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Head Office address: 14-20, John St, Aberdeen AB25 1BT, United Kingdom

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Christos Greek Taverna Main Menu With Price


All dishes are made with fresh local produce, and any speciality products needed to achieve these unique flavours are imported directly from Greece.

Thier wide variety of starters is designed is such a way that it can be used either as a typical three course meal (ie: one starter), or the traditional Greek way of sampling a variety of starters (meze), before your main course.

Cold Starters

Tzatziki Price £:4.95

Thick Greek yoghurt with garlic and cucumber (includes pitta bread).

Melitzanosalata (family receipe) Price £:4.95

Aubergine blended with cucumber,tomato,onion,garlic,Greek yoghurt,olive oil and vinegar. (includes pitta bread).

Houmous Price £:4.95

Chick peas blended with garlic,sesame and lemon juice (includes pitta bread)

Tirosalata Price £:5.50

A smooth blend of feta cheese, Greek yoghurt, herbs, hint of garlic and olive oil.

Horiatiki Price £:5.25

Village salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese and dressing.

Dolmades Price £:4.95

An aromatic blend of herbs and rice, wrapped in vine leaves.

Extras – Side Orders

Feta Cheese Price £:4.95

Pitta Bread Price £:1.00

Black Olives Price £:4.95

Green olives Price £:4.95

Hot Starters

Kolokythokeftedes Price £:4.95

Courgettes,onions,feta cheese,herbs and spices blended together and shallow fried.

Halloumi fries Price £:5.95

Chip shaped Cypriot cheese, fried and served with a tasty Greek yogurt sause on the side.

Spetsofai Price £:5.75

Sausages, peppers and onions in tomato sauce.

Mezedakia Price £:6.95

A selection of hot and cold appetisers, (Price per person – min 2 persons).

Feta Me Meli Price £:5.75

Feta cheese wrapped in fillo pastry, fried and served drizzled with Greek thyme honey and sesame seeds.

Garithes Yiouvetsi Price £:6.95

Prawns cooked with garlic , tomato ,onion and herb sauce and topped with feta cheese.


All dishes are made with fresh local produce, and any speciality products needed, to achieve these unique flavours are imported directly from Greece. All the main courses are traditional and can be found throughout Greece, where the traditional dishes differ between towns or islands.

Here at the restaurant we put knowledge and tradition together, to take you on a culinary journey to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Main Courses served with potatoes and salad at no extra cost.

Oven and Casserole

Mousaka Price £:13.50

Finely chopped lamb, seasoned and enclosed between layers of aubergines and potatoes, topped with bechamel sauce and baked in the oven.

Stifado Price £:13.95

Tratitional Greek beef stew in a tomato, red wine, spices and venegar sauce.

Kotopoulo Mythos Price £:13.95

Chicken fillet with garlic and peppers in a creamy Mythos beer sauce. Served with rice.

Arnaki Kokkinisto Price £:16.50

Lamb cooked in a white wine ,tomato and cinnamon sauce. Served with rice.


Xifia Price £:14.95

Swordfish steak char grilled and served with salad.

Garides Souvlaki Price £:16.95

Grilled prawns and vegetables.

Garithes Yiouvetsi Price £:17.50

Prawns cooked with garlic, tomato, onion and herb sauce and topped with feta cheese.

Char Grilled

Souvlaki Price £:13.95

Skewered meat and vegetables served with tzatziki and pitta bread. Choice of Lamb or Chicken.

Yiaourtlou Price £:13.95

Skewered meat, served on a bed of pitta with greek yoghurt and a spicy tomato sauce. Choice of Lamb or Chicken.

Kota Skaras Price £:12.50

Char grilled chicken fillet served with tzatziki.

NOTE: All The Main Courses Are Served With Fresh Salad And Potatoes At No Extra Charge.


Vegetarian Mousaka Price £:12.95

A tasty vegetarian alternative to traditional mousaka.

Souvlaki me lachanika Price £:10.95

A selection of vegetables, skewered and then char grilled, If you wish you can order from our vegetarian starters and enjoy them as main course.

Horiatiki Price £:10.50

Greek village salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, feta and dressing.

DESSERTS & COFFEE MENU (Epidorpio kai kafes)

Here you can sample the desserts offered in the restaurant. No dessert menu is complete without ice cream though, so they have chosen a variety of fabulous flavours to complement the menu.


Revani Price £:4.15

Hot sponge cake served with vanilla ice cream.

Yiaourti-meli Price £:4.15

Thick Greek yoghurt with honey.

Baklava Price £:4.25

Layers of fillo pastry with flaked almonds, walnuts,cinnamon and honey syrup. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Christos Taverna Special Price £:4.25

Ice Cream

Mac Zorba Price £:4.50

Ouzo and Irn Bru.

Apollon Price £:3.95

Chocolate fudge brownie and Black Cherry.

Hermes Price £:3.95

Salted Caramel and Rocher Riplle.

Sorbet Price £:4.50

Cin Tonic and Lime.

Coffees and Tea

Greek Coffee Price £:1.95

Choice of sweet, medium or without sugar.

Filter Coffee Price £:1.95

Decaffeinated Coffee Price £:1.95

Liquer Coffee Price £:4.95

With a liquer or spirit of your choice.

Tea Price £:1.60

Latte-Instand Price £:1.95

Christos Greek Taverna Drinks Menu With Price

Winemaking in Greece has a history of thousands of years and a variety to match. In this wine list they have included wines selected wines from all over Greece and Cyprus. No Greek meal is complete without a good bottle of wine.

White Wines

House wine Glass Price £:3.95 / Bottle Price £:15.95

A crisp, dry to medium white wine.

Retsina Malamatina Glass Price £:4.50 / Bottle Price £:13.95

Dry wine with a light aroma of pine resin.

Moschofilero Glass Price £:22.95

Dry, refreshing, crisp and well ballanced.

Makedonikos Bottle Price £:19.95

Attractive fruity medium to dry white wine, made with selected grape varieties cultivated in the perfect climate and soil of north Greece where they owe their fine aroma.

Saint Panteleimon Bottle Price £:19.95

A mild semi-sweet white wine, complimented with an aromatic bouquet making it very enjoyable for any occasion.

Ergo Glass Price £:23.95

Sauvignion Blanc. Wine with typical freshness and aromatic features, medium acidity and aftertaste.

Red Wines

House wine Glass Price £:3.95 / Bottle Price £:15.95

A generous, medium bodied red wine.

Makedonikos Bottle Price £:19.95

A medium to dry, fruity red wine, produced drawing on the established 2.300 year old tradition. The result is bursting with the rich aroma and the distinctive taste of fresh grapes.

Naoussa BottlePrice £:23.95

Deep red in colour, with a strong personality. It gives off a rich boquet of ripe red fruit that comes with ageing (cinnamon,wood). Full-bodied, well-balanced.

Aenaon BottlePrice £:27.95

A great Greek Merlot. Fresh aromas of dark fruit. Soft tannins.

Nemea Lantides BottlePrice £:23.95

Dry wine aged 14 months in oak barrels. Gentle tannins and a rich body.

Rosé Wines

Makedonikos Rosé Glass Price £:4.95 / Bottle Price £:19.95

A brilliant and refreshing rosé wine, which is crisp on the palate and has a distinctive fruit aroma.

Other Wines

Boutari demi sec Glass Price £:4.95 / Bottle Price £:19.95

A fresh and fruity medium sweet rose wine with long aftertaste.

Chardonnay Bottle Price £:19.95

Medium to full bodied with smooth mouthfeel and a hint of creamy oak.

Prosecco Bottle Price £:23.50

This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and refreshingly lively style.

Champagne Wines

Moet et Chandon Bottle Price £:59.95

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Christos Greek Taverna Hours

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About Christos Greek Taverna

Christos Greek Taverna is a family-run restaurant since 1991. The food here is freshly prepared and cooked in the kitchen and the service is relaxed and friendly. A warm welcome awaits you when you visit us. Greek home cooking specialities and simplicity at its best.

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