Customer Reviews

 by indian vegetarian restaurant on Roots Restaurant
indian vegetarian restaurant

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 by Dave Barrett on Volare Restaurant

Unpretentious and underated. Good food and service with a smile as well as being well priced. No frills but no surprises and good value for ...

 by Steve Sadler on The Peak Restaurant

This was a last minute booking and l'm glad we went. I had the salmon as a main and it was cooked to perfection. The olives were seasoned mildly...

 by Annie Nicholls on Falafel Wales

Lamb was abit chewy but enjoyed 👍

 by Alice Thorne on Star Of Wales

Attentive staff and food is delicious it can't be coincidence that it has had faithful, returning customers for more than 3 decades. A traditional...

 by Ian Abraham on Gemelli Restaurant

The best veggie meal I've ever had, and the desserts are extraordinary. Service excellent in a surprisingly opulent environment. Totally recommend...