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 by Ricky Wyatt

Went over for a family dinner and this place was really something. The Spanish girl who looked after us (cant remember her name) was very good with her customer service and made us feel like we came to dine at her own home. The pitu rice we …

Iberica store hours

Phone: +44 20 7148 1285

Website: https://www.ibericarestaurants.com/

Head Office address: 89 Turnmill St, Farringdon, London EC1M 5QU, UK

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Iberica Main Menu With Price


Bread with olive oil VE Price :£3.5

Toasted bread with tomato VE Price :£4

Boquerones G Price :£6

anchovies in vinegar

Anchovies G Price :£7


Cecina G Price :£8

air cured beef with an intense smokey flavour

Sobrasada Price :£7

soft chorizo pâté from Mallorca served with toasted bread

Trío of chorizos Price :£8

one smokey, one spicy, one 100% Ibérico pork

Cured meat selection Price :£13.5

spicy chorizo, Andoya, wild boar chorizo & cecina


Manchego G Price :£7

the iconic sheep cheese from Castilla La Mancha

Artisan cheese selection Price :£13.5

San Simón, Massimo Rey Silo, Manchego Reserva, Peralzola & organic Sujaira

Half & half selection of cheese & cured meat cuts Price :£13.5


Our classic tapas dishes are made using the very best Spanish ingredients and traditional recipes.

Croquetas Price :£7 / Price :£14

with serrano ham. Made to Nacho’s Grandmother’s recipe

Pulpo G Price :£14

grilled octopus with potatoes & pimentón de la Vera

Ensaladilla Rusa Price :£7

potato salad with tuna, boiled egg, roasted red peppers & green olives

Patatas bravas VO Price :£6.5

crispy potatoes with brava sauce & alioli

Padrones VE G Price :£6.5

Galician Padrón peppers & sea salt

Calamares Price :£10

fried baby squid with alioli

Gambas G Price :£11

prawns in garlic sauce

Tortilla V G Price :£8

potato & onion Spanish omelette


Enjoy our own interpretation of contemporary Spanish dishes.

Salads & Vegetables

Crispy aubergine VE Price :£7

fried in a light batter with ‘miel de caña’. A typical dish from Andalucía

Red berry & beetroot gazpacho VO G Price :£7

our take on Andalusian gazpacho, served with raspberries, mint & frozen goats’ cheese

Beetroot, pickled fennel & orange salad VO Price :£8

with crumbled goat’s cheese & caramelised walnuts

Confit artichoke V G Price :£7

confit whole artichoke served with a sherry sauce

Asparagus toast Price :£7.5

with Manchego, onion confit & truffle oil

Pear & spinach salad VO G Price :£7

with La Peral blue cheese, pine nuts & raisins

Beef tomato & salmorejo VE Price :£8.5

with raspberries, garlic breadcrumbs & beetroot granita

Meat & Fish

Chorizo lollipops Price :£8

fried in tempura batter with pear alioli

Ibérica burgers Price :£9

two secreto pork sliders with pickled piparra peppers

Twice-cooked lamb G Price :£12.5

with marinated cherry tomatoes & red peppers from León

Confit chicken G Price :£10

crispy chicken thigh with romesco sauce & hazelnuts

Mackerel a la bilbaína G Price :£10.5

grilled mackerel served with bilbaína sauce & potato purée

Black rice G Price :£11

prawn & squid ink rice served with alioli

Poached hake G Price :£12

with baby gem & hollandaise sauce. A signature dish from Casa Marcial

Chuletillas de lechal G Price :£18

milk-fed lamb cutlets, served with panadera potatoes & green peppers

Pitu chicken rice G Price :£12.5

free-range cockerel with piquillo pepper & saffron. A signature dish from Casa Marcial

Pluma Price :£16

native Ibérico pork, served with mojo rojo sauce, rosemary potatoes & peppers

Bonito del norte Price :£9

cured raw white tuna from the Cantabrian Sea, served with Andalusian ajoblanco & avocado


We serve traditional Valencian dry-style paellas, which form a crunchy base during cooking, called ‘socarrat’. Our rice dishes take a little longer to prepare and will arrive after your tapas.

Chicken paella (for two) G Price :£30

with chicken & vegetables

Seafood paella (for two) G Price :£35

with prawns, squid & langoustines



Aguardiente de Orujo, Acha (50ml) Price :£7

full bodied grape liqueur; intense, warm with anise tones and long finish

Licor de Café de Orujo, Acha (50ml) Price :£6

elegant and complex, with flavours of grape liqueur and Nicaraguan coffee

Licor de Hierbas de Orujo, Acha (50ml) Price :£6

herb liqueur with delicate sweetness and toasted fruit aromas

Crema de Orujo, Acha (50ml) Price :£6

herb liqueur with delicate sweetness and toasted fruit aromas


Matusalem, D.O. Jerez (75ml) Price :£12 (375ml) Price :£60

sherry with dried roses, orange peel, apricots and honey notes

Néctar, Pedro Ximénez, D.O. Jerez (75ml) Price :£6 (750ml) Price :£55

sherry with sweet raisin, caramel and date aroma

Noé, Pedro Ximénez, D.O. Jerez (75ml) Price :£12 (375ml) Price :£60

classic dessert sherry, with tones of raisin, figs, coffee and spices

Dolç d’en Piqué (75ml) Price :£12 (375ml) Price :£65

sweet, red wine with dried fruity overtones, cinnamon and candied peel


Diamantes de Hielo (75ml) Price :£9 (375ml) Price :£43.5

delicate sweet citrusy cider made from a selection of Asturian frozen apples


Cardenal Mendoza (50ml) Price :£12

rich and complex, elegant with notes of raisin and plum

Gran Duque de Alba (50ml) Price :£12

medium-dry and smooth with burnt undertones and hints of vanilla

Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva (50ml) Price :£9

dry, delicate hints of nuts, caramel, vanilla and almond notes


Coffee from Price :£2.5

cortado, espresso, americano, cappucino, latte

Tea from Price :£2.5

English breakfast, Earl Grey, fresh mint, peppermint



Gloria cheesecake Price :£7.5

served in Nacho Manzano’s Gloria restaurant. A rich cheesecake with raspberry sorbet, quince & shaved Zuheros sheeps cheese from Andalucía

Textures of chocolate V Price :£8

chocolate ganache, sponge, ice cream, meringue & crumble served with peanut cream & apricot sauce

Churros with chocolate V Price :£6

glorious pastries and melted chocolate, an Ibérica classic

Caramelised Spanish rice pudding V G Price :£6.5

a signature dish from Casa Marcial Pair with a glass of sweet cider Diamantes de Hielo Price :£9

A selection of sorbet or ice cream V Price :£5.5

ask your waiter for today’s flavours

Trío of cheeses Price :£7.5

Organic Sujaira, Peralzola & Massimo Rey Silo, with quince & apple Pair with a glass of sweet sherry Matusalem Price :£12

Iberica Drinks Menu



Tío Pepe, Fino

(glass) Price :£5.5 (375ml bottle) Price :£21

bone-dry & crisp with flavours of almond

La Guita, Manzanilla

(glass) Price :£5.5 (750ml bottle) Price :£35.5

dry & rich with a salty flavour

Alfonso, Oloroso

(glass) Price :£6.5 (750ml bottle) Price :£40

smooth, nutty & dried citrus

Viña AB, Amontillado

(glass) Price :£7 (750ml bottle) Price :£45

yeasty with almonds & sweet spices

Del Duque, Amontillado (30 years)

(glass) Price :£11 (375ml bottle) Price :£54

nutty, salted caramel & toffee

Apóstoles, Palo Cortado (30 years)

(glass) Price :£11 (375ml bottle) Price :£54

off-dry, roasted nuts & figs

Rebujito (glass) Price :£8.5

dry Fino sherry, lemonade & fresh mint


Usually enjoyed as an aperitif, traditionally served over ice in 75ml glasses.

Biermu rojo (León)

deep red, aromatic with flavours of liquorice & herb served with a twist of orange

Biermu blanco (León)

pale golden, white fruits & rose petals served with white grapes

Nordesía blanco (Galicia)

pale yellow, vibrant fruits & bitter orange served with orange zest

Iris dorado (Cataluña)

garnet-coloured, smooth with flavours of vanilla & cinnamon served with a twist of lemon

Iris blanco (Cataluña)

light, refreshing with sweet & citrus flavours served with an olive

Vermouth tonic (glass) Price :£7.5

for a longer, more refreshing drink add Fever-Tree Tonic Water


Vilarnau Brut Reserva Parellada, Macabeo & Xarel·lo, Cava

(glass) Price :£7.5 (bottle) Price :£35

refreshing, bright & green apple

Vilarnau Brut Reserva Rosé Garnacha & Pinot Noir, Cava

(glass) Price :£7.5 (bottle) Price :£35

dry, sweet red cherry & violet


Zurbal u Tempranillo & Garnacha, Rioja 2018

(glass) 6 (porrón) Price :£13.5 (bottle) Price :£26

delicate, strawberry & cherry

Sospechoso u Bobal, Castilla (2017)

(glass) 8 (porrón) Price :£18.5 (bottle) Price :£36

fresh, red fruit & peach

Chivite Las Fincas Tempranillo & Garnacha, Navarra (2017)

(glass) Price :£11 (porrón) Price :£24.5 (bottle) Price :£48

complex, strawberry & rose petal

Lalomba Garnacha & Viura, Rioja (2017)

(bottle) Price :£50 (magnum) Price :£85 (double magnum) Price :£145

juicy, red berry & cherry


Light, fresh & crisp

Calabuig (glass) Price :£6 (porrón) Price :£14 (bottle) Price :£27

Macabeo & Merseguera, Valencia (2018)

Cabró (glass) Price :£6.5 (porrón) Price :£15 (bottle) Price :£28

Xarel·lo, Penedès (2018)

La Traca (glass) Price :£7.5 (porrón) Price :£16.5 (bottle) Price :£32

Merseguera & Viognier, Valencia (2017)

Los Arráez (glass) Price :£8 (porrón) Price :£18.5 (bottle) Price :£35

Verdil, Valencia (2018)

Perro Verde (glass) Price :£9 (porrón) Price :£21 (bottle) Price :£40

Verdejo, Rueda (2018)

Fenomenal (bottle) Price :£43

Sauvignon Blanc, Rueda (2018)

Aromatic & fragrant

Rebels de Batea (glass) Price :£7 (porrón) Price :£16 (bottle) Price :£31

Garnacha Blanca, Terra Alta (2017)

Mariona (bottle) Price :£35

Moscatel & Sauvignon Blanc, Alicante (2017)

Atrevida (bottle) Price :£37

Parellada, Conca de Barberà (2016)

Cloe (bottle) Price :£44

Chardonnay, Sierra de Málaga (2017)

Gaba do Sil (bottle) Price :£45

Godello, Valdeorras (2016)

Sameirás (bottle) Price :£47

Treixadura, Albariño & Lado, Ribeiro (2017)

Mountain (bottle) Price :£49

Moscatel, Sierra de Málaga (2014)

Original & inspired

Sierra Cantabria Ottoman (bottle) Price :£51

Sauvignon Blanc & Viura, Rioja (2016)

Legardeta (bottle) Price :£52

Chardonnay (oaked), Navarra (2017)

Allende (bottle) Price :£56

Viura & Malvasía, Rioja (2014)

Acrollam Blanc (bottle) Price :£58

Prensal Blanc & Giró,, Mallorca (2016)


Chan de Rosas Albariño, Rías Baixas (2017)

(glass) Price :£8.5 (porrón) Price :£19.5 (bottle) Price :£38

crisp, floral & citrusy, a simple & delicate profile

Pazos de Lusco Albariño, Rías Baixas (2017)

(glass) Price :£10 (porrón) Price :£22.5 (bottle) Price :£43

elegant, floral & tropical, a richer & fuller expression

Terras Gauda Albariño, Rías Baixas (2018)

(glass) Price :£11.5 (porrón) Price :£26.5 (bottle) Price :£52

refreshing, green apple & peach, the ultimate classic Albariño

Mar de Frades Albariño, Rías Baixas (2018)

(glass) Price :£12 (porrón) Price :£28 (bottle) Price :£54

aromatic, herbaceous & salty, expressing the character of the Atlantic Sea

La Val Albariño, Rías Baixas (2011)

(glass) Price :£14 (porrón) Price :£32 (bottle) Price :£63

creamy, ripe pear & minerality, aged on lees, a complex wine



Petit Pittacum (glass) Price :£8.5 (porrón) Price :£19 (bottle) Price :£38

Mencía, Bierzo (2017)

Pittacum (glass) Price :£12 (porrón) Price :£26.5 (bottle) Price :£51

Bobal, Mencía, Bierzo (2012)

Pétalos del Bierzo (bottle) Price :£55

Mencía, Bierzo (2016)

La Prohibición (bottle) Price :£75

Garnacha Tintorera, Bierzo (2014)


GR-174 (glass) Price :£10.5 (porrón) Price :£24 (bottle) Price :£46

Garnacha & Syrah, Priorat (2018)

Camins del Priorat (bottle) Price :£55

Garnacha, Cariñena & Cabernet Sauvignon, Priorat (2017)

Humilitat Epiqure (magnum) Price :£115

Garnacha & Cariñena, Priorat (2013)

Ribera del Duero

Joven de Silos (glass) Price :£9.5 (porrón) Price :£21 (bottle) Price :£41

Tinto Fino, Ribera del Duero (2016)

Pago de los Capellanes (magnum) Price :£138

Tempranillo, Ribera del Duero (2014)


Monteleiva (glass) Price :£9 (porrón) Price :£20 (bottle) Price :£39

Crianza u Tempranillo, Rioja (2016)

La Montesa (glass) Price :£10 (porrón) Price :£23 (bottle) Price :£44

Garnacha, Rioja (2015)

Beronia Dos Maderas Reserva (glass) Price :£10.5 (porrón) Price :£23.5 (bottle) Price :£45

Tempranillo & Graciano, Rioja (2014)

Zurbal Reserva (glass) Price :£11 (porrón) Price :£25 (bottle) Price :£48

Tempranillo, Rioja 2012

Allende (bottle) Price :£57

Tempranillo Rioja 2011

Propiedad (bottle) Price :£72

Garnacha, Rioja (2015)

Sierra Cantabria Gran Reserva (bottle) Price :£75

Tempranillo, Rioja (2008)


Atxa (País Vasco) Price :£12

citrusy and floral gin served with lavender, thyme & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Gin Mare (Cataluña) Price :£12

aromatic & herbaceous gin served with rosemary & Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

Ginabelle (Galicia) Price :£12

floral & fruity gin served with lemon thyme, orange peel & Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water

Hibiscus Siderit (León) Price :£12

floral gin served with lime, cardamom, hibiscus flower & Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic Water

Le Tribute (Cataluña) Price :£12

citrusy gin served with kumquat, cardamom & Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Lola y Vera (Madrid) Price :£12

dry gin served with fresh basil, olives & Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water

Monti (Madrid) Price :£12

fragrant dry gin served with liquorice, orange peel & Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water

Puerto de Indias (Andalucía) Price :£12

fruity gin served with fresh strawberries, lemon & Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water

Xoriguer, La Pomada Collins (Islas Baleares) Price :£12

fresh lemon juice & Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water


Strawberry & Basil Gin Smash Price :£11

strawberry gin from Andalucía, basil, lime, strawberries & soda

Arucas Tai Price :£9.5

honey-rum, almond & banana liquor, cranberry & pineapple juice

Albariño Spritzer Price :£9

Albariño, red & white vermouth, peach liquor, thyme, cardamom & soda

Berry Cavarinha Price :£10

cava, mixed berries, Chambord & lime

Maracuya Martini Price :£12.5

our take on the classic Porn Star Martini. Cava, vodka and passoa with passion fruit & vanilla foam

Smoky Old Fashioned Price :£13.5

bourbon, brandy, sugar & bitters with chamomile smoke

Cortado Martini Price :£10.5

vodka, orujo cream liquor & freshly brewed coffee

Aperol 43 Price :£9.5

cava, Aperol, licor 43, orange & soda


Tropical Spritz Price :£5

pineapple, passion fruit & blackberries with clove, nutmeg & soda

Ginger Fresh Mint Tea Price :£5

fresh mint tea, cucumber, ginger & agave syrup

Berry Smash Price :£5

blackberries, raspberries & lime with lemonade & soda

Virgin Sangría Price :£5

fresh fruit, cranberry & orange juice with lemonade


Bottled beer


lager, Andalucía (ABV) 6.4% (250ml bottle) Price :£5.5

amber, rich & earthy

Mahou Clásica

pale lager, Madrid (ABV) 4.8% (250ml bottle) Price :£4.5

fresh, barley & herbs

Mahou Maestra

strong lager, Madrid (ABV) 7.5% (330ml bottle) Price :£6.5

full bodied, coffee & honey

Nómada Passiflora Sour

Berliner weisse, Madrid (ABV) 3.8% (330ml bottle) Price :£7

refreshing, green apple & peach

Nómada Petricor

gluten free IPA, Madrid (ABV) 6% (330ml bottle) Price :£7.5

resinous, herbal & bitter

Nómada Hanami

IPL, Madrid (ABV) 5.8% (330ml bottle) Price :£7.5

cloudy, floral & spicy

Bottled cider


cider, Asturias (ABV) 5.5% (330ml bottle) Price :£5.5

sparkling off-dry Asturian cider, refreshing, mature apples, balsamic

Maeloc pear

Galicia (ABV) 4% (330ml bottle) Price :£6

fresh, deep pear & citrusy notes

Maeloc strawberry

Galicia (ABV) 4% (330ml bottle) Price :£6

rosy & brilliant, sweet strawberry & citrusy


Asturias (ABV) 6% (700ml bottle) Price :£12.5

traditional natural dry Asturian cider served by cider pouring machine

Emilio Martínez Brut

Asturias (ABV) 8.5% (750ml bottle) Price :£29

dry Asturian cider with delicate bubbles from traditional second fermentation in the bottle

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Iberica Hours

Monday   11:30am–11pm
Tuesday   11:30am–11pm
Wednesday   11:30am–11pm
Thursday   11:30am–11pm
Friday   11:30am–11pm
Saturday   11:30am–11pm
Sunday   Closed

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About Iberica

Spanish architect Lázaro Rosa Violán has designed all our restaurants to transport you to Spain when you walk into Ibérica. From tiling to resemble the tapas bars in Andalucía to vintage maps, paintings and pots to celebrate Asturian Celtic heritage, he’s put outstanding dedication in giving each Ibérica its own character.

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Ricky Wyatt

Went over for a family dinner and this place was really something. The Spanish girl who looked after us (cant remember her name) was very good with her customer service and made us feel like we came to dine at her own home. The pitu rice we …