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 by Zachi laor

The Penang Curry w/ shrimp was amazing! I will return! Waiting for my mango & sticky rice now—but I’m sure it’s going to be just as amazing! Music is great too! No wait and I love the staff—courteous and professional! Love this place!!!!

Papaya Tree store hours

Phone: +44 20 7937 2260


Head Office address: 209 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6BD, UK

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Papaya Tree Main Menu With Price


Ultimate pad thai Price :£21.95

We first take our usual pad thai with black tiger king prawns and serve it in a special folded seasoned spring onion omelette. next, more garlic and cracked black pepper king prawns are added on top. an extra dish is used to serve more fresh crunchy beansprouts, spring onion stalks, a bunch of fresh coriander leaves and half a whole lime. finally, another little dish to ‘fine tune’ your pad thai, serves sriracha chilli sauce, crushed ‘dry roasted’ chilli and ground peanuts.

Peppery thai trout Price :£14.95

Fillet of fresh line caught rainbow trout from the spring fed lakes of hampshire. these gin clear waters gives the fish an exceptionally clean taste. garlic and cracked black pepper sauce, fresh young black stemmed peppercorns and crispy fried thai hot basil leaves completes this aromatic dish.

Pla nahm dok (hot) Price :£14.95

Crispy ‘panko crumbed’ fillet of cornish cod with roasted rice powder, lime juice and northern thai herbs.

Papaya tree salt and pepper squid (hot) Price :£14.95

Succulent diamond cut squid quick fried in a light and crispy batter with sea salt, cracked black pepper, young black stemmed peppercorns and finely minced garlic and chilli.

Massaman lamb curry Price :£16.95

Tender lamb cutlets served in a smooth and mild curry with coconut milk, potatoes and cherry tomatoes, finished with roasted peanuts and a delicate drizzle of coconut cream.


Pad krapow (hot)

Stir-fried dish with fresh basil leaves, finely chopped chilli and garlic.

Pad preow wan stir

Fried dish with fresh tomatoes, pineapple, cucumber, onion and green peppers in a sweet and sour sauce.

Pad kratiam stir

Fried dish with garlic and cracked black pepper.

Geang kheaw wan (hot)

Green curry with mixed vegetables and coconut milk.

Geang pet(hot)

Red curry with mixed vegetables and coconut milk.

Geang penang(hot)

Strips of chicken or beef folded in a drier red curry sauce with coconut milk and fish sauce.

Pad pak stir

Fried dish with a deliciously light soya sauce.

Pad pet(hot)

Stir-fried dish with a spicy thai chilli paste.

Pad king

Stir-fried dish with julienne ginger and fresh spring onion.

Pad nam mun hoi

Stir fried dish with oyster sauce, mushrooms and spring onion.


Pad thai

A highly popular thai fried rice noodles with fresh beansprouts, spring onion and roasted ground peanuts.

Pad lard nar

Fried rice noodles in a smooth and light brown gravy. (add Price :£1)

Pad see-ew noodles

Fried rice noodles in a dark soya sauce.

Pad bah mee noodles

Stir fried egg noodles with sliced spring onions baby corn all tossed in a light soya sauce.

Guay teaw haeng a local thai

Lunch dish of stir fried egg or rice noodles mixed in a special thai soy sauce, crispy garlic, chilli and beansprouts.

Tom yum dry noodles

Rice noodles mixed with a hot and sour sauce with crispy garlic, chilli and ground peanuts

Drunken noodles

A spicy noodle dish of stir fried rice noodleswith seasonal vegetables, fresh basil leaves, chilli and garlic.

Khanom jeen geang kheaw wan

Home made soft noodles served with a smooth green curry sauce. (add Price :£1)

Khanom jeen geang bah

Home made soft noodles with a spicy jungle curry sauce. (add Price :£1)


Jungle fried rice (hot)

A spicy dish with fresh basil leaves, garlic and special thai spices.

Kao pad geang kheaw wan (hot)

Green curry sauce stir fried with the rice.

Papaya tree fried rice

Our famous special fried rice with vegetables, soy sauce, garlic and thai spices.


Guay teaw neau rice

Noodles in a aromatic thai beef stock soup with mixed vegetables and beansprouts.

Guay teaw bet

Egg or rice noodles with sliced breast of duck, thai herbs and spices.

Tom yum noodles(hot)

Rice noodles in our famous hot and sour soup with vegetables, beansprouts and ground peanuts on the side.

Thai boat noodles

Originally served from little boats in the floating markets of thailand, these noodles are served in a special herb soup with vegetables and spices.


Jade parcels Price :£8.95

thai herb marinated chicken pieces wrapped in pandan leaves, served with a sweet chilli dip

Chiang mai salad wrap Price :£11.95

a classic dish from northern thailand. minced ‘basil infused’ chicken and crispy noodles with lettuce leaves for yourself to wrap

Dizzy prawns Price :£8.95

breadcrumbed king prawn in a red wine and tangy tomato sauce

Hot potted mussels Price :£8.95

steamed with hot basil leaves served with a hot chilli dip

Papaya tree wings Price :£7.95

pan fried chicken wings topped with a tangy red wine sauce

Tod mun pla Price :£7.95

thai fish cakes made from specially imported thai fish with lime leaves and various spices

Por pia tod Price :£6.95

spring rolls filled with minced chicken, vermicelli and cabbage, served with plum sauce

Satay Price :£7.95

strips of marinated chicken on bamboo skewers, with a peanut butter sauce

Keaw krob Price :£6.95

wonton filled with minced pork and spices, with thai sweet chilli sauce

Goong hom pah Price :£7.95

deep fried king prawn wrapped in a light pastry served with thai sweet chilli sauce

Khanom pang na goong Price :£6.95

minced prawn and spices on fried toast, served with thai sweet chilli sauce

Khanom jeep Price :£7.95

delicate steamed dumplings with minced pork and prawns topped with fried garlic, served with sweet soya sauce


Tom yum soup

a rich hot and sour soup with lime juice, lime leaves, lemon grass, galangal, chilli and mushroom

chicken – Price :£7.95
prawn – Price :£8.95
mixed seafood – Price :£9.95

Tom kah gai Price :£7.95

a mild coconut chicken soup, with lime juice, lemon grass

Geang joot woon seang

a clear and light vermicelli soup and fresh coriander

vegetables – Price :£6.95
chicken/pork – Price :£7.95


Som tum Price :£11.95

the dish of the restaurant! crunchy shredded papaya mixed with lime juice, fish sauce, chilli, minced garlic, shredded carrots, crushed peanuts and tomatoes

Yum neau Price :£12.95

grilled beef strips mixed with herbs, chillli and lemon dressing

Thai sea salad Price :£13.95

seafood tossed with lemon grass, chilli and lemon dressing

Yum woon sen Price :£11.95

vermicelli noodle tossed with minced pork, spring onion and carrots in a spicy lemon dressing

Yum bla muk Price :£13.95

tender squid with onion seasoned with chilli lemon dressing

Plah goong Price :£13.95

succulent king tiger prawns with lemon grass, onions, lemon juice and fresh coriander

Laab Price :£11.95

with lime juice, lime leaves, fresh coriander and chilli – chicken/pork

Moo nam dok Price :£11.95

barbecue strips of pork with lime juice, lime leaves and coriander


Gai pad met mamuang Price :£11.95

stir fried sliced chicken with crunchy lightly roasted cashewnuts, spring onion, mushrooms and roasted chilli

Thai forest chicken Price :£12.95

stir fried spicy chicken with young stemmed peppercorns, coriander roots, finely shredded lime leaves and bamboo shoots

Gai ta-krai Price :£12.95

stir fried chicken with fresh shredded lemongrass stalks, chilli, garlic and coriander

Moo prik king Price :£9.95

stir fried pork with runner beans and the chefs special chilli sauce

Spicy seafood hotpot Price :£13.95

prawns, squid and mussels with hot thai basil leaves and chilli. served in a covered pot to intensify the flavours into the seafood

‘Dizzy’ prawns Price :£13.95

crispy breadcrumbed king prawn in a rich red wine and tangy tomato sauce

Pla lad prik Price :£13.95

deep fried crispy seasoned fish topped with a special chilli sauce

Tamarind duck Price :£13.95

stir fried roasted duck in tangy tamarind juices with tomatoes and pineapple


vegetables – Price :£10.95
chicken/pork – Price :£11.95
beef – Price :£12.95
prawn/seafood – Price :£13.95

Geang kheaw wan green curry

with thai aubergine, bamboo shoots and coconut milk

Geang pet red curry

with thai aubergine, bamboo shoots and coconut milk

Geang penang

a rich and thick ‘peanutty’ red curry with coconut milk and shredded lime leaves

Massaman curry

special thai curry cooked with coconut milk, potatoes, roasted nuts, tomatoes and onion

Jungle curry Price :£13.95

a spicy coconut-free curry from northern thailand, with special thai herbs and spices

Red curry of roasted duck Price :£13.95

with tomatoes and chunks of juicy pineapple with coconut milk

Choo chee fish Price :£13.95

Crispy seasonal fish topped with a mild red curry sauce


Papaya cubes Price :£6.95

fresh and juicy ripe papaya cut into bite-size cubes, served with salted caramel ice cream

Golden bananas Price :£6.95

crispy fried banana nuggets topped with honey, served with honeycomb ice cream

Coconut ice-cream Price :£5.95

served in it’s shell

Fresh mango and sticky rice Price :£7.95

topped with warm coconut cream

Roti wedges Price :£6.95

thai crispy pancakes served with macha green tea ice-cream

Ice-cream selection Price :£5.95

your choice of two flavours

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Papaya Tree Hours

Monday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Tuesday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Wednesday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Thursday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Friday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Saturday   12–3:30 pm 6–11 pm
Sunday   12–3:30 pm 6–10 pm

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About Papaya Tree

This restaurant has been serving thai food since the 1960’s and we have been told by locals that it was one of the first thai restaurants in london. the owners at the time were officials from the thai embassy in queens gate, london. they missed their thai food and could not find any restaurant serving this ‘new to uk’ cuisine. so a small group of them decided to open their own thai restaurant.

We took over in the spring of 1997 and began renovations. our aim was to give the restaurant a fresh, bright and contemporary feel with touches of thai charm. walls were painted white, dark wooden floors were laid and low voltage ‘chopstick’ halogen lighting was installed.

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Papaya Tree
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Zachi laor

The Penang Curry w/ shrimp was amazing! I will return! Waiting for my mango & sticky rice now—but I’m sure it’s going to be just as amazing! Music is great too! No wait and I love the staff—courteous and professional! Love this place!!!!