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Cinnamon Spice Menu, Prices and Locations

Cinnamon Spice Main Menu With Price STARTER SOUP – LENTIL/TOMATO Price :£2.95 ONION BHAJEE Price :£3.25 SAMOSA Price :£3.25 Golden pastries with a choice of chicken, meat or vegetable filling PANEER TIKKA Price :£4.25 Indian cheese lightly spiced and barbecued in the tandoor GRILLED MUSHROOMS Price :£3.65 Mushrooms grilled in the tandoor with spices SEEKH

Indian Lounge Menu, Prices and Locations

Indian Lounge Main Menu With Price BIRYANI DISHES MENU Lamb Biryani – Price :£12.99 Chicken Biryani – Price :£11.99 Vegetable Biryani – Price :£10.99 Prawn or Fish Biryani – Price :£12.99 Chicken Tikka Biryani – Price :£12.99 Lamb Tikka Biryani – Price :£13.99 King Prawn Biryani – Price :£15.99 Special Mix Biryani – Price :£15.99

Mowgli Manchester Menu, Prices and Locations

Mowgli Manchester Main Menu With Price FOOD MENU STREET CHAT Yoghurt Chat Bombs The heart of  Mowgli. Crisp bread puffs filled with chickpeas, spiced yoghurt, tamarind & coriander. Price: £4.95 Bhel Puri Bombay’s best loved street food. Puff rice with crisp gram threads, peanuts & tantalising spiced sweet & sour dressing. Price: £4.50 Fenugreek Kissed Fries Potato with turmeric, fenugreek