Category: Breakfast

SEN Vietnamese Dining Menu, Prices and Locations

SEN Vietnamese Dining Main Menu With Price VEGAN & VEGETARIAN LIGHT BITES Crunchy Coconut Peanuts Price :£2.5 Lotus Root Chips Price :£3 Blossom Cookies (E) Price :£3 STREET FOODS VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS Price :£6.5 Deep-fried rolls of mixed vegetable, vermicelli, Shiitake mushroom, served with sweet chilli sauce. SAIGON AVOCADO SUMMER ROLLS Price :£7 Avocado, vermicelli,

Navadhanya Menu, Prices and Locations

Navadhanya Main Menu With Price Starters Rajdhani Chaat Price :£6.75 Soya Cake, Chickpeas, Sweet Yoghurt, Tamarind, Coriander Podi Dosa “South Indian Dish” Price :£7.50 Rice Crepe, Potato, Ground Spices, Dal, Tomato Chutney Tawa Paneer Price :£8.50 Indian Cottage Cheese, Apricot, Raspberry, Green Spiced Powder Aam Ki Macchi Price :£11.50 Monk Fish, Mango Puree, Pink Salt,

Harbourmaster Hotel Menu, Prices and Locations

Harbourmaster Hotel Main Menu With Price BREAKFAST & BRUNCH Croissant, marmalêd Price :£2.5 Toast with butter and jam Price :£2.5 Croissant, marmalade Price :£2.5 Organic porridge Price :£4.8 with berries and maple syrup Avocado, sourdough toast, poached eggs Price :£7.5 HM baked beans, fried egg, avocado, sourdough Price :£6.5 Chorizo Price :£7.5 Scrambled / poached

Falafel Wales Menu, Prices and Locations

Falafel Wales Main Menu With Price BIRYANI COURSES Veg Biryani with Sauce biryani rice, served with white beans sauce vegetarian white beans sauce Price :£6.30 .okra/sauce Price :£6.30 Chicken Biryani biryani rice & chicken, served with okra sauce vegetarian okra sauce Price :£7.80 / white beans sauce Price :£7.80 Steak Biryani biryani rice & steak,

Beach House Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Beach House Restaurant Main Menu With Price STARTERS Blodyn corbwmpen / Courgette flower £13 Caws Eryri, tomato, basil ac olifau Snowdon cheese, tomato, basil and olive Eog / Salmon £12 Wedi’i botsio, ponzu, mayonnaise wasabi a madarch Shemeji Poached, ponzu, wasabi mayonnaise and Shemeji mushrooms Golwythion llo / Veal sweetbread £14 Selsig Morteau, nionod hufennog

Leon Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Leon Restaurant Main Menu With Price Poached Egg Pots Truffle Mushroom Price :£2.95 Grilled mushrooms in a rich truffle sauce and two freshly poached eggs. Saucy Beans Price :£1.95 Poached egg topped with saucy beans. Full English Price :£3.95 Bacon, gluten-free  sausage, saucy beans and a poached egg. Halloumi & Mushroom Price :£3.75 Grilled halloumi,