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China Chef Menu, Prices and Locations

China Chef Main Menu With Price APPETISERS MENU Crispy Aromatic Szechuan Duck – Whole £31.00 Har Kau Price:£7.00 Marinated prawns in rice pastry Siu Mai Price:£7.00 Marinated pork in an egg pastry Char Siu Buns Price:£5.50 Chicken Buns Price:£4.50 Mixed Appetiser (for 2) Price:£8.80 Seaweed, spare ribs, sesame prawn on toast & vegetable spring roll

Tramshed Menu, Prices and Locations

Tramshed Main Menu With Price STARTERS MENU Whipped Evesham beets Price:£7.50 labneh and Ridley Road flatbread Half pint of Atlantic prawns Price:£8.75 Cock ‘n’ Bull croquettes Price:£6.00 horseradish mayonnaise De Beauvoir ‘Hix cure’ smoked Price:£9.00 salmon with cucumber and pickled fennel Black Cow mac ‘n’ cheese Price:£9.75 Korean fried chicken or beef Price:£6.75 Beefballs ‘Mcilhenny’

Harvester Menu, Prices and Locations

Harvester Main Menu With Price STARTER MENU POTATO SKINS Price:£4.99 Loaded with melted cheese and bacon CRACKERJACK PRAWNS Price:£4.99 With Spiked Maple sauce STICKY CHICKEN WINGS Price:£4.99 Glazed in our BBQ sauce MAC & CHEESE BITES (V) Price:£4.99 With Duke’s Smokey Ketchup CHEESY GARLIC BREAD (V) Price:£4.99 With mozzarella and Cheddar BUTTERMILK-FRIED CHICKEN Price:£4.99 With

Archipelago Menu, Prices and Locations

Archipelago Main Menu With Price STARTERS MENU Pacific Volcanoes (v) Price:£9.00 avocado & coconut-milk potage with chilli & olive stuffed cassava puff balls Cayman Islands Price:£13.00 Crocodile wrapped in vine leaves, honey poached plums and pickled samphire Sumer Nights Price:£10.00 Pan fried chermoula crickets, quinoa, spinach and dried fruit Serengeti Strut Price:£12.50 Crispy zebra “jerky”,

China Diner Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

China Diner Restaurant Main Menu With Price APPETISERS MENU Prawn Crackers Price:£2.00 Crispy Seaweed Price:£5.40 Topped with grated scallops or cashew nuts V Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4) V Price:£5.40 Crispy Won Ton Puffs Price:£5.40 contains prawns Deep Fried Bean Curd in Salt & Chilli V Price:£6.70 Sesame Prawn Toasts Price:£6.70 Rice Paper Wrapped Prawns Price:£6.90

Kennington Tandoori Menu, Prices and Locations

Kennington Tandoori Main Menu With Price SMALL PLATES MENU Onion Price:£4.95 Bhajee & Hot-Sweet Chutney Chicken Price:£5.95 Tikka Chaat & Coriander Chutney Curried Price:£4.95 Humous & Wheat Crisp Crisp Price:£4.50 Okra & Tempered Yoghurt STARTER & GRILLS MENU The Famous KT Mixed Grill Price:£16.95 Burnt Chilli & Garlic Chicken, Angara Chicken Tikka, Lahore Sheek Kebab,

Santi Ristorante Menu, Prices and Locations

Santi Ristorante Main Menu With price STARTER MENU BRUSCHETTA NAPOLI Price:£4.95 Bread toasted with fresh tomato, garlic, olive oil, basil & oregano. GARLIC PIZZA BREAD Price:£5.55 Garlic and oregano pizza with tomato base. SCAMORZA IMPANATA Price:£6.95 Breaded smoked mozzarella, served with sautéed aubergine. INVOLTINI DI MELANZANE PARMIGIANA Price:£7.65 Aubergine and mozzarella baked with tomato, Parmesan

Harbour Heights Hotel Menu, Prices and Locations

Harbour Heights Hotel Main Menu With Price APPETIZERS MENU Szechuan Style Deep Price:£9.95 Fried Shredded Smoked Chicken Shredded Chicken served Price:£9.50 with Fresh Lettuce Crispy Pancake Rolls (2) Price:£4.50 Crispy Seaweed Price:£6.50 Vegetarian Pancake Rolls (6) Price:£4.50 Moo Shu’ Pork served Price:£9.50 with Pancakes Garlic Salt & Chilli Spare Ribs Price:£9.50 Spare Ribs Peking Style