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Phone: 01224581000 | Datman LTD: 03330 165548

Website: https://wildgingerunionstreet.co.uk/

Head Office address: 367 Union St, Aberdeen AB11 6BT, United Kingdom

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Wild Ginger Main Menu With Price



Plain Popadum Price £:1.00

Masala Popadum Price £:1.00


Dressed in gram flour, butter, herbs and spices then deep fried.

Chicken Pakora Price £:4.75

Vegetable Pakora Price £:3.95

Mixed Pakora Price £:4.75

Puri Dishes

A light, thin, pan fried puri, cooked in chaat masala and special spices.

Aubergine Aloo Price £:4.50

Chicken Chaat Price £:4.75

Lamb Chaat Price £:4.75

Kabuli Chana Chaat Price £:4.50

Prawn Puri Price £:4.75

King Prawn Puri Price £:6.25

Tandoori Starters

Chicken Tikka Tandoori Starter Price £:4.50

Lamb Tikka Tandoori Starter Price £:4.50

Tandoori Chicken Starter Price £:4.50

On the bone.

Kebab Dishes

Mixed Kebab Price £:5.25

Chicken, lamb tikka and sheek kebab.

Chicken Kebab Price £:4.25

Sheek Kebab Price £:4.25

Tava Kebab Price £:4.75

Succulent chicken fillets seasoned with light spices and cooked on a traditional Indian tava.

Moglai Kebab Price £:4.75

Tender chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt, cream, cardamom seeds and cheese, then delicately grilled in a clay oven.

Chef’s Choice

Onion Bhajee Price £:3.95

Vegetable Samosa Price £:4.50

Chicken Samosa Price £:4.50

Keema Samosa Price £:4.50

Aloo Bora Price £:3.95

An exquisitely tantalising appetiser of pulped baby potatoes, finely spiced with fried spiced with fried mustard seeds and turmeric, then coated in seasoned batter and deep fried in Wild Ginger Menu.

Executive Combo

Kebab Platter For 2 People Price £:7.95

A scrumptious selection of mixed meat appetisers – a must for the epicure.

Vegetable Platter For 2 People Price £:6.95

A selection of tempting vegetable starters – a starter to challenge your tastebuds.


These dishes are cooked on a charcoal fire in a specially designed clay oven – the tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken Tikka Main Price £:10.50

Boneless morsels of chicken, marinated in yoghurt and special spices.

Tandoori Lamb Tikka Main Price £:10.95

Succulent pieces of lamb, marinated with yoghurt, mustard oil, fresh mint and kasoori methi (fenugreek).

Tandoori Chicken Main Price £:10.50

(On The Bone). Marinated chicken in special spices and fresh herbs.

Tandoori King Prawns Main Price £:15.95

Succulent bay of bengal king prawns.

Tandoori Chicken Shaslik Main Price £:10.95

Pieces of chicken tikka served with grilled peppers, onions and tomato, cooked on a skewer in the tandoor.

Tandoori Lamb Shaslik Main Price £:10.95

Pieces of tender lamb tikka served with grilled peppers, onions and tomato, cooked on a skewer in the tandoor.

Tandoori Deluxe Mix Grill Main Price £:15.95

An assortment of tandoori delicacies – tandoori chicken, lamb chop, chicken tikka, sheek kebab and tandoori king prawn.


House Specialities

King Prawn Garlic Chilli Price £:15.95

Hot. Succulent king prawns gently sauteed in ghee and garlic, then cooked with fresh chillies in a hot sauce.

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken Price £:11.25

Boneless tandoori chicken cooked with olives oil, ginger, garlic and green chillies in a hot, thick sauce.

Tandoori Butter Chicken Price £:11.25

Tandoori chicken, off the bone, cooked with butte, very smooth in taste, a favourite of the maharani (Queen).

Roshuni Price £:11.25

Chicken tikka cooked with garlic, fresh coriander and capsicum, sprinkled with chopped fresh fried garlic.

Lamb Khaba Masala Price £:11.25

Succulent chunks of lamb simmered with chopped onions and whole spices in a thick sauce with a hint of ginger.

Chicken Tikka Badami Price £:11.25

Chicken tikka cooked with cashew nuts and almonds in a delectable fresh cream sauce.

Darziling Korai

Medium. Barbecued meat cooked in a rich textured sauce with garlic and fresh onions, sprinkles with fresh coriander.

Chicken Darziling Korai Price £:11.25

Lamb Darziling Korai Price £:11.25

Chapai Mango Malai

Mild. Cooked with mango and cream.

Chicken Chapai Mango Malai Price £:11.25

Lamb Chapai Mango Malai Price £:11.25


Medium. Marinated pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes and peppers in chef’s special spices, served with a sprinkling of coriander.

Chicken Rezzala Price £:11.25

Lamb Rezzala Price £:11.25

Mumtaz Shahi

Medium. Lightly marinated meat delicately roasted in the tandoor, then immersed in delicious spice, very popular dish.

Chicken Mumtaz Shahi Price £:11.25

Lamb Mumtaz Shahi Price £:11.25


Cooked with chef’s very own spice, very tropical and mouth watering taste, slightly sweet and hot.

Chicken Shalimar Price £:11.25

Lamb Shalimar Price £:11.25

Jaflongi Satkora

Marinated chicken or lamb cooked with butter, very smooth in taste, a favourite of the maharani (queen).

Chicken Jaflongi Satkora Price £:11.25

Lamb Jaflongi Satkora Price £:11.25

Clay Pot

Tender spring chicken or lamb chunks garnished and roasted in a clay oven, then cooked in chef’s special opulent sauce.

Chicken Clay Pot Price £:11.25

Lamb Clay Pot Price £:11.25


Pieces of chicken or lamb prepared in a special blend of fresh coriander relish sauce with a slight infusion of garlic and ginger in Wild Ginger Menu.

Chicken Relish Price £:11.25

Lamb Relish Price £:11.25

Special Chasni

A north bengal speciality, cooked in a medium sauce with tomato puree and lemon juice to create a sweet and sour flavour.

Chicken Special Chasni Price £:11.25

Lamb Special Chasni Price £:11.25



Medium. A very popular dish consisting of onions, green peppers, tomatoes and fresh coriander in a thick sauce.

Chicken Bhoona Price £:9.95

Lamb Bhoona Price £:9.95

Prawn Bhoona Price £:9.95

King Prawn Bhoona Price £:14.95

Vegetable Bhoona Price £:7.45

Rogan Josh

Medium. Garnished with onions, tomatoes, ground fenugreek and fresh coriander.

Chicken Rogan Josh Price £:9.95

Lamb Rogan Josh Price £:9.95

Prawn Rogan Josh Price £:9.95

King Prawn Rogan Josh Price £:14.95

Vegetable Rogan Josh Price £:7.45


Hot. This popular south Indian dish, named after the city where it was first created, is a firm favourite with those who like a hot curry.

Chicken Madras Price £:9.95

Lamb Madras Price £:9.95

Prawn Madras Price £:9.95

King Prawn Madras Price £:14.95

Vegetable Madras Price £:7.45


Medium. Cooked with onions and fresh coriander.

Chicken Dopiaza Price £:9.95

Lamb Dopiaza Price £:9.95

Prawn Dopiaza Price £:9.95

King Prawn Dopiaza Price £:14.95

Vegetable Dopiaza Price £:7.45


Very hot.

Chicken Vindaloo Price £:9.95

Lamb Vindaloo Price £:9.95

Prawn Vindaloo Price £:9.95

King Prawn Vindaloo Price £:14.95

Vegetable Vindaloo Price £:7.45


Hot. A hot dish cooked with coconut.

Chicken Ceylon Price £:9.95

Lamb Ceylon Price £:9.95

Prawn Ceylon Price £:9.95

King Prawn Ceylon Price £:14.95

Vegetable Ceylon Price £:7.45


Medium. The home of balti dishes is the northern most part of Bangladesh in a region called sylhet. In recent times balti dishes have become extremely popular and balti curry house have opened throughout the uk. Balti food is prepared with special homemade fresh herbs and exotic spices in a thick sauce and sprinkled with fresh coriander.

Wild Ginger Balti Special Price £:11.95

Chicken, lamb and prawn cooked with a special blend of herbs and spices, garnished with green peppers.

Balti Chicken Tikka Price £:11.25

Chicken tikka cooked with onions and fresh herbs, with a hint of tomato puree.

Lamb Tikka Balti Price £:11.25

Lamb tikka cooked with onions and fresh herbs, with a hint of tomato puree.

Tandoori King Prawn Balti Price £:15.95

Bay of bengal king prawns cooked with onions and fresh herbs, with a hint of tomato puree.


Korma dishes have a traditional preparation which varies from one region of India to another. They offer authentically prepared kormas, each with its own distinctive flavour.

Kashmiri Korma

Cooked with fruits in a rich creamy sauce.

Chicken Kashmiri Korma Price £:9.95

Lamb Kashmiri Korma Price £:9.95

Prawn Kashmiri Korma Price £:9.95

King Prawn Kashmiri Korma Price £:14.95

Vegetable Kashmiri Korma Price £:7.25

Ceylonese Korma

Cooked with coconut cream.

Chicken Ceylonese Korma Price £:9.95

Lamb Ceylonese Korma Price £:9.95

Prawn Ceylonese Korma Price £:9.95

King Prawn Ceylonese Korma Price £:14.95

Vegetable Ceylonese Korma Price £:7.25


Mild, sweet and creamy, their exclusive masala dishes are the most popular dishes on the extensive menu. Cooked with fresh cream, almonds and various mild spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala Price £:11.25

Lamb Tikka Masala Price £:11.25

Tandoori King Prawn Masala Price £:15.95

Vegetable Masala Price £:8.65

Tandoori Chicken Masala Price £:10.65

On the bone.

Wild Ginger Special Masala Price £:15.95

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and bay of bengal king prawns taken from the tandoor.



Hot. Mouth watering dish consisting of onions, coriander and spices, garnished with fresh green chillies.

Chicken Jhalfrezi Price £:11.25

Lamb Jhalfrezi Price £:11.25

Prawn Jhalfrezi Price £:11.25

King Prawn Jhalfrezi Price £:15.95

Vegetable Jhalfrezi Price £:8.45

Bengal Exotica

Hot. This favourite bangla dish is prepared in a rich, thick sauce with an exotic flavour.

Chicken Bengal Exotica Price £:11.25

Lamb Bengal Exotica Price £:11.25

Prawn Bengal Exotica Price £:11.25

King Prawn Bengal Exotica Price £:15.95

Vegetable Bengal Exotica Price £:8.45


Hot. A spicy, hot dish for the connoisseur of fine indian cuisine, cooked with fresh ginger and a thick sauce, presented to you madras strength.

Chicken Khazana Price £:11.25

Lamb Khazana Price £:11.25

Prawn Khazana Price £:11.25

King Prawn Khazana Price £:15.95

Vegetable Khazana Price £:8.45


Biryani is very popular amongst those people who enjoy Indian specialities. Lamb, chicken, seafood or vegetable, cooked with the finest basmati rice and aromatic herbs, served with a complementary mixed vegetable curry.

Wild Ginger Special Biryani Price £:12.95

Chicken, lamb and prawns cooked with dry herbs and spices, garnished with tomatoes and omelette.

Tandoori Chicken Biryani Price £:10.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani Price £:10.95

Lamb Tikka Biryani Price £:10.95

King Prawn Biryani Price £:14.95

Prawn Biryani Price £:10.95

Vegetable Biryani Price £:8.25

Chicken Biryani Price £:9.95

Lamb Biryani Price £:9.95


Afghania Aloo Chana (hot) Price £:8.25

Hot. Potatoes and chickpeas cooked with garam masala and garnished with green chillies.

Muglai Sobzi Masala Price £:8.25

Mixed vegetable cooked in a very popular satkora flavour, bhoona sauce.

Mixed Vegetable Relish Price £:8.25

A collection of various fresh vegetables prepared in a special blend of fresh coriander relish sauce with a slight infusion of garlic and ginger.

Shabji Garlic Chilli Price £:8.25

A very hot dish of assorted fresh vegetables extensively prepared with fresh garlic and chillies in a lingering piquant sauce.


Chips Price £:1.95

Chicken Nuggets And Chips Price £:7.50


Yoghurt Price £:1.50

Lime Pickle Price £:0.85

Mango Chutney Price £:0.85


Spiced Onions Price £:0.85

Cucumber Raita Price £:1.55

Onion Raita Price £:1.55


They exclusive side dishes have been carefully selected to accompany the main dishes. Fresh vegetables fried in spices, onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander. A must with your meal in the Wild Ginger Menu.

Chana Masalam Price £:3.95


Mixed Vegetable Bhajee Price £:3.95

Cauliflower Bhajee Price £:3.95

Bhindi Bhajee Price £:3.95


Saag Bhajee Price £:3.95


Bombay Aloo Price £:3.95

Mushroom Bhajee Price £:3.95

Aubergine Bhajee Price £:3.95

Dhall Samba Price £:3.95

Tarka Dhall Price £:3.95

Plain Dhall Price £:3.95

Mixed Vegetable Curry Price £:3.95

Aloo Gobi Price £:3.95

Potato and cauliflower.

Saag Aloo Price £:3.95

Spinach and potato.

Saag Paneer Price £:3.95

Spinach and cottage cheese.


Plain Boiled Rice Price £:3.50

Pilau Rice Price £:3.75

Keema Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Mushroom Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Egg Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Vegetable Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Mixed Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Lemon And Cashew Nut Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Garlic Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Coconut Fried Rice Price £:3.95

Onion Fried Rice Price £:3.95


Plain Nan Price £:3.65

Garlic Nan Price £:3.95

Keema Nan Price £:3.95

Stuffed with mince.

Peshwari Nan Price £:3.95

Coconut and almond.

Tikka Nan Price £:3.95

Cheese Nan Price £:3.95

Plain Paratha Price £:3.95

Chapati Price £:1.20

Tandoori Roti Price £:2.50


Pilau Rice Price £:3.75

Peshwari Nan Price £:3.95

Coconut and almond.

Garlic Nan Price £:3.95

Onion Bhajee Price £:3.95

Tandoori Butter Chicken Price £:11.25

Tandoori chicken, off the bone, cooked with butte, very smooth in taste, a favourite of the maharani (Queen).

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Hector was made aware earlier in the year of a new Curry House in Aberdeen that would have to be visited. Stories of meals being cooked at the table.

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