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China Chef
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 by Theresa Eden

Ones is very good ....another time is too salty and no taste and it is an expensive Chinese food.

China Chef store hours

Phone: +44 20 8408 2828


Head Office address: 78 White Hart Ln, Mortlake, London SW13 0PZ, UK

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China Chef Main Menu With Price


Crispy Aromatic Szechuan Duck – Whole £31.00

Har Kau Price:£7.00

Marinated prawns in rice pastry

Siu Mai Price:£7.00

Marinated pork in an egg pastry

Char Siu Buns Price:£5.50

Chicken Buns Price:£4.50

Mixed Appetiser (for 2) Price:£8.80

Seaweed, spare ribs, sesame prawn on toast & vegetable spring roll

Prawn on Toast with Sesame Seeds Price:£4.80

Mongolian Crispy Lamb – A. Lettuce Price:£8.50

Wrapped with plum sauce

Mongolian Crispy Lamb – B. Pancake Price:£8.50

Wrapped with plum sauce

Crispy Lamb with Garlic Sauce Price:£7.30

Honey Sauce Price:£5.80

Barbecued Spare Ribs with BBQ Sauce Price:£5.80

Barbecued Spare Ribs in Mandarin Sauce Price:£5.40

Baked Spare Ribs Price:£5.40

Salt & Chilli

Smoked Shredded Chicken Szechuan Style Price:£4.80

Salt & Chilli Chicken Wings Price:£5.30

Crispy Wonton (5) Price:£4.80

Served with a cup of sweet & sour sauce

Baked Squid with Salt & Chilli Price:£5.90

King Prawn Price:£6.50

Crispy Seaweed Price:£4.80

Dumplings – G. Grilled Price:£4.80

Dumplings – S. Steamed Price:£4.80

Crispy Pancake Roll (Each) Price:£1.70

Mixed meat

Crispy Vegetarian Pancake Rolls (6) Price:£2.50

Prawn Crackers Price:£1.90

Chicken Satay Skewers (4) Price:£5.20

Tempura Prawns Price:£6.50


Chef’s Seafood Soup Price:£4.40

Crab Meat & Sweetcorn Soup Price:£3.30

Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup Price:£2.80

Wonton Soup Price:£3.40

Hot & Sour Soup Price:£3.30

Vegetarian Bean Curd Soup Price:£2.90

Chicken Soup Price:£3.50

King Prawn Soup Price:£4.40

Thai Tom Kar Kai Soup (Chicken) Price:£3.50

With coconut milk

Kar Kai Soup (King Prawn) Price:£4.40


Kung Po King Prawn Price:£6.50

Hunan Sea Spiced King Prawn Price:£6.50

Szechuan King Prawn Price:£6.50

King Prawn with Green Pepper & Chilli Price:£6.50

In black bean sauce

King Prawn with Ginger & Spring Onion Price:£6.50

King Prawn with Mixed Vegetable & Cashew Nuts Price:£7.10

Quick Fried Squid with Green Pepper Price:£6.50

In black bean sauce

Quick Fried Squid with Ginger & Spring Onion Price:£6.50


Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce Price:£5.30

Cashew Nuts Price:£6.00

Ginger & Spring Onion Price:£5.30

Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts Price:£5.30

Chinese Mushroom Price:£5.30

Pineapple Price:£5.30

Slices in Lemon Sauce Price:£5.30

Grilled Chicken Peking Style Price:£5.30

Chicken Price:£6.00

Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce

Crispy Kung Po Chicken Price:£5.30

Szechuan Chicken Price:£5.30

Hunan Sea Spiced Chicken Price:£5.30

General Tsang’s Chicken Price:£5.30

Authentic Malaysian Spicy Sauce Price:£6.50

Chicken – & Cashew Nuts


Roast Duck Cantonese Style Price:£7.10

Chopped off the bone

Braised Duck with Bamboo Shoots Price:£7.10

Chinese mushrooms

Sliced Duck with Plum Sauce Price:£7.10

Quarter roasted duck with steamed Chinese leaf, served with a cup of plum

Sliced Duck with Pineapple Price:£7.10

Sliced Duck with Green Pepper Price:£7.10


Shredded Crispy Chilli Beef Price:£6.10

Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce Price:£5.50

Beef in Oyster Sauce Price:£5.50

Ginger & Spring Onion Price:£5.50

Chinese Mixed Vegetable Price:£5.50

Chinese Style in Mandarin Sauce Price:£5.50


Hunan Double Cooked Pork Price:£5.30

Roast Pork Chinese Style Price:£5.30

Roast Pork Price:£5.30

Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce


King Prawn with Vegetable Price:£6.50

Beef with Vegetable Price:£5.50

Chicken with Vegetable Price:£5.30

Roast Pork with Vegetable Price:£5.30

Mixed Vegetable Price:£4.60

Sauce Price:£2.00


King Prawn Chop Suey Price:£6.00

Special Chop Suey Price:£5.00

Pork, chicken & shrimp

Chicken Chop Suey Price:£4.80

Beef Chop Suey Price:£5.00

Shrimp Chop Suey Price:£4.80


King Prawn with Mushroom Price:£6.50

Chicken with Mushroom Price:£5.30

Beef with Mushroom Price:£5.50

Roast Pork with Mushroom Price:£5.30


House Special Rice Price:£5.60

Mixed meat with vegetables in oyster sauce & boiled rice

Special Fried Rice – Standard Price:£4.80

Special Fried Rice – Large Price:£5.50

King Prawn Fried Rice Price:£6.00

Chicken Fried Rice Price:£4.80

Beef Fried Rice Price:£4.90

Shrimp Fried Rice Price:£4.80

Mushroom Fried Rice Price:£4.40

Egg Fried Rice – Standard Price:£3.00

Egg Fried Rice – Large Price:£4.00

Singapore Style Fried Rice Price:£5.00

Mixed meat with chilli & curry powder

Nasi Goreng – Chicken Price:£6.00

Mixed fried rice with egg, vegetables & sambal paste

Nasi Goreng – King Prawn Price:£7.00

Mixed fried rice with egg, vegetables & sambal paste

Boiled Rice – Standard Price:£2.30

Boiled Rice – Large Price:£3.30


Quick Fried Broccoli in Oyster Sauce Price:£4.50

Seasonal Vegetable Pak Choi Price:£5.50

With garlic & oyster sauce

Sweet & Sour with Mixed Vegetable Price:£4.50

Mixed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce Price:£4.20

Stir Fried Bean Sprouts Price:£3.50

Stewed Bamboo Shoots & Water Chestnuts Price:£4.50


Set Meal M1 for One Person Price:£9.50

Spring roll
Sweet & sour chicken in batter
Egg fried rice

Set Meal M2 for One Person Price:£10.30

Chicken & sweetcorn soup
Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce (Mild)
Egg fried rice

Set Meal A for Two Persons Price:£18.00

Sweet & sour chicken in batter
Special chop suey
Beef with mushrooms
Egg fried rice

Set Meal B for Two Persons Price:£23.00

Sweet & sour pork Hong Kong style
Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce (Mild)
Szechuan king prawn (Mild)
Egg fried rice
Prawn crackers

Set Meal C for Three Persons Price:£34.00

Barbecued honey spare ribs
Chicken with cashew nuts
Crispy shredded chilli beef (Mild)
Quick fried king prawn with ginger & spring onion
Special fried rice (large)
Plain chow mein
Prawn crackers (1)

Set Meal D for Four Persons Price:£55.00

Crispy aromatic Szechuan duck (half)

Vegetarian pancake rolls Price:8

Sweet & sour king prawn
Crispy shredded chilli beef (Mild)
General Tsang’s chicken
Special mixed vegetables with mixed meat
Special fried rice (2)
Prawn crackers (2)

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China Chef Hours

Monday   5–11pm
Tuesday   Closed
Wednesday   5pm–12am
Thursday   5pm–12am
Friday   4:30pm–12am
Saturday   4:30pm–12am
Sunday   4:30–11pm

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China Chef is a Chinese takeaway in London.

Why don’t you try our Sweet & Sour Sauce or Mushroom Foo Yung.

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China Chef
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Theresa Eden

Ones is very good ....another time is too salty and no taste and it is an expensive Chinese food.