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Le Cochon Aveugle Drinks
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 by Rina Rogers

Excellent food. Exceptional wine. Wonderful service. Attention to detail is 2nd to none

Le Cochon Aveugle Drinks store hours

Phone: +44 1904 640222

Website: https://www.lecochonaveugle.uk/

Head Office address: 37 Walmgate, York YO1 9TX, UK

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Le Cochon Aveugle Drinks Main Menu With Price


Moonwalk Grapefruit, Price:£10

Grand Marnier, Prosecco

Field Notes Price:£11

Black Cow Vodka, Lemongrass, Sorrel

Bloody Negroni Price:£12

Blood Orange Solerno, Bathtub Gin, Campari, Rossi Vermouth

Banana Old Price:£11

Fashioned Banana-mash Bourbon, Smoked Maple Syrup

Pastis Ricard 45% 25ml Price:£4.50

Pineau des 50ml Price:£4

Charentes Chateau de Montifraud Blanc

The Kernel 500ml Price:£6

Table Beer London

Pietra, Biére Ambrée Corsica 330ml Price:£5.50

Sydre, Eric Bordelet Normandy 125ml Price:£4

Rare Bird & Fentimans Tonic Price:£7

Blackwoods & Fentimans Tonic Price:£7

Rosemary lemonade Price:£5

Jus du Price:£6

Jour non-alcoholic vegetable juice


2017 Réserve de Gassac Rosé, Mas De Daumas Gassac Languedoc,

France 125ml Price:£4 / 500ml Price:£16 / btl Price:£24

Grenache/Syrah/Carignan, 12% ABV

2017 Beck Pink, Judith Beck Osterreich,

Austria 125ml Price:£7 / 500ml Price:£28 / btl Price:£32

100% Zweigelt, 11.5% ABV

2015 Coteaux du Cap Corse, Domaine Pieretti Corsica,

France – – btl Price:£42

Grenache/ Niellucciu, 12.5% ABV

2017 Bandol Rosé, Domaine Tempier Provence,

France – – btl Price:£60

50%Mourvedre/28%Grenache/20%Cinsault/2%Carignan, 13.5% ABV


2015 Vintage, Mas Amiel Maury

France 50ml Price:£6 / 100ml Price:£12 / btl Price:£58

100% Grenache Noir, 16.5% ABV

2010 SIGP Cuvée Aither, Domaine Rousset-Peyraguey Bordeaux,

France 50ml Price:£6 / 100ml Price:£12 / btl Price:£58

80% Sémillon/15% Sauvignon/5% Muscadelle, 12.5% ABV

2007 Sauternes Sélection, Domaine Rousset-Peyraguey Bordeaux,

France 50ml Price:£9 / 100ml Price:£18 / btl Price:£84

Sémillon/Sauvignon/Muscadelle, 12.5% ABV

2016 Kika, Miles Mossop Stellenbosch,

South Africa 50ml Price:£7 / 100ml Price:£14 / btl Price:£68

70% Muscat a Petits Grains/30% Muscat d’Alexandrie, 12% ABV

2013 Muscat de Rivesaltes, Domaine des Chenes Languedoc,

France 50ml Price:£5 / 100ml Price:£10 / btl Price:£46

70% Muscat a Petits Grains/30% Muscat d’Alexandrie, 15.5% ABV

2015 Gewurtztraminer Grand Cru VT, Domaine Boesch Alsace,

France 50ml Price:£10 / 100ml Price:£20 /btl Price:£94

100% Gewurtztraminer, 14% ABV

NV Macvin de Jura, Chateau-Chalon, Domaine Macle Jura,

France 50ml Price:£7 / 100ml Price:£14

50% Chardonnay/50% Savagnin, 17.5% ABV

2015 Sparkling Saké, Junmai Ginjo Akashi-City,

Japan – – btl Price:£45 (30cl)

Rice wine, 7% ABV

NV Goldschatz Trockenbeerenauslese, Oliver Zeter Pfalz,

Germany 50ml Price:£12 / 100ml Price:£24 / btl Price:£88

Sauvignon Blanc/Rieslaner/Ortega / Field blends, 11.5% ABV


NV Tawny Port, 10 year old, Grahams

50ml Price:£6 / 100ml Price:£12 / btl Price:£58

NV Tawny Port, 20 year old, Grahams

50ml Price:£12 / 100ml Price:£24

1980 Vintage Port, Smith Woodhouse

50ml Price:£18 / 100ml Price:£36

NV Byrrh Grand Quinquina

50ml Price:£5 / 100ml Price:£10


Hine, Antique XO, 1er Cognac


Maxime Trijol VSOP, 1er Cognac


Christian Drouhin VSOP Calvados


Baron de Sigognac 10 ans Bas Armagnac



Glenfarclas 15 year old 46%, Speyside, Scotland

Single Malt Price:£18

Pure Malt Black, Nikka Whisky 43%, Japan Blended

Malt Price:£10

Bulleit Rye, Small Batch, Frontier Whiskey 45%,

USA Rye Price:£8


Saliza Amaretto 28% Price:£6

Rumbillion Rum 42.6% Price:£6

Grey Goose Vodka 40% Price:£8

London Amaro 40% Price:£6

Genepi Liqueur 40% Price:£5

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur 40% Price:£6

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur 20% 50ml Price:£5


Jus du Jour non-alcoholic vegetable juice Price:£6

Rosemary Lemonade Price:£5

Fentimans Tonic 125ml Price:£2

Fenitmans Light Tonic 125ml Price:£2

Purezza Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml Price:£4

Purezza Sparkling Mineral Water 325ml Price:£2


San Juanillo, Price:£4

Caturra Arabica, Price:£4

Milagro Sanchez, Price:£4

Costa Rica Price:£4

Decaf Andes Mountains, Price:£4

Bourbon, Price:£4

Typica,Caturra Arabica, Price:£4

Chirinos and Huadquina Price:£4

Co-operatives, Peru Price:£4

Loose leaf Tea:Price:£4

Fresh Mint Tea Price:£4

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Le Cochon Aveugle Hours

Monday   Closed
Tuesday   Closed
Wednesday   6pm–9pm
Thursday   6pm–9pm
Friday   6pm–9pm
Saturday   12pm–1:30pm 6pm–9pm
Sunday   Closed

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About Le Cochon Aveugle

Le Cochon Aveugle is a small stripped back restaurant in the heart of York, serving a frequently changing tasting menu.

The contemporary European menu is rooted in classical French techniques, and showcases the very best produce available to the kitchen on each individual day.

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Le Cochon Aveugle Drinks
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rina Rogers

Excellent food. Exceptional wine. Wonderful service. Attention to detail is 2nd to none