Best Places for Afternoon Tea in the UK

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Best Places for Afternoon Tea in the UK

Are you a traditional tea lover and look for the classic afternoon tea experience when you dine out? Or do you prefer your tea with a touch of the modern – maybe even a tea cocktail? Whatever your tastes, there is a tearoom in the UK to suit your style.

Afternoon tea is more than the regular cuppa. It is traditionally served as a light meal with cups of tea alongside sandwiches, cakes, small tarts, and other delicacies. But nowadays afternoon tea can come with a twist. This list of top tea rooms includes the classic options in elegant surroundings as well as some more innovative alternatives.

See where you can visit on your next trip, or maybe find one of these tearooms in your own town.


Find Your Perfect Tearoom

Tearooms come in all shapes and sizes. Tea drinking is such an institution in the UK that restaurants and cafes have long offered customers the chance to enjoy this traditional drink in relaxed and attractive surroundings.

There are many options for afternoon tea, which is a step above the regular mug of tea and a biscuit. And if you want to recreate the experience at home, it’s easy – just find the best place to buy tea online in the uk, bake or buy your favourite biscuits and cake, and settle down with your best friends for a chat or just put the world to rights.

Don’t want to put your tea brewing skills to the test? For those of you who want to experience afternoon tea outside the home, here are a few suggestions.

Bettys, York

If you’re looking for a spot for afternoon tea that has truly stood the test of time, try Bettys. This classic café is a Yorkshire stalwart and has been serving tea and delicacies ever since it opened in 1919. The setting is classic and refined, and the afternoon tea experience is second to none. Enjoy delicate sandwiches on elegant fine china, as well as enjoy listening to the pianist that serenades guests. The building is lovely, too.

Thames Foyer at The Savoy, London

Looking for something elegant and classy for your cup of tea? Try The Savoy. This London institution naturally offers the best in afternoon tea experiences and is popular with visiting tourists as well as well-heeled locals. There’s a classical pianist and all the accompaniments to the finest tea in the land, including open sandwiches, scones with plenty of jam, and handmade cakes.

Time For Tea, London

If you’re exploring the east end of London you’ll want to pop into Time for Tea, which is ideal for the traditional tea drinking experience with a modern twist. This cosy café is family-run and offers all the retro style of the golden age of afternoon tea, including festive bunting and florals everywhere. You’ll love the sweet, indulgent afternoon tea options with plenty of sticky jam.

Metro Deco, Brighton

As the name suggests, you are in for a dose of the 30s when you step inside this café on the Brighton coast. There are many different teas available to try and you can also enjoy your favourite tipple in cocktail form. There’s a vintage clothing section, too.

The Ampersand Hotel, London

If you love something a little different, check out this location for an afternoon tea. This place next to London’s Science Museum in upmarket Kensington offers a space and science-themed menu with updated versions of the afternoon tea classics. You can enjoy all the accompaniments to your tea but try them with dry ice, jelly and even jam in a tube! Not for the conservative diner.

Casa Angelina, Edinburgh

Moving a little further from the capital – actually, all the way to Scotland – you can encounter this lovely spot for an afternoon tea. This is a vegan-friendly place for enjoying a light meal, with bagels and hummus instead of the classic dairy-rich creams and milks. It’s an inviting and welcoming place, with a menu that changes frequently.

This is Leaf, Manchester

This is Leaf is a refreshing alternative to the often quite stuffy atmosphere of the classic cream tea or afternoon tea event. This place is set in an old art gallery and it continues to host art happenings as well as providing an outstanding collection of teas. You can also sample from their extensive food menu for a full meal.

Corinthia Hotel. London

Located in Whitehall, this hotel features the Crystal Moon Lounge, a decadent space lit by crystals. This is an indulgent place for afternoon tea. There is a truly outstanding array of finger sandwiches, scones, fruits, sweets and teas available. And if you fancy something different, you can always try their delicious hot chocolate.

Have fun discovering a new place to enjoy tea with this list of classic and modern locations. Why not try and tick off all the best tea rooms in the country on your bucket list? With such a variety of tea rooms available all over the UK, you are sure to find the perfect spot to relax a while and indulge in your favourite beverage and a sandwich or two.