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Phone: 0131 629 1526


Head Office address: On the basement, 20A Leopold Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5LB, United Kingdom

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Toranj Restaurant Main Menu With Price

Cold Starters

Humus Price :£6.50

mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic served with fresh Nan bread

Baba Ganush Price :£6.90

A delicious smoky aubergine dip, eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, yoghurt. Served with fresh Nan

Fatush Salad Price :£6.50

Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, mint, spring onions, radish, parsley, topped with toasted Lebanese bread, olive oil and pomegranate sauce dressing

Greek Salad Price :£6.50

Fresh red onions, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olive, feta cheese, dried mint and olive oil, lemon juice dressing

Salad Shirazi Price :£5.00

Chopped fresh red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs topped with lemon juice and olive oil

Hot Starters

Kashke Badimjan Price :£7.50

Fried aubergine mashed mixed with mint, fried onions and topped with crushed walnut and kashk (aged dried yoghurt). Served with fresh Nan

Mirza Ghasemi Price :£6.90

Pureed grilled aubergine mixed with onion, garlic, eggs and natural tomato chopped with special tomato puree. Served with nan

Lentil Soup Price :£5.50

Lentil soup: kurdish style lentil cooked with pepper paste, onion, dried mint and spice, served with hot fresh nan

Dolmeh Price :£6.00

Vine leaves stuffed with rice, onions, herbs and spice

Falafel Price :£5.90

Crushed and fried chickpeas with sesame paste, mixed herbs served with Humus

Baly Mrshk Price :£6.00

Grilled chicken wings in a special Chefs sauce

Cheese Borek Price :£6.50

Rolled pastries, filled with feta, mozzarella, cheddar cheeses and dry mint

Halloumi Cheese Price :£5.90

Middle Eastern cheese fried and topped with pomegranate sauce

Small Mazeh Platter Price :£14.90

Humus, Dolmeh, Kashke bademjan, olive and fresh Nan

Large Mazeh Price :£22.90

Kashke bademjan, falafel, humus, olive, dolmeh and fresh hot Nan

Shawrma & Wrap

Falafel Wrap Price :£7.90

Our fresh falafel wrapped up with Humus, salad, chilli sauce and garlic sauce

Chicken Shawarma Wrap Price :£8.50

Slices of marinated chicken wrapped in fresh Nan with salad, chill sauce, and garlic sauce

Lamb Shawrma Wrap Price :£8.90

Slices of marinated lamb fillet wrapped with salad, chilli sauce and garlic sauce

Kebaba Shawrma Price :£8.50

BBQ Minced lamb wrapped with salad garlic and chilli sauce

BBQ & Kebabs

Our BBQ dishes are served with a grilled tomato, saffron rice, salad or fries and salad or alternatively tandoori Nan bread and salad, depending on your preference

Kebab Koobideh Price :£12.50

Kebab koubdeh: Two skewers of minced lamb served with saffron rice and salad

Kebab Shaz Price :£14.50

Two skewer of minced lamb mixed with spices, garlic, onion, parsley and pepper

Kebab Chenjeh Price :£14.50

One skewer of diced tender lamb fillet, served with rice and salad

Kebab Momtaz Price :£18.90

Askwer of diced tender lamb fillet accompanied by a skewer of minced lamb

Kebab Shishlik Price :£15.50

A skewer of tantalising lamb chops marinated in olive oil, saffron, lime juice and crushed peppers

Kebab Makhsous Price :£18.90

Askwer of lambchops and minced lamb

Joojeh Kebab Price :£12.50

A skewer boneless chicken breast marinated in saffron, olive oil and lime juice. Served with saffron rice and salad

Special Joojeh Kebab Price :£15.90

A skewer of chicken breast and skewer of minced lamb. Served with saffron rice and salad

Kebab Bakhtiari Price :£15.50

A skewer of diced lamb, chicken breast mixed with pepper, onion, tomato and grilled

Baly Mrishk Price :£12.50

BBQ chicken wings marinated in a special sauce. Served with rice and salad

Vegetables Kebab Price :£11.90

A skewer of aubergine, mushroom, tomato, pepper and onion marinated in special sauce and grilled

Mix Kebab for One Price :£20.90

Mix kebab for one: A skewer of lamb fillet, chicken breast and minced lamb. Served with safrron rice and salad or nan

Mixed Kebab 1

A skewer of diced lamb, one chicken breast, chicken wings, and 2 skewers of Minced lamb, skewer of grilled tomatoes and 2 safrron rice, salad
For Two Price :£40.90

Mixed Kebabs

A skewer of lamb, one chicken breast, chicken wings, one skewer of lamb chops, three skewer of minced lamb, grild tomatoes, three safrron rice and salad
For Three Price :£59.90

Mixed Kebab 2

A skewer of diced tender lamb, lamb chops, chicken wings, chicken breast and four skewers of Minced lamb, grilled tomatoes, four saffron rice and salad
For Four Price :£69.90

Grilled Seabass or Salmon or Tiger Prawns Price :£14.90

Grilled Seabass or Salmon or tiger Prawns: Marinated in a special sauce and grilled

Traditional Stews

Slow cooked dishes, served with rice, vegetarian available

Bamia Ba Ghoosht (Veg: Mushrooms Instesd of Lamb) Price :£11.90

fresh okra cooked in a special tomato sauce with hint of garlic and cubed lamb served with rice or veg mushrooms instead of lamb

Ghormeh Sabzi (Veg: Mushrooms Instesd of Lamb) Price :£12.50

A Persian aromatic dish of parsley, spinach, dill, coriander finely chopped and slowly cooked with kidney beans and lamb pieces served with saffron rice. Veg mushrooms instead of lamb

Gheima Badimjan (or Veg Mushrooms Instead of Lamb) Price :£11.90

Aubergine, split yellow peas, diced pieces of lamb and whole dried lime, cooked in a special souce served with rice

Zereshk Polo Ba Murgh Price :£12.50

Tender juicy chicken breast and leg, served with saffron rice topped with barberry, pistachios and almonds

Baghali Polo Ba Gosht Price :£14.50

Steam cooked rice mixed with broad beans, fresh dill, served with a shank of lamb in a special sauce

Tapsi Price :£11.90

Favourite vegetarian dish, mexed vegetables of aubergine, mixed pepper, onion, slice potatoes, salery cooked in a special tomato sauce served with saffron rice

Side Dishes

Mast-O-Khiar Dip (Jajic) Price :£4.90

Homemade yoghurt mixed with chopped cucumber, crushed black pepper and dried mint

Mast-O-Mouseer Dip Price :£4.90

Traditional yoghurt mixed with chopped shallots and crushed black pepper

Olives Price :£4.50

Mixed of green and black olive

Plain Saffron Rice Price :£4.90

Steam cooked rice mixed with saffron

Zereshk Polo Rice Price :£5.50

Traditional wild barberry & saffron rice

Baghali Polo Rice Price :£5.90

Steam cooked rice mixed with broad beans & fresh dill

Bamia Dip Price :£4.60

Fresh Okra cooked in a special tomato sauce ideal to serve with kebab

Sabzi Dip Price :£6.50

Fresh herbs cooked with red kidney beans

Badimjan Dip Price :£5.50

Aubergine, split yellow peas cooked in a special tomato puree

Tapsi Price :£6.50

Vegetarian dish, mixed vegetables of aubergine, mixed pepper, onions, slice potatoes, garlic, parsily, cooked in a special tomato sauce with spices

Torshy Price :£4.50

Pickled vegetables

Fries Price :£3.50

Nan Bread Price :£2.00

Fresh, hot tandoori bread

BBQ Skewers

Kubdeh Price :£6.00

Shishlik Price :£9.90

Chenjeh Price :£9.90

Bakhtiari Price :£10.00

Joojeh Price :£8.50

Vegetable Kebab Price :£8.50

Chicken Wings Price :£8.50

Tiger Prawn Price :£11.50

Sweet Menu

Baklawa Price :£5.00

Pastries stuffed with walnut, almond and soaked in a fresh syrup

Kunafa Price :£6.00

Middle Eastern favourite crunchy shredded Phyllo pastry sandwiching in a melty cheese, soaked in a fresh syrup

Basbousa Price :£5.00

Is a traditional middle Eastern sweet cake, made from semolina, double cream, and dry milk powder soaked in a fresh syrup topped with nut

Luqum Price :£4.90

Deferent flavours of Turkish delight served with fresh cream

Rose Ice Cream Price :£5.50

Saffron Ice-Cream Homemade Price :£6.50

Mango Sorbet Price :£5.50

Rose Sorbet Price :£5.50


Menial and Sparkling Water Small / Price :£2.50 / Large Price :£5.90

Doogh Glass Price :£2.60 / Jug Price :£7.90

Traditional yoghurt based drink mixed with sparkling water dried mint and salt

Chay Price :£2.60

Traditional Persian tea served in a pot

Mint, Apple, Green Tea Price :£2.50

Turkish Coffee Price :£3.20

Soft Drinks

Coke Price :£2.90

Diet Coke Price :£2.90

Sprite Price :£2.90

Irnbrou Price :£2.90

Fanta Price :£2.90


Orange Price :£2.50

Mango Price :£2.50

Apple Price :£2.50

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Monday 3–10 pm
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About Toranj Restaurant

They almost 15 years of experience in catering industry which equipped me to cater for any kind of Mediterranean cuisine to be served inside or for outside catering as required. I have intradused shish pipe in addition to our existing business & looking forward to see you all.

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