed Appetisers per person Price:£7.50

A selection of our delicious vegetarian starters,
sweet corn cakes, fried vegetables in batter,
vegetarian spring rolls and marinated black
mushroom on bamboo skewers.

Tod Ma Khao Pode Price:£6.50

Crispy sweetcorn blended in red curry paste, served
with sweet chilli sauce.

Pak Thod Price:£6.95

Crispy mixed vegetables in light batter, served with
sweet and sour plum sauce.

Satay Hed Price:£6.95

Marinated black mushrooms, onion, pineapple, cherry
tomato and pepper on bamboo skewers with BBQ sauce.

Poh Piah Price:£6.95

Crispy golden spring roll stured with transparent

Som Tam Jae Price:£7.50

Thai papaya pok pok salad and carrot tossed in lime
dressing, chilli, beans, peanuts and palm sugar


Tom Yum Goong Special Price:£7.95

Thai prawn soup with Thai herbs and lime juice.

Tom Yum Gai Price:£7.50

Hot and spicy Thai soup of chicken in lime juice, chilli
and Thai herbs.

Tom Kha Price:£6.95

Thai Coconut milk soup with lemongrass, galangal in lime
juice and chilli, with a choice of either prawns or chicken.

Thai Fisherman Soup Price:£8.50

Mixed seafood in Thai hot and sour soup with fresh
Thai herbs.

Sweet Corn Chicken soup Price:£6.50

Hot & Sour Seafood soup Price:£7.50


Tom Yum Hed Price:£6.50

Thai soup cooked in lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves,
lime juice and chilli, with mushrooms.

Tom Kha Hed Price:£6.50

Hot and spicy lemongrass soup in coconut milk and

Lab Tofu Salad Price:£6.95

A spicy minced tofu salad with lemon, chilli,
onion & mint on a bed of ground rice.

Lab Aubergine Salad Price:£6.95

Spicy aubergine salad with lemon, chilli,
onion & mint on a bed of ground rice.

Sweetcorn Vegetable Soup Price:£6.50

Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup Price:£6.50


Gaeng Kiew Wan Price:£10.50

Green curry cooked in coconut milk with Thai herbs
with a choice of chicken, beef, prawn or vegetarian.

Gaeng Daeng Price:£10.50

Red curry with a choice of chicken, beef, prawn
or vegetarian.

Gaeng Massaman Price:£10.50

Thai mild curry cooked in coconut milk, potatoes,
carrot and onion, topped with cashew nuts, with a
choice of chicken, beef or prawn.

Lemon Chicken Price:£10.50

Fried chicken breast with special sweet and sour sauce

Gaeng Pa Price:£10.50

The ultimate Thai jungle curry with a choice of chicken,
beef or prawns together with bamboo shoots, red
peppers, green beans and fresh Thai herbs – very spicy!

Gaeng Panang Price:£10.50

Thai curry consisting of red curry paste, kar lime
leaves and coconut milk with a choice of chicken, beef,
prawn or vegetarian.


Pla Lad Prik Price:£14.95

Crispy fried Sea Bass, topped with home-made
chilli sauce.

Neung Ma Now Price:£14.95

Steamed Sea Bass or King Prawns with lemon sauce,
garlic and chilli.

Samun Prai Price:£14.95

Sea Bass or King Prawn, stir fried with Thai herbs

Pad Andaman Price:£14.95

Mixed seafood stir-fried with Thai herbs, fresh chilli
and basil leaves.

Pla Pao Price:£14.95

Char-grilled Sea Bass with aromatic Thai herbs
wrapped in banana leaves served with a special sauce.

Goong Phu KaoFai Price:£15.50

Grilled, marinated King Prawns in a special sauce

Pad Pong Galee Price:£15.50

Stir-fried prawn or mixed seafood with yellow curry,
celery, onion and red chilli.

Pla or Goong Neung Seiw Price:£17.95

Steamed Sea Bass or Tiger Prawns with fresh ginger,
spring onion and light soy sauce.

Goong Mung Korn Neung Kateim Price:£36.95

Steamed lobster with garlic, butter, & lemon sauce.

Mee Sua Gung Mung kon Prik Price:£36.95

Stir-fried lobster with black pepper sauce & yellow


Pad Sauce Pollamai Price:£14.95

Stir-fried prawn or Sea Bass sellet in a special Thai fruit
sauce with tomato, pineapple, spring onion and red and
green peppers.

Pad Prik Thai Dum Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, prawn or squid saut ed with
red and green peppers and onions, served with black
pepper sauce.

Pad Prik Sod Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, beef, prawn or squid, stir-fried
with leek, mushroom & fresh young chilli in special
chilli sauce.

Pad Bai Gapao Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, beef, prawn, squid, or
vegeterian (bean curd) stir-fried with fresh chilli, Thai
basil leaves & green beans.

Pad Namman Hoy Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, beef, prawn or vegetarian
(bean curd) stir-fried with mushrooms, onion, carrot
and spring onion.

Pad Khing Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, beef, prawn or vegetarian

Pad Kratium Prik Thai Price:£10.50

Your choice of chicken, beef, squid or Sea Bass
stir-fried with garlic and pepper sauce.

Pad Phed Price:£10.50

Thinly sliced chicken, beef, prawn or duck breast
stir-fried with home-made red curry paste and Thai herbs.

Weeping Tiger Price:£15.50

Grilled sirloin steak marinated with ground black
pepper and Thai herbs, served with special Thai sauce.

Gae Yang Sauce Mamoung Price:£15.50

Grilled New Zealand Lamb chop in mango sauce served
with egg noodle.

Phed or Goong Makam Price:£15.50

Grilled duck breast or prawns with tamarind sauce,
topped with fried shallots, cashew nuts and dried chilli.


Pad Gapao Jae Price:£9.50

Bean curd stir-fried with fresh chilli, beans, onion
and Thai basil leaves.

Pad Hed Med Mamuang Price:£9.50

Stir-fried mushroom with cashew nuts, spring onion,
dried chilli, and onion.

Pad Praew Wan Jae Price:£9.50

Bean curd stir-fried in sweet and sour sauce with
tomato, cucumber, pineapple and spring onion.

Pad Pak Saam Sahaai Price:£9.50

Stir-fried Pak Choi, asparagus and baby corn in special
vegetarian sauce.

Pad Kee Mao Jae Price:£9.50

Stir-fried rice noodles with bean curd, bamboo shoots,
chilli and mixed vegetables in soy sauce and baby basil

Pad Thai Jae Price:£9.50

Stir-fried rice noodles with bean curd, egg, carrot, bean
sprouts and spring onion, served with ground peanut
and lemon slice.

Pad See-Ew Jae Price:£9.50

Stir-fried noodles with vegetables, soy sauce and
bean sprouts.

Schezuan Bean curd Price:£9.50

Bean curd with black bean sauce Price:£9.50

Broccoli with onions & almonds Price:£9.50


Stir- fried onions & mushrooms Price:£6.95

Rice and Noodles

Khao hom Mali Price:£3.95

Boiled Thai jasmine rice.

Khao Krati Price:£4.25

Steamed Thai jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk &
pandan leaves.

Egg fried rice Price:£5.95

Fried rice with vegetables Price:£6.50

Special Tiger Lily seafood rice Price:£8.95


Soup Tom Yum Koong

Spicy prawn soup in lemongrass, lime leaves, lime juice and chillies.
Main Course

Kaeng Kiew Wan Kai

Thai green curry chicken, cooked in coconut milk and fresh herbs.

Pla Lad Prig

Fried Sea Bass, topped with fresh herbs and home made sauce.

Gae Yang Sauce Mamoung

Grilled New Zealand Lamb chop in mango sauce,
Served with egg noodle.

Pad Broccoli

Stir-fried fresh broccoli with oyster sauce
Served with steamed Thai fragrant rice.

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Lily Thai Hours

Monday   6–11pm
Tuesday   12–2:30pm 6–11pm
Wednesday   12–2:30pm 6–11pm
Thursday   12–2:30pm 6–11pm
Friday   12–2:30pm 6–11pm
Saturday   12–2:30pm 6–11pm
Sunday   6–11pm

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About Lily Thai

Tiger Lily Thai Restaurant London​, First and foremost taste and quality are paramount to our values, we therefore stringently select all our suppliers to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used in our menu to offer our customers an uncompromising taste.

All our meat and poultry (beef, chicken, duck & lamb) are sourced fresh from established local butchers that are certified halal and importantly their meats come from farms that are 100% traceable.

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Lily Thai
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Fahin Ahmed

Excellent food and service. Friendly knowledge staff. Great location