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Chino Latino Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Chino Latino Restaurant Menu Small Dishes Crispy Duck£20.50Cucumber, chilli, spring onion, hoisin sauce Wasabi Prawns£15.00 Tofu Cubes£11.00Yuzu, miso, wakame, hijiki, spring onion, aonori powder Calamari£9.50Tamarind dressing, tomato, red onion, mint White Miso Soup£6.50Tofu, spring onion, wakame & nameko Edamame£4.50Rock salt Salads Duck Salad£18.00Lime mustard maple syrup Chicken or Beef Salad£10.50Coriander, mint, chilli, shallots, cucumber, red

Big Easy Canary Wharf Menu, Prices and Locations

Big Easy Canary Wharf Main Menu With Price Cocktails Menu Big Easy Signature Cocktails Big Easy Rum Punch A Mix Of Bacardi Carta Oro, Bacardi Carta Negra And Wray & Nephew White Overproof, Apple, Mango, Lime & Bitters. A Fresh & Fruity Punch With A Strong Back Bone 9.5 Twisted Mojito Bacardi Carta Blanca & El Dorado 3 Yr, Lime, Sugar &Mint.

Big Easy Canary Wharf Drinks Menu, Prices and Locations

Big Easy Canary Wharf Drinks Main Menu With Price Drink Menu Boozy juices Apple Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Pineapple Appleton VX Rum Homemade Lemonade GreyGoose Le Citron PICKLE BACK Pickle jack Jack Daniel’s with Pickled Cucumber & Brine Monkey Nut Blended Malt Scotch Whisky with Pickled Walnut & Brine Chili Back 100% Agave White Tequila

Big Easy Canary Wharf A la Carte Menu, Prices and Locations

Big Easy Canary Wharf A la Carte Main Menu With Price Starter Menu Original Voodoo Chicken Wings 8.9 Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q Chicken Wings 8.9 Ranch Dressing Southern Fried Chicken Tenders 7.9 Boneless Breast Tenders Breaded & Fried Crisp. Bar.B.Q Chopped Rib Tips 7.4 Tender Meaty Slow-Smoked Tips from of our BBQ Ribs, slathered