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Head Office address: Field End Rd, Ruislip HA4 9PB, United Kingdom

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Venue 5 Main Menu with Price

Pre – Appetiser

While You Wait for The Starter

Mix Papad Basket – £3.55
Assortment of fried and roasted coloured papads

Bhel Puri* – £5.25
A Mumbai special, puffed rice blended with assorted chutneys and papdi

Aloo Papri Chaat – £5.50
Papdi, potato cubes & chick peas with yoghurt and assorted chutneys

V5 Special Samosa Chaat – £5.75
Stuffed short crust pastry topped with yoghurt & assorted chutneys

Pani Puri – £4.75
Flour & semolina crisps with masala potatoes, chickpeas with tamarind water

Mango Chana Chaat – £4.25
A special combination of chick peas, red onion, tomato, green chilli, fresh lemon juice with mango twist

Vegetarian Starter

Vegetable Samosa – £4.50
Triangles of light, crisp, filo pastry stuffed with fresh vegetables

Aloo Tikki with Cholley – £5.25
Street food from north India, potato cutlets served with chick peas

Mogo (Plain/ Jeera/ Maree) – £5.25
Batons of mogo (cassava) fried and sauteed with royal cumin seeds or black pepper

V5 Special Mogo – £5.95
Batons of fried mogo sauteed with spring onion and a garlic & chilli sauce

Bateta Vada – £5.95
Batter coated dumplings of mashed potato, green chilli, coriander and mustard seeds, served with chutney

Methi Bhajia – £5.75
Gujarati speciality, fenugreek leaves fritters served with fried green chillies

Crispy Bhajia – £5.50
Slices of potato batter fried and served with chutneys

Potato 65 – £5.95
Mysore speciality, chunks of potatoes are delicately wrapped in a sauce prepared with indian spices, spring onions, curry leaves and mustard

Hara-Bhara Kebab – £5.95
Croquette of cottage cheese, potatoes, green peas, aromatic spices, all lightly fried

Achari Paneer Shaslik* – £7.25
Paneer chunks marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and tangy mango pickle then roasted in tandoor with pepper, tomato and onion

Corn Chilli Kebab* – £6.95
Flat kebabs slightly fried made of corn infused with chef special spices

Assorted Veg Platter – £11.50
Samosas, batata wada, corn kebab, methi bhajia & hara bhara kebab

Jeera Soya – £7.95
Chunks of soya infused with cumin seeds and chef special spices

Soya Achari Tikka* – £5.25
Soya cooked in tandoor with a tangy pickling spice

Chilli Soya – £7.95
Sizzling hot soya for chilli lovers in indo chinese fusion style

Crispy Veg Salt & Pepper – £6.95
Fresh vegetables battered, deep fried, sauteed with crushed black pepper

Tofu Salt & Pepper* – £7.95
Protein rich tofu tossed with salt and pepper served with garlic sauce

Rispy Corn Salt & Pepper* – £6.95
Golden kernals of sweetcorn delicately coated in batter and sauteed with sea salt and freshly crushed black pepper

Chilli Paneer – £7.50
Diced paneer wok fried with spring onions, peppers and garlic blended with chilli sauce

Garlic and Chilli Mushroom – £6.95
Button mushroom marinated and sauteed with herbs and spices

Okra, Potato Szechuan Dry* – £7.50
Juliennes of batter coated okra and potato sauteed szechuan style

Veg Manchurian (Dry)* – £7.50
Assorted mix vegetable dumplings infused with chinese spices fried and sauteed with chinese sauces. Served semi dry

Chow Chu Broccoli – £7.50
Crispy battered broccoli toasted with chef special spices & sliced green chillies

Non-Vegetarian Starters

Maree Chicken* – £8.95
Chicken cooked in black pepper and sprinkled with lemon

Chicken 65 – £8.50
A delicacy from mysore, where pieces of chicken are delicately wrapped in a sauce prepared with indian spices, spring onions, curry leaves and mustard

Chicken Tikka Trio – £7.50
Combination of well marinated 3 kinds of chicken tikka, just to give you different flavours (chicken tikka, hariyali chicken, achari chicken)

Chicken Wings – £6.95
Baby chicken wings marinated over night to an old family recipe and then finished in clay oven

Jeera Chicken* – £8.95
Chicken delicacy from western india coated with cumin seeds and spices

Meat Samosa – £4.95
Handmade triangles filo pastry filled with minced meat and green peas

Adhraki Lamb Chops – £9.50
Lamb chops marinated in ginger, garlic, green chillies and coriander then cooked in our clay oven

Hyderabadi Lamb Sheekh Kebab – £7.25
Minced lamb flavoured with ginger, garlic and home ground spices

Lamb Mushkaki – £8.95
Luscious lamb marinated in exotic spices, kenyan style

Tandoori Salmon – £10.95
Salmon steak marinated in chefs special tandoori spices and grilled to perfection in clay tandoor. Served with grilled vegetables and garlic dip

Ajwaini Fish Tikka* – £8.50
Morsels of fish marinated in asian herbs and ajwain and cooked in charcoal oven

Assorted Tandoori Platter – £17.95
A medley of tandoori chicken, hariyali chicken, chicken achari, lamb kebab and lamb chops

Tandoori King Prawns – £14.95
Fragrant tandoori king prawns marinated in creamy garlic sauce and cooked in our clay oven

Salt & Pepper Prawns* – £12.50
Prawns battered and sauteed with sea salt and crushed black pepper

Garlic and Chilli Prawns – £12.50
A delicious spicy prawn dish, bursting with garlic flavour. High in protein & packed with chilli to boost your metabolism

Wasabi Prawns – £12.50
Golden brown fried crispy prawns tossed with wasabi sauce

Chilli Fish (Dry) – £8.50
A spicy starter where pieces of fish are sauteed with spring onions, red chillies, chilli sauce and seasonings

Salt & Pepper Chicken* – £8.50
Chicken battered, deep fried and sauteed with crushed black pepper

Chicken Lollipop* – £7.95
A kids favourite dish where chicken wings are marinated with chinese seasonings

Chilli Wings – £7.95
Chicken wings cooked in fresh red chilli paste, ginger, garlic and coriander

Chilli Chicken Dry – £7.95
Boneless chicken marinated and cooked with green peppers and chilli sauce

Sesame Crispy Lamb* – £8.95
Thin strips of crispy lamb tossed in a tasty soy based sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds and spring/green onions

Dried Chilli Lamb – £8.95
Shredded lamb marinated and deep fried with peppers, spring onions and garlic chilli sauce

Vegetarian Curries

Mixed Vegetables – £7.25
Seasonal mixed vegetables combined together and cooked with special indian spices

Dal Makhani – £7.25
Black lentils cooked with kidney beans, butter and cream to a velvety texture

Dhaba Dal – £7.50
Dhaba style dal fry laced with nice aroma of whole spices

Tarka Dal – £7.25
Yellow lentils tempered with masala

Veg Kofta Curry – £7.95
Vegetable balls in a chef special thick curry

Shahi Paneer – £7.95
Cottage cheese cooked with tomato sauce fresh cream and butter

Mutter Paneer – £7.95
Cottage cheese & peas cooked in tomato onion gravy and finished with garam masala

Karahi Paneer – £7.95
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with tomato, onion, pepper and garlic in thick karahi masala

Methi Corn Masala – £7.25
Fresh fenugreek and corn blended together with indian herbs and spices

Chana Masala* – £7.25
Chick peas cooked semi dry and medium hot

Mushroom Do Piazza – £7.25
A hearty spicy mushroom delicacy with lots of onions

Saag Aloo – £7.25
Potato chunks cooked with fresh spinach

Lashooni Aloo Gobhi – £7.25
A homey dish made with potatoes and cauliflower then infused with garlic to suit anyone’s palate

Corn Capsicum Masala – £7.25
Capsicum cooked with corn in indian spices

Bombay Aloo* – £7.25
Cubes of potatoes cooked with tomato sauce and butter

Achari Aloo Baingan – £7.95
Aubergines and potatoes cooked with spices and finished with touch of pickle for a twist

Soya Kali Mirch – £8.50
Lip-smacking dish of soya cooked with handful of crushed black peppers

Soya Jalfrezi – £8.50
Soya cooked with stir fried green peppers, onions and green chillies in thick jalfrezi sauce blended perfectly with spices

Soya Makhani – £8.50
Soya chunks cooked in a chef’s special makhani sauce

Vegetable Manchurian – £7.95
Assorted vegetables dumplings deep fried and sauteed with chilli and soya sauce

Paneer & Mix Vegetables In Hot Garlic Sauce* – £6.75
Fresh vegetables cooked with paneer, spring onion, pepper in hot garlic sauce

Thai Veg Curry (Green/red) – £7.95
A fragrant and sumptuous thai curry using garden fresh vegetables with coconut and lemongrass

Hakka Aubergine – £7.95
Baby Aubergine cooked soft with garlic, chilli & soya sauce

Non – Vegetarian Curries

Handi Chicken* – £9.95
Pieces of baby chicken on the bone cooked with whole spices in a north indian style

Karahi Chicken* – £8.25
Chicken marinated in indian spices and cooked in our famous karahi gravy

Butter Chicken – £8.50
Tandoori roasted chicken cooked with tomato, butter and cream

Chicken Curry* – £8.25
Chicken cooked with a runny gravy, just like home!

Chicken Tikka Masala – £8.50
Cubes of chicken cooked in creamy sauce with fresh tomato and onion

V5 Spl Lamb on the Bone* – £10.25
Chef’s special hyderabadi style lamb curry on the bone – a house speciality

Lamb Rogan Josh* – £8.95
Tender pieces of spring lamb cooked in reduced tomato and onion gravy

Bhuna Lamb* – £8.95
Cubes of lamb cooked in coriander, ginger and garlic

Karahi Lamb Masala* – £8.95
Small pieces of lamb cooked in special karahi masala

Keema Rajputani* – £8.95
Minced lamb cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger and garlic blended with spices

Fish Masala* – £8.95
Tilapia fish cooked with onions, tomatoes and mustard seeds into a thick sauce

Karahi Prawn Masala* – £13.95
Prawns marinated in indian spices and cooked in famous karahi gravy

Prawn Hot Garlic Sauce – £13.95
Pieces of prawn marinated, deep fried and served with a hot garlic sauce

Chilli Fish with Sauce – £9.50
A spicy dish where pieces of fish are sauteed with spring onions, red chillies, chilli sauce, ginger and garlic and seasonings

Chilli Chicken with Sauce – £8.45
Pieces of chicken marinated and cooked with green peppers and chilli sauce

Mangolian Chicken – £8.45
Pieces of chicken marinated and stir fried with sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Black Bean/ Hot Bean Sauce* – £8.45
Chicken deep fried and cooked in ginger, garlic and black bean sauce

Thai Chicken Curry (Green/red)* – £9.45
A fragrant and sumptuous thai curry with subtle flavours of coconut and lemon grass in this medium hot curry

Lamb In Black Pepper Sauce* – £8.95
Juliennes of lamb marinated and deep fried then cooked in black pepper sauce

Venue 5 Special Biryanis

Vegetable Biryani – £8.45

Chicken Biryani* – £9.45

Lamb Biryani* – £9.95
Rice, Biryani, Noodles and Breads

Steam Rice – £3.50

Jeera Rice – £3.75

Pilau Rice – £3.75

Mushroom Pilau – £4.25

Vegetable Hakka Noodle – £5.95

Chicken Hakka Noodle – £6.95

Mix V5 Special Noodle (Non-Veg.) – £7.50

Vegetable Garlic Chilli Noodle – £5.95

Singapore Hakka Noodles (Vegetarian) – £5.75

Vegetable Fried Rice – £5.75

Chicken Fried Rice – £6.50

Egg Fried Rice – £5.95

Mix Fried Rice (Non Veg.) – £6.95

Tandoori Roti – £2.25

Plain Naan – £2.50

Butter Naan – £2.50

Chilli & / Garlic Naan – £2.95

Peshawari Naan – £3.25

Keema Naan – £3.50

Lachha Paratha – £3.25

Bread Basket – £9.95
Assortment of naan, paratha, roti, butter naan and pudina paratha


Onion Salad – £1.75

V5 Special Green Salad – £3.25

Plain Yoghurt – £1.95

Cucumber / Tomato & Onion / Boondi Raita – £2.95

Healthy Option

V5 Special Quinova Salad – £12.95
Hearty, super-healthy quinova Salad is great source of iron and for an extra dose of protein, served with Grilled Soya / Grilled chicken Or Grilled fish

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Venue 5 Hours

Monday 6am – 11pm
Tuesday 12–3pm – 6–11pm
Wednesday 12–3pm – 6–11pm
Thursday 12–3pm – 6–11pm
Friday 12–3pm – 6–11pm
Saturday 12-11pm 
Sunday 12–10pm 


About Venue 5

Venue 5 Bar Restaurant is fully air-conditioned with contemporary décor offering quality food and an excellent selection of wines, spirits, beers, cocktails and other drinks. It has a comfortable seating capacity of 120 people. The conservatory at the rear caters for additional 60 people.

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