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Masala Zone Covent Garden
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Masala Zone Covent Garden store hours

Phone: 020 7221 0055


Head Office address: 48 Floral St, London WC2E 9DA

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Masala Zone Covent Garden Menu With Price


Konkan Veg Curry £14.75

Seasonal red pumpkin, okra, Indian aubergine, hing, Kashmiri chilli, & coconut

Mixed Veg Peshawari Korma £14.75

Fresh soya & veggies in a spicy tomato, cashew nut, onion & yoghurt gravy

Paneer Makhanwalla £15

Freshly made Indian pressed cheese in a spicy, caramelised, tomato curry

Butter Chicken £15

The delhi masterpiece- chicken thigh tikka in a slow cooked tomato curry

Chicken Mangalore £15

Red chilli & warming spices balanced out with coconut milk & lime

Chicken Saffron Korma £15.25

Zero chilli dish with highly – prized saffron, turmeric & cardamom

Malabar Green Chicken Curry £15.25

Kerala recipe with fresh coriander, curry leaf & cloves

Lamb Rogan Josh £17.25

Complex lamb curry of Kashmiri chilli, 15 spices & onion, fresh herbs, tomato

Goa Prawn Curry £15.75

Fiery blend of stone ground spices, mellowed with coconut extract


Steamed Rice £4.35

Chapattis(2) £4.35

Plain Naan £4.35

Cheese Naan £5.50

Peshawari Naan £5.70

Homemade Raita £4.25

Spinach with Garlic £5.50


Some of our key items:

Masala Papad £4.95

Chilli Garlic Chips £5.50

Sprouted Lentil Bhel £6.50

Angrezi Cheese Balls £6.75

Vada Pao Sliders £7.25

Delhi Jalebi Chaat £6.50

Punjabi Samosa £7.60

Gol Guppa Pops £6.75

Lucknow Dahi Puri £6.75

Aloo Tikki Chaat £6.85

Delhi Samosa Chaat £6.85

Chicken Wings £8.15

Chettinad Fishcake £8.30

Lamb Sliders £8.30

Madras Chicken 65 £7.95

Potato Keema Chop £7.95

Bombay Pao Bhaji £7.95

Crispy Friend Prawns £8.50


Each Home Thali includes;

4 oz of curry 2 freshly made vegetables 1 freshly made dal (lentil) Raita Basmati rice (or 2 chapattis) Papad & chutney

Mixed Veg Peshawari Thali V £18.75

Butter Chicken Thali £19

Goa Prawn Thali £20.50

Lamb Rogan Josh Thali £21


Malai Chicken Tikka £17

Marinated in a sophisticated combination of spices & cashew nut with fresh cream & yoghurt

Paneer Tikka £16.50

Our freshly kitchen made paneer marinated in yoghurt, fresh Fenugreek leaves and yellow chilli

Tofu Tikka £16.50

Tofu (bean curd) marinated in a blend of vegan cheese, cardamom, coriander stem & other spices

Lucknowi Lamb Seekh Kebab £16.50

Finely minced lamb with spices & fresh coriander – from the gourmet Mughal city of Lucknow

Hyderabadi Veg Biryani £18.50

Mumtaz’s unusual family recipe with fresh green herbs, saffron & turmeric – served with raita

Shahi Mughlai Chicken Biryani £18.75

North Indian spices, chicken & basmati rice is cooked in a sealed pot and perfumed with saffron & ittar

Lucknowi Lamb Biryani £20.75

Boneless lamb & spices slow cooked with basmati rice till the flavours infuse and the rice is cooked


Kulfi £6.75

pistachio or raspberry malai indian clotted cream

Gajjar Halwa £6.75

​with rabri, caramelised carrot

Gulab Jamun with Ginger Ice Cream £6.75

Chocolate Brownie £7.25

fudgy walnut brownie, ginger ice cream & chocolate sauce

Ice Creams £6.25

ginger, chocolate, strawberry

Sorbets £6.25

mango, blood orange or coconut

Mango Srikhand Fruit Cup £6.75

mango Srikhand, fresh berries and mango, ginger crumble

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Masala Zone Covent Garden Hours

Monday 12:30–2:30pm, 5–10pm
Tuesday 12:30–2:30pm, 5–10pm
Wednesday 12:30–2:30pm, 5–10pm
Thursday 12:30–2:30pm, 5–10:30pm
Friday 12:30–2:30pm, 5–11pm
Saturday 12:30–11pm
Sunday 12:30–10pm

Masala Zone Covent Garden Offers and Coupons

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About Masala Zone Covent Garden

Masala Zone restaurants are part of a unique collection of London’s best Indian restaurants. It was created in 2001 out of a passion for customers to enjoy proper famous and clearity Indian food as eaten by Indians daily in India. This was after the success with CHUTNEY MARY & VEERASWAMY, the celebrated fine dining Indian restaurants. This was to counter the false image that the thousands of Bangladeshi curry-houses in the UK served authentic Indian food.

The first Masala Zone restaurant, in Soho, rapidly became one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the UK. There are now 5 restaurants all in London.Each Masala Zone restaurant strives to present real and Indian cuisines, friendly our service, & strong design, with each being visually different.

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Masala Zone Covent Garden
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