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Fatt Pundit Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Fatt Pundit Restaurant Menu Momo Dumplings Mix Vegetables Momo£6.50Spinach, mushroom, courgette,and tofu. The meal in Tangra start with these hearty, flavour some steamed dumplings coming straight from the steel steamers, served with a spicy chutney, with influences from Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and other parts of India.75% (33) Kid Goat Momo£8.00Garam masala, cardamom, ginger, and garlic.

HUŎ Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

HUŎ Restaurant Menu Snacks Thai Lobster Crackers Spicy crisp-fried crackers with sweet chilli sauce£4.80Crispy Seaweed Crisp-fried “seaweed” garnished with fish floss.£8.40Salted Edamame (V) Steamed shell-on edamame beans with rock salt£5.30Chilli Edamame (V) Steamed shell-on edamame beans with chilli£5.30Small BitesVegetable Spring Rolls (V) Crisp-fried wheat pastry rolls filled with a selection of vegetables.£9.50Chicken Gyoza Fried wheat

Dim t Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Dim t Restaurant Menu RAMEN & SOUP BBQ ROASTED PORK RAMENpork broth, bbq roast pork, ramen noodles, egg, bamboo shoots, pea shoots, spring onion, seaweed£12.95Non Gluten TOM YUM SOUPsour lemongrass broth, Japanese rice noodles, pak choi, chilli, bean sprouts, green beans TOFU MISO RAMENmiso and shiitake broth, deep fried tofu, ramen noodles, shiitake and enoki

Sticky Mango Waterloo Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Sticky Mango Waterloo Restaurant Menu Small plates Steamed edamame£4.5Maldon sea salt Steamed edamame£5.5Truffle & teriyaki Chicken & coconut soup£8.5Lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime Thai green papaya salad£9.5Charred long beans, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts Spicy tuna tartare spring rolls£13.5Avocado, radish, ginger soy Chicken & shrimp nam rolls£9.5Gem lettuce, fragrant herbs, nuoc cham dipping sauce Popiah vegetable rolls£8.5Crispy

Wok to Walk Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Wok to Walk Restaurant Menu Asian classics Beef Steak Udon£12.9583% (42) Chicken chow mein£12.9575% (48) Pad Thai chicken£12.9579% (118) Katsu Teriyaki£12.9587% (245) Pad Thai prawns£12.9566% (3) Chicken donburi£12.95100% (5) Charred greens£12.95 Chicken katsu donburi£12.95100% (7) Beef donburi£12.95 Pad Thai beef£12.95 Pad Thai Tofu£12.95 Tofu donburi£12.95 Customise Your Wok Egg Noodles£6.45 Rice Noodles£6.45 Udon Noodles£6.45 Jasmine

Ekachai Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Ekachai Restaurant Menu ITTLE PLATES THAI CRACKERS£3.25Classic Thai prawn flavoured crackers, served with sweet chilli dip. CHICKEN SATAY£6.50Marinated chicken on skewers served with peanut sauce, cucumber and onion garnish. VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS (VE)£5.50Fried spring rolls with vegetable filling, served with sweet chilli dip. XIAO LONG BAO PORK DUMPLINGS£6.00Steamed soup-filled dumplings with minced pork and prawn

P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

P.F. Chang’s Restaurant Menu Starters The Original Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps£9.50Wok-seared chicken, mushrooms, spring onions and water chestnuts served with rice sticks and crisp lettuce cups Vegetable Spring RollCrispy rolls stuffed with julienne veggies, sweet chilli dipping sauce2 Pcs£4.25 The Original Dynamite Shrimp£13.50Crispy tempura battered shrimp, spicy sriracha aioli, spring onions Edamame£4.00Fresh, steamed edamame, lightly

Rasa Sayang Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Rasa Sayang Restaurant Menu Starters Roti Canai£5.9594% (265) Gado Gado£7.5097% (46) Firecracker Popcorn Chicken£10.9585% (7) Har Cheong Gal£8.9590% (32) Spring Rolls£5.5090% (77) Sambal Tempeh£5.9588% (17) Keropok£3.5093% (31) Mains Beef Rendang£14.9588% (128) Roti Canai with Chicken Curry£14.5092% (93) Singapore Crab£32.9583% (12) Singapore Prawns£19.9588% (9) Poached Hainanese Chicken£18.9596% (33) Salted Egg Prawns£15.9594% (86) Black Pepper Ribeye Beef£15.9591%

The House of Hô Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

The House of Hô Restaurant Menu Starter Edamame + sea salt£4.9Steamed skinned young soy bean Edamame + chilli garli£5.1Steamed skinned young soy bean Vietnamese crackers£4.9Deep fried prawn crackers with homemade salad, onions, coriander, tomato & sesame oil Warm aubergine salad£9.5Aubergine cooked in light soy sauce, vinegar & coriander Papaya salad£9.5Sliced papaya & seasonal vegetables with