Category: Diner

Hawksmoor Menu, Prices and Locations

Hawksmoor Main Menu With Price                     Lunch & Dinner Menu STARTERS MENU Hawksmoor smoked salmon Price:£12.50 Roast scallops Price:£16.00 white port & garlic Elberry Cove mussels Price:£12.00 bay & chilli Langoustine scampi Price:£14.00 tartare sauce Devon crab on toast Price:£14.00 Smoked mackerel salad, Price:£8.50 heritage potatoes

Tom’s Kitchen Menu, Prices and Locations

Tom’s Kitchen Main Menu With Price BREAKFAST MENU Croissant Price:£3 Nutella, jam Brioche French Toast Price:£10 pumpkin, vanilla, blueberry labneh Fruity Breakfast Granola Price:£6 honey, Greek yogurt Fresh Chopped Seasonal Fruit Price:£7 All Green Omelette Price:£9 rocket, pea shoots, kale, spinach, spring onion Tom’s Full English Price:£16 two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato,Portobello mushroom,

Freemasons Menu, Prices and Locations

Freemasons Main Menu With Price SRARTER MENU Soup Price:£9.95 English Pea and Parmesan, White Balsamic, Truffled Cheese Hot Dog Rabbit Price:£17.95 Pie Baked in Brioche, Sauce of Chargrilled Asparagus and Seaweed, Creel Caught Langoustines Cooked over Coals Pughs Piglet Price:£12.95 Head to Toe Pressing, Flavours of Piccalilli, Crispy Hens Egg River Lune Wild Salmon Price:£14.95

Bistro Jacques Menu, Prices and Locations

Bistro Jacques Main Menu With Price ACCOMPAGNEMENTS MENU Frites Price:£2.75 Garlic bread/with mozzarella Price:£2.50/Price:£2.95 Extra skillet of fresh vegetables Price:£3.00 Extra Bread & butter Price:£1.50 Gratin dauphinois Price:£2.95 Marinated Olives Price:£2.25 Dressed mixed salad Price:£2.50   ENTRESS MENU Soupe Du Jour’; Price:£3.95 Homemade soup of the day (V) ‘Pâté Maison’; Price:£5.45 Chicken liver Pâté, served

Pasta Remoli Menu, Prices and Locations

Pasta Remoli Main Menu With Price ANTIPASTI MENU Bread & Focaccia Price:£2.50 Homemade focaccia and bread served withextra virgin olive oil Olives Price:£2.90 A selection of the best Italian olives Deep Fried Arancini Price:£6.50 Ask our lovely staff for the seasonal filling Bruschetta Price:£5.80 Homemade toasted bread with choppedtomatoes, pickled vegetables andbalsamic vinegar Burrata Cheese

China Diner Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

China Diner Restaurant Main Menu With Price APPETISERS MENU Prawn Crackers Price:£2.00 Crispy Seaweed Price:£5.40 Topped with grated scallops or cashew nuts V Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4) V Price:£5.40 Crispy Won Ton Puffs Price:£5.40 contains prawns Deep Fried Bean Curd in Salt & Chilli V Price:£6.70 Sesame Prawn Toasts Price:£6.70 Rice Paper Wrapped Prawns Price:£6.90