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Grange Hotel Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Grange Hotel Restaurant Menu Main Menu Traditional Hibachi Lunches Traditional Lunches Include: Salad with Ginger Dressing, Hibachi Vegetables, Prawn Appetiser, Hibachi Rice Hibachi Chicken£16.00 Hibachi or Teriyaki Steak*£22.50 Filet Mignon£26.00 Hibachi Salmon£18.00 Hibachi Prawn£19.00 Sushi & Hibachi Steak£25.00 Vegetable Delight£14.00Miso soup, Tempura and Hibachi Vegetables Hibachi Combination Hibachi Chicken & Prawns*£24.00 Hibachi Steak and Chicken£28.00

Apex City Of Bath hotel Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Apex City Of Bath hotel Restaurant Menu BREAKFAST FOR THE TABLE Tea & coffeeToast with butter & preservesFruit juiceapple, orange, cranberryPlease choose one continental option and one cooked classic CONTINENTAL CHOICE Selection of cereals Cornflakes, muesli, Bran Flakes, Weetabix, Coco Pops, granola, Rice Krispies Scottish porridgewith water or milk, berry compote & honey on the

Three legged Cross Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Three legged Cross Restaurant Menu BAR NIBBLES HALLOUMI FRIES (V)with chipotle chilli relish 552kcal3.95 PORK & GOOSEBERRY SAUSAGE ROLLwith apricot & cumin chutney 504kcal4.50 WHILST YOU DECIDE MIXED OLIVES (VE)239kcal3.25 STONE-BAKED GARLIC FLATBREAD (V)662kcal5.25 STARTERS DUCK & ORANGE PARFAIT*Smooth pâté in an orange glaze, with sourdough toast and red onion chutney 633kcal7.50 BAKED SCALLOPS &

Rothay Manor Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Rothay Manor Restaurant Menu Mains English Rose VealSirloin, Walnut, Leek, Potato, Truffle MonkfishSquid, Kohlrabi, Cucumber, Dill PastillaGoats Cheese, Beetroot, Spinach, Hazelnut Desserts MangoAlmond, Caramel, White Chocolate, Artichoke Recommended Pairing Royal Tokaji, 5 Puttonyos, Hungary £16.00 (125ml) PineappleCoconut, Yuzu Recommended Pairing Tshida, Auslese, 2015 Austria £8.00 (100ml) ChocolateMorello Cherry, Pistachio, Vanilla, Mint Recommended Pairing Maury, Domaine

Signor Sassi Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Signor Sassi Restaurant Menu Main Menu Black Truffle Season Arancini al Tartufo Nero£15.25Rice balls with black truffle & Parmesan cheese Gnocchi al Tartufo Nero£20.75Potato gnocchi filled with black truffle in pecorino fondue, lemon zest & honey Risotto con Spugnole Porcini e Tartufo Nero£39.75Risotto with black truffle, morel & porcini mushrooms Tagliolini al Tartufo Nero£39.75Fresh homemade

Lima Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Lima Restaurant Menu BITES BREAD£4 AJI AMARILLO HUMMUSplantain chips, manchego cheese, botija olives£9 CORN STICKS (V)salsa huancaina (creamy cheese sauce)£11 COLD PLATE SEA BREAM CEVICHEtiger’s milk, crispy cuzco corn£14 SALMON CEVICHEavocado tiger’s milk, plantain chips£13 TUNA TIRADITOavocado, nikkei tiger’s milk£18 GAMBA CAUSA NIGIRImash, anticucho sauce£13 QUINOA SALAD (V)miso vinaigrette, edamame, fresh cheese, crispy cuzco corn£9

Souk Medina Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Souk Medina Restaurant Menu Main Menu Starters Incl Warm Pitta Harrira Soup£2.95lentil and chick peas, vegetables Plater of Humous and Falafel£2.95 Labneh£2.95 Stuffed Vine Leaves£2.95 Grille Haloumi Cheese£4.50 Main Course Mixed Lamb & Chicken Shawarma£11.95with saffron rice Mixed Grill Skewers & Vegetable£11.95 Lamb Shank Couscous &Vegetables£11.95 Grilled Merguez Couscous (Lamb Sausage) & Vegetables£9.95 Meat Balls

The Quay Glasgow Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

The Quay Glasgow Restaurant A La Carte Menu Starters Starter Platter (to share)A medley of chicken, vegetable and mushroom pakoras, onion bhaji rings, spring rolls and spicy chicken chaat. Served with garlic mushrooms, chick peas and a yogurt sauceFor 2£8.95For 3£12.95 Tandoori Platter (to share)Succulent pieces of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori king prawns and

45 Jermyn Street Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

45 Jermyn Street Restaurant Menu Wine Menu Champagne & Sparkling Prosecco Masottina Le Rive di Ogliano, Veneto 2019Glass (125ml)£9.75 Fortnum’s Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru, Epernay NVGlass (125ml)£14.75 Louis Roederer Brut Premier, Reims NVGlass (125ml)£16.00 Louis Roederer Rosé, Reims 2014Glass (125ml)£20.50 White Bizkaiko Txakolina, Doniene Gorrondona, Basque 2019Glass (175ml)£10.75Carafe (500ml)£30.50 Sauvignon Blanc, Dog Point Vineyard,