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Fancy Crab
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 by Kelly Lauren

Food was nice, going in a group or 4 or more is definitely economical as you can share a platter. Struggled a bit on the service despite being half empty - really struggled to get their act together on my gluten free request despite

Fancy Crab store hours

Phone: +44 20 3096 9484

Website: Closed

Head Office address: 92 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 3RD, UK

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Fancy Crab Main Menu With Price


Burrata Salad Price:£14

With Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil and Balsamic Glaze
Add King Crab for Price:£5.50

Nicoise Salad Price:£14

Delicious Summer Salad Packed with Ripe Tomatoes, French Beans, Baby Potatoes, Olives, Boiled Eggs and a Star of the Dish – Seared Tuna Steak. Enjoy!

Tomato Gazpacho Price:£12

Velvety Chilled Tomato Soup with Basil Oil and Delicate Red King Crab Meat

Grilled Tiger Prawns Price:£12

With a Tamarind Glaze, Honey and Mix of Asian Spices

Seared Scallops Price:£11

Summer in a Shell! Refreshing and Zinging Combination of Feta, Watermelon and Scallops

Grilled Octopus Price:£14

With Balsamic Glaze


Grilled Lobster half Price:£25/whole Price:£50

Coated in Herb and Garlic Butter.

Singapore Chilli Crab Price:£28

Delicious Sweet and Spicy Dish. King Crab Meat Cooked with Chilli, Garlic, Lime and Spring Onions

Pan Fried Cod Price:£20

Rich Jerusalem Artichokes Puree and Robust Vierge Sauce

Lobster Tagliatelle Price:£28

House Made Pasta with Succulent Lobster, Sweet Chilli and Zesty Tomato Sauce

Whole Grilled Red Snapper Price:£35

Delicate and Mildly Sweet Red Snapper Pairs Perfectly with Peppery & Smoky Sauce

Mussels Price:£15

Mussels in a White Wine Sauce

King Crab Leg Gratin Price:£28

Sweet Delicate Crab Meat with Bechamel Sauce and Cheese Crust

King Crab Burge Price:£23

Succulent King Crab Meat with Avocado & FC Sauce Served in a Buttery Brioche Bun

Vegetarian Burger Price:£15

Fancy Vegetarian Paradise Chickpea and Sweet Potato Patty with a Hint of Red Chilli in a Beetroot Burger Bun

Beef Burger Price:£17

Cooked on Charcoal Beef Burger with Smoked Pancetta

Half a Grilled Chicken Price:£25

Barbecue Flavours All-around! Roasted Baby Gem and Cherry Tomato

Rib Eye Steak Price:£32

Prime British Steak Grilled over Charcoal Served with Parsley and Chilli Butter


Skinny Fries Price:£3.75

Truffled Fries Price:£6.5

Sweet Potato Fries Price:£6

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes with Garlic and Rosemary Price:£5.5

Mash Potatoes Price:£4

Buttered Spinach Price:£4.5

French Green Beans Price:£4.5

Green Salad Price:£4


Served on Ice or Baked over Charcoal

King Crab Legs & Claws Price:£18 / 100 g

Minimum order of 200g

Whole King Crab Price:£99 / kg


Served on Ice with House Condiments

Jersey Rocks, Royal Bay, Channel Islands (3) Price:£9

Morecambe Bay, Walney Island, England (3) Price:£9.5

Dungarvan, Waterford Bay, Ireland (3) Price:£9.250


House Platter Price:£19.5

Shell-on Atlantic Prawns, Mussels, Cockles, Clams, Crab Claws, Whelks Served with Squid Ink Crackers and House Condiments.

Premium Platter Price:£36

Mussels, Crab Claws, Clams, Jersey Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Shell-on Atlantic Prawns, Scallop Ceviche, Octopus Carpaccio Served with Squid Ink Crackers and House condiments.

Grand Platter Price:£85

Full Flavoured Tiger Prawns and Langoustines with a House Marinade of Chilli and Garlic, Octopus Leg and Scallops, Half a Lobster Grilled to Perfection and Kissed by the Right Amount of Smoke Served with Chipotle Mayo

FC Deluxe Platter Price:£100

Perfect for Sharing. Scottish Langoustines, Crab Claws, 1/2 Devonshire Lobster, Scallop Ceviche, Jersey Oysters, Crevettes, Steamed Razor Clams, Cockles, Mussels, Clams, Whelks, Shell-on Atlantic Prawns Served with Squid Ink and House Condiments.


Fancy Ceviche Price:£10

Yellown Tuna, Sea Bass, Tiger’s Milk, Red Onions, Sweet Potato Puree

Scallop Ceviche Price:£7

Scallops, Charred Corn and Luscious Truffle Oil

Salmon Tartare Price:£9

Vibrant Colours and Flavours on a Plate. Fresh Salmon with Chilli, Mango, Cucumber and Lime Dressing

Beef Tartare Price:£10

French Classic in a Fancy Crab Interpretation, Served with House Made Tomato Ketchup.


Guacamole Price:£6.5

Freshly Made to Order with Smoke Infused Avocado,Tomatoes, Coriander, Chillies, Lime,Garlic

Add King Crab for Price:£5.50

Crispy Squid with Chilli & Salt Price:£10

The Flavourful Bite Sized Baby Squid in Every Mouthful Coated in Crispy Batter with Chilli Salt, Served with Chipotle Mayo

Pork Belly with Pork Popcorn Price:£8

Signature Garlic Soya Glaze with a Hint of Ginger. Sweet, Salty and Perfectly Tender

King Crab Bon Bons Price:£12

Served with Tomato Marmalade

Courgette Flower Price:£10

Stuffed with Goat Cheese Served on Fondue Tomato Sauce

Lobster Claw Price:£8 (1) / Price:£15 (2)

Served with FC Sauce

Courgette & Aubergine Crisps Price:£8

Served on the Bed of Tsatziki Sauce with a Gentle Drizzle of Honey and Truffle Mayo


King Crab Benedict Price:£13.5

This Twist on the Classic Eggs Benedict Recipe Includes Picked Crab Meat known for its Sweet and Delicate Flavour, Toasted Muffin, Chilli Flakes, Hollandaise Sauce

Crab Omelette  Price:£12.5

The Fresh Flavours of Seafood, Spinach, Chilli and Cheese Transform Your Omelette

Smoked Salmon Royale Price:£11.5

Poached Eggs, Toasted Muffin, Hollandaise

Steak and Eggs Price:£14.5

Rich Indulgence of Buttery Eggs and Sizzling Thinly Beaten Steak with an Accompaniment of Herbed Chilli oil, Served with Fries

Avocado Toast (V) Price:£8

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes with a Hint of Garlic, Smooth Avocado Puree, Poached Egg

Served on Charcoal Sourdough Bread

Acai Bowl (V) Price:£7.5

Fancy and Healthy Acai Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola, Banana, Green Apple and Coconut

Buttermilk Blueberry Waffles Price:£7.5

Marple Glaze, Toasted Hazelnuts. Perfect Treat for Sugar-Lovers!

Fancy Crab Drinks Menu


White is the New Red Price:£15

Crabtastic Take on a Timeless Cosmo Cocktail. Lipsmackingly Sweet-and-Sour, the Cocktail of Vodka, Elderfower Liquor and Grape Juice

Fancy Octopus Price:£12

For all Octopus and Berry Lovers, Champagne, Berry Liquor, Pomegranate Syrup

Strawberry Delight Price:£12

As the Name States a Delightful Cocktail of Yummy Tasting Clouds of Flufness House Infused Strawberry Tequila, Strawberry Liquor, White Chocolate Liquor, Vanilla Cream, Champagne

Fancy Shimmer Price:£12

Bringing Sparkle to the City! House Infused Blueberry Vodka, Blackberry Liquor, Blueberry Syrup

Caribbean Holidays Price:£12

Are You Ready for a Voyage to a Tropical Paradise? Refreshing Cocktail with Pineapple and Pineapple and, of course, Rum as the Key Ingredient House Infused Rum, Vodka, Pineapple Juice, Coconut Syrup

Drunken Pear Price:£12

Flavour of Pear with Slightly Spiced Gin

Rosemary Gin Spritzer Price:£12

Bubbly, Refreshing Cocktail. Fresh Lemon, Gin and a Fragrant Rosemary Garnish

The Royale Fancy Price:£12

From the Classic Pimm’s Recipe to a Delicious Fancy Twist. Perfect Way to Toast to the Summer! Gin, Antica Formula, Champagne

Fancy a Cuppa? Price:£12

Guaranteed to be Your Cup of Tea, this Martini Recipe Takes a Splash of the Earl Grey Tea and Shakes it up with Gin, Lemon and Sugar How’s that for the Fanciest Cuppa? House Infused Earl Grey Gin, Freshly Brewed Earl Grey Tea, Lemon

Burning Passion Price:£12

We Will Set You on Fire with Our Fancy Interpretation of a Classic Manhattan Cocktail Features Whiskey and Passion Fruit

Apple Twist Price:£12

Tart, Slightly Sweet and Smooth with a Fruity Apple Aftertaste, Filled to the Brim with Warm Flavours. Appletiser, Gin


Prosecco, Ca’del Console 125ml Price:£7 / btl Price:£40

Italy, NV

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label 125ml Price:£12 / btl Price:£70

France, NV

Moët & Chandon Rose 125ml Price:£15 / btl Price:£90

France, NV

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs btl Price:£100

France, NV

Krug Grande Cuvee  btl Price:£205

France, NV

Dom Perignon btl Price:£230

France, 2006


Pinot Grigio, Castel Firmian, Mezzacorona 175ml Price:£7 / btl Price:£30

Trentin1o, Italy, 2018

Albarino, Pazo de Senoras 175ml Price:£8 / btl Price:£34

DO Rias Baixas, Spain, 2017

Estella Moscato Salento, San Marzano btl Price:£35

Italy, 2017

Riesling, Welnhaus Ress 175ml Price:£8.5 / btl Price:£36

Germany, 2016

Maggio Chardonnay, Oak Ridge Winery btl Price:£37

Napa Valley, USA, 2016

Maggio Chardonnay, Oak Ridge Winery btl Price:£37

Napa Valley, USA, 2016

Sauvignon Blanc, Saint Clair 175ml Price:£9 / btl Price:£38

Marlborough, New Zealand, 2017

Gruner Vetliner Zero-G Price:£42

Austria, 2017

Gewurztraminer Signature, Rene Mure btl Price:£50

Alsace, France, 2017

Gavi di Gavi, La Meirana, Broglia btl Price:£52

Piedmont, Italy, 2017

Sancerre, Domaine Cherrier btl Price:£65

Loire, France, 2017

Chardonnay Lucia, Pisoni btl Price:£90

Santa Lucia Highlands, USA, 2015

Cervaro della Sala, Antinori btl Price:£125

Umbria, Italy, 2016

Chassagne-Montrachet 1-er Cru Vide Bourse, Thomas Morey  btl Price:£130

Burgundy, France, 2013


Tormaresca, Calufuria Negroamaro Rosato 175ml Price:£10 / btl Price:42

tlPulia, Italy, 2018

Whispering Angel, Chateau d’Esclans btl Price:£65

Cotes de Provence, France, 2018


Merlot, d’Alamel by Lapostolle 175ml Price:£8 / btl Price:£34

Central Valle, Chile, 2017

Malbec, Finca Decero 175ml Price:£10 / btl Price:£42

Argentina, 2016

Chianti Classico, Peppoli, Antinori 175ml Price:£12 / btl Price:£50

Tuscany, Italy, 2016

Rioja Reserva, Conde Valdemar 175ml Price:£12.5 / btl Price:£53

Spain, 2011

Pinot Noir, Mahi, Marlborough btl Price:£58

New Zealand, 2016

Emtwopointone Zinfandel, M2 Wines btl Price:£65

California, USA, 2014

Xinomavro Reserve, Alpha Estate btl Price:£75

Single Block Barba Yiannis, Amandeon, Greece, 2013


Quady “Essensia” Black Muskat 75ml Price:£7 / btl Price:£34

California, USA, 2016

Tokaji Late Harvest Cuvee 75ml Price:£10 / btl Price:£66

Sauska, 2005


Elijah Craig Bourbon 12 YR Price:£11

Knob Creek Price:£9

Woodford Reserve Price:£10

Jack Daniels Price:£8

Bulleit 10 YR Price:£10

Sazerac Rye Price:£12

Hudson Manhattan Rye Price:£18



Macallan 12 YR Price:£13

Speyside (Sherry cask)

Macallan 15 YR Price:£28

Speyside (Old Triple Cask Matured)

The Balvenie Doublewood 14 YR Price:£12

Speyside (Caribbean Cask)

The Balvenie Doublewood 17 YR Price:£20


Glenfiddich 15 YR Price:£11


Glenfiddich 21 YR Price:£35


Lagavulin 16 YR Price:£16


Bowmore 15 YR Price:£15


Talisker 10 YR Price:£10

Isle of Skye

Oban Price:£13


Auchentoshan Three Woods Price:£13



Monkey Shoulder Price:£8

Chivas Regal 12 YR Price:£7

Chivas Regal 18 YR Price:£15

Tullamore Dew Price:£10

Johnnie Walker Black Label Price:£8

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Price:£40

Jameson Irish Whiskey Price:£6


Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve Price:£16

Single Malt Whisky from Suntory in Japan. Superb Red Berry Notes, Gained from the Whisky Being Matured in Bordeaux Wine Casks and Sherry Casks.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony Price:£18

Well-balanced Blended Whisky. The Whiskies are Drawn from 5 Different Types of Cask, Including American Oak Casks, Sherry Casks and Mizunara Oak Casks. An Elegant Expression, with Wafts of Honey and Orange.


Martell VS Price:£7

Martell VSOP Price:£11

Martell Cordon Bleu Price:£28

Martell XO Price:£37


Absolut Price:£5

Absolut Elyx Price:£9

Belvedere Price:£10

Grey Goose Price:£11

Ketel One Vodka Price:£7

Reyka Price:£8

Chase Price:£9


Havana Club Especial Price:£6

Havana Club 3 YR Price:£6

Havana Club 7 YR Price:£7

Koko Kanu Price:£6

Ron Zacapo XO Price:£20


Beefeater Price:£5

Beefeater 24 Price:£8

Bombay Sapphire Price:£6

Bombay Dry London Price:£6

Hendrick’s Price:£10

Monkey 47 Price:£9

Plymouth Price:£7

Playmouth Sloe Price:£8

Portobello Road Price:£7

Tanqueray Price:£12


Don Julio 1942 Price:£30

Don Julio Reposado Price:£12

Patron Blanco Price:£12

Patron Reposado Price:£16

Patron XO Café Price:£9


Four British Lager, Freedom Brewery, ABV 4%, 330ml Price:£5

POGO Fruit Pale Ale, The Wild Beer Co, ABV 4%, 330ml Price:£5

Broken Dream Stout, Siren Craft Brewery, ABV 6%, 330ml Price:£6

Urban Orchard Berry Cider, Hawkes Brewery, ABV 4%, 330ml Price:£5.5


Fancy Crab Still Water 750ml Price:£3

Fancy Crab Sparkling Water 750ml Price:£3

BELU Still Water 750ml Price:£4

BELU Sparkling Water 750ml Price:£4

Apple Juice Price:£4

Cranberry Juice Price:£4

Orange Juice Price:£4

Pineapple Juice Price:£4

Pink Grapefruit Juice Price:£4

Tomato Juice Price:£4

Coca Cola 330ml Price:£4

Diet Coke 330ml Price:£4

Appletiser 275ml Price:£4

Tonic Water Price:£3

Tonic Slim Line Price:£3

Lemonade Price:£3

Ginger Beer Price:£3

Ginger Ale Price:£3

Soda Water Price:£3

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Please, search Fancy Crab ME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Fancy Crab location, click on the map shown below and nearest Fancy Crab around you will automatically pop up on your map. Also, use this Fancy Crab locator tool to find  Fancy Crab near me.

Fancy Crab Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Fancy Crab Coupans

Crabtastic Birthday!Come to Fancy Crab and get a special 10% discount! You can use this discount anytime one week before and one week after your birthday.
Lunch at Fancy Crab Monday – Friday 12 pm – 5 pm Includes a glass of house wine, half pint of beer or a soft drink.

About Fancy Crab

The Fancy Crab chefs have created a variety of dishes for you to enjoy, including burgers, salads, and many other main courses. Our menu is a treasure for every fresh seafood connoisseur.All with imaginative and tasty sides, designed to compliment each dish in its own way.

In 2018, Fancy Crab was awarded the ‘Best Designed Casual Dining Restaurant’.

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Fancy Crab
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Kelly Lauren

Food was nice, going in a group or 4 or more is definitely economical as you can share a platter. Struggled a bit on the service despite being half empty - really struggled to get their act together on my gluten free request despite