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Kokeb Restaurant
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 by Kala Chaupal

Absolutely amazing. The lady running the place has a heart of gold and spent time with us to genuinely understand our taste, budget, etc (which was good as we had no idea what we were doing)

Kokeb Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 20 7609 9832

Website: http://www.restaurant-kokeb.co.uk/

Head Office address: 45 Roman Way, London N7 8XF, UK

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Kokeb Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Lentil soup Price :£3.00

Flavoured garlic and coriander

Vegetable soup, Yeatikelt shorba Price :£3.00

Mixed vegetable cooked with onions, garlic and special herbs.

Chicken soup, Yedoro shorba Price :£3.00

Chicken cooked with tomato sauce


Classic salad Price :£3.00

Mixed salad, fresh tomatoes, cucumber lettuce and
onions tossed with olive oil and special herbal dressing.

Yogurt salad, Yeirgo selata Price :£3.00

Yogurt mixed with finely copped cucumber and garlic


Ye-Misir Key Wot Price :£9.00

Cooked red lentils, chopped onions, garlic, tomato puree
and mild Berbere

Ye-Alicha Kik Wot Price :£9.00

Yellow split peas simmered in onion and garlic sauce
and flavoured with turmeric and ginger.

Spinach Price :£9.00

Chopped spinach cooked with onions, garlic and
green chili (optional)

Veg. basic combinations Price :£10.00

Combined dish of Misir Wot (NO. 6), Alicha Kik (NO. 7)
and Spinach (No. 8)

Ye-atiklt wot Price :£9.00

Mixed vegetables cooked in onions, garlic
and ginger

Fosolia & Carrot Price :£9.00

Seasoned Whole French Green Bean & sliced
carrot cooked with onions

Ayeb be-gomen Price :£9.00

Freshly made crumbly cheese mixed with finely
chopped collard greens and butter.

Fule Price :£9.00

Fava beans cooked in onions, lemon
and cumin.

Super combination Price :£12.00

Combined dish of No. 9, No. 10 and No.. 11

Shiro Wot Price :£10.00

Roasted and powdered chick peas (Shiro) are
simmered in our unique, hot and spicy berbere
sauce with vegetable oil.


Alicha fitfit Price :£11.00

Crumbs of Injera marinated with lamb sauce, cooked
with lamb meat, onions and garlic.

Lega Tibs Price :£12.00

Tender lamb cubes sautéed to perfection with
rosemary, and green chili (optional), onions and
seasoned butter.


Ye-siga key wot Price :£11.00

Very lean chopped beef simmered in thick red pepper
sauce, seasoned with onions, ginger root, garlic
and cardamom.

Firfir Price :£11.00

Tradtional Ethiopian flat bread (injera) soaked in key wot.
The beef is first fried over a pan along with ginger and onions
until softly golden, then sauteéd in hot Berbere sauce.

Alicha wot Price :£11.00

Beef stew seasoned cooked with ginger, garlic, green
chili (optional) and butter.

Key Minchet Abish Price :£11.00

Finely chopped beef fried in a pan of ginger, onion and
cardamom until it becomes golden, then sauteed In
Ethiopia’s famous Key Wot. A dish for royalty.

Alicha Minchet Abish Price :£11.00

Finely chopped prime beef fried in a pan with onion and
cardamom until it becomes golden, then seasoned with
turmeric and spice.

Awaze Tibs Price :£11.00

Tender beef cubes marinated in seasoned Awaze
sauce (made of hot and red chili), then sautéed with
rosemary, onions, green peppers and seasoned


Doro Tibs Price :£10.50

Boneless pieces of chicken sauteed in seasoned
onions, butter and green peppers

Kokeb Special Doro Tibs Price :£10.50

Tender chicken marinated in lemon garlic
and herbs

Kokeb Chef’s Special Price :£10.50

Chicken cooked in a light tomato sauce, onions and

Doro wot Price :£10.50

Chicken portions marinated in lemon juice, then
sauteed In butter and seasoned with garlic, onions
fresh ginger and fenugreek. Then the portions are
coated with berbere sauce and cooked gently.
Served with hard-boiled egg.


Kokeb House Special Price :£16.50

A selection of dishes across the menu. Suggested for
a minimum of 5 people. Cost per head

Special combination Price :£16.00

Vegetarian dish and option of beef dish or chicken dish
– serving only traditionally


Chocolate sponge Price :£3.00

Sponge cake Price :£3.00

Ice-cream (vanilla or chocolate) Price :£3.00

Kokeb Restaurant Drinks Menu


Coffee Price :£1.50

Espresso Price :£1.50

Cafe – latte Price :£2.00

Cappuccino Price :£2.00

Hot Chocolate Price :£2.00

Tea Price :£1.00

Mint tea Pot Price :£2.00

Herbal tea Price :£2.00


Cold drink Price :£2.00

Water Price :£2.00

Perrier mineral water Price :£2.00

Mango Nectar per glass Price :£2.00

Mango Nectar 1lt Price :£7.00


Red house wine bottle Price :£15.00

White house wine bottle Price :£15.00

Rose house wine bottle Price :£15.00

Wine Per glass 175ml Price :£4.00

Wine Per glass 125 ml Price :£3.20

A selection of Ethiopian beers Price :£3.00


Vodka Price :£3.50/Price :£4.50

Brandy Price :£3.50/Price :£4.50

Johnny Walker Price :£3.50/Price :£4.50

Jack Daniel’s Price :£3.50/Price :£4.50

Gin Price :£3.50/Price :£4.50

Corvoirsier (Cognac) Price :£4.00/Price :£5.20

Hennessey Price :£4.00/Price :£5.20

Champagne (by the bottle) Price :£80.00

Brandy (per bottle) Price :£60.00

Scotch whiskey (per bottle) Price :£60.00

Cognac(per bottle) Price :£70.00

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Kokeb Restaurant Hours

Monday   Closed
Tuesday   1–10 pm
Wednesday   1–10 pm
Thursday   1–10 pm
Friday   1–10 pm
Saturday   1–10 pm
Sunday   4–10 pm

Kokeb Restaurant Coupons

50% off two or more dinner orders

About Kokeb Restaurant

The consummate chef/hostess/waitress/owner of Kokeb Ethiopian Cuisine – exotically named Getenesh – must be secretly wearing a cape under her clothes as she runs this restaurant like a superhero.

Treating every customer like a house guest, Getenesh runs an immaculate eatery on London’s Roman Way, and her home-cooking is a wholesome and adventurous affair.

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Kokeb Restaurant
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Kala Chaupal

Absolutely amazing. The lady running the place has a heart of gold and spent time with us to genuinely understand our taste, budget, etc (which was good as we had no idea what we were doing)