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Belgo Bar & Restaurant
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 by Officialsuccess Success story

Great arts and lovely crowd with great food and drinks

 by ali rez

Really good food and service. Even though it is known for it's seafood, served up an amazing dish for my vegetarian friend. Seating is a little tighter here.
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Belgo Bar & Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 20 7437 7284

Website: Closed

Head Office address: 29-31 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 5JR, UK

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Belgo Bar & Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Kikos[ve] [v] [go] Price:£3.45

Chilli flavoured fried salted corn

Giarraffa Olives[ve] [v] [go] Price:£3.95

Large green and fruity Sicilian olives

Cheesy Frites Price:£4.25

Belgo frites with Monterey Jack cheese sauce

Selection of Breads [v] Price:£3.95

Freshly oven baked baguette, sundried tomato & onion loaf and pumpkin seeded bread


NEW Whitebait Price:£5.95

Deep fried whitebait coated with sweet smoked paprika served with tartar sauce

Croquettes Price:£5.95

Lightly coated golden croquettes with your choice of fillings

– Shredded duck with piccalilli Price:£5.95

– Cheese & beer with an apple & ale chutney Price:£5.95

Mini Mussels [go] Price:£6.95

A mini version of a Belgian classic! Choose from Green Thai , Marinière or Provençal

Calamari Price:£7.25

Tender and crispy salt & pepper squid, served with spicy Andalouse sauce

Lobster Bisque Price:£6.95

Rich and indulgent lobster soup made with, Champagne and served with seeded bread

King Prawns[go] Price:£7.25

6 grilled king prawns served with mango, chilli & red onion salsa

NEW Oumph!™ Salad[ve] [v] [go] Price:£5.96

Thai salad with cucumber, carrot ribbons, red onion, radish, mint, coriander and toasted almonds served with sautéed spiced Oumph!™

Mushroom Vol Au Vent[v] Price:£5.95

Baked puff pastry filled with sautéed chestnut mushrooms in a creamy mushroom sauce

Chicken Wings Price:£6.95

Marinated in your choice of sauce, hot (!) sticky smoked BBQ [go] or peri-peri sauce [gf]

– Hot Price:£6.95

Sticky smoked BBQ Price:£6.95

– Peri-Peri Price:£6.95


Barley Salad[ve] [v] Price:£12.45

A rich combination of pomegranate, chickpeas, roasted butternut squash, rocket, mint leaves, radish and flaked almonds with a rose harissa dressing

Vegetable Tagine[ve] [v] Price:£13.95

A spicy, rich flavoured stew of seasonal vegetables, served with couscous and topped with almonds

Butternut Squash Risotto[ve] [v] [go] Price:£12.45

Cumin and paprika spiced risotto served with butternut squash, toasted hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and coriander cress


Half Roast Chicken [go] Price:£14.50

A succulent, rotisserie roasted half chicken smothered in your choice of sauce and a side

Rack of Ribs [go] Price:£17.95

A full rack of slow cooked BBQ pork ribs served with Belgo slaw and your choice of sauce and a side

NEW Ribs and Chicken Combo Price:£21.95

A half rack of slow cooked BBQ pork ribs and half a succulent rotisserie roasted chicken and battered onion rings, served with your choice of 2 sauces and a side.


Green Thai[go] Price:£14.95

Thai green sauce with coconut cream, fresh ginger, lemon grass, chilli & coriander

Bacon & Beer Price:£14.95

Smoky pancetta with our aromatic Belgo Wit beer & shallots

Chorizo[go] Price:£14.95

Chorizo, chorizo paste, butter beans, garlic & parsley

Provençal[go] Price:£14.95

Tomato sauce, onion, garlic, basil, courgettes, peppers and aubergine purée

Traditionelle[go] Price:£14.95

Garlic, celery, onion, butter & white wine

Marinière[go] Price:£14.95

Celery, onion, garlic, white wine & cream sauce


Waterzooi[go] Price:£14.95

Flemish style fish stew with salmon, hake, mussels, king prawns, onion & baby potatoes, served in a light creamy beer & saffron sauce

Liège Meatballs Price:£14.95

Liège style pork & beef meatballs in red wine & smoked bacon sauce, served with red cabbage & stoemp mash

Belgo Pils Battered Fish & Frites Price:£14.95

Seasoned with paprika and served with pea & mint purée, home-made tartare sauce and sliced pickles

Caesar Salad[go] Price:£11.50

Crisp baby gem lettuce, cheese, anchovies, croutons, avocado and soft boiled egg tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing

– Add chicken Price:£2

NEW Mac ‘n’ Cheese Price:£10.25

Our own version of the classic baked mac ‘n’ cheese in a Leffe beer rarebit sauce with crispy smoked bacon and fried onions

Seafood Pasta Price:£13.95

Mussels, king prawns and squid in a creamy chilli lobster sauce served with spaghetti

Toulouse Sausage Price:£13.95

Herb & garlic sausages, stoemp mash and beer gravy

Beef Carbonade Price:£14.95

Lambic beer braised beef with bacon and prunes served with Stoemp mash

Lamb Shank Price:£17.50

Lamb shank slow cooked in a Morello cherry & Kriek beer sauce served with Stoemp mash

8oz Sirloin Steak[go] Price:£19.95

Our Black Angus steak is aged for at least 35 days, served with frites, Stoemp mash [gf] or salad [gf]

– Add a sauce: Choose Peppercorn, Mushroom [gf] or Béarnaise sauce Price:£1.95


Mixed Salad[go] [v] [ve] Price:£3.95

Onion Rings[v] Price:£3.95

Frites[v] Price:£3.45

Sweet Potato Fries Price:£4.45

Red Cabbage [v] Price:£2.95

Braised in Framboise beer with Bramley apple and cinnamon

NEW Mac ‘n’ Cheese Price:£2.95

Classic baked mac ‘n’ cheese in a Leffe beer rarebit sauce with crispy bacon and fried onions

Stoemp Mash [v] [go] Price:£3.45

Traditional buttery mashed potato with celeriac, carrots, spring onion and leeks, flavoured with nutmeg

Couscous [v] [ve] Price:£3.45

Cinnamon, turmeric, cumin flavoured couscous with raisins and toasted flaked almonds

Broccoli Stems[v] [go] Price:£2.95

Chargrilled with butter and chilli

Roasted Butternut Squash[v] [go] [ve] Price:£2.95

With thyme & garlic

Belgo Slaw[go] [v] Price:£2.95

Carrots, radish, celeriac, red chicory, chilli, spring onion with spicy mayo and coriander cress

Belgo Bar & Restaurant Drinks Menu


Mojito Price:£9.95

The original, perfected here at Belgo. Havana Club Rum, with the classic combination of mint, lime and sugar topped with soda

Pink Star Martini Price:£9.95

Beefeater Pink Gin is matched with a tropical blend of Indian mangos, passion fruit and orange juice. Served with a shot of sparkling rosé

Ginger and Apple Mojito Price:£9.95

Twist on a classic! Havana Club Rum mixed with classic mojito flavours with an added twist of ginger and cloudy apple juice topped with soda

Ginger Margarita Price:£9.95

Sweet & sour. Olmexa Altos Bianco, and TripleSec blended together with limes, lemon, sugar cane and ginger syrup

Belgo Espresso Martini Price:£9.95

Coffee for the evenings. Absolute Vanilia mixed with the finest cold brew coffee and dusted with cocoa powder

Raspberry Daiquiri Price:£9.95

One of our favourites. Havana 3 year Old Rum flavoured with raspberry, lime, lemon and sugar. Served with strawberries and limes

Solero Punch Price:£9.95

Bringing the sunshine. Absolute Citron, Passionfruit Martini mix shaken with lemon, lime and mango

Bellini Price:£9.95

An Italian classic. Prosecco paired with your favourite fruit flavours. Choose from raspberry, passionfruit or mango

Passion Fruit Fizz Price:£9.95

Absolut Vodka mixed with a delicious fruity mix of passion fruit, mango, lemon, lime and sugar cane. Topped with Red Bull

Citrus Spritz Price:£9.95

The grown-up orange. A refreshing mixture of Aperol and orange juice topped with sugar free Red Bull


Comte Alexandre Blanc

France. Easy to drink, rounded and well balanced

125ml Price:£3.25/175ml Price:£5.15/250ml Price:£6.25/btl Price:£17.50


Italy. Zesty citrus fruit with hints of apple & pear balanced by notes of melon and spice

125ml Price:£4.45/175ml Price:£6.15/250ml Price:£8.75/btl Price:£25.95


Spain. Ripe, tropical fruit notes, with juicy acidity on the palate

125ml Price:£4.25/175ml Price:£5.95/250ml Price:£8.45/btl Price:£24.75

Pinot Grigio

Italy. Beautifully balanced and easy drinking with a gorgeous, lingering finish

125ml Price:£3.75/175ml Price:£5.65/250ml Price:£7.45/btl Price:£19.25

Picpoul De Pinet

France. Crisp, light and aromatic, with incredible freshness on the palate

125ml Price:£4.05/175ml Price:£5.75/250ml Price:£7.95/btl Price:£22.95

NZ Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand. Crisp and fresh, with vibrant lime, gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours

125ml Price:£4.25/175ml Price:£5.85/250ml Price:£8.25/btl Price:£23.7


Pinot Grigio Rosé

Italy. An attractively balanced slightly medium-dry rosé

125ml Price:£3.75/175ml Price:£5.65/250ml Price:£7.45/btl Price:£19.95

White Zinfandel

USA. Strawberry & tropical fruit flavours with fresh acidity balancing the sweetness

125ml Price:£4.05/175ml Price:£5.75/250ml Price:£7.95/btl Price:£22.95


Comte Alexandre Rouge

France. Ruby red, and fairly intense with subtle fruit and complexity

125ml Price:£3.25/175ml Price:£5.15/250ml Price:£6.25/btl Price:£17.50


France. Intensely fruity bouquet, with a superb, lengthy finish

125ml Price:£3.75/175ml Price:£5.65/250ml Price:£7.45/btl Price:£19.95

Pinot Noir

Chile. Expressive, ripe red fruits with supple and elegant tannins

125ml Price:£4.05/175ml Price:£5.75/250ml Price:£7.95/btl Price:£22.95

Cabernet Sauvingon

France. Typical blackcurranty fruit flavours, vinified in a soft, easy to drink style

125ml Price:£4,25/175ml Price:£5.85/250ml Price:£8.25/btl Price:£23.75


Argentina. Notes of violets, cherries and subtle hints of vanilla on the palate

-125ml Price:£4.25/175ml Price:£5.95/250ml Price:£8.45/btl Price:£24.75

Côtes du Rhône

France – Rhone. Packed with red fruit, delicate and generous with fine and silky tannins

125ml Price:£4.25/175ml Price:£6.15/250ml Price:£8.75/btl Price:£25.95


Virgin Mojito Price:£4.95

Deliciously refreshing, the classic combination of mint, Persian limes and sugar topped with soda

Passion Fruit Cooler Price:£4.95

Classic Mojito flavours of mint, lime and sugar blended together with mango and ginger topped with soda

Pink Lemonade Price:£4.95

Fruity and zesty with flavours of passion-fruit, raspberry puree, Mexican limes, Spanish lemons, sugar cane with a lemonade top

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Belgo Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Belgo Coupans

Be there for our first ever event from 6:30pm on Tuesday 4th June, then join us fortnightly for the fun to continue!
Book now from just £5pp for your entry and nibbles, or £12.95 for a meal, drink and FREE quiz entry too!
Fancy your chances to WIN our grand prize of £100 bar tab?

About Belgo Bar & Restaurant

One of the newer members of the Belgo family based in the heart of Old Compton Street. Belgo Soho has two levels. The ground floor seats up to 50 diners and has large open windows looking out onto Old Compton Street with very cool, slightly industrial décor and an open kitchen…

The lower ground floor seats 110 diners perfect for pre-booking the whole downstairs restaurant. It is also parted into two sections (right and left), seating 55 diners in each so very well equipped for a more intimate private event or party.

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Belgo Bar & Restaurant
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Officialsuccess Success story

Great arts and lovely crowd with great food and drinks

 by ali rez

Really good food and service. Even though it is known for it's seafood, served up an amazing dish for my vegetarian friend. Seating is a little tighter here.
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