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The Ravensbury Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ravensbury Restaurant Menu Appetisers Indian Chilli Garlic Mogo^£7.85Fried mogo cooked with crushed garlic & chillies Masala Mogo^£7.85Fried mogo with our chef’s special blend of sauce & spices Masala Chips^£7.35Crispy potato fries with our signature masala Kesri Paneer Tikka£8.95Cottage cheese cooked in the clay oven, marinated in yogurt & traditional Indian spices Potato 65^^^£7.45Crispy new

Asiatique Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Asiatique Restaurant Menu Starters Prawn Crackersper basket£3.50 Thai Fish Cake£6.95A traditional Thai minced fish mixed with mild curry and variety of Thai herbs served with sweet chilli sauce Corn Cake£6.95Crispy golden mixed sweet corn and shredded lime leave served with sweet chilli sauce Vegetable Spring Roll£7.50Deep fried spring roll with vegetable and glass noodles filling,

Kiaan’s Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Kiaan’s Restaurant Menu Starters Steamed Siu Mai£6.50Served with soy sauce & Chives. Beef & Shitake Mushrooms, Pork & Prawns with dried Mushrooms Traditional Home Made Dim Sum£6.50Served with Chilli Oil. Pork & Chives, Chicken & Chinese leaf, Prawns & Mix Veg Fried Wonton£6.25Served with a Sriracha Mayo. Shredded Chicken, Pork & chives Home Made Fried

BAR 8 Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

BAR 8 Restaurant Menu STARTERS SALTED EDAMAMESteamed Edamame with Sea Salt£4.50 SPICY EDAMAMESteamed Edamame Tossed with Kimchi Sauce£4.90 VEGETARIAN SPRING ROLLHomemade Springroll with mix vegetables served with sweet chilli dip£6.50 SEAFOOD SPRING ROLLHomemade Springroll with Prawns, Crab meat & veg served with Sweet chilli dip£8.00 PRAWN TEMPURAFried King prawns with Spicy Mayo Sauce£8.00 CHICKEN WINGSGrilled

Noya Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Noya Restaurant Menu Appetizers Halloumi£5.95100% (5) Hummus£5.4580% (5) King Prawns£7.45Popular Chicken Souvlaki£6.95Popular Peynirli Borek£5.45100% (5) Calamari£7.95100% (3) Lamb Kofte£6.4560% (5) Salmon Noya£5.95 Potato Turko£5.95 Lamb Souvlaki£7.45 Sucuk Izgara£6.00 Homemade Soup of the Day£5.45 Cacik£5.45 Kremali Mantar£6.45 Homemade Fish Cakes£5.95 Liver£6.45Liver pan fried with mushrooms and onions in a red wine sauce with Mediterranean herbs. Main

MERIDIEM Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

MERIDIEM Restaurant Menu FOOD MENU Nibbles Padron Peppers£5.50 Green Olives£5.50 Edamame£5.50Salted or Spicy Starters Aubergine£8.50Eggplant with tahini sauce, sesame seeds and micro herbs Halloumi£8.50Halloumi tempura with jalapeno sauce Takoyaki£9.50Five octopus dough balls topped with japanese mayonnaise and bonito flakes Wakame Salad£8.50Marinated seaweed with sesame oil, sesame seeds and green leaves Meat Balls£9.50Five meatballs with spicy

SUDU Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

SUDU Restaurant Menu Rice & Noodle Nasi Lemak Chicken£15.60 Mee Goreng George Town£15.80 Char Kway Teow£16.60Flat rice noodle stir-fry with prawn, squid, egg, mustard green, chives and beansprout Laksa£16.40Nyonya coconut broth with Singapore thin rice vermicelli noodle (Bee Hoon) prawn, boiled egg, chicken, puff tofu and beansprout.90% (20) Nasi Goreng£14.10Rice stir-fry with chicken, peas and

KIN Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

KIN Restaurant Menu Eat-In Food Menu Small Plates Thai Chicken WingsDelicious, crispy chicken wings (4 or 6 pieces) served with a spicy (mild), sweet & sour sauce on the side. Contains lactoseReg£7.00Large£9.50 Salt & Pepper Calamari£8.50Deep fried calamari tossed in salt, pepper, chilli, garlic, spring onions & onions Salt & Pepper Tofu£6.50Deep fried tofu tossed

Fatt Pundit Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Fatt Pundit Restaurant Menu Momo Dumplings Mix Vegetables Momo£6.50Spinach, mushroom, courgette,and tofu. The meal in Tangra start with these hearty, flavour some steamed dumplings coming straight from the steel steamers, served with a spicy chutney, with influences from Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and other parts of India.75% (33) Kid Goat Momo£8.00Garam masala, cardamom, ginger, and garlic.

HUŎ Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

HUŎ Restaurant Menu Snacks Thai Lobster Crackers Spicy crisp-fried crackers with sweet chilli sauce£4.80Crispy Seaweed Crisp-fried “seaweed” garnished with fish floss.£8.40Salted Edamame (V) Steamed shell-on edamame beans with rock salt£5.30Chilli Edamame (V) Steamed shell-on edamame beans with chilli£5.30Small BitesVegetable Spring Rolls (V) Crisp-fried wheat pastry rolls filled with a selection of vegetables.£9.50Chicken Gyoza Fried wheat