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Phone: +44 20 8998 6151


Head Office address: Hoover Building 7, Western Ave, London UB6 8DB, United Kingdom

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Nawaab Restaurant Menu With Price


Seekh Kebabs – 3.95
Grilled seasoned chicken or lamb kebabs GF

Lamb Chops – 5.95
Tender lamb marinated and grilled to perfection

Chicken Tikka – 4.55
Marinated pieces of chicken cooked in a charcoal oven

Paneer Tikka – 4.25
Cubes of authentic Indian cheese coated with tikka masaala and char-grilled V

Tandoori King Prawn – 7.95
Marinated king prawns cooked in the tandoor served with caramelised onions

Chicken Spring Rolls – 3.95
Combination of chicken and corn kernels blended with delicate spices and wrapped in crispy rice paper

V Vegetarian | VG Vegan

GF Gluten Free | N Nuts

Meat Samosa – 3.95
Pastry parcels stuffed with spiced mince

Onion Bhaji – 3.75
Chopped onion bound with ground chickpeas and spices, flavoured with dried pomegranate seeds VG

Vegetable Pakora – 3.75
Seasonal fresh vegetables bound with ground chickpeas and spices, flavoured with dried pomegranate seeds VG

Masala Fish – 4.95
White fish fillets marinated with herbs and spices

Chicken Pakora – 4.25
Chicken pieces dusted in a light chickpea batter and fried GF

Aloo Tikki – 3.95
Pan fried potato and spinach cakes GF VG

Machli Pakora – 4.95
Fish cubes in chickpea batter GF

Shami Kebab – 4.75
Pan fried minced lamb and chana dal patties

Samosa Chaat – 4.50
Street snack with chickpeas, potato and chutneys topped with a meat or vegetable samosa V

Nawaabi Tapas for One – 7.50
A platter including vegetable samosa, onion bhaji, lamb chops, seekh kebab and chicken tikka. Vegetarian option available V

Nawaabi Tapas for Two – 10.95
A platter including vegetable samosa, onion bhaji, lamb chops, seekh kebab and chicken tikka. Vegetarian option available V

Grilled Chilli Halloumi – 4.50
Light and zingy Greek cheese GF V

Vegetable Samosa – 3.95
Pastry parcels stuffed with vegetables VG


Mild – Gently simmered in double cream and coconut milk, this delicate sauce is finished with toasted almonds and plump sultanas GF

Medium – Cooked with spices tomatoes, ginger, garlic and peppers GF VG

Medium – Highly spiced sauce made from natural yoghurt scented with saffron, cumin and garden mint GF VG

Medium – Consisting mainly of onions, stewed with tomatoes, paprika and roast garlic, and finished with cracked black pepper VG

Hot – Originating from Madras, this fiery hot sauce would flavour any meat admirably VG

Rogan Josh
Medium – A sauce made from stewed pimentos, onions and tomatoes, flavoured with fresh coriander and cinnamon GF VG

Hot – A dry consistency made from tomatoes, chilli and onions, scented with fenugreek GF VG

Medium – Cooked in a traditional karahi with garlic, fresh herbs and spices GF VG

Medium to Hot – Very dry, thick consistency, where the meat is slowly braised with tomatoes, ginger and natural yoghurt GF

Medium to Hot – Sweet and sour sauce consisting mainly of lentils GF VG

Mild to Medium – A flavoursome, creamy sauce with herbs and spices GF

Medium – Marinated with aniseed and onion seeds GF

from our Classic dishes and add one of the following:

Chicken – 8.95
Meat – 9.95
King Prawn – 11.95
Vegetable – 8.95
Keema – 8.95


Butter Chicken – 9.95
Saucy with a thick consistency, flavoured with garlic, finished with a touch of cream and butter

Chicken Tikka Masala – 9.95
Highly spiced sauce made from natural yoghurt scented with saffron, cumin and garden mint

Lamb Nihari – 10.95
A popular dish in New Delhi and Lahore, slow cooked lamb in a delicately spiced sauce

Nirali Murgh – 9.95
Marinated chicken cooked in a creamy sauce with tomatoes, garnished with cashews and fried onions N

Chicken Pistachio Masala – 9.95
Pan fried chicken with chopped pistachios, double cream, tomatoes and a very light and delicate flavour N


Traditional dishes cooked and served on a Tawa

Tawa Gosht – 12.95
Lamb on the bone cooked in traditional Punjabi style GF

Tawa Chicken Fry – 11.95
Mouthwatering shallow fried chicken with onions, chillies and spices GF

Tawa Fish – 12.95
Fish Tikka pieces tossed in a blend of spices, onions, coriander and green chillies

Lamb Turka – 11.95
Flashed fried scallions, chillies and root ginger, finished with soy sauce, lemon and natural yoghurt, light and very flavoursome GF


Tandoori Mixed Grill – 19.95
Lamb chops, masala fish, chicken tikka, lamb kebab, chicken kebab accompanied with grilled corn on the cob

Chicken Breast Steak – 11.95
Marinated chicken steaks grilled and served with fries or rice

Tandoori King Prawns – 13.95
Marinated king prawns cooked in the tandoor served with caramelised onions and rice

Chicken Steak Burger – 6.95
Marinated chicken steaks in a bun served with fries

Chicken Shashlik – 10.95
Char-grilled chicken, peppers and onions in a medium spiced sauce, served with rice


Available as a Side or Main Dish

Aloo Methi – 5.95 | 8.50
Sautéed potatoes with fenugreek GF VG

Jhatpat Bhindi – 5.95 | 8.50
Okra, red peppers GF VG

Aloo Bengan – 5.95 | 8.50
Potatoes and aubergines GF VG

Khumb Kali Mirch – 5.95 | 8.50
Black pepper and mushroom masala GF VG

Palak Aloo – 5.95 | 8.50
Spinach and potatoes GF VG

Gobi Matter – 5.95 | 8.50
Cauliflower and green peas curry GF VG

Palak Paneer – 6.50 | 8.95
Spinach and Indian cheese GF

Chatputa Chana and Rajma – 5.95 | 8.50
Chana and red kidney beans with split green chillies GF VG

Dal Turka – 5.95 | 8.50
Chana and masoor dal with garlic GF VG


Chicken Dum Biryani – 9.95
Slow oven cooked marinated meat and rice GF

Lamb Dum Biryani – 10.95
Slow oven cooked marinated meat and rice GF

Vegetable Dum Biryani – 8.95
Slow oven cooked marinated vegetables and rice GF

Vegetable Pilau GF VG – 3.95
Mushroom Pilau GF VG – 3.95
Egg and Spring Onion Pilau GF – 3.95
Pilau Rice GF VG – 2.85
Boiled Rice GF VG – 2.65


Naan – 2.10
Garlic Naan – 2.50
Peshwari Naan N – 3.50
Garlic, Cheese and Coriander Naan – 3.50
Keema Naan – 3.50

Kulcha Nan

Onion and coriander or chilli and cheese – 3.50
Paratha – 1.90
Stuffed Paratha

Aloo or keema – 3.50
Chapati VG – 0.75
Roti VG – 0.95
Fries – 2.50
Popadom GF VG – 0.70
Chutney Tray GF – 1.90
Raita GF – 1.50


Virgin Mojito – 3.95
Lime, agave, fresh mint, soda

Virgin Bombay Colada – 3.95
Pineapple, coconut creme, chai syrup

Cocotini – 3.95
Red berries, coconut water, lime

Strawberry Cooler – 3.95
Strawberry coulis, lime, lemon, soda, agave


Gulabjamon – 3.75
Asian doughnuts served warm with luxury ice cream

Chocolate Fudge Cake – 3.95
Molten Chocolate Cake – 3.95
Chocolate Fondant Cake – 4.25
Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake – 3.95
Strawberry Cheesecake – 3.95
Peanut Caramel Heaven – 3.95


Served with custard

Chocolate Sponge – 3.95
Jam Coconut Sponge – 3.95


Single Scoop

Luxury Ice Creams

Double Scoop

Mint chocolate





Double chocolate

Passion and mango sorbet

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About Nawaab

Every day, hundreds of happy customers walk through the doors of Royal Nawaab, which takes great satisfaction in offering top-notch service and copious amounts of consistently delicious food.

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