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Eastern Spice store hours

Phone: +44 1509 610007

Website: https://www.eastern-spice.com/

Head Office address: 76 Leicester Rd, Loughborough LE11 2AG, United Kingdom

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Eastern Spice Restaurant Menu and Prices

Eastern Spice Restaurant Menu With Price

Eastern Spice Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations in UK

If you are searching for Eastern Spice Menu, Price and locations then you are at the right place. we will show you Eastern Spice Menu details.

From the Street

Samosa Vegan – $11.00
Pomegranate and green mango powder spiced potato, peas, crisp pastry and chutney.

Aloo Tikki (GF) – $14.00
Golden fried potato patty with lip-smacking chutneys. A popular snack across India.

Onion Bhaji Vegan (GF) – $14.00
Crispy onion fritters with chutney.

Papdi Chaat – $15.00
The motherland’s version of nachos and salsa.

Chicken Tikka (GF) – $16.00
Free-range boneless chicken fillets marinated in spices cooked in a clay oven.

Honey Chilli Cauliflower (Level 1 Spicy) – $17.00
Crisp cauliflower coated with sesame seed, honey, chilli and spring onion.

Cheese Chilli (Level 1 Spicy) – $17.00
Indo-Chinese spicy and stir-fried paneer.

Bhatti Ka Paneer (GF) – $17.00
Cottage cheese marinated with home ground spices cooked over glowing embers.

Amritsari Fish Tikka – $18.00
Fish pieces dipped in a carom flavoured gram flour battered and deep-fried in the kadhai.

Tandoori Chicken (GF) – $19.00
Chicken marinated in tandoori masala, spring greens & mint chutney.

From the Pot

Punjabi Buttermilk Curry (GF) – $24.00
Yoghurt and turmeric-based curry with potato onion fritters.

Dal Makhani (GF) – $24.00
Black lentils, ginger, garlic and garam masala slow sillered.

Aloo Baingan (Vegan)(GF)
Potato eggplant curry. North Indian vegan dish.

Sabji Handi (Vegan)(GF) – $24.00
Harmony of mixed baby vegetables with spices.

Anjeer Kofta (GF)
Fig and pomegranate kofta, cashew and shallot curry. Certainly not just for vegetarians.

Palak Paneer (GF) – $24.00
Cottage cheese, tempered in spinach based gravy.

Kadai Paneer (GF) – $24.00
Paneer cooked with bell pepper, tomato and coriander seeds.

Beef Vindaloo (GF)(Level 1 Spicy) – $26.00
Beef simmered with garlic and apple cider vinegar. Goan style.

Chicken Vindaloo (GF) (Level 1 Spicy) – $25.00
Chicken simmered with garlic and apple cider vinegar. Gaon style.

Punjabi Butter Chicken (GF) – $25.00
Boneless charred chicken pieces simmered in smooth satin gravy and finished with dry fenugreek.

Lamb Rogan Josh (GF) – $26.00
Leg of lamb slow cooked with fennel seed, black cardamom, bay leaf and cloves.

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF) – $25.00
Roasted marinated chicken in spiced curry sauce.

Chicken Palak (GF) – $25.00
Chicken tempered in spinach based gravy.

Beef Bombay (GF) – $26.00
Tender beef in cashew gravy with Yukon gold potato.

Malai Curry (GF) – $28.00
Fish curry flavoured with kokum and spices.

Paneer Korma (GF) – $24.00
Paneer cooked in almond gravy.

Lamb Korma (GF) – $26.00
Lamb cooked in almond gravy.

Lamb Madras (GF) – $26.00
Leg of lamb tempered with curry leaves and coconut.

From the Tandoor

Naan – $4.00
Plain flour tandoori bread.

Butter Naan – $4.50

Green Chilli Naan – $4.50

Chive Naan – $4.50

Sesame Naan – $4.50

Onion Seed Naan – $4.50

Garlic Naan – $4.50

Red Chilli Naan (Level 1 Spicy) – $4.50

Cheese Naan – $6.00
Stuffed with onion, cheddar cheese and chilli.

Kashmiri Naan – $7.00
Stuffed bread with almond, raisin and coconut.

Rosemary Naan
Naan stuffed with beetroot, goat cheese and rosemary.

Roti Vegan – $5.00
Wholemeal flat tandoori bread.

Gluten Free Roti – $5.00
Rice and lentil flour with psyllium husk.

Lachha Paratha – $5.00
Wholemeal layered butter bread.

Masala Kulcha – $5.00
Stuffed bread with spiced peas, potatoes and cottage cheese.

Biryani and Rice

Rice (GF) – $5.00
Aged basmati sella rice with cumin and lemon.

Saffron Rice – $5.00

Kashmiri Pulao (GF) – $9.00
Sweet pulao loaded with dry fruit.

Veg Biryani (GF) – $19.00
Rice dish with mixed veggies, herbs and biryani spices.

Dum Biryani (GF) – $22.00
Basmati rice, boneless chicken marinated with herbs and spices, cooked on dum. A dish of the Mughal era.

Salad and Sides

Papadum – $5.00
Papadum with dips.

Masala Onion Salad – $5.00
Spanish onion, chat masala, black salt and coriander.

Garden Salad – $6.00
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot and onion with a dash of lemon.

Mint Raita – $6.00
Yoghurt with roasted cumin, mint, cucumber and red currants.


Lassi – $5.00
Saffron mango and cardamom lassi.

Gulab Jamun – $9.00
Indian donuts.


Soft Drinks – $3.50

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