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Sussex Exchange Drink Menu, Prices and Locations

Sussex Exchange Drink Main Menu With Price Bottled & Draft Beer Menu Peroni 4.1% 330ml Price: £4.25Budweiser 4.2% 330ml Price: £3.75Corona 4.5% 330ml Price: £4.20Heineken 0.0 0.0% 330ml Price: £3.25Curious Brew 4.7% 330ml Price: £4.30Curious IPA 5.6% 330ml Price: £4.30Speckled Hen 5.0% 500ml Price: £5.50Longman Best Bitter 4.0% 500ml Price: £5.50Longman APA 4.8% 500ml Price:

Busaba Drink Menu, Prices and Locations

Busaba Drink Main Menu With Price Drink Menu Castelbello Bianco, Italy (ABV 10%) Soft and easy drinking with notes of green apple and citrus fruits 175ml Price: £4.95 250ml Price: £6.95 Bottle Price: £18.95 Between Thorns Chardonnay, Australia (ABV 13%) Crisp and fruity with a full flavour and tropical aroma 175ml Price: £5.50 250ml Price:

Saxon Mill Menu, Prices and Locations

Saxon Mill Main Menu With Price Lunch Menu TO NIBBLE & SHARE NOCELLARA OLIVES (v) Price: £2.95 ARTISAN RUSTIC BREADS with olive oil & balsamic vinegar, Nocellara olives and flavoured butter (v) Price: £5.95 GARLIC PIZZETTE with rocket & shaved Gran Moravia cheese (v) Price: £6.95 CARNE PLATTER Southern-fried buttermilk chicken thighs, lamb koftas, crispy

Saxon Mill Drink Menu, Prices and Locations

Saxon Mill Drink Main Menu With Price Midweek Treat Menu STARTERS DUCK LIVER & PORT PARFAIT with gooseberry & Prosecco flavour compote and toasted ciabatta bread DEEP-FRIED BRIE in panko breadcrumbs with chutney (v) THYME-ROASTED PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS in Cropwell Bishop sauce with rustic toast (v) SCALLOPS OF THE DAY (+Price: £3pp) MAINS LOBSTER & DEVON

Home Sweet Home Manchester Menu, Prices and Locations

Home Sweet Home Manchester Main Menu With Price Breakfast Menu BRUNCH COCKTAILS MANCHESTER SMASH 7.5 Manchester Raspberry gin, peach, rhubarb, rosehip and fresh lemon, topped with Prosecco BLOOD PEACH BELLINI 7.5 Raspberry, freshly squeezed orange juice, peach liqueur, Prosecco BLOODY MARY/ RED SNAPPER 7.5 Finlandia vodka or Bombay gin, spiced tomato juice, fresh lemon, Worcestershire

Bluebird Chelsea Set Menu, Prices and Locations

Bluebird Chelsea Set Main Menu With Price Evening Standard Menu Starters Crab mayonnaise & dill, avocado, toast (£4 addition) Castelfranco, roasted golden beetroot, endive, orange, walnuts Sweet potato & chestnut soup, chives Cider cured salmon, apple, beetroot & candied pecans Mains Braised Dingley Dell pork shoulder, cauliflower, grain mustard sauce charcuterie Fish trimmings pie, leeks,

Browns Covent Garden Menu, Prices and Locations

Browns Covent Garden Main Menu With Price Main Menu SMOOTHIES Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry smoothie (VE) Price: £4.50Mango, pineapple, passionfruit smoothie (VE) Price: £4.50Kale, spinach, apple smoothie (VE) Price: £4.50Blueberry, raspberry, banana, flax seeds (ve) Price: £4.50 BREAKFAST & BRUNCH Selection of freshly baked mini pastries and walnut & raisin bread (V) Strawberry jam, British farmhouse

Browns Covent Garden Drinks Menu, Prices and Locations

Browns Covent Garden Drinks Main Menu With Price BAR FOOD MENU WOODALL’S FARM BRITISH CHARCUTERIE PLATTER TO SHARE Cumbrian & Royal ham, Cumberland salami, Golden beetroot piccalilli, breakfast radish 17.95 BROWNS TOASTIE (V) Isle of Man Cheddar, thermidor sauce, fries 12.95 CRISPY SALT & PEPPER SQUID Aioli 4.95 DEVON CRAB ON TOAST Sourdough, brown crab