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Mosob Restaurant
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 by Fabrizio Della Pace

Had a great experience at this restaurant. The host was amazing and very friendly, shared her knowledge of the food and her home country and traditions. Food was very yummy and would recommend it to anyone.

Mosob Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 20 7266 2012


Head Office address: 339 Harrow Rd, Maida Hill, London W9 3RB, UK

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Mosob Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Habesha Salad Price :£4.95

Diced green chillies, onions and tomatoes.

House Salad Price :£4.75

Lettuce, tomatoes and green chillies.


Sinig Price :£2.75

Fresh chillies stufed with onions and tomatoes.

Pitta bread Price :£1.95

Plain basmati rice Price :£3.75


Hamli Price :£11.95

Freshly prepared spinach with garlic and olive oil.

Hamli mis Ajibo Price :£11.95

Spinach cooked with spicy herbs and ghee then mixed with natural
cottage cheese.

Shiro Price :£12.25

Finely ground chickpeas cooked with traditional
spices, garnished with olive oil and green chillies.

Timtimo Price :£11.95

Split red lentils stew simmered with traditional spices and

Azifa Price :£11.95

Green lentils cooked with garlic and turmeric.

Kik Price :£11.95

Yellow split peas cooked with garlic and turmeric

Selsi Price :£12.25

Richly spiced potato stew.

Alicha Ahmelti Price :£10.95

Cabbage lightly spiced with turmeric, carrots
and split beans.

Bamia Price :£11.95

Okra stew simmered with tomatoes, garlic & cumin.

Ful Price :£11.95

Broad beans with cumin, green chillies & tomatoes.

Bebe’ainetu Price :£13.50

Chef’s selection of 4 vegetarian dishes.


Derho Price :£12.95

Richly spiced chicken stew served with boiled egg.

Derho Quluwa Price :£14.95

Chicken cubes sautéed with onions & mixed peppers.

Hamli mis Derho Price :£12.95

Mildly spiced spinach cooked with cubes of chicken.

Bamia mis Derho Price :£13.95

Mildly spiced okra stew with cubes of chicken.


Mosob Special Price :£15.95

Specially marinated lamb chops sautéed and served with spinach
and lentils.

Quluwa Price :£13.95

Lamb cubes sautéed with onions, green chillies
and tomatoes.

Awaze Quluwa Price :£13.95

Lamb cubes sautéed with onions, tomatoes
and traditional chilli paste.

Zigni Price :£13.95

Richly spiced traditional lamb stew.

Siga Alicha Fitfit Price :£13.95

Flavourful mild lamb stew mixed with injera


Bamia mis Siga Price :£13.95

Beef and okra stew with tomatoes, garlic & cumin.

Hamli mis Siga Price :£13.95

Tender beef cooked with spinach garlic & olive oil.

Quanta Fitfit Price :£14.95

Specially dried meat stew mixed with injera.

Minchetabish Price :£14.95

Minced beef stew served with boiled egg.

Zilzil Quluwa Price :£15.95

Strips of grilled beef sautéed with onions
and mixed peppers, served with awaze dip.

Kitfo Price :£14.95

Minced beef with spiced ghee and cottage cheese, served with
mitmita dip.

Special Kitfo Price :£15.95

Minced beef with spiced ghee, spinach and
cottage cheese, served with mitmita dip.


Bigusta Nonna Price :£5.75

Shortcrust pastry filled with lemon flavoured
patisserie cream and decorated with pine
nuts, dusted with icing suga

Torta Macao Price :£5.75

A thick chocolate cream on a crushed
cocoa biscuit base, decorated with cocoa

Tartufo Limoncello Price :£5.25

Lemon ice cream with a soft lemon liqueur
centre, coated with crushed lemon meringue.

Tartufo Classico Price :£5.25

Chocolate ice cream with a zabaglione
centre, coated with crushed hazelnuts,
dusted with cocoa powder

Dates Price :£2.75

Dates are the fruit of the date palm tree that are chewy with a sweet flavor very high in good nutrients.


Vegetarian Sambosa Price :£4.50

Pastry filled with vegetables.

Meat Sambosa Price :£4.70

Pastry filled with lamb and vegetables.

Spinach Rolls Price :£4.25

Injera rolled with spinach sauce.

Timtimo Rolls Price :£4.25

Injera rolled with spicy lentils sauce.

Mixed Rolls Price :£4.75

Mixed rolls of spinach and lentils.

Felafel Price :£4.50

Balls of spiced chickpeas and fava beans.

Mosob Hummus Price :£4.20

Carrots and mixed peppers with Hummus dip.

Qategna Price :£4.75

Injera rolled with spiced ghee and chilli.

Special Starter Price :£4.95

A mix of felafel, spinach and lentils rolls.


ASMARA Price :£28.95

Perfect for Vegans

KEREN Price :£33.95

Flavourful & Wholesome

ASSAB Price :£38.55

Spicy Hot One

ADI UGRI Price :£34.55

Lamb & Beef + Vegetables

MASSAWA Price :£37.95

Chicken & Lamb + Vegetables

Mosob Restaurant Drinks Menu


Sexy Mosob Price :£7.50

Cocalime, Cachaca, lime, mint leaves
and sugar with crushed ice.

Mojito Price :£7.50

Rum, fresh lime, mint leaves , sugar,
and ice with a splash of Soda water.

Virgin Mojito Price :£4.95

Apple juice, fresh lime, mint leaves,
sugar and ice with Soda water.

Caipirinha Price :£7.50

Cachaca, fresh lime wedges, sugar,
with crushed ice.

Cosmopolitan Price :£7.50

Citron Vodka, Cointreau, lime juice
and Cranberry juice shaken with ice.

Margarita Price :£7.50

Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice
shaken with ice


Premium Natural Juices

Orange/Peach/Cranberry Price :£2.00



Small still or sparkling Price :£2.00

Large still or sparkling Price :£3.50

Soft Drinks

Coke/Diet Coke, Price :£2.00


Red Bull 250ml Price :£2.95


Tonic water/Soda water Price :£1.35

Ginger Ale/Lemonade Price :£1.35

Coke/Diet Coke Price :£1.35


Corona 4.5% Price :£3.00

Heineken 5.0% Price :£3.00

Budvar Budweiser 5.0% Price :£3.00


Absolut Vodka/Absolut Citron Price :£3.50

Smirnoff Vodka Price :£3.00

Chivas Regal/Johnnie Walker Price :£3.50

Jameson Price :£3.00

Jack Daniel’s Price :£3.00

Southern Comfort Price :£3.00

Bacardi/Havana Club 3yrs Price :£3.00

Havana Club 7yrs Price :£3.50

Tequila Classic/Gold Price :£3.00

Gordon’s Gin Price :£3.00

Bombay Sapphire Gin Price :£3.50

Courvoisier Price :£3.50

Cointreau Price :£3.50

Vecchia Romania Price :£3.50


SANTIAGO CABERNET SAUVIGNON – Price :£3.95 | Price :£14.95 Chile

A bright ruby red, vibrant, rich blackcurrent fruit with touches of herbs.

Ogni Giorno Merlot-Cabernet – 250ml Price :£5.95 Italy

Delicate in flavor, with a refreshing and
pleasant aroma

BARBERA CA’MONTEBELLO DOC 2008 – Price :£17.95 Italy

A medium bodied ruby red with layers of
cherries and dark summer fruits.

BOLLA VALPOLICELLA – Price :£20.95 Italy

A deep ruby red with flavours of berries,
cherries and almonds enhanced with
subtle oak.


ROCHE MAZET SAUVIGNON BLANC – Price :£3.95 | Price :£14.95 France

A dry white wine, harmoniously fruity and
tangy. A good copaninion of white meats.

Ogni Giorno Bianco – 250ml Price :£5.95 Italy

Delicate white wine with a fresh and
harmonious taste.


Light, lively and wonderfully refreshing, it
has delicate floral and herbaceous aromas
with attractive tropical and citrus flavours.

BELLINI PINOT GRIGIO – Price :£17.95 Italy

Fine, Clean intense aromas. Dry with a
pleasant green apples aftertase.

ORVIETO AMABILE BIGI – Price :£19.95 Italy

Strong bouquet of flowers,honey and
Musk. Hints of bitter almond, wiith a very
ripe fruit finish.


PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH – Italy Price :£14.95

a rosé wine which has a pleasant aroma
of ripe cherries. On the palate, it provides
sublime flavours of juicy, ripe strawberries.


Prosecco 750ml Price :£24.95 200ml Price :£6.25

An excellent aperitif; fruity & aromatic,
with hints of wisteria flowers & apples.

House Champagne Price :£35.95

Very floral on the nose, with a burst of
refreshing citrus.


A bright ruby red with purple glints,
elegant & velvety smooth with good body.

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Mosob Restaurant Hours

Monday  6–11:30 pm
Tuesday  6–11:30 pm
Wednesday  6–11:30 pm
Thursday  6–11:30 pm
Friday  6 pm–12 am
Saturday  3 pm–12 am
Sunday  3–11:30 pm

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About Mosob Restaurant

Mosob is a family-run restaurant serving authentic, vibrant Eritrean cuisine in a setting that reflects the country’s culture, with original art and artifacts. Mosob prides itself on giving diners excellent service and true traditional hospitality where a smile goes a long way.

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Mosob Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Fabrizio Della Pace

Had a great experience at this restaurant. The host was amazing and very friendly, shared her knowledge of the food and her home country and traditions. Food was very yummy and would recommend it to anyone.