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Leon Restaurant
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 by Nathan Hunt

Great food that doesn’t make you feel guilty after eating it but if you’re looking for a good vegan burger, this place doesn’t have it.

Leon Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 1303 282034

Website: Closed

Head Office address: Eurotunnel, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, Ashford Rd, Folkestone CT18 8XX, UK

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Leon Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Poached Egg Pots

Truffle Mushroom Price :£2.95

Grilled mushrooms in a rich truffle sauce and two freshly poached eggs.

Saucy Beans Price :£1.95

Poached egg topped with saucy beans.

Full English Price :£3.95

Bacon, gluten-free  sausage, saucy beans and a poached egg.

Halloumi & Mushroom Price :£3.75

Grilled halloumi, freshly roasted mushrooms, saucy beans and a poached egg.

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Price :£3.25

Hand-reared smoked salmon, freshly smashed avocado and two poached eggs.

Sourdough Toast

Buttered Toast Price :£1.35

Toast with Honey Price :£1.45

Toast of the Town Price :£1.60

With cinnamon & date butter.

Megan’s Yoghurt Price :£2.45

Layers of live yoghurt and high-fibre ruby berry compote with dark chocolate and granola.


Porridge of the Gods Price :£2.65

Dark chocolate, organic honey and banana. Heavenly.

Blueberries, Honey & Toasted Seeds Price :£2.65

Fresh blueberries, toasted seeds and a drizzle of organic honey.

Banana & Cinnamon Price :£2.65

Our date butter with banana and cinnamon.

The Ruby Red Porridge Price :£2.95

Organic cashew milk porridge topped with almond butter and a berry compote.

Sourdough Muffins

Sausage & Egg Price :£3.95

British Cumberland sausage, egg, and LEON-made ketchup.

Smoked Salmon & Egg Price :£3.95

Hand-reared smoked salmon and egg with fresh spinach and dill yoghurt.

Smashed Avocado & Halloumi Price :£3.95

Freshly smashed avocado with halloumi and a touch of chilli sauce.

Mushroom & Egg Price :£3.95

Freshly roasted mushrooms, egg, spinach and LEON made ketchup.

Bacon & Egg Price :£3.95

Bacon, egg, spinach & LEON-made ketchup.

Breakfast Boxes

The Veggie Breakfast Box Price :£4.45

Fresh avocado, grilled halloumi and mushrooms with two freshly poached eggs, saucy beans, and roasted tomato. Breakfast of champs.

The Big Breakfast box Price :£4.95

A breakfast feast of bacon, gluten-free sausage, two poached eggs, sliced avocado, beans and grilled mushrooms. Breakfast, fresh out the Box.

Sides Menu

LEON Baked Fries Price :£2.45

Crispy baked waffle fries with ketchup, aioli, chilli sauce, Korean mayo or Thom’s BBQ Sauce.

Crushed Pea Salad Price :£1.95

Hand-crushed peas with fresh mint, toasted seeds and a lemon wedge.

Chargrilled Chicken Mezze Price :£3.45

Chargrilled chicken thigh with mint and parsley.

Original Hummus Price :£1.95

The classic chickpea and tahini dip with a swirl of olive oil.

Khobez Flatbread Price :£0.85

For scooping, dipping and mopping.


Lebanese Mezze Salad Price :£4.95

Harissa-roasted carrot & butternut served with LEON falafel, pomegranate-studded hummus, and a lentil kale salad with brightly pickled onions.

Chicken Kale Caesar Salad Price :£5.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh on a base of kale and green lentils, with a honey mustard dressing, Italian cheese and fresh herbs.

The Original Salad Price :£4.95

Invented by Leon Restaurant Menu and the inspiration for others. Crumbled cream cheese, avocado and broccoli with fresh basil, quinoa, toasted seeds and lots of fresh herbs. Making vegetables taste good since 2004.


LOVe Burger Price :£5.75

A beetroot soya patty topped with our burger sauce, Carolina mustard mayo, tomatoes, pickles and a slice of smoked gouda-style vegan cheese. What the world needs now.

Chargrilled Chicken Burger Price :£5.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh with fresh herb olive oil mayonnaise.

Korean Chicken Burger Price :£5.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh with Gochujang chilli mayo slaw.

Little Hot Boxes

Caribbean Plantain Curry Price :£4.95

Sweet potato, plantain and kale in a creamy coconut sauce, bright with lime and the warmth of habanero chillies. A recipe from Fast Vegan, our newest cookbook celebrating our 15-year love affair with veg.

Brazilian Black Bean Price :£3.95

Black beans, carrots and onions spiced with sweet and smoked paprika.

Sicilian Chicken Meatballs Price :£5.65

With our basil, tomato, and cashew pesto.

Kay’s Home-Style Thai Curry Price :£5.95

With baby sweetcorn, aubergine, bamboo shoots & chicken thigh.

Big Hot Boxes

Moroccan Meatballs Price :£6.95

100% British beef, served with fresh herbs, toasted seeds and garlic aioli.

Vegan Sweet Potato Falafel Price :£6.65

Baked not fried, made with chickpeas, sweet potato and lots of fresh herbs and spices.

Chicken Rice Boxes

Aioli Chicken Price :£6.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh with a handful of freshly chopped herbs, toasted seeds and garlic aioli.

Chicken & Chorizo Club Price :£6.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh, Catalonian chorizo & sweet red peppers.

Satay Chicken Price :£6.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh with punchy peanut satay sauce.

Chilli Chicken Price :£6.95

Chargrilled chicken thigh with freshly chopped herbs, toasted seeds, garlic aioli and our own made chilli sauce.

Bits In Between

Jaffa Cake Price :£2.45 (OUT) / Price :£2.95 (IN)

A mini bundt cake with dark chocolate, candied oranges, and a squidgy marmalade centre. Total eclipse.

Sulphites Cherry Almond Cake Price :£2.45 (OUT) / Price :£2.95 (IN)

The lovechild of a cherry bakewell and a lemon drizzle.

Better Brownie Price :£2.00

Proof that you can have your cake and eat it. Made with dark chocolate, coffee, almonds and orange zest.

Raspberry Pastel de Nata Price :£2.00 (OUT) / Price :£2.40 (IN)

A custard tart studded with raspberries. Handmade, the Portuguese way, in

Blueberry Pastel de Nata Price :£2.00 (OUT) / Price :£2.40 (IN)

A custard tart studded with blueberries. Handmade, the Portuguese way, in Hackney.

Billionaire’s Shortbread Price :£1.60 (OUT) / Price :£1.90 (IN)

A vegan treat. A date and polenta shortbread base topped with our date caramel and dark chocolate.

Ken & Jesse’s Freshly Baked Cookie Price :£1.75 (OUT) / Price :£2.10 (IN)

Ken & Jesse’s flourless chocolate chip cookie, freshly baked here throughout the day. Accept our cookies.

Chocolate Chai Baked Donut Price :£3.25 (OUT) / Price :£3.90 (IN)

A chai-spiced baked donut dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with millions of hundreds & thousands.

Cardamom & Cranberry Paleon Bar Price :£2.45 (OUT) / Price :£2.95 (IN)

Our grain-free flapjack made with fruits, seeds and nuts, a little coconut oil, and spiced with cardamom. Power to the people.

Raspberry & Rose Baked Donut Price :£3.25 (OUT) / Price :£3.90 (IN)

A baked donut by any other name would not taste as sweet. And it wouldn’t be vegan.

Lemon Ginger Crunch Price :£2.00 (OUT) / Price :£2.40 (IN)

This isn’t a lemon drizzle. It’s a lemon storm. Ground almonds and fresh lemon juice on a ginger base.

Nutty Banana Bread Price :£2.45 (OUT) / Price :£2.95 (IN)

Topped with pecans, walnuts, and banana chips.



Banana & Chocolate Porridge Price :£1.50

Organic porridge oats with slices of fresh banana and a sprinkle of chocolate.

Blueberry & Honey Porridge Price :£1.50

Organic porridge oats topped with fresh blueberries and a squeeze of organic honey.

Egg Pot & Soldiers Price :£1.50

Free-range poached egg  with wholemeal toast. For dipping and dunking and standing to attention.

Egg & Beans Pot Price :£1.95

A free-range poached egg with our baked beans.

Sausage & Beans Pot Price :£1.95

A little pot of baked beans with slices of Cumberland sausage.


Mini Chicken Burger Price :£3.75

Slices of British Red Tractor chicken in a wholemeal bun with tomato sauce. Served with LEON baked fries and broccoli & peas.

Falafel Rice Box Price :£3.75

Baked falafel made with sweet potato, chickpeas and fresh herbs & spices. Served with brown rice, peas & broccoli.

Moroccan Meatballs Rice Box Price :£3.75

Meatballs made with 100% British beef in a tomato sauce. With rice, broccoli & peas and Leon Restaurant Menu.

Chargrilled Chicken Rice Box Price :£3.75

British Red Tractor chicken with brown rice, broccoli & peas.

GFC & Fries Price :£3.75

Our gluten-free chicken nuggets, made with 100% British chicken thigh. Served with LEON baked fries, peas and broccoli.

Leon Restaurant Drinks Menu

Leon Coffee


Price :£2.60 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.90 (LARGE)


Price :£2.60 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.90 (LARGE)


Price :£2.10 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.40 (LARGE)

Flat White

Price :£2.60

Filter Coffee

Price :£1.00 (REGULAR) / Price :£1.30 (LARGE)

Hot Chocolate

Price :£2.70 (REGULAR) / Price :£3.00 (LARGE)


Price :£2.70 (REGULAR) / Price :£3.00 (LARGE)

Teas & Steepers


Price :£1.95 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.05 (LARGE)


Price :£1.95 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.05 (LARGE)


Price :£1.95 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.05 (LARGE)


Price :£1.95 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.05 (LARGE)


Price :£1.95 (REGULAR) / Price :£2.05 (LARGE)


Fresh Lemonade Price :£2.00

Still Water 500ml Price :£1.10/750ml Price :£1.60

Sparkly Water 500ml Price :£1.10

Strawberry Lemonade Price :£2.25

Still Rosemary Water Price :£2.45

Raspberry, Lime & Earl Grey Iced Tea Price :£2.75

Passionfruit & Lemon Iced Tea Price :£2.75

Peach, Orange & Rosemary Juicy Water Price :£2.75

Apple, Honey & Lavender Juicy Water Price :£2.75

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Price :£2.00

Acai Berry Smoothie Price :£2.95

Clean Green Shake Price :£2.95

Mango & Passionfruit Kefir Price :£2.95 (OUT) / Price :£3.55 (IN)

Carrot, Apple, Ginger & Turmeric Juice Price :£2.95

Apple Sparkly Can Price :£1.25

Orange & Mango Sparkly Can Price :£1.25

Ginger Kombucha Price :£3.45

Still Rosemary Water Price :£2.45

Sparkling Rosemary Water Price :£2.45

Sparkly Water 500ml Price :£1.10

Still Water 500/750ml Price :£1.10/Price :£1.60

Iced Latte Price :£2.60 (OUT) / Price :£3.10 (IN)

Iced Americano Price :£2.10 (OUT) / Price :£2.50 (IN)

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About Leon Restaurant

Leon was founded by John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby with chef Allegra McEvedy. The business was named after Vincent’s father, Leon and opened its first outlet in Carnaby Street in 2004. Six months after opening, Leon was named the “Best New Restaurant in Great Britain” at The Observer Food Monthly Awards.

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Leon Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Nathan Hunt

Great food that doesn’t make you feel guilty after eating it but if you’re looking for a good vegan burger, this place doesn’t have it.