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Nonnas Kitchen Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Nonnas Kitchen Restaurant Menu Starters Cheese Garlic Bread£4.95 Garlic bread pizza with cheese.95% (45) Garlic Bread£4.95Garlic bread pizza.96% (26) Mozzarella In Carrozza£7.95Deep fried mozzarella in breadcrumbs served with a spicy tomato sauce.88% (27) Bruschetta£5.50On our own Nonna’s bread with chopped tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil.73% (30) Gamberoni Burro Aglio£9.50Pan fried king prawns with garlic butter

Archipelago Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Archipelago Restaurant Menu Archipelago Restaurant Near Locations Please, search Archipelago Restaurant ME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Archipelago Restaurant location, click on the map shown below and nearest Archipelago Restaurant around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Archipelago Restaurant locator tool to Archipelago Restaurant near

Tachi Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Tachi Restaurant Menu Dine-In Omakase Menu ($69.75), effective Jan 2022. 11 Pieces of Sushi and 1 Handroll Less Than 30 Minutes. Note: Menu offerings are seasonal and subject to change Main Hiramefluke Kanpachiamber jack Hotatescallop Akamilean tuna Chu-Toromedium fatty tuna O-Torofatty tuna Sabamackerel Katsuobonito Ebishrimp Ikurasalmon roe Unisea urchin Temakihand roll Tachi-Dine-In-Drinks Hot Drinks Green

Ethiopian Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Ethiopian Restaurant Menu Starter / Side Order Homous£3.00Chickpeas and sesame paste served with pita bread Chillie S’nigh£3.00Green Chillis stuffed with onion slices and fresh tomatoes dressed in olive oil Azifa£2.50Spicy green lentil stew with onion and chillie (served cold) Green Salad£3.00Freshly prepared green salad with tomato in olive oil Crispy£12.50Smoked quail, crispy egg, spelt, girolles,

Tootoomoo Whetstone Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Tootoomoo Whetstone Restaurant Menu Salads & Soups Aromatic Duck & Watermelon Salad£12.95carrot, radish, beet root, cashew nuts, mixed leaves & hoisin dressing Seaweed Salad£9.50pumpkin seeds, edamame, black sesame dressing Sesame Crusted Salmon Salad£8.95carrot, radish, beet root, mixed leaves & soy lime dressing Wanton Soup£7.95spring onion, sesame oil, Chinese cabbage, carrot & chicken dumplings Wanton Ramen

The Ravensbury Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

The Ravensbury Restaurant Menu Appetisers Indian Chilli Garlic Mogo^£7.85Fried mogo cooked with crushed garlic & chillies Masala Mogo^£7.85Fried mogo with our chef’s special blend of sauce & spices Masala Chips^£7.35Crispy potato fries with our signature masala Kesri Paneer Tikka£8.95Cottage cheese cooked in the clay oven, marinated in yogurt & traditional Indian spices Potato 65^^^£7.45Crispy new

Asiatique Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Asiatique Restaurant Menu Starters Prawn Crackersper basket£3.50 Thai Fish Cake£6.95A traditional Thai minced fish mixed with mild curry and variety of Thai herbs served with sweet chilli sauce Corn Cake£6.95Crispy golden mixed sweet corn and shredded lime leave served with sweet chilli sauce Vegetable Spring Roll£7.50Deep fried spring roll with vegetable and glass noodles filling,

Kiaan’s Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Kiaan’s Restaurant Menu Starters Steamed Siu Mai£6.50Served with soy sauce & Chives. Beef & Shitake Mushrooms, Pork & Prawns with dried Mushrooms Traditional Home Made Dim Sum£6.50Served with Chilli Oil. Pork & Chives, Chicken & Chinese leaf, Prawns & Mix Veg Fried Wonton£6.25Served with a Sriracha Mayo. Shredded Chicken, Pork & chives Home Made Fried