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Canny Man's Menu store hours

Phone: 0131 447 1484


Head Office address: 237 Morningside Rd, Morningside, Edinburgh EH10 4QU, United Kingdom

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Canny Man’s Main Menu With Price

Lunch: 12:00pm – 4.30pm, Monday – Sunday. Dinner: 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Tuesday – Saturday. Complimentary Buffet: We serve a complimentary finger buffet during the week (Mon-Fri 5-6pm) that consists of sandwiches, pâté and biscuits


Homemade Soup of the Day Price :£3.95

served fresh daily with bread basket and butter

Para Picar Price :£7.45

marinated olives, cheese, Serrano ham, tomato bread and sundried tomatoes

Samantha’s Treat Price :£7.95

Serrano ham served with fresh melon

Sir Anthony Price :£8.55

tiger prawns with cocktail sauce laid on lettuce with an avocado and pineapple salad

La Ronde Price :£7.45

pate served with toast, garnished with gherkins and tomato

Chrysanthemum Price :£6.95

tomato, mozzarella and crisp iceberg lettuce

Bread and Olives Price :£3.95


Our seafood is delivered fresh daily from Eddie’s seafood market in Marchmont

Lobster Whole Price :£30.00 / Half Price :£16.00

freshly boiled Eyemouth lobster dressed with Russian salad

Scottish Smoked Salmon Price :£8.95

served with diced onions, chopped egg, capers, horseradish and soda bread

Crab Price :£7.95

dressed and served in its shell, garnished with crispy salad and French dressing

Oysters Price :£9.95

freshly shucked 1/2 dozen served on a bed of ice with Captain Duncan’s piquant sauce

Cocktail de Crevettes Price :£8.95

large prawns in a homemade Marie Rose sauce, served on a bed of lettuce

Mussels Price :£8.95

Steamed with a choice of ‘Port Vell’ style – white wine and chopped onion or tomato, shallot, wine and Provencal herbs served with a bread basket

Tiger Prawns Price :£8.95

1/2 dozen served on a bed of ice with lemon and mayonnaise

Seafood Platter Price :£16.00

lobster, tuna, oyster, king prawn, smoked salmon, caviar gar nished with lemon and a crisp green salad


Our Smørrebrød open sandwiches have been a mainstay of the Canny Man’s for the last 20 years and all our ingredients are freshly prepared every day. All the sandwiches are cold and are served on soda bread (or rye bread if you prefer) gar nished with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and egg. Although we have reduced the number, all your old favourites can still be prepared to order just ask a member of staff

Smoked Salmon Price :£8.95

garnished with prawns and cocktail sauce

Smoked Trout Price :£8.55

fillet garnished with our own homemade horseradish sauce

Fresh Chicken Price :£8.55

breast in a curry mayonnaise with asparagus garnish

Home Cooked Ham Price :£8.55

with our own cheesy potato salad and onion rings

Chicken Salad Price :£8.55

chicken and potato salad garnished with cucumber

Cessford’s Favourite Price :£8.55

home cooked ham with mustard relish and croutons

Roast Fillet Price :£9.45

rare, served with horseradish sauce and potato salad

Bombay Eggs Price :£8.95

curried egg garnished with prawns and tiger prawns

Super Prawn Price :£8.95

prawns with cocktail sauce garnished with caviar

Beef Madras Price :£9.45

rare beef fillet, served with curry mayonnaise

Egg Caviar Price :£9.45

Danish caviar with egg slices, anchovy and mayonnaise

1871 Price :£8.55

roast pork served with crispy bacon and our own apple sauce

Seafood Medley Price :£8.95

prawns, smoked salmon, mussels and hollandaise sauce

Double Decker Price :£8.55

ham and chicken topped with cheesy potato salad

Chris’s Real Mccoy Price :£8.55

chicken with creamed mushrooms and sweet corn

Salmon Fillets Price :£8.95

served plain with lemon, caviar and a dill dressing

The Graduation Price :£7.45

finely g rated cheese and coleslaw, chopped onion and pickle

La Petunia Price :£8.95

prawns garnished with hollandaise sauce laid on avocado

Tropical Cheese Price :£7.45

camembert with avocado, pineapple and chives

Coronation Chicken Price :£8.55

chicken and pineapple with a curry mayonnaise

Sharp End Price :£8.55

creamy smoked haddock with egg slices and croutons

Tristan’s Snack Price :£7.45

egg mayonnaise served with slices of tomato

Bendinat Price :£9.45

poached salmon gar nished with cucumber and hollandaise sauce

Medley Price :£9.45

rare fillet of beef and home cooked ham served with a tasty potato

Tee Off Price :£8.55

Serrano ham thinly sliced served with tomato bread

Fishy Mix Price :£8.95

smoked haddock and tuna garnished with prawns and caviar

Old par Price :£8.95

tomato stuffed with smoked haddock and crispy bacon

Duchess Price :£8.95

smoked salmon, poached salmon with dill dressing and capers

Kerr’s Choice Price :£7.45

asparagus with tomato and a hollandaise sauce or cream cheese

Calcutta Prawn Price :£8.95

prawns in a rich curry mayonnaise

Roast Lamb Price :£8.95

served with our own minted potato salad

Three Tiered Price :£8.95

home cooked ham, cheese and coleslaw

Robin’s Choice Price :£8.95

chicken, rare fillet of beef and home cooked ham

Olivia’s One Smile Price :£9.45

Smoked salmon, poached salmon and prawns with cocktail mayonnaise. You donate Price :£1 to Olivia Giles’ ‘One Smile’ charity every time you choose me. Last year you helped raise Price :£1000 to help supply prosthetic limbs in her African clinics

The Nixe Price :£9.45

smoked salmon garnished with tiger prawns and cocktail sauce

Surf and Turf Price :£9.45

tender fillet of beef, tiger prawn and fresh lobster with our own sauces

Tipster Price :£8.95

asparagus tips with chicken wrapped in mayonnaise sauce

Prawn Supreme Price :£8.95

prawns served with poached salmon and mayonnaise

PA Amb Oli Price :£8.55

Majorcan delicacy includes Serrano ham and other delights

Andrew’s Favourite Price :£9.45

rare fillet of beef topped with béarnaise sauce


half portion Price :£3.95 / full portion Price :£7.95

The Wedge

fine Stilton, oat cakes and celery

French Selection

Camembert and Brie served with apple, biscuits and redcurrant jelly

Master’s Choice

Stilton, Brie, Camembert, Edam and cheddar, served with celer y, biscuits and redcur rant jelly


With liqueur Price :£7.45 / without Price :£5.95. The Canny Man’s has been serving the famous Luca’s of Musselburgh ice cream topped with liqueur and fruit for many years. We have a wide range of liqueurs but here are a few suggestions. Why not try our very own ‘Golden Drop’ whisky ice cream specially made for us by Luca’s of Musselburgh! (1 scoop Price :£2.75)


Luca’s vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and banana laced with Crème de Bananes

Amaretto Laced

Luca’s vanilla ice cream, almond topping and Amaretto liqueur


fresh strawberries, Luca’s vanilla ice cream with vodka

Mont Blanc

Luca’s vanilla ice cream, topped with coconut and laced with Malibu


sliced peaches, Luca’s vanilla ice cream laced with peach schnapps

Dark Side

Luca’s chocolate ice cream and cherries laced with Cherry Heering

The Old Alliance

Luca’s vanilla ice cream and biscuit laced with Morrison liqueur

Tea and Coffee

Coffee Price :£2.50

freshly ground coffee served with biscuits and cream, top ups complimentary

Carajillo Price :£5.95

espresso coffee laced with a gentleman’s measure of rough brandy

Espresso Price :£2.25

a shot of the finest roast coffee

Americano Price :£2.50

espresso diluted with hot water

Solo con Nata Price :£2.50

espresso topped with cream

Cappuccino Price :£2.75

espresso coffee with frothy steamed milk

Latte Price :£2.75

espresso coffee with steamed milk

Tea Price :£2.50

selection of fine teas. English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Pepper mint and Green served with a biscuit

Side Orders

Price :£3.95 (each). We recommend the following as an accompaniment to your meal

Caesar Salad

Cheese Salad

Tomato and Onion Salad

Mixed Salad

Hot Jacket Potato

topped with butter or sour cream and chopped chives

The Canny Man’s Afternoon Tea Set

Served Thurs – Sat, 2 – 5pm. A selection of finger sandwiches alongside homemade pastries, sweet treats and scones. Including:

Loose Leaf Tea Price :£10.95

Loose Leaf Tea and a Glass of House Champagne Price :£18.95

Traditional Sunday Lunch

Traditional Sunday Lunch 2 Courses Price :£14.95 / 3 Courses Price :£17.95

Available ever y Sunday served from 12.30 – 3.30pm. Our tempting selection of roasts are served with fresh market vegetables and all the trimmings. (vegetarian option available)

Evening à la Carte Menu

Tues – Thurs: Prix Fixe. Fri and Sat: specially prepared. A La Carte dishes

Evening à la Carte 2 Courses Price :£11.95 / 3 Courses Price :£14.95

Our evening a la carte meals are inspired by the very best of British cuisine and we are proud to present a rotational menu that has a strong focus on seasonal ingredients from the best local suppliers


All served in 35ml measure. We stock an exceptional range of over 250 single malt whiskies along with a wide selection of cognacs and brandies. Please ask for a detailed list


Price :£4.75 for 35ml measure




Grand Marnier

Tia Maria




Red Squirrel Ginger Nut Liqueur

Morrisons Liqueur

Kahlua and the Boss’s Favourite


The boss’s favourite after dinner drink D.O.M Benedictine

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Canny Man’s Hours

Monday 11.00 am–11.00 pm
Tuesday 11.00 am–11.00 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am–11.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am–12.00 am
Friday 11.00 am–1.00 am
Saturday 11.00 am–12.00 am
Sunday 11.00 am–11.00 pm

Canny Man’s Offers and Coupons

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About Canny Man’s

The Canny Man’s is one of the cities finest public houses, well known far and wide for it’s quirky nature and ‘never’ changing décor. Established in 1871 by James Kerr the pub has always been the perfect watering hole for Morningside locals.

The original bars still stand in the same place holding all sorts of trinkets and evidence of people who once drank there.

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