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 by Alice Thorne

Attentive staff and food is delicious it can't be coincidence that it has had faithful, returning customers for more than 3 decades. A traditional Indian restaurant that does traditional dishes very well.

Star Of Wales store hours

Phone: +44 29 2038 3222


Head Office address: 438 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1JN, UK

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Star Of Wales Main Menu With Price


Meat and Chicken

Mixed Starter (Egg, Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£6.95

Lamb tikka, chicken tikka, kebab, onion bhajee.

Aloo Dilpasand (Egg, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Spicy potato incased mince meat encrusted in breadcrumbs.

Spicy Wings (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Seasoned chicken wings.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Marinated pieces of meat charcoal grilled.

Chicken Chat (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Tikka chicken pieces on our chat massala sauce.

Bengal Kebab (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Hot and spicy bite size kebabs.

Kebabs (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Sheek, shami or reshmi.

Meat Samosa (Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Chicken Pakora (Egg, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Crispy succulent spicy chicken.


King Prawn Tandoori (Crustaceans, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£6.95

Seasoned king prawn cooked in a clay oven.

Fried Scampi (Crustaceans, Fish, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Succulent pieces of scampi

King Prawn Butterfly (Crustaceans, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£6.95

Deep fried lightly spiced king prawn in batter.

Machli Biran (Fish, Soyabean) Price :£6.25

Salmon steaks cooked in light spices gently fried.

King Prawn Sukka (Crustaceans, Egg, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£6.95

Sweet and sour king prawns.

Prawn and Puri (Crustaceans, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£5.95

Prawns in a rich sauce served with leavened bread.

King Prawn Roshuni (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£6.95

Garlic king prawns.

Prawn Cocktail (Crustaceans, Egg, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£4.75

Succulent prawns served in our house cocktail sauce.


Aloo Chat (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Spicy potato.

Chat Pate (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£4.25

Chick peas, scrambled egg and potatoes in a hot and spicy.

Onion Bhajee (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Shredded onion deep fried with flour and spices.

Piaji (Egg, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Hot and spicy bite sized version of onion bhajee.

Vegetable Samosa (Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£4.50

Muligatawny Soup (Soyabean) Price :£3.50

Spicy soup.

Papadoms (Soyabean) Price :£0.50

Spicy Papadoms (Soyabean) Price :£0.60

Chutney Tray (Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£2.50

A selection of chutneys including mint sauce, onion salad,
mango chutney and mixed pickle.


Murgi Boorji (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Diced marinated chicken in a hot spicy sauce.

Madhu Murg (Milk, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Tender chicken cooked with sultanas and cashew nuts in a honey
and cream sauce.

Murgi Massala (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Succulent pieces of chicken and spicy mincemeat in a thick
curry sauce.

Murg Moglai (Milk, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Mild, tangy with cashew nuts and almond flakes.

Chicken Tikka Makani (Milk, Mustard, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Tender pieces of tikka chicken in a rich, butter and almond
cream sauce.

Anarkali Bahar (Milk, Mustard, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Pieces of tikka chicken in a special cream and yoghurt sauce, served
in a sizzler.

Goan Green Chicken (Soyabean) Price :£9.25

A fairly hot dish, cooked with fresh green herbs and spices, chillies
and green beans.

Jaipuri Chicken (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

A hot chicken dish with fresh ginger, garlic butter and fresh
green chillies.

Murgi Pati Palak (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£12.45

Roasted marinated fillets of chicken wrapped around fresh spinach
in rich spicy, onion and pepper stir-fry sauce.

Murgi Damandi (Egg, Milk, Nuts(Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£13.95

Whole breast of chicken cooked in clarified butter and aromatic
herbs and spices, then simmered to perfection in a rich, creamy rose
water, pistachio and cashew nut flavour sauce.
Served with coconut rice.

Hydar-e-Bahar (Soyabean) Price :£13.95

Chicken breast stuffed with spicy minced meat, oven roasted and
served with a rich sauce with pilau rice and salad.

Harash Korai (Milk,Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£12.95

Duck breast meat cooked with onions and green peppers in a thick,
spicy sauce, served in a korai.

Harash Dilkush (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£12.95

Aromatic , savoury, honey flavoured slices of duck breast served
in a rich, spicy hot sauce with fresh chillies



Dagni Ghost (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

An aromatic highly flavoured spicy lamb dish cooked with
fresh garlic, chillies and onions.

Lamb Koraie (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Lamb in a thick spicy sauce with pieces of onion, tomato and green pepper, served in a koraie.

Nalli Ghost (Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£13.95

Tender piece of braised, marinated lamb shanks,
cooked in a thick, spicy sauce, served with fresh
vegetables and rice.

Lamb Pasanda (Milk, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Specially prepared lamb in a rich almond and cream sauce.

Sali Ghost (Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Spicy lamb in a thick sauce with a crispy potato topping.

Lamb Bahar (Milk, Nuts ( Almonds), Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£12.95

Tender pieces of stir fried lamb with green peppers and
onion, cooked in a thick spicy sauce with pillaw rice.

Shatkora Ghost (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Lamb cooked with a tropical citrus fruit resulting in a
wonderfully rich, sharp and fruity flavoured hot dish.


Shorisha Mas (Fish, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£9.95

Bite size pieces of salmon in a spicy sauce with ground

Machli Bhoona (Fish, Soyabean) Price :£9.95

Salmon cooked in a thick spicy sauce.

Chingi Bortha (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£9.95

Minced prawns in a spicy hot sauce.

Golda Chingri Korai (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£14.95

King prawns cooked with green peppers, tomatoes and
onions in a rich, spicy, medium sauce.


Chicken or Lamb Tikka Bhuna (Milk, Mustard, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Chicken or lamb in a thick spicy sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Served with salad and mint sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala (Milk, Mustard, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£9.25

Cooked in our unique rich coconut and almond creamy yogurt sauce, spicier than the average massala.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Korai Massala (Egg, Milk, Mustard, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Served in a hot korai, giving a wonderfully smoky flavour, garnished with
almonds, sultana’s, cream, tomato and egg, spicier than the average massala.

Tandoori Chicken (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£9.50

Half spring chicken on the bone. Served with a side salad.

Tandoori Mixed Grill (Egg, Crustaceans, Milk, Mustard, Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£15.95

Lamb tikka, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, tandoori chicken, king prawns
cooked in a clay oven served with naan and salad.

Chicken or Lamb Saslik (Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£9.95

Grilled with onion, tomato and green pepper. Served with a side salad.

King Prawn Tandoori (Milk, Crustaceans, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£15.95

Served with side salad and mint sauce.


House Special Balti (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£10.75

A delicious mix of chicken, meat, prawns and fresh vegetables in a thick spicy sauce.

Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Balti (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£9.75

In a thick spicy sauce.

King Prawn Balti (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£14.50

King prawn in a thick spicy sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Medium to madras strength with onions, green peppers and fresh chillies

Balti Tikka Massala (Milk, Mustard, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£9.75

A variation of the old favourite.

Methi Murgh or Methi Ghost (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

An aromatic and savory dish with chicken or lamb with fenugreek leaves.

Murgh Sag or Sag Ghost (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Medium hot chicken or lamb with spinach.

Keema Balti (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Spicy mince meat in a hot spicy sauce.

Kofta Balti (Soyabean) Price :£9.75

Spicy meat balls in a hot sauce.


Maharajah Special (Egg, Milk, Mustard, Soyabean) Price :£13.95

A biryani fit for a king. Prepared with a mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and keema fried rice on a bed of fresh salad served with a separate vegetable curry sauce.

House Special Biryani (Egg, Crustaceans, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£11.95

Prepared with a mixture of rice, chicken, meat, prawn, almonds, sultanas and mushrooms with an omelette on top, served with a separate vegetable curry sauce.

Moglaie Biryani (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£11.45

Prepared with a mixture of rice, chicken, and meat with an omelette on top,
served with a separate vegetable curry sauce.

Shahee Biryani (Crustaceans, Egg, Soyabean) Price :£11.45

Prepared with a mixture of rice, chicken, prawn and mushrooms with an
omelette on top, served with a separate vegetable curry sauce.

Chicken Tikka Biryani (Milk, Mustard, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£11.45

Prepared with a mixture of rice, tikka chicken, served with a plain massala sauce.

Persian Chicken Biryani (Egg, Nuts, Soyabean) Price :£11.45

Prepared with a mixture of rice, chicken, pineapple, almond and sultanas
with an omelette on top, served with a separate vegetable curry sauce.

Chicken Biryani (Soyabean) Price :£10.25
Meat Biryani (Soyabean) Price :£10.25
Prawn Biryani (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£10.25
King Prawn Biryani (Crustaceans, Soyabean) Price :£15.95
Egg Biryani (Egg, Soyabean) Price :£9.50
Vegetable Biryani (Soyabean) Price :£9.50
Mushroom Biryani (Soyabean) Price :£9.50


All available in chicken, lamb, prawn (Crustaceans) or
king prawn (Crustaceans) (king prawn – Price :£4.50 extra).

Curry (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

A medium strength curry.

Madras (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

A rich aromatic dish, fairly hot in strength.

Vindaloo (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Similar to madras with a stronger use of spices making it a hot curry.

Korma (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£7.95

A mild creamy dish.

Dansak (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Sweet, sour and hot with lentils.

Sag (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Medium hot with spinach.

Malaya (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Medium hot with pineapples.

Bhuna (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Thick, spicy, medium sauce.

Rogon Josh (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Medium hot with tomatoes.

Dupiaza (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Medium hot with onion and green peppers.

Pathia (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

Sweet, sour and hot.

Kashmir (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£7.95

with banana.

Uri (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

With green beans.

Bengal (Soyabean) Price :£7.95

With vegetables.


Vegetable Balti Special (Soyabean) Price :£9.25

A mouth watering mixture of fresh vegetable spinach, dhall and
chickpeas in a spicy medium sauce.

Chana Aloo (Milk, Soyabean) Price :£8.45

Chickpeas and potato in a creamy lentil sauce.

Katchuri Dansak (Wheat, Soyabean) Price :£8.45

Crispy lentil and rice balls in a hot dansak sauce.

Begun Massala (Soyabean) Price :£8.45

Tender pieces of aubergine in a special massala sauce.

Vegetable Malai (Milk, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£8.45

Fresh vegetable balti in a mild creamy sauce.

Paneer Makani (Milk, Nuts (Almonds), Soyabean) Price :£8.45

Paneer cooked wit tandoori spices in a rich creamy sauce.

Sabji Mirch (Soyabean) Price :£9.45

Whole green peppers stuffed with fresh vegetables
served with a puri and salad.


Sag Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95


Cauliflower Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Tender cauliflower.

Sag Potato Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Spinach and potato.

Bhindi Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95


Mixed Vegetable Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Tender mixed vegetables.

Capsicum Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Green peppers.

Mushroom Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Seasoned mushrooms.

Chana Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Chick peas.

Begun Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95


Chana Aloo Bhajee (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Chick peas and potato.

Bombay Potatoes (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Spicy dry potato.

Aloo Gobi (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Potato and cauliflower.

Sag Poneer (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Spinach and cottage cheese.

Mutter Poneer (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Spiced peas with cottage cheese.

Tarka Dhall (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Lentils with fried garlic.

Dhall (Soyabean) Price :£3.50


Plain Curry Sauce (Soyabean) Price :£3.50

Mandras, Vindaloo, Korma etc

Curry Sauce (Soyabean) Price :£3.95

Massala, Makani etc

Fried Mushrooms (Soyabean) Price :£2.95


Boiled Rice Price :£2.25

Pilaw Rice Price :£2.50

Mushroom, Lemon or Coconut Rice Price :£3.60

Special Fried Rice Price :£3.60

Keema Pilaw Rice Price :£3.60

Vegetable Rice Price :£3.60

Chips Price :£2.25

Raithas Price :£0.95

Mango Chutney Price :£0.65

Mixed Pickle Price :£0.65

Onion Chutney Price :£0.65

Yoghurt Price :£0.65


Garlic and Ginger Nan Price :£2.75

Martin Special, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soyabean

Plain Nan Price :£2.50

Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soyabean

Keema Nan Price :£2.75

With minced meat, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soyabean

Peshwaree Nan Price :£2.75

With almonds, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Nuts, Soyabean

Koolsa Nan Price :£2.75

With onions, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soyabean

Roshuni Nan Price :£2.75

With garlic, Egg, Milk, Wheat, Soyabean

Chappathi Price :£1.75


Poratha Price :£2.50


Stuffed Poratha Price :£2.75

With vegetables, Wheat

Tandoori Roti Price :£2.25



Chicken Chasseur Price :£9.95

Mustard, Wheat, Barley, Sulphites, Soyabean

Roast Chicken Price :£8.95


Golden Fried Scampi Price :£8.95

Crustaceans, Soyabean, Wheat

Chicken Omelette Price :£8.95

Egg, Soyabean

Prawn Omelette Price :£8.95

Egg, Crustaceans, Soyabean

Mushroom Omelette Price :£7.95

Egg, Soyabean

Tomato Omelette Price :£7.95

Egg, Soyabean

Spicy Omelette Price :£7.95

Egg, Soyabean

Star Of Wales Drinks Menu



House Sauvignon Blanc Price :£13.95

Ripe Citrus fruit character with great freshness and balance.
House wines are available at Price :£2.75 per glass 1.25 ml
0r Price :£4.95 per glass 2.50 ml Spritzer per glass Price :£3.95


Chardonnay Price :£14.95

Full and aromatic wine with notes of white flowers and citrus.

Chablis Price :£29.95

Light golden yellow with green tints. Grapefruit and apricot
aromas. Nice balance between mineral and fine tinges. Frank
mouth with citrus and flowery flavour. Quite long finish.


Pinot Grigio Price :£15.95

A wonderful balance of fresh fruit nuances, with hints of
pears and a touch of lemon. A great all round wine.

South African:-

Chenin Blanc Price :£16.95

This wine has an expressive nose with mango, peach and
honey blossom flavours on the palate the wine is rich and
flavourful with a melange of tropical fruit flavours. The wine
has good concentration and finishes rich and creamy.


Rioja Blanco Price :£18.95

Pale straw colour. Very fresh and mineral nose, apples and
pears with a slightly exotic touch. Very fruity and fresh on
the palate.

New Zealand:-

Sauvignon Blanc Price :£23.95

A fragrant mix of pineapple and passion fruit tropical
flavours with underlying zesty citrus characters of orange
and lime adding complexity


Prosecco Price :£19.95

Pale light yellow colour, with fine . Delicate fruity, slightly
aromatic bouquet with hints of flowers among which honey
and wild apple scents can be perceived. Well balanced and
light body.

House Champagne Price :£35.00

Bright and fresh, with some toasty notes on the finish,
perfect for your festive parties!

Moet + Chandon Price :£46.00

Lively and elegant with fine mousse



Merlot Price :£13.95

Smooth and easy drinking with ripe plum and red berry


Cabernet Sauvignon Price :£14.95

A rich bouquet of concentrated black currant fruit leads
onto a palate of balanced, ripe fruit flavours, vibrant
and long.

Pinot Noir Price :£21.95

Aromatic violets and cherry on the nose. This medium
bodied red has earthy raspberry fruit and fine tannins.

Fleurie Price :£26.95

Fleurie is a 100% Gamay Noir and is a wine of great
finesse and charm. Its bouquet of fresh fruit and soft
tannins round are guaranteed a great moment of


Shiraz Melbec Price :£15.95

An intense deep red colour, it has sweet aromas of
berries and plum jam, although the integrated oak lends
it an elegant smoky and vanilla finish.


Shiraz Cabernet Price :£16.95

A classic mixture to warm the palate, a mouthful of
blackberries, black currant and damson, with a hint of
oak rounding the edges.


Rioja Crianza Price :£18.95

A rich, robust wine, with aromas of black currant,
cherry and vanilla. The taste is fruity, powerful and
comfortable with soft tannins on the aftertaste.



House Rose Price :£13.95

A hint of sweetness and bags of fruit, really easy
drinking and approachable rose wine.
Price :£2.75 per glass 1.25 ml or Price :£4.95 per glass 2.50 ml


Zinfandel Rose Price :£15.95

Lifted summer berries, deliciously bright and soft finish
with hints of creamed raspberries.


Carling (draught) Price :£2.25 / Price :£3.75

John Smiths Price :£2.25 / Price :£3.75


Kingfisher Price :£2.95 / Price :£4.50 (650ml)

Cobra Price :£2.95 / Price :£4.50

Bangla Price :£4.50

Stella Artois Price :£2.95

Budweiser Price :£2.95

Cobra Non Alcholic Price :£2.95

Magners Cider (500ml) Price :£3.95

Bulmers Cider (500ml) Price :£3.95

Strongbow Price :£2.75


Brandy (Martel) Price :£2.50

Courvoisier Price :£2.50

Remy Martin VSOP Price :£3.95

Remy Martin XO Price :£12.95

Whiskey (Teachers) Price :£2.50

Jameson (Irish Whiskey) Price :£2.75

Glenfiddich (Malt Whiskey) Price :£2.75

Bushmills Price :£2.75

Chivas Regal Price :£2.75

Jack Daniels Price :£2.75

Southern Comfort Price :£2.50

Gin (Gordons) Price :£2.50

Bacardi Price :£2.50

Rum (Captain Morgan) Price :£2.50

Vodka (Smirnoff) Price :£2.50

Pernod Price :£2.50

Benedictine Price :£2.50

Cointreau Price :£2.50

Disaronno Amaretto Price :£2.50

Tia Maria Price :£2.50

Baileys Price :£2.50

Malibu Price :£2.50

Drambuie Price :£2.50

Cherry Brandy Price :£2.50

Tequila Price :£2.50

Sambucca Price :£2.50

Port Price :£2.50

Sherry Price :£2.50

Dubonnet Price :£2.50

Campari Price :£2.50

Martini Extra Dry Price :£2.50

Martini Rosso Price :£2.50

Cinzano Bianco Price :£2.50

Archers Price :£2.50


J20 Apple & Mango (Bottle) Price :£2.75

Coke Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

Diet Coke Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

Lemonade Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

Mineral Water – still – 200ml Price :£1.75 / 750ml Price :£3.95

Fruit juice Bottle (Orange, Pineapple) Price :£1.75

Mineral Water – sparkling – 200ml Price :£1.75 / 750ml Price :£3.95

Tonic Water Half Price :£1.75  / Price :£2.95

Bitter Lemon Half Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

Ginger Ale Half Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

Soda Water Half Price :£1.75 / Price :£2.95

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Star Of Wales Hours

Monday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Tuesday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Wednesday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Thursday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Friday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Saturday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Sunday   6:00 pm – 1:00 pm

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About Star Of Wales

The Star Of Wales is a family run Indian restuarant based in Cowbridge, Cardiff. The restaurant has had the same management and chef since it’s opening in 1987,

We have a traditional style restaurant there is also a seating area by the bar for you to wait for your takeaway meals.

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Star Of Wales
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Alice Thorne

Attentive staff and food is delicious it can't be coincidence that it has had faithful, returning customers for more than 3 decades. A traditional Indian restaurant that does traditional dishes very well.