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Sushi Cafe
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 by Nabila Ameena

Sushi is decent - not great but not terrible. Sushi rice is never warm. Service used to be good but recent new staff or management means it's less friendly than before.

Sushi Cafe store hours

Phone: +44 20 7228 7011


Head Office address: 555 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3BL, UK

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Sushi Cafe Main Menu With Price

                           A LA CARTE MENU


Edamame ( V ) Price:£3.80

Spinach ( V S ) Price:£3.80

Seaweed Salad ( V S ) Price:£5.30

Salmon Salad ( S ) Price:£6.30

Chicken Salad ( S G ) Price:£5.30

Side Salad ( V S ) Price:£2.50

Spring Roll ( V G ) Price:£3.80

Satay Chicken Price:£5.50

Dumpling ( G ) Price:£5.50

Prawn Dumpling ( G ) Price:£6.50

Sashimi Salad Price:£8.80

Hijiki ( S ) Price:£3.80

Kaiso Salad ( V S ) Price:£4.30


Tuna Price:£6.50

Salmon Price:£5.90

Yellow Tai Price:£7.10

Scallop Price:£5.30

Mackerel Price:£4.70

Sweet Prawn (6 pieces) Price:£4.70

Seabass Price:£5.30


Salmon Price:£3.90

Mackerel Price:£3.90

Octopus Price:£3.90

Flying Fish Roe Price:£3.90

Squid Price:£3.90

Scallop Price:£4.80

Clam Price:£3.90

Seabass Price:£4.50

Omelette Price:£3.90

Boiled Prawn Price:£3.90

Tuna Price:£4.80

Eel Price:£4.80

Sweet Prawn Price:£4.50

Inari Tofu Price:£3.90


Cucumber ( V S ) Price:£2.30

Pickled-radish ( V ) Price:£2.30

Natto ( V ) Price:£2.30

Avocado ( V ) Price:£2.30

Cucumber & Avocado ( V ) Price:£2.30

Salmon ( V ) Price:£2.80

Squid Natto Price:£2.80

Tuna Price:£2.80

Spring Onion Tuna Price:£2.80

Spring Onion Yellow Tail Price:£4.50


Tuna Cucumber ( S ) Price:£4,80

Tuna Spring Onion ( S ) Price:£4,80

Yellow Tail Spring Onion ( S ) Price:£5.20

Spicy Salmon Avocado ( S ) Price:£3.90

Spicy Scallop Flying Fish Roe ( S ) Price:£5.20

Prawn Mango Cucumber ( S ) Price:£3.90

Asparagus Tempura ( V S G ) Price:£3.50

Radish Avocado Cucumber ( V S G ) Price:£3.20


Sushi Cafe Roll ( G ) Price:£9.80

Green Dragon ( G ) Price:£9.90

Volcano Maki Price:£9.90

Rainbow Roll Price:£9.50

Spider Price:£8.90

Spicy Tuna ( S ) Price:£4.90

Spicy Salmon Avocado Price:£5.20

Prawn Tempura ( S G ) Price:£4.90

California Price:£6.90

Eel ( G ) Price:£4.90

Fried Salmon ( S ) Price:£4.50

Futomaki Price:£5.90

Vegetable Futomaki ( V ) Price:£4.20

A Buri Salmon Maki Price:£9.90

Crunchy Spicy Tuna Maki Price:£5.90


Prawn Kastu (6 pieces) ( G ) Price:£9.80

Oyster Fry (6 pieces) Price:£9.80

Prawn Tempura (6 prawns) ( G ) Price:£9.80

Fishcake With Cheese (8 pieces) ( G ) Price:£8.50

Seafood Tempura ( G ) Price:£10.80

Vegetable Tempura ( V G ) Price:£8.50

Soft Shell Crab Price:£8.50

Chicken Katsu ( G ) Price:£6.90

Pork Katsu ( G ) Price:£6.90

Spicy Baby Squid Price:£5.90

Tofu ( V ) Price:£3.90

Wasabi Prawn ( G ) Price:£6.90

Sesame Prawn Toast ( S ) Price:£4.50

Pumpkin Coquette ( V G ) Price:£3.50

Chicken Kara-age Price:£3.90


Black Cod Miso Price:£11.90

Okonomiyaki (4 pieces) Price:£4.90

Seabass Salt Price:£10.90

Salmon Teriyaki ( G ) Price:£9.90

Mackerel Teriyaki ( G ) Price:£9.90

Chicken Teriyaki ( G ) Price:£7.90

Mackerel Salt Price:£9.90

Yellow Tail Jaw With Salt Price:£9.90

Salmon Jaw With Salt Price:£5.90

Tofu Teriyaki ( V G ) Price:£3.90

Capelin (6 pieces) Price:£4.90


Plain Rice Price:£2.50

Egg Fried Rice Price:£4.50

Miso Price:£2.50


Sushi Sashimi Set Price:£13.90

Sashimi Set Price:£12.90

Nigiri Set Price:£11.90

Tuna Salmon Sushi Set Price:£12.90

Tempura Sashimi Set ( G ) Price:£13.90

Mackerel Salt Set Price:£10.90

Mackerel Teriyaki Set ( G ) Price:£10.90

Salmon Teriyaki Set ( G ) Price:£10.90

Chicken Teriyaki Set ( G ) Price:£10.90

Seabass Salt Set Price:£10.90

Tempura Set ( G ) Price:£10.90

Grill Black Cod Set Price:£12.90

Teriyaki Sashimi Set Price:£13.90

Tempura Teriyaki Set ( G ) Price:£13.90

Sashimi Don Price:£13.90

Tuna Don Price:£13.90

Salmon Don Price:£10.90

Ten Don ( G ) Price:£10.90

Curry Katsu Don ( G ) Price:£10.90

Grill Eel Don Price:£13.90


Prawn Tempura Udon ( G ) Price:£10.80

Vegetable Tempura Udon ( V G ) Price:£9.90

Seafood Curry Udon ( G ) Price:£10.80

Chicken Curry Udon ( G ) Price:£9.90

Chicken Dumpling Ramen ( G ) Price:£9.90

Spicy Chicken Ramen ( G ) Price:£9.90

House Tonkotsu Ramen ( G ) Price:£10.80

Shio Ramen ( G ) Price:£9.90

Miso Ramen ( G ) Price:£9.90

Vegetable Curry Ramen ( V G ) Price:£9.90

Yaki Udon ( G ) Price:£9.90

Yaki Soba ( G ) Price:£9.90


Japanese Custard Pancakes Price:£3.90

Ice Cream (2 scoops) ( S ) Price:£3.90

                                 BUFFET MENU


Edamame Price:£3

Miso Soup Price:£7

Seaweed Salad Price:£6

Fried Aubergine

Fried Tofu (2 pieces) Price:£9

Pumpkin Koroke

Spring Roll (5 pieces) Price:£11

Gyoza Prawn Dumpling (4 pieces) (+ Price:£2.00)

Takoyaki – Octopus Ball (2 pieces) Price:£7

Chicken Kara-age (3 pieces) Price:£12

Satay Chicken (2 skewers) Price:£8

Sesame Prawn Toast

Spicy Baby Squid (+ Price:£1.00)

Wasabi Prawn (+ Price:£1.00)

Fired Soft Shell Crab (+ Price:£2.00)

Capelin (4 pieces) (+ Price:£2.00)


Prawn Katsu (3 pieces)

Okonomiyaki (2 pieces) (+ Price:£1.00)

Grilled Aubergine with Miso (+ Price:£1.00)

Black Cod with Miso (+ Price:£6.00)


Fish Cake With Cheese (4 pieces)

Mix Tempura (3 prawns, 4 vegetable)

Squid (6 pieces)

Mixed Vegetable (5 pieces)

Onion Ring (5 pieces)

Aubergine (5 pieces)

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Sushi Cafe Hours

Monday   12–3pm 5:30–10pm
Tuesday   12–3pm 5:30–10pm
Wednesday   12–3pm 5:30–10pm
Thursday   12–3pm 5:30–10pm
Friday   12–3pm 5:30–10:30pm
Saturday   12–3pm 5–10:30pm
Sunday   12–3pm 5–10pm

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Get 25% off our A La Carte Menu! This offer is valid on Weekdays (excluding the peak hours of 7pm-9pm) Only cash is accepte

About Sushi Cafe

After having worked in many of London’s top sushi restaurants for over 4 years, it was becoming harder to ignore the urge of owning my own restaurant. With the insatiable desire of my best friend, we decided to start our own Japanese restaurant journey and selfishly take our own piece of satisfaction for making people happy. The story however did not begin 4 years ago.

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Sushi Cafe
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Nabila Ameena

Sushi is decent - not great but not terrible. Sushi rice is never warm. Service used to be good but recent new staff or management means it's less friendly than before.