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Tattu Restaurant
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 by Angelico Backhouse

Amazing place, great staff. Some of the best food me and my family have ever tasted. Apart from my mums cooking of course!

Tattu Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 161 819 2060

Website: http://tattu.co.uk/

Head Office address: 3 Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB, UK

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Tattu Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Chilli Salt Baby Squid Price:£7

Sweet chilli and spring onion.

Red Roast Loin Ribs Price:£7

Yellow bean, kumquats and star anise.
Wild Mushroom

Spring Rolls Price:£9.50

Truffle sour cream.

Salmon Sashizza Price:£2

Yuzu kosho aioli, truffle tapenade
and pickled cucumber.

Crispy Duck Rolls Price:£6

Cherry hoisin sauce.

Chilli Crusted Tofu Price:£2

Kohlrabi, coriander and chilli soy.

Seared Tuna Price:£4

Ponzu, truffle aioli and caviar.

Salt and Pepper Aubergine Price:£4

Chilli, garlic and cherry hoisin.


Sweet and Sour Iberico Price:£7.50

Pineapple, banana shallots and
dragon fruit.

Chicken Curry Clay Pot Baby onions, coconut Price:£7.90

wasabi pea puree.

Crispy Shredded Chilli Steak Price:£8.00

Tomato, chilli and garlic.

Vegetarian Chicken and Black Bean Price:£8.80

Asparagus and bean sprouts.

Szechuan Tofu Hot Pot Price:£7.90

Baby long aubergines, edamame, and sweet basil.

Seared Beef and Sunflower Price:£6

Seed Salad Cucumber, spring onion and green nahm jim.

Coconut Chicken Salad Price:£6

Mint, coriander and shallots.


Fortune Cookies and Cream Price:£6

Selection of ice cream and sorbet.

Cherry Blossom Price:£6

Chocolate mousse, cherry and candyfloss.

Coconut and Mango Price:£7

Smoothie Bowl Granola, lychee and pineapple.


Chicken Truffle Shumai Price:£7.5

Freshly shaved truffle.

Rock Shrimp and Scallop Gau Price:£8

Cucumber and wasabi tobiko.

Wagyu Dumpling Price:£8

Kimchi and spring onion.

Chicken Xiao Long Bao Price:£7.5

Red Thai curry, shallots and coconut.

Black Cod Parcels Price:£10

Spinach, candied orange and
orange ponzu.

Mixed Dim Sum Basket Price:£12

Wagyu, Thai chicken and rock shrimp.

Mixed Dim Sum Basket Price:£9.5

Shiitake and aubergine.


Crispy Duck Rolls Price:£8

Cherry hoisin sauce.

Beef and Foie Gras Gyoza Price:£8

Teriyaki and soy.
Wild Mushroom

Spring Rolls Price:£8.5

Truffle sour cream.

Lobster and Prawn Toast Price:£9

Sweet and sour chilli sauce


Chilli Salt Baby Squid Price:£9

Sweet chilli and spring onion.

Sticky Beef Short Rib Price:£10

Soy, chilli and crispy shallots.

Salt and Pepper Aubergine Price:£7

Chilli, garlic and cherry hoisin.

Crispy Pork Belly Price:£8

Black vinegar and coriander.

Sticky Red Prawns Price:£9

Chilli bean, honey and ginger.

Salmon Sashizza Price:£9

Yuzu kosho aioli, truffle tapenade and
pickled cucumber.
Chilli and Sesame

Roasted Scallops Price:£15

Chinese sausage, crushed edamame and mint.

Koi Fish Mini Bao Price:£8

Tempura cod, sweet potato and
edamame mash.

Chilli Crusted Tofu Price:£9

Kohlrabi, coriander and chilli soy.

Red Roast Loin Ribs Price:£10

Yellow bean, kumquats and star anise.

Seared Tuna Price:£9.5

Ponzu, truffle aioli and caviar.
Seared Beef and Sunflower

Seed Salad Price:£14

Cucumber, spring onion and green nahm jim.

Coconut Chicken Salad Price:£14

Mint, coriander and shallots.


Lotus Leaf Miso Chicken Price:£19

Shiitake mushroom, pak choi and
sticky chilli rice.

Chicken Curry Clay Pot Price:£16

Baby onions, coconut and
wasabi pea puree.

Crispy Baby Chicken Price:£17

Szechuan plum sauce, five spice and baby pak choi.

Red Pepper Lamb Chops Price:£24

Hot and sour pumpkin.

Caramel Soy Beef Fillet Price:£30

Shiitake and asparagus.
Japanese Black Wagyu

Ribeye/200gr Price:£80

Nikka-marinated foie gras,
green beans and truffle sesame soy.

Sweet and Sour Iberico Price:£17

Pineapple, banana shallots and
dragon fruit.

Roast Char Siu Pork Price:£19

Iberico, burdock summer salad
and yuzu kosho.
Aromatic Crispy

Duck Pancakes Price:£20

Cherry hoisin, Szechuan oil and
crispy shallots.


Hot Pot Price:£15

Baby long aubergines, edamame
and sweet basil.
Vegetarian Chicken

Black Bean Price:£14

Asparagus and bean sprouts.

Shiitake Ho Fun Noodles Price:£12

Chilli bean and sweet soy.


Steamed Ginger Sea Bass Price:£22

Shaoxing wine, garlic and
ito togarashi .

White Miso Salmon Price:£20.5

Pickled ginger, red onion and
caramelised lime.

Thai Style Crispy Monkfish Price:£25.5

Lime, shallots and lemongrass.

Saffron Black Cod Price:£30.5

Miso, Chinese sausage and razor clam.

Whole Lobster Price:£55

Wasabi gratin, lemon and lime


Steamed Jasmine Rice Price:£4

Duck Egg Fried Rice Price:£4.5

Duck Egg Fried Rice and

Chinese Sausage Price:£5.5

X.O. Fried Rice Price:£7

Shrimp, scallop and pancetta.

Singapore Noodles Price:£11

Prawn, chicken and pork.

Tenderstem Broccoli Price:£5

Black sesame and truffle.

Pak Choi and Crispy Shallots Price:£5

Special Fried Sweet Potato Price:£6

Szechuan, spring onion and
sweet and sour salt.

Seasonal Vegetables Price:£5

Tattu Restaurant Drinks Menu


Stolichnaya Red Price:£4

Stolichnaya Vanilla Price:£4.3

Zubrowka Price:£4.5

Belvedere Price:£5.5

Grey Goose Price:£5.5

Crystal Head Price:£6


Brugal Blanco Price:£4

Sailor Jerry Price:£4

Kraken Price:£4.5

Havana 7 Price:£5.2

Diplomatico Exclusiva Price:£5.6

Plantation Pineapple Price:£5.8

Ron Zaccapa 23 Price:£10

Mount Gay 1703 Price:£18


Cantinero Blanco Price:£4.4

Cazcabel Coffee Price:£4.5

Cazcabel Honey Price:£4.8

Don Julio Blanco Price:£5.5

San Cosme Mezcal Price:£6

Don Julio 1942 Price:£15

Clase Azul Price:£18


Beefeater Price:£4

Tanqueray Price:£4.5

Manchester Three Rivers Price:£5

Leeds Gin Price:£5

Jinzu Price:£5

Hendricks Price:£5

Tanqueray 10 Price:£5.5

Monkey 47 Price:£5.5

Botanist Price:£5.5

Brockmanns Price:£5.5

William Chase Pink Price:£5.8


Warner Edwards Price:£6.5

Rhubarb Gin

Ki No Bi Price:£6.8


Courvoisier VSOP Price:£5

H by Hine Price:£6

Martell XO Price:£15

Remy Carte Blanche Price:£30

1st Release

Hennessey Paradis Price:£45


Coca Cola Price:£2.8

Diet Coca Cola Price:£2.6

FeverTree Light Lemonade Price:£2.6

Double Dutch Ginger Beer Price:£2.6

Red Bull Sugar Free Price:£2.6

Fresh Orange Price:£2.6


English Breakfast Price:£3

Dragon Well Green Price:£3

Jasmine Pearl Green Price:£3

Rose and Lychee Price:£3

Red Berry and Hibiscus Price:£3

Triple Mint Price:£3

Americano Price:£3

Latte Price:£3.5

Cappuccino Price:£3.5

Espresso Price:£2.5

Double Espresso Price:£3.5

Hot Chocolate Price:£3

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Tattu Restaurant Hours

Monday   12pm–1am
Tuesday   12pm–1am
Wednesday   12pm–1am
Thursday   12pm–1am
Friday   12pm–2am
Saturday   12pm–2am
Sunday   12pm–1am

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About Tattu Restaurant

Tattu is an independent family run business founded in 2015 by two brothers. Tattu brand set out with a clear vision – to bring something unique and exciting to the UK culinary scene. The word Tattu is derived from a combination of ‘Tattoo’ the art form that inspires our interiors and ‘Tatau’ which is an ancient word from eastern culture that means to ‘make a mark’.

The goal was to build a customer experience around the brand that stimulates all senses, fusing beautiful and meaningful design with quality and innovative Chinese cooking.

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Tattu Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Angelico Backhouse

Amazing place, great staff. Some of the best food me and my family have ever tasted. Apart from my mums cooking of course!