Category: Burgers

Leon Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Leon Restaurant Main Menu With Price Poached Egg Pots Truffle Mushroom Price :£2.95 Grilled mushrooms in a rich truffle sauce and two freshly poached eggs. Saucy Beans Price :£1.95 Poached egg topped with saucy beans. Full English Price :£3.95 Bacon, gluten-free  sausage, saucy beans and a poached egg. Halloumi & Mushroom Price :£3.75 Grilled halloumi,

The Fable Menu, Prices and Locations

The Fable Main Menu With Price (Breakfast Menu) BAKERY White, brown or gluten-friendly toast Price :£2.50 with preserves Croissant or pain au chocolat Price :£2.50 Breakfast mutin Price :£2.50 Toasted crumpets Price :£3.00 with preserves Toasted banana bread Price :£5.95 Mascar pone & honey Bacon roll Price :£5.50 Sausage sandwich Price :£5.95 Avocado on toast

Rainforest Cafe Menu, Prices and Locations

Rainforest Cafe Main Menu With Price APPETIZERS MENU GARLIC BREAD Price :£3.85 With Cheese Price :£4.60Contains gluten, milk, garlic SAFARI SOUP Price :£5.30 Ask your Safari Guide for today’s special. RIO’S CHICKEN CRUNCH Price :£10.40 Crispy chicken strips, served with honey mustard dip.Contains gluten, eggs, soya, mustard, fish, sulphites RAGING THUNDER CHICKEN WINGS Price :£9.95

Harvester Fareham Menu, Prices and Locations

Harvester Fareham Main Menu With Price TAPAS-STYLE STARTERS MENU POTATO SKINS Price :£4.99 Loaded with melted cheese and bacon CRACKERJACK PRAWNS Price :£4.99 With Spiked Maple sauce STICKY CHICKEN WINGS Price :£4.99 Glazed in our BBQ sauce MAC & CHEESE BITES (V) Price :£4.99 With Duke’s Smokey Ketchup CHEESY GARLIC BREAD (V) Price :£4.99 With

Pinewood Hotel Menu, Prices and Locations

Pinewood Hotel Main Menu With Price NIBBLES MENU Garlic Ciabatta Bread Mixed Olives & Crumbled Feta Cheese Hot & Cold Sliced Chorizo Roasted Spiced Peanuts (N)   STARTERS MENU SOUP Price:£6 with fresh bread, please ask your server for today’s chef’schoice (V) BEEF ARANCINI BALLS Price:£6.50 with marinated fennel TEMPURA COURGETTE Price:£6 with chilled udon