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Phone: 01224 210288


Head Office address: 145 Crown St, Aberdeen AB11 6HP UK

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Jewel Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Murg Chat Price£5.95

Small juicy pieces of chicken spiced with a hot & sour sauce

Shami Kebab Price£5.45

Flat cakes of minced lamb flavoured with spices & herbs

Aloo Tikki Price£4.95

Vegetarian favourite road style snack – minced potato pat?, stuffed with grated cottage cheese & onion

Vegetable Pakoras Price£4.25

Vegetables dipped in gram flour, butter, herbs & spices and deep fried

Chicken Pakoras Price£5.25

Chicken dipped in gram flour, butter, herbs & spices and golden fried

Thori Pakoras Price£4.25

Thin slices of courgette dipped in a special batter made of gram flour, various spices & herbs & deep fried

Fish Delhi Style Price£5.25

Sliced cod fish coated with special batter of gram flour and deep fried

Meat Samosas Price£5.25

Meat folded in pastry & deep fried

Vegetable Samosas Price£5.25

Vegetables folded in pastry & deep fried

Mulligatawny soup Price£4.55

Soup prepared with lentils & herbs, served with lemon and a sprinkling of rice

Samundar-ki-sundorom Price£7.55

King Prawn marinated with olive oil, fresh green herbs and spices

The King Prawn Puri Price£8.55

King Prawn pieces spiced with a medium hot sauce, served with a pancake style fried bread

Tandoori Lamb Chops Price£6.95

Very tender Scottish spring lamb cooked with ginger and green herbs

Longka Kebab Price£5.95

Bell pepper stuffed with minced lamb & special vegetables, garnished with homemade cheese

Onion Bhaji Price£4.25

Fresh onion mixed in gram flour, butter, herbs & spices and deep fried


Murg Tikka Masala Price£11.95

Boneless barbecued diced chicken cooked with ground spices & tomatoes, flavoured with fresh cream

Achar Gosht Price£11.95

A Hyderbadi speciality. Lamb cooked in yoghurt with pickling spices

Butter Murg Price£11.95

Chicken tikka pieces in a butter and cream sauce

Murg Ananas Price£11.95

Fillet of charcoal grilled chicken cooked in fresh cream with pineapple

Lamb Pasanda Price£11.95

Thin fillet of lamb cooked in fresh cream, yoghurt and mixed ground nuts

Murg Avadi Price£11.95

Moghlai chicken delicacy, cooked with hard boiled egg, fresh herbs and spices

Murg Lajawab Price£11.95

Charcoal baked pieces of Chicken cooked in royal spices, fresh green chilli paste and garnished with fresh garlic cloves

Samundar-ki-pari Masala Price£20.95

Charcoal grilled king prawns cooked in spices with clarified butter to our own special recipe

Murg Exotica Price£11.95

Charcoal baked pieces of chicken cooked with a sour and hot sauce

Naga Murg Price£11.95

Chicken cooked in a fiery chilli sauce with fresh coriander

Murg Pahareka Price£11.95

Boneless tandoori baked chicken cooked with cumin, green pepper, onion & coriander leaves

Murg Zalfrezi Price£11.95

Succulent morsels of chicken cooked in fresh ground spices with tomatoes & green peppers

Methi Gosht Price£11.95

Lamb cooked with fenugreek & spices

Murg Chadni Price£11.95

Boneless barbecued chicken cooked with mushrooms, green peppers and onion with fresh herbs and spices


Murg Tikka Price£11.55

Boneless morsels of chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices, roasted in a clay oven

Murg Tandoori Price£11.55

Marinated cornfed chicken, medium spiced & cooked in the charcoal clay oven

Kastoori Kebab Price£11.55

Succulent pieces of lamb, marinated with yoghurt, mustard oil, mint and kastoori methi, cooked in the tandoor clay oven

Murg Gulshan Price£13.95

Marinated pieces of chicken with chunks of green pepper, onion, tomato & spices, on a skewer over charcoals in the clay oven

Samundari-ki pari Price£19.95

Succulent king prawns marinated and cooked to perfection


In India sea & freshwater fish are cooked in many different styles. As a peninsula with a large coastline, the coastal regions benefit from an excellent choice of fish.

Chingri Jhol Price£10.95

Prawns cooked with mustard oil, tomatoes, freshly ground herbs and spices. A recipe from West Bengal

Chingri Rogan Price£10.95

Prawns cooked with tomatoes, bay leaves, roasted cumin, cinnamon, ginger and medium hot spice sauce, from Goa

Samundar-ki-Malai Price£18.55

King prawns cooked with coconut milk; a distinctly southern flavour from the Malabar Coast

Samundar-ka-Khajana Price£18.55

King size prawns cooked with onion, garlic, green pepper, aromatic herbs and spices. This is a particularly East Bengal recipe

Samundar-ka-Palak Price£18.55

King prawns with spinach, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander

Chingri Madras Price£10.95

Prawns cooked in very hot spices

Chingri Vindaloo Price£10.95

Prawns cooked in very hot spices

King Prawn Naga (Qty:1): Price£18.55

King prawns cooked in a fiery chilli sauce

Samundar-ka-Pathia Price£18.55

King prawns cooked in a sweet and sour sauce


Karahi Gosht Price£10.95

Diced lamb cooked with onion, green peppers & spices and tossed in an iron souk

Palak Gosht Price£10.45

Chunks of lamb cooked with fresh spinach, coriander leaves & spices

Dhall Gosht Price£10.45

Lamb cooked with lentils & spices – a favourite of Bombay Parsi community

Rogan Gosht Price£10.45

Cooked in traditional kashmiri paste with yoghurt and tomato – a Moghlai dish

Balti Gosht Price£10.95

Pieces of lamb with freshly blended herbs and spices from the NW frontier

Handi Gosht Price£10.45

Cubes of lamb cooked with vegetables in a brown onion paste from NE India

Khalia Gosht Price£10.45

Boneless pieces of lamb cooked in yoghurt, mint, fresh coriander leaf, herbs and spices

Madras Gosht Price£10.45

Pieces of lamb cooked in very strong spices

Vindaloo Gosht Price£10.45

Pieces of lamb cooked in very strong spices


Karahi Murg Price£10.95

Succulent morsels of chicken cooked with onions, green peppers and spices and tossed in an iron souk

Murg Dhall Price£10.45

Pieces of chicken cooked with assorted lentils – sweet, sour and medium hot

Murg Rogan Price£10.45

Diced medium hot chicken cooked with tomatoes, onion and green pepper

Murg Korma Price£10.45

Diced chicken cooked with mild spices & flavoured with fresh cream

Palak Murg Price£10.45

Pieces of chicken cooked with fresh spinach, medium spices

Murg Jerra Price£10.45

Pieces of chicken cooked with roasted cumin in a richly spiced sauce

Garlic Murg Price£11.95

Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in herbs & spices and garnished with a garlic sauce

Murg Madras Price£10.45

Pieces of chicken cooked in very strong spices

Murg Vindaloo Price£10.45

Pieces of chicken cooked in very strong spices

Balti Murg Price£10.95

Pieces of chicken with freshly blended herbs & spices from the NW Frontier


Bhindi Masala Price£4.95

Fresh ladies fingers (okra) cooked with onion, herbs and spices

Mutter Panir Price£4.95

Homemade cottage cheese & peas served in a rich curry sauce

Palak Price£4.95

Spinach tempered with onions and garlic to enhance the taste

Chana Masala Price£4.95

Chick peas cooked with fresh herbs and spices, in a tangy sauce

Begun Price£4.95

Aubergine fried & blended with natural spices

Khumbi Price£4.95

Mushrooms cooked with spices, tomatoes, onions and spices

Bombay Aloo Price£4.95

Potatoes cooked with mustard seeds and flavoured with fresh herbs in strong spices

Tarka Dhal Price£4.95

Lentils tempered with fresh garlic & butter

Phool Gobi Price£4.95

Fresh cauliflower cooked with tomato, onion and green herbs

Navratan Price£4.95

Assorted vegetables cooked in exotic spices

Subzi Karahi Price£4.95

Vegetables and green pepper in a spicy tomato and onion gravy

Palak Panir Price£4.95

Spinach and Indian cheese in a delicious creamy sauce

Raita Price£2.45

Churned yoghurt subtly spiced and prepared with onion, tomatoes & cucumber


The Biryanis are layered with basmati rice, garnished with fruits & nuts and served with a side dish of a medium hot mixed vegetable curry.

Murg Biryani Price£11.95

Lamb Biryani Price£11.95

Prawn Biryani Price£12.95

King Prawn Biryani Price£18.95

Murg Tikka Biryani Price£15.95

Vegetable Biryani Price£10.95

Chawal-e-Khas Price£3.25

Saffron basmati rice (pillau)

Chawal-e-Anam Price£3.15

Steamed boiled basmati rice

Pillau Price£4.55

Your choice of Saffron Basmati rice cooked with one of the following: Vegetables, mushrooms, peas, eggs, garlic or mince

Lemon Pillau Price£4.55

Saffron basmati rice cooked with cashew nuts, coriander and lemon juice


Nan Price£3.15

Puffy bread, made from fine unleavened flour, enriched with milk

Peshwari Nan Price£3.95

Bread stuffed with a combination of coconut, fine almonds and sultanas

Garlic Nan Price£3.95

Bread layered with garlic & moistened with butter

Keema Nan Price£3.95

Nan bread filled with spiced minced lamb

Panir Nan Price£3.95

Unleavened bread filled with home-made cheese

Kulcha Nan Price£3.95

Nan bread filled with vegetables, potatoes & onion

Paratha Price£3.15

Multi layered wheat bread coated with clarified butter

Stuffed Paratha Price£3.95

Whole wheat bread stuffed with vegetables and coated with clarified butter

Tandoori Roti Price£2.35

Bread baked in the tandoor

Chapati Price£1.95

Wheat bread baked to perfection

Papadom Price£0.95

Indian crisp, masala or plain

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Jewel Restaurant Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12.00–2.00 pm – 5.30–9.30 pm
Wednesday 12.00–2.00 pm – 5.30–9.30 pm
Thursday 12.00–2.00 pm – 5.30–9.30 pm
Friday 12.00–2.00 pm – 5.00–10.00 pm
Saturday 12.00–2.00 pm – 5.00–10.00 pm
Sunday 3.00–9.30 pm

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About Jewel Restaurant UK

The Jewel in the Crown brings an exciting new facet of Indian cuisine to Aberdeen. This long established family business is in the very capable hands of Farooq and his four sons.

The best of Indian regional cooking has been chosen for his menu and an extra dimension has been added to the wide selection of authentic flavours with his own culinary skill. It is all in the preparation and Farooq is a master in the art of blending the traditional spices into a unique combination of tastes which produce a palate sensation never experienced before in Aberdeen.

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