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Dragon Castle
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 by Kwok Hei Lam

A great Chinese. Efficient service, a slightly stark, but inoffensive atmosphere and decoration. Never had trouble getting a table and always served very quickly. Food is always excellent-especially recommend the crispy duck! Also love the fish pond in the entrance space!

Dragon Castle store hours

Phone: +44 20 7277 3388

Website: Closed

Head Office address: 100 Walworth Rd, Walworth, London SE17 1JL, UK

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Dragon Castle Main Menu With Price


Prawn crackers Price :£2.80

Edamame beans Price :£3.00

with crushed sea salt (V)

Mixed hot platter for two Price :£12.80

Five different appetisers

Wafer paper prawn rolls in sesame Price :£6.80

Sesame prawns on toast Price :£6.00

Grilled pork dumplings Price :£5.80

Vegetable spring rolls (4) (V) Price :£5.80

Crispy seaweed Price :£5.80

with caramelized cashew nuts

Grilled chicken satay skewers Price :£6.00

Spare ribs Price :£6.00

with mandarin sauce

Spare ribs Price :£6.00

with honey & garlic

Smoked spare ribs Price :£7.80

with olive vegetables

Honey roast BBQ pork Price :£8.80

Roasted crispy belly pork Price :£8.80


Cantonese roast duck Price :£8.80/Price :£12.80/Price :£22.00

Crispy aromatic duck Price :£10.80/Price :£18.80/Price :£32.00

Peking roast duck Price :£18.80/Price :£34.80

Duck braised Price :£10.80

with preserved plum sauce
and slices of ginger

Roasted duck fillet Price :£10.80

with orange sauce

Sliced duck Price :£12.80

with bean paste sauce


Crab meat sweet corn soup Price :£5.00

Chicken & sweetcorn soup Price :£5.00

Coconut prawn soup Price :£5.50

Thai style tom yum soup with chicken Price :£5.20

Mixed seafood & tofu soup Price :£5.50

Prawn & pork dumpling soup Price :£5.50

Crab meat & fish maw soup Price :£7.80

Salted egg, pork & seasonal vegetable soup Price :£5.80

(minimum for 2 persons)


Braised crab and crystal noodles Price :£20.80

with shacha, sauce in clay pot

Live crab Seasonal Price

(Cooked in any one of the following methods)

Live lobster Seasonal Price

(Cooked in any one of the following methods)

A) Ginger & spring onion
B) Green pepper in black bean sauce
C) Chilli & garlic, fisherman’s style
D) Steamed, served with vinegar & supreme soya sauce
E) Chilli & peppercorn salt
F) Steamed with chinese rice wine
G) Chilli, garlic and tomato puree
H) Baked with szechwan preserved chilli

Whole sea bass Price :£20.80

(Cooked in any one of the following methods)

Turbot Seasonal Price

(Cooked in any one of the following methods)

A) Steamed with ginger & spring onions
B) Steamed or grilled with black bean sauce
C) Wok grilled with garlic, coriander & supreme soy
D) Pan grilled with Japanese teriyaki sauce
E) Thai style steamed with chilli, garlic & lime juice
F) Preserved Chinese cabbage

Hot and spicy king prawns (with shell) Price :£11.90

King prawns with garlic & ginger Price :£11.90

King prawns Price :£11.90

with caramelized cashew & dried chilli

Sweet & sour king prawns Price :£11.90

Stir fried king prawn Price :£11.90

with wasabi sauce

Salted egg yolk crispy king prawns Price :£12.90

Fried mixed seafood in a bird’s nest Price :£13.90

Tofu & minced prawn croquette Price :£11.90

with oyster sauce

Scallops Price :£13.90

with caramelized cashew & chilli

Stir fried scallops & asapargus in XO sauce Price :£13.90

Crispy eel fillet Price :£14.90

with chilli & garlic, fisherman’s style

Eel fillet braised Price :£14.90

with garlic, ginger & spring onions


Hainan style beef curry Price :£9.80

Fried sliced beef Price :£9.80

with ginger & spring onion

Beef with green Price :£9.80

pepper & black bean sauce

Crispy shredded Price :£9.80

beef with sweet chilli sauce

Beef with seasonal Price :£10.80

Chinese vegetables

Beef with bitter melon in black bean sauce Price :£12.80

Beef stewed Price :£10.80

with Chinese mixed spices and herbs

Braised lamb shank, Price :£13.80

shallot finished with fresh yoghurt


Emperor chicken in onion sauce Price :£13.80 /Price :£22.80

Baked salted chicken homemade style Price :£13.80 /Price :£22.80

Shredded chicken with jelly fish (cold) Price :£14.80 /Price :£23.80

Crispy wafer chicken Price :£13.80 /Price :£22.80

with golden crushed garlic

Steamed chicken Price :£13.80 /Price :£22.80

with root ginger stock

Sweet & sour chicken Price :£9.80

Hainan style chicken curry Price :£9.80

Fried chicken Price :£9.80

with lemon sauce

Diced chicken Price :£9.80

with cashew nuts

Chicken fillet Price :£9.80

with kung pao sauce


Spinach Price :£8.80

Choy sum Price :£8.80

Gai lan Price :£8.80

English broccoli Price :£8.80

Water spinach Price :£8.80

Fresh asparagus Price :£8.80

Lettuce Price :£8.80

Shanghai pak choy Price :£8.80

Bean sprouts Price :£8.80

A) Stir fried with oyster sauce
B) Stir fried with cloved garlic
C) Stir fried with ginger sauce
D) Stir fried with rice wine
E) Stir fried with XO sauce XO
F) Stir fried with preserved bean curd
G) Supreme mixed eggs
H) Supreme soup
I) Poached with soya sauce
J) Stir fried with golden crushed garlic
K) Stir fried with shrimp paste


Steamed jasmine rice (V) Price :£2.50

Egg fried rice Price :£3.50

Special fried rice Price :£7.80

Thai chicken and pineapple fried rice Price :£8.80

Chicken fried rice Price :£7.80

Singapore fried rice Price :£8.80

King prawn fried rice Price :£8.80

Salted fish & chicken fried rice Price :£9.80

Hokkien style fried rice Price :£9.80

Roast duck on boiled rice Price :£9.80


Fried soya noodles Price :£5.50

with bean sprouts (V)

Fried ho fun Price :£6.00

with soya & bean sprouts (V)

Mixed vegetables fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles (V) Price :£7.80

Braised yee mein noodles Price :£9.80

with Chinese mushroom (V)

Mixed meat fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles Price :£8.80

Shredded chicken fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles Price :£8.80

Shredded pork fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles Price :£8.80

Beef fried ho fun (dry) Price :£8.80

Beef in satay sauce served with ho fun Price :£8.80

Fried beef ho fun Price :£9.80

with green pepper in black bean sauce

Fried ho fun in Malay style Price :£8.80

Mixed seafood fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles Price :£9.80

King prawns fried ‘crispy or soft’ noodles Price :£9.80

Fried ho fun with mixed seafood Price :£9.80

Thai style fried ho fun with prawns Price :£9.80

Fried ho fun Price :£9.80

with prawns in scrambled eggs

Singapore fried vermicelli Price :£8.80

with pork and shrimps

Braised yee mein noodles Price :£11.80

with XO sauce & mixed seafood

Mixed seafood fried udon noodles Price :£11.80

with XO sauce

Dragon Castle Drinks Menu


Saint Laurand Collection Privee VdP blanc 175ml Price :£5 / btl Price :£17

Les Celliers de Corneille, Languedoc, France

100% Ugni blanc – Delicate citrus, peachy palate
and a bright fresh finish

Pinot Grigio “single vineyard” 175ml Price :£6/btl Price :£21

Hilltop Neszmely, Hungary

Pinot Gris – Awarded best wine maker of the year,
generous fruit aromas with a fresh finish

Chardonnay VdP d’Oc 175ml Price :£6/btl Price :£21

Domaine Preignes le Neuf, Languedoc, France

Clean and expressive
No oak. A perfect peachy Chardonnay packed
with ripe stone fruit flavours and plenty of crisp,
fresh acidity on the finish.

Colombard Sauvignon Cotes de Gascogne IGP 175ml Price :£6/btl Price :£21

Domaine Horgelus, South West France

Lots of freshness. Aromatic and round with
floral, grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruits aromas.
Long and harmonious finish

Petit Chablis AOC btl Price :£36

Jean-Pierre Ellevin, Burgundy, France

Chardonnay – Unoaked, harmonious, clean wine
with fresh exotic flavours and mineral finish

Sancerre blanc Tradition AOC btl Price :£39

Pascal Thomas, Loire Valley, France

Sauvignon Blanc – One of the top family wine grower.
Vines growing on the best chalky soil terroir of Chavignol.
Entirely hand harvested.


Isla Oro Tempranillo DOP 175ml Price :£5/btl Price :£17

Bodegas Isla, La Mancha, Spain

Tempranillo – Red berries flavours, spicy tobacco
leaves, hint of leather and rounded tannins.

Rioja Tinto Joven DOC 175ml Price :£6/btl Price :£21

Bodegas Dunviro, La Rioja, Spain

Growing on the centre of the Rioja at 600m
above sea level, red cherry, prune and apricot
aromas with some balsamic notes.

Primitivo del Tarantino Primera IGP 175ml Price :£7/btl Price :£23

Agricola Erario, Puglia, Italy

Ancestral farming. A juicy plums and cherries aromas
with a mineral touch and sweet spices finish.

Bordeaux AOC 175ml Price :£7/btl Price :£24

Château Grimard, Right Bank Bordeaux, France

Well balanced, concentrated texture and ripe red
berry, cherry aromas with hints of truffle and a pleasant
smoky finish

Malbec Pretty btl Price :£27

Fabre Montmayou, Mendoza, Argentina

Malbec – A reference for the Argentinian Malbec
single variety. Lively, full of spices and elegant.

Barolo DOCG btl Price :£50

Antico Monastero, Piemonte, Italy

Silky and full bodied
Working in harmony with nature. Selected harvest.
Quick passage in French oak barrels


Saint Laurand Collection Privee VdP rose 175ml Price :£6/btl Price :£19

Les Celliers de Corneille, Languedoc, France

Syrah, Carignan – Wild raspberry and crushed rose
petal aromas with a delicious peachy, boiled sweet
palate and a light fresh finish.

Côtes de Provence Rose AOC btl Price :£30

Château la Vivvone, Provence, France

Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvedre
Refined and fresh. Pale salmon pink colour. Subtle, fruity
and fresh with yellow fruits, blackcurrant buds and ripe
raspberry finish.


Prosecco Extra Dry Spumante DOC 175ml Price :£7/btl Price :£20

Villa Doral, Veneto, Italy

Glera – Artisanal family production, complex
white orchard fruit aromas with a harmonious
fresh finish. Extremely clean

Crémant de Bordeaux Rose AOC Cuvée Royale btl Price :£25

Jean-Louis Ballarin, Bordeaux, France

100% Cabernet Franc – Fresh aromas of soft red
berries, predominantly blackcurrant. Flavours are
intense with lively and delicate bubbles. The finish
is smooth and vivacious.

Champagne Francoise Monay Brut btl Price :£34

Montagne de Reims Champagne, France

80% Chardonnay, 15% Pinot Noir, 5% Pinot
Meunier – Awarded elegant bright pale gold
champagne with fine bubbles well integrated.
Toasty aromas combined with fresh apricot
lead to a substantial yellow orchard fruit with
a long, ample, fresh finish. Stylish!



Sawanotsuru btl Price :£21/300ml Price :£13/150ml Price :£7


Gordon’s London Gin 25ml Price :£3.50

Bombay Sapphire 25ml Price :£4

Hendrick’s Gin 25ml Price :£4.50

Bathtub Gin 25ml Price :£5.50


Smirnoff Red 25ml Price :£3.50

Absolut Blue 25ml Price :£3.50

Grey Goose 25ml Price :£5.50


Jose Cuervo Gold / Silver 25ml Price :£3.50

Liqueurs & Digestifs

Archers Peach Schnapps 25ml Price :£3.50

Cointreu 25ml Price :£3.50

Pimms No 1 25ml Price :£3.50

Southern Comfort 25ml Price :£3.50

Sambuca 25ml Price :£3.50

Campari 25ml Price :£3.50

Baileys Irish Cream 25ml Price :£3.50

Tia Maria 25ml Price :£3.50

Pernod 25ml Price :£3.50


Bottled Beer

Tsing Tao 300ml Price :£3.60

Tiger 300ml Price :£3.60

Budweiser 300ml Price :£3.60

Asahi 300ml Price :£3.60

Draught Beers

Cobra half Price :£2.20/pint Price :£4

Guinness half Price :£2.50/pint Price :£4.50

Shandy half Price :£2/pint Price :£3.50


Coca Cola / Diet Price :£2.50

Lemonade Price :£2.50

Orange Juice Price :£2.50

Apple Juice Price :£2.50

Pineapple Juice Price :£2.50

Tropical Price :£2.50

Cranberry Price :£2.50

Still / Sparkling – Mineral Water Price :£2.50

Fresh Juice (Orange, Apple or Carrot) Price :£3.50

2 or 3 Mixed Fresh Juice Price :£4


Jasmine Tea Price :£1.50 pp

Oolong Tea Price :£1.50 pp

Puerh Tea Price :£1.50 pp

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Price :£2 pp

Ti Kuan Yin Tea Price :£1.50 pp

Breakfast Tea Price :£1.50 per cup

Earl Grey Tea Price :£1.50 per cup

Chamomile Tea Price :£1.50 per cup

Fresh Honey and Lemon Price :£1.80 per cup

Chinese Tea – Dragon Ball (Opening Flower) Price :£3.50

Filter Coffee Price :£2

Espresso (double) Price :£3.50

Cappuccino Price :£2.50

Latte Price :£2.50

Americano Price :£2.50

Matcha Latte (hot or cold) Price :£3.50


Italian 25ml Price :£5.50

Irish 25ml Price :£5.50

Scottish 25ml Price :£5.50

French 25ml Price :£5.50

Calypso 25ml Price :£5.50

Any other Liqueur Coffee 25ml Price :£5.50

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Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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About Dragon Castle

In the heart of South East London, Dragon Castle stands as one of the most recognised and well established Chinese restaurants around. Our famous Dim sum and extensive a la carte menu has been a family favourite amongst local residents and visiting tourists for 10 years.

Our mission is to provide customers with the freshest and most authentic food which has been crafted using traditional cooking methods and techniques.

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Dragon Castle
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Kwok Hei Lam

A great Chinese. Efficient service, a slightly stark, but inoffensive atmosphere and decoration. Never had trouble getting a table and always served very quickly. Food is always excellent-especially recommend the crispy duck! Also love the fish pond in the entrance space!