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Champor Champor
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 by Jocelyn Chau

Service and food excellent. Staff polite and helpful. Definately worth a further visit. Suggest you try for yourself, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Champor Champor store hours

Phone: +44 20 7403 4600


Head Office address: 62-64 Weston St, Bermondsey, London SE1 3QJ, UK

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Champor Champor Main Menu With Price (Dinner Menu)

Starters Menu

Okra Price: £7.25

with roasted young green chilli chutney (vegan)

Green papaya, Price:£7.50

Crispy tofu, pomegranate Somtam, roasted cashew nuts (vegan)

Goat cheese parcels, Price:£7.50

toasted sesame, red onion compote; walnut salad and lime dressing  (veg)

Pan fried baby squid Price:£8.95

with garlic and peppercorn; served with Champor Champor kimchi

Crispy soft shell crab, Price:£9.95

five spice, salt & pepper

Pan fried tandoori prawn Price:£9.95

with mango yogurt salad; Thai salsa

Seared scallop, pancetta, apple salad Price:£10.25

with spiced lime juice and milk dressing

Shredded roast Price:£9.25

duck, hoisin sauce, flat roti

Grilled satay duck breast, Price:£8.95

almond butter, crispy lemongrass

Spicy grilled beef salad Price:£9.95

with herbs and sprinkled roasted rice

Thai style lemongrass soup Price:£8.75

with prawns

Main Menu

Baked fresh shitake mushroom, Price:£13.95

potato edamame dumpling, Szechuan peppercorn sauce, toasted pine nuts

Roasted squash laksa Price:£13.95

with crunchy chickpea, pakchoi and pomegranate

Spicy yellow turmeric young banana curry Price:£13.95

Grilled tofu and butternut squash green curry, Price:£14.25

steamed asparagus, basil oil  (vegan)

Roasted monkfish, Price:£19.50

spinach & ricotta ravioli, mango puree curry

Pan-fried red snapper,Price:£19.50

Malaysian sambal sauce, squid ink linguine

King river prawns yellow turmeric curry, Price:£19.50

egg cream, celery

King river prawns green curry, Price:£19.50

asparagus, butternut squash

Grilled chicken thigh green curry, Price:£17.25

asparagus, butternut squash

Massaman grilled chicken thigh curry Price:£17.25

with fried onions, asparagus butternut squash, tomato and peanuts

Beef rendang Price:£17.75

Malaysians’ favourite of beef cooked in coconut milk and herbs

Sizzling beef sirloin in a hot plate Price:£20.50

with sliced onion, fresh green peppercorns, krachai (wild ginger)

Lamb shank braised in blue Sumatra coffee,Price:£18.95

red wine, dried red chili

Massaman lamb shank curry Price:£18.95

with fried onion, tomato and peanuts

Braised pork belly Price:£18.25

with fresh sugar cane, sham mash potato, red onion compote

Sides Menu

Mix salad with house dressing  Price:£5.50

Wok-fried aubergine  Price:£5.95

Wok-fried vegetable  Price:£4.95

Vegetarian pad thai  Price:£5.95

Halloumi cheese with chilli and spring onion  Price:£6.95

Potato chips sprinkled with masala  Price:£3.95

Sweet potato fries  Price:£3.95

Jasmine rice  Price:£3.60

Sticky rice  Price:£3.60

Coconut rice  Price:£3.60

Flat roti Price:£3.95

Desserts Menu

Green Tea and Pistachio Parfait  Price:£6.95

Chocolate and Chilli Cheese Cake  Price:£6.95

Steam Taro and Black Rice Pudding, Mango Ice Cream  Price:£6.95

Selection of ice cream or granitas  Price:£6.95

Tom Yum Brulee  Price:£6.95

Coffee Menu

Vietnamese Saigon – black  Price:£2.70

Indonesian Blue Sumatra  Price:£2.70

Thai Doi Saked Chiang Mai  Price:£2.90

Colombian Decaffeinated  Price:£2.70

Tea Menu

Fresh Min Price:£2.50

Green Tea  Price:£2.70

Roasted Brown Rice  Price:£2.90

Jasmine Flower  Price:£3.20

Lemongrass Decaffeinated  Price:£2.90

Dessert wine & Port

Late Harvest Semillon, Valentin Bianchi, Mendoza (50cl) Price:£22.50

Plum Wine (Japan)  Price:£4.50

Cockburns Ruby Port  Price:£4.50

Champor Champor Lunch Menu

Starters Menu

Malaysian Vegetables Curry Price:£5.50

Wonton with plum sauce (veg)

Vietnamese Fresh Salad Rolls Price:£5.50

with mixed berry sauce (vegan)

Stir-fried Halloumi Cheese Price:£6.95

with chilli and spring onion (veg)

Green Papaya, Crispy Tofu and Pomegranate Somtam Price:£6.95

with roasted cashew nuts (vegan)

Golden Crunchy Prawns Price:£6.30

with sweet and chilli sauce

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Satay Price:£5.50

with peanut sauce

Shredded Roast Duck Price:£8.50

with Roti and Hoisin

Soup Menu

Tom Yum Prawns hot and sour soup Price:£6.20

with lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves and touch of chilli paste

Tom Kha Chicken coconut soup flavoured Price:£5.95

with kaffir lime leaves and galangal

Teriyaki deep fried breaded juicy chicken or tofu glazed

with an orange teriyaki sauce

Tofu (veg) Price:£7.95/Chicken Price:£8.95

Keang Kiew Wan Thai green curry

with red peppers, aubergines, bamboo shoots and sweet basil

Tofu (veg) Price:£7.95/Grilled thigh chicken Price:£8.95/Prawns or seafood Price:£9.95

Cashew Nuts & Oyster Sauce chicken or tofu stir-fried

with cashew nuts, onions, peppers, dried chili, light soy and oyster sauce

Tofu (veg) Price:£7.95/Chicken Price:£8.95

Keang Ped Bangkok’s famous red curry

with sweet basil, pineapple, cherry tomatoes and grapes

Tofu (veg) Price:£7.95/Roasted duck Price:£9.95/Prawns or seafood Price:£9.95

Beef Rendang: A classic Malay beef curry Price:£9.95

slowly cooked with spices

Champor Champor Wine Menu

Sparkling Wines & Champagne

Vibracions Cava NV Price:£23.50

Xarel-lo, Penedes, Macabeo, (Penedes, Spain)
A fresh and light cava with light notes of apple and smooth finish.

Villa Miazzi Prosseco 2015 Price:£28.95

Glera (Veneto, Italy)

Clean and youthful with well-defined notes of ripe pears and apples. Dry, light and easy drinking with a long finish Extra dry.

Louis Roederer NV Price:£72.50

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier (Champagne, France)

A fine fruitness allied to maturity from a small addition of reserve wine make this a great choice for any occasion. Texture is full and generous in a fairly unexpected way with fruitier and more refreshing notes.

White Wines Menu

Abilius, 2016 Price:£19.95 (btl)/Price:£6.75 (175ml glass)

Airen (Galicia, Spain)

A delicious light, fresh wine from NW Spain. With a clean finish.

Viña San Esteban, 2016 Price:£21.95/(btl) Price:£7.25 ( 175ml glass)

Chardonnay (Aconcagua, Chile)

A well balanced un-oaked chardonnay with notes of melon and pineapple.

Alain Geoffry Petite Chablis, 2015 Price:£37.00 (btl)/ Price:£9.25 (125ml glass)

Chardonnay (Burgundy, France)

Crisp, pear, Dry and full of beautifully weighted pear and yellow plum, with classic Chablis minerality

La Bastille White, 2015 Price:£25.50

Ugni Blanc, Colombard (Languedoc, France)

Lively, floral, good acidity Crisp and clean white fruit and flowers, with fresh acidity.

Etra, 2016 Price:£27.50

Albarino (Rias Baixas, Spain)

An elegant medium bodied wine with peach and apricot with a lasting mineral finish.

Le Versant, Viogner, 2016 Price:£29.75

Viognier (Languedoc, France)

Medium body, peach, aromatic and ripe, this wine is packed with apricot and peach and has a beautiful texture and finish

La Delizia Pinot Grigio, 2015 Price:£23.00

Pinot Grigio (Veneto, Italy)

A fresh and easy drinking style of wine with notes of bread and green apples.

Mt Hector, Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 Price:£33.75

(Wairarapa, New Zealand)

Approachable in style with a focus on fruity flavours, making them perfect for any occasion. Aromatic wine displays flavours of lime and passionfruit, with  a crisp and refreshing finish.

Vina do Campo, 2016 Price:£32.00

Treixadura, Torrontes (Ribeiro, Spain)

Aromatic and floral, this wine offers beautiful aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and candied fruit with lifted fresh acidity.

Weingut Am Steien 2016 Price:£35.50

Riesling Franken(Germany)

This modern, dry Riesling with balanced fruit and acidity shows German wines are back.

Sancerre, David Sautereau 2014 Price:£38.50

Sauvignon Blanc (Loire, France)

A medium in intensity with aromas of grass, grapefruit and a certain mineral. On the palate the wine is dry, high in acidity.

Red Wines Menu

Abilius, 2016 Price:£19.95 (btl)/Price:£6.75 (175ml glass)

Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cab Sauvignon (Galica, Spain)

Excellent value, medium bodied. easy drinking red

Viña San Esteban, 2016 Price:£21.95 (btl)/Price:£7.25 (175ml glass)

Cabernet Sauvignon (Aconcagua, Chile)

A well-rounded fruity Chilean red – ideal for colder evenings!

L.A. Cetto, 2015 Price:£23.00

Petite Sirah (Baja California, Mexico)

A full-on fruity red made to a high standard from Mexico’s premier winemaker.

La Bastille, 2015 Price:£23.75

Merlot, Carignan (Languedoc, France)

Soft fruit, earthy, smooth Soft and smooth autumn red fruit, with a dry earthy finish.

Landings, 2016 Price:£25.50

Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz (SE Australia, Australia)

A rich full bodied red with lots of dark fruit and spice perfect for the beefy dishes.

Las Olas Malbec 2017 Price:£27.75

Malbec (Famatina Valley, Argentina)

Berry, fresh, forest fruits Very easy drinking, with dark mouth filling blackberry and cherry.


Asahi Dry Lager (Japan)* 5% Price:£4.70

Chang Beer (Thailand) 5% Price:£4.70

Ales Menu

Ale (New) Citra 4.6% (500ml) Price:£5.45

A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and Gooseberry aromas leading to dry, bitter finish.

Ale Inferno 4.4% (500ml) Price:£6.75

Flame gold in colour, this igniting ale flares complex fruits across your tongue leaving a dry fruity, thirsty suppressing bitter finish.

Soft drinks Menu

Eceau purified Still water (75cl bottle) Price:£2.90

Eceau purified Sparkling water (75cl bottle) Price:£2.90

Fresh lime soda Price:£3.95

Iced lemon tea Price:£3.95

Coca Cola / Diet Coke Price:£2.00

Lemonade Price:£2.25

Apple juice Price:£2.25

Orange juice, Price:£2.25

Pineapple juice, Price:£2.25

Tomato juice Price:£2.50

Mango juice Price:£2.50

Guava juice Price:£2.50

Aperitifs and Spirits Menu

Spirit prices are for a 25ml single shot Price:£2.00

with a standard mixer (if appropriate) – Note that all mixers.

Campari Price:£4.60

House Gin, Vodka, Scotch Whiskey,Price:£4.60

Light/Dark Rum, Brandy, Tequila …. all with mixer.

Jameson’s 40% Irish Whiskey Price:£4.95

Jack Daniels 43% Bourbon Whiskey Price:£4.95

Glenlivet 40% Scotch single malt Whiskey Price:£4.95

Asian digestifs, spirits and shots Price:£4.60

Tom Yam Vodka (a fiery house infusion).

Mekong 35% (Thai ‘whiskey’) Price:£4.95

Sang Som 40% (Thai ‘rum’) Price:£4.95

Bailey’s Irish Cream Price:£4.00

Benedictine DOM Price:£4.90

Calvados Price:£4.90

Sambuca Price:£4.90

Tia Maria Price:£4.90

Cointreau Price:£5.00

Grand Marnier Price:£5.00

Armagnac Price:£5.00

Amaretto Disaronno Price:£5.00

Cocktails and Mocktails Menu

Pineapple & Mint Tea (Mocktail) Price:£5.50

A deliciously tangy non-alcoholic mocktail to get started with.

Ginger Zinger Price:£8.95

A zesty, spicy number: Whisky, Ginger wine and cinnamon topped off with orange juice.

Pina-Colada Price:£8.95

A refreshing and fruity cocktail with Malibu, coconut milk lime, triple sec and topped off with pineapple juice.

Pink Kimono Price:£8.95

A delicate yet heady mix of Sake, Vodka and Grenadine.

Singapore Sling Price:£9.75

We use the original 1915 recipe from the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel.

Green Goddess Price:£9.75

A surprising combination of Tequila, sweet basil, cucumber and lime juice with sugar syrup.

Ice blended pandan cooler (Mocktail) Price:£4.95

A creamy and refreshing pandan drink *Contains Dairy.

Please note that cocktails are not usually available at lunchtime.

Champor Champor Near Me Locations

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Champor Champor Hours

Monday 12pm–2:30pm 6pm–11pm
Tuesday 12pm–2:30pm 6pm–11pm
Wednesday 12pm–2:30pm 6pm–11pm
Thursday 12pm–2:30pm 6pm–11pm
Friday 12pm–2:30pm 6pm–11pm
Saturday 6pm–10pm
Sunday 6pm–10pm

Champor Champor Coupans

Gift Vouchers & Luxury Gift Boxes are posted same day if ordered by 12 noon Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).
Printing, Postage & Packaging charges will apply.
All gifts are sent 1st Class Post or International Airmail.

About Champor Champor

Champor-Champor, one of the finest Thai restaurants in London, is not just another restaurant. It is a whole culture of its own – a total dining experience. The term “champor champor” is actually a Malay expression, which may be loosely translated as “mix and match”.

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Champor Champor
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Jocelyn Chau

Service and food excellent. Staff polite and helpful. Definately worth a further visit. Suggest you try for yourself, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.