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 by Richard Langley

My husband and I visited Planet Spice the moment we walked till we left the experience was AMAZING. The staff made us feel welcomed, helped with recommending food combinations when I wasn't sure and WOW, hats off to the chef, the food was

Planet Spice store hours

Phone: +44 20 8651 3300


Head Office address: 88 Selsdon Park Rd, South Croydon CR2 8JT, UK

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Planet Spice Main Menu With Price


Starter Platter For Two Price :£11.95

Assorted Platter for two consisting of garlic chicken tikka, lamb cutlets and tiger prawns

Lamb Ki Shammi (Hot) Price :£5.95

Shredded lamb leg pattice infused with chilli, red onions and crushed coriander

Crab and Cod Cake (Hot) Price :£6.95

Shallow fried white crab and cod cake infused with coconut and chilli flakes

Ajwani Jheenga Price :£5.95

Tandoori grilled black tiger prawns marinated in yoghurt and carom seeds

Whitebait Price :£5.25

Lightly battered , crispy fried whitebait in rice flour, tamarind and costal spices

Garlic Chicken Tikka Price :£5.65

Diced chicken tikka spiced with garlic, coriander and kaffir lime

Masala Chop Price :£7.50

Tawa grilled, spice crusted baby lamb cutlets

Kurkuri Seekh Price :£5.75

Minced lamb cooked in the tandoor with coriander, fresh herbs and onions

Tandoori Duck Tikka Price :£5.95

Grilled duck breast marinated with mix of five spice, honey and pickled beetroot

Scallops Pondicherry Price :£7.25

Fresh inspired recipe cooked in southern spices

Pathia Puree Price :£5.95

Spicy prawns cooked with garlic and onion served on a moghlai pancake

King Prawn Pathia Puree Price :£6.95

Spicy King Prawns cooked with garlic and onion served on a moghlai pancake

Murgh Kothi Price :£5.15

Delicately spiced shredded chicken with mashed potatoes and deep fried

Beggars Purse Price :£4.95

Fillo pastry filled with potatoes, carrots, beans and cashew nuts

Ragada Purse Price :£4.95

Potato cakes lopped with dried chick pea curry. Famous street food from Bombay

Salmon Dil Bahar Price :£6.75

Diced salmon tikka marinated with grainy mustard and dill seeds and served with masala mayonnaise


Classic Madras Snapper Price :£9.95

Tomato based fish curry tempered with curry leaves, mustard and coconut

Summer Garlic Chicken Price :£9.45

Irresistible to curry lovers, sweet and hot tastes Malaysian style

Jheenga Khali Mirch Price :£12.95

Jumbo prawns cooked with cashews, onions, tomato and freshly grounded black pepper

Butter Chicken Price :£9.15

Mild, rich curry of shredded chicken with coconut and almond powder

Malabari Prawn Curry Price :£12.45

King prawn cooked in Keralian Malabai Sauce

Chicken Chettinad Price :£8.95

South Indian chicken delight cooked in chettinad spices with a hint of black pepper

Masala Roast Lamb Shank Price :£10.65

Braised with spices and ground sesame seeds, then marinated in a strained yoghurt and slow post roasted to melt in the mouth

Beef Xacuti Price :£9.95

A Goan speciality of beef in a classic fully flavoured spicy xacuti sauce (made from various curshed whole spices)

Tikka Masala Price :£9.15

Chargrilled chicken or lamb finished in creamy tomato and almond sauce

Pasanda Price :£9.15

Tender pieces of lamb in a creamy sauce with hint of spice

Jalfrezi Price :£8.95

A hot curry of lamb or chicken cooked with green chillies, juliennes of onions and capsicum

Lal Mass Price :£9.45

Hot lamb curry from Rajasthan, clove smoked , tempered with garlic and red chilli

Murgh Garlic Chilli Masala Price :£9.25

Tandoori chicken off the bone marinated in tandoori spices, cooked in herbs, ginger, garlic and special fresh chillies

Chicken or Lamb Naga Price :£9.45

Freshly cooked in a rich sauce with unique aroma of the Bengali naga chilli – our own recipe. If you like Jalfrezi then you will love our naga

King Prawn Jalfrezi Price :£11.95

King prawn cooked with chopped onions, ginger, capsicum, tomatoes, green chillies and special spices

Murgh Makhan Wala Price :£9.25

Chicken breast cooked in cinnamon, tomato, onion and kasturi meti with a delicious creamy finish

Karai Duck Tikka Price :£10.45

Marinated charcoal grilled duck cooked in thick medium spicy sauce with fresh garlic, ginger, green pepper and tomato

Duck Pepper Fry Price :£10.45

Julinennes of duck breast shir fried with onions, chilli and black pepper

Paneer Tikka Butter Masala Price :£7.95

Chargrilled Paneer tikka in onion with Kasturi meti


Kurma Price :£7.75

Cooked in cream and coconut to produce a very mild dish

Medium Price :£7.25

For when you are feeling a little more adventurous

Madras Price :£7.50

A well – spiced thoroughbred dish, fairly hot to taste

Dhansak Price :£8.25

A Parsee dish – hot, sweet and sour with a lentil based sauce

Vindaloo Price :£7.95

A very hot dish from Goa served with potatoes

Bhuna Price :£8.25

A drier than usual curry packed with spicy flavours

Dupeaza Price :£8.25

An elegant dish cooked with whole spices and garnished with onion

Rogan Josh Price :£8.25

A medium hot dish cooked with green herbs, tomatoes and served in a rich sauce

Sag Price :£8.25

Delicious curry of your choice cooked to perfection with lots of green spinache

Vegetarian Thali Price :£12.95

A section of bhai, chana masala, tarka dal, aloo gobi served with nan and basmati rice


Mixed Grill Price :£12.45

Perfect meal for one ! Includes a variety of tandoori dishes served with nan bread

Tandoori King Prawns Price :£12.95

Flavoured with spices and tenderly cooked over charcoal

Tikka Price :£8.25

Choice of lamb marinated in yoghurt an special spices

Mixed Platter Price :£15.45

A combination of seafood and meat platter

Shashlick Price :£9.15

Chicken flavoured with special spices, cooked with onions and capsicum

Hasina Price :£9.25

Lamb flavoured with special spices and cooked with onions, tomatoes and capsicum

Harrey Tikka Price :£8.95

Diced chicken breast marinated in a green sauce of pureed coriander and mint

Seafood Platter Price :£14.65

King prawns, crab cake, salmon tikka and red snapper


Biryani Price :£9.95

Cooked with Basmati rice and a special blend of spices served with vegetable curry coose from Chicken, Lamb or Prawn. King Prawn Price :£12.95 Vegetable Price :£7.50

Tikka Biryani Price :£10.75


Crispy Fried Potato Price :£3.50

Dusted with gram flour and dried mango powder

Dal Makhani Price :£3.95

Creamy black lentils

Gujarati Kaddu Price :£4.95

Red pumpkin souteed with fenel and onion seeds

Tandoori Broccoli Price :£3.95

Broccoli marinated with cheese and chilli

Dhingri Palak Price :£4.25

Spinach and mushroom

Aloo Gobi Price :£3.95

Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with ginger and mild spices

Tarka Dal Price :£3.95

Lentils cooked with fried garlic

Tarka Sag Dal Price :£3.45

Spinach and lentils cooked in cumin seeds, onions , ginger and garlic in butter

Onion Bhaji Price :£3.45

Crisp, onion and gram flour fritters

Sag Paneer Price :£3.95

Homemade cottage cheese cooked in spinach

Bhindi Bhaji Price :£3.95

Okra cooked with tomatoes, onions, coriander and spices

Mushroom Bhaji Price :£3.95

Fresh mushrooms cooked in medium spices

Cauliflower Bhaji Price :£3.95

Cauliflower cooked with lots of tomatoes, seasoned with cloves, ground bay leaves, turmeric and ginger

Sag Aloo Price :£3.95

Potatoes cooked in spinach

Khumb Mutter Price :£3.95

Mushroom and chick peas cooked in coriander , cumin and mildly flavoured

Brinjal Bhaji Price :£3.50

Aubergine cooked with tomatoes, sliced ginger and garlic

Subze Tandoori Price :£4.25

Red pumpkin, green peppers, onion, okra, tomatoes and carrots. All marinated in traditional spices and yoghurt and then the magic Tandoori oven

Mutter Paneer Price :£3.95

Chick peas cooked in a homemade cheese


Plain Boiled Rice Price :£2.65

Pualo Rice Price :£2.85

Basmati rice with saffron

Lemon Rice Price :£3.15

Rice cooked with cashew nuts

Peas Pulao Price :£3.25

Basmati rice cooked with peas

Mushroom Rice Price :£3.25

Fresh mushroom cooked in onions and spices

Special Fried Rice Price :£3.95

Pualo rice with prawns, eggs and peas

Plain Nan Price :£1.95

Indian bread baked in tandoor

Stuffed Nan Price :£2.95

A choice of the following

Peshwari Nan Price :£2.95

Stuffed with chopped dried nuts and coconut

Keema Nan Price :£2.95

Stuffed with minced lamb

Cheese and Chilli Nan Price :£2.95

Garlic and Onion Nan Price :£2.95

Loccha Paratha Price :£2.25

Two layers of bread baked in the tandoor

Stuffed Paratha Price :£2.95

Paratha stuffed with vegetables

Roti Price :£1.95

Bread of wholemeal flour baked in the tandoor

Chappati Price :£1.45

Planet Spice Drinks Menu

House Cocktails

Strawberry Sparkler Price :£5.95

Wild strawberry liquer, champagne

Kir Royal Price :£5.95

Champagne, Creame de Cassis

Pink Jaipur Price :£5.95

Champagne passion trust liqueur, peach schnapps

Classics Cocktails

Martini Price :£5.95

Choice of Reyka vodka or Bombay Sapphire gin, shaken or stirred, fried and tested rarely perfected

Margaritta Price :£5.95

Tequila, Cointreau, lime

Cosmopolitan Price :£5.95

Reyka vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry, lime juice

Pina Colada Price :£5.95

Bacardi, Malibu, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream

Champagne Cocktails

Strawberry Sparkler Price :£5.95

Wild strawberry liquer, champagne

Kir Royal Price :£5.95

Champagne, Creame de Cassis

Pink Jaipur Price :£5.95

Champagne passion trust liqueur, peach schnapps

Dessert Cocktails

Brandy Alexander Price :£5.95

Brandy, Kahlua and cream shaken together, dusted with nutmeg powder Price :£6.50

After 8 Price :£6.50

Dark chocolate liqueur, peppermint, Reyka vodka, cream float Price :£6.50

Mocha Martini Price :£6.50

Shot of espresso, dark chocolate and coffee liqueurs with Reyka vodka Price :£6.50


Lassi Price :£2.95

Regular , sweet, salted or mango

Neembu Pani Price :£2.95

Fresh lime juice blended with roasted cumin, fresh mint, salt and sugar to quench your thirst

Ginger Fizz Price :£3.25

Coca Cola, fresh ginger, lime and sugar

Yellow Submarine Price :£3.50

Deeply satisfying with banana, pineapple and mango – on the rocks

Beat The Heat Price :£3.75

Pineapple juice lemonade, lime, mint and lime cordial – cool and shaken

Indian Summer Price :£3.95

An enticing blend of orange, mango and pineapple shaken with tropical mix with rose syrup topped with lemonade.

Chamgane and Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Spumante , Ca Marlin Price :£22.95

Sergio Rose NV Mionetto Price :£23.95

Chamgpane Grande Reserve, Devaux NV Price :£7.50/Price :£35.95

Champagne Rose, Devaux NV Price :£41.95

Champagne Brut Premier, Lous Roederer NV Price :£49.95

Rose Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon Rosado Principe de Vianca, Span Price :£19.75

Lovely blackcurrant flavours with a dry finish

Montareals Syrash Rose VDP d’Oc, France Price :£4.50/Price :£23.95

Straightforward and fruity

Red Wine

Syrah Grenache, Vdp d’Oc Embleme Price :£4.50/Price :£15.95

D’ Argent , France Peppery, with soft acidity and a dry finish

Pleno Tempranillo, Navarra, Spain Price :£22.95

Straightforward and fruity, but quite dry

Chanti, Da vinci, Tuscany Price :£17.75

Ripe and lively on the palate, with spiced berry fruit characters and a ronded supporting structure

Brouilly, Chateau de Pierreux, France Price :£4.95/Price :£19.95

Bouncy black fruit with freshness and soft tannins

Rioja Reserva Izadi, La Rioja, Spain Price :£6.25/Price :£27.95

Gentle hints of oak, Spice and toast, wonderfully balanced with intense aromas of red and black fruit


Cinzno Blanco, Price :£2.65

Martini (sweet or dry), Price :£2.65

Dubbonet, Price :£2.65

Campari, Price :£2.65

Malibu, Price :£2.65

Pimms No.1, Price :£2.65

Pernod, Price :£2.65

Archers, Price :£2.65

Sherry (sweet, medium or dry) Price :£2.65


Whisky, Price :£2.75

Gin, Price :£2.75

Vodka, Price :£2.75

Rum, Price :£2.75

Tequila Price :£2.75

Premium Spirits

Glenlivet, Price :£3.45

Glenmorangie, Price :£3.45

Glenfiddich, Price :£3.45

J.W. Black Label, Price :£3.45

Laphroaig, Price :£3.45

Bombay Saphire, Price :£3.45

Sagatiba, Price :£3.45

Martell V.S. Remy Martin, Price :£3.45

Myres’s rum Price :£3.45


Benedictine, Price :£2.95

Cointreau, Price :£2.95

Sambuca, Price :£2.95

Drambuie, Price :£2.95

Southern Comfort, Price :£2.95

Tia Maria, Price :£2.95

Grand Marnier , Price :£2.95

Amaretto, Price :£2.95

Kahula, Price :£2.95

Baileys Price :£2.95

Lager, Beer and Minerals

Cobra, King Fisher 660 ml Price :£4.65

Cobra, King Fisher 330 ml Price :£2.45

Cobra Non- alocoholic 330 ml Price :£2.45

Soft Drinks 225 ml Price :£1.75

Fruit Juices 225 ml Price :£1.95

Bottled Water 750 ml Price :£2.95

Mixers 125 ml Price :£1.00

Planet Spice Near Location

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Planet Spice Hours

Monday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Tuesday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Wednesday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Thursday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Friday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Saturday   12:30–2:30 pm 6–11:30 pm
Sunday   12:30–3:30 pm 6–11:30 pm

Planet Spice Coupons

  • Receive 50% off any main dishes on any Sunday- Thursday Evenings
  • A minimum of 2 courses per person to be ordered
  • Offer applies to the A La carte menu and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion
  • Receive a 20% discount off your food bill if you come to dine in before 7PM on Friday and Saturday Evenings
  • A minimum of 2 courses per person to be ordered
  • Offer applies to the A La carte menu and not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion

About Planet Spice

A unique experience awaits you at our well-appointed restaurant, air-conditioned throughout.
We have seating for over 90 in comfortable and delightful décor that reflects the colour and imagination of the cuisine we serve.

Our chefs are among the finest in the world, with experience of working in the Taj Group of Hotels in Madras, presenting the most authentic Indian food possible.

Planet Spice prepare dishes that are different, cooked in the contemporary style with the added zest of spice.

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Planet Spice
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Richard Langley

My husband and I visited Planet Spice the moment we walked till we left the experience was AMAZING. The staff made us feel welcomed, helped with recommending food combinations when I wasn't sure and WOW, hats off to the chef, the food was