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Abyssinia Restaurant
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Abyssinia Restaurant store hours

Phone: +44 20 8208 0110

Website: http://www.abyssiniarestaurant.co.uk/

Head Office address: 9 Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood, London NW2 3JX, UK

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Abyssinia Restaurant Main Menu With Price


Vegan Salad Price :£4.00

Mixed vegetables selected by our chef

Meat Samosa (For 2 People) Price :£4.00

Vegetarian Samosa (for 2 people) Price :£3.90

Sizzling Chicken Price :£5.50

Lentils Minestrone Price :£4.50

Soup (Beef/Chicken) Price :£4.50

Vegetarian/Vegan Soup Price :£4.00

Tuna Salad Price :£4.50

Abyssinia Dulet Price :£10.00

Ethiopian seasoned combination of beef liver & lamb tripe.
Served with injera (Ethiopian traditional sour-dough risen flatbread)

Pozole Chicken Soup Price :£4.00

Tortilla corn with red kidney

Abyssinia Salad Price :£3.90

Tomatoes, onions and green chilli

Avocado Salad Price :£4.50

Potato Salad Price :£3.95

Green Salad Price :£4.00

Lettuce, onions & green peppers with house dressing



Gomen Price :£7.50

Collard greens cooked in a mild sauce of onions & garlic Mild

Mesir Wot Price :£7.50

Lentils slowly cooked in flavourful berbere sauce & a blend of spices

Shero Wot Price :£8.00

Ground split peas slow cooked in flavourful berbere sauce

Ater Kilk Price :£7.50

Split peas slowly cooked in a blend of spices, onions, garlic,
turmeric & aromatic oil

Alecha Dinech & Cabbage Price :£8.00

Cabbage, carrots and potatoes
slowly cooked in onions & a blend of spices

Tomato Fitfit Price :£7.50

Ingudai Tibs Price :£8.00

Marinated sautéed mushrooms
with onion, garlic & fresh tomatoes

Yetsom Beyaynetu Price :£8.90

Mixed vegetarian fasting dish with seasonal vegetables
blended with mild Ethiopian spices or Berbere (hot)



Bozena Shero Price :£9.00

Meat cooked in a wonderful aromatic pea flour sauce

Abyssinia Doro Wot Price :£10.00

Traditional national food. Richly spiced
deep pan slow cooked chicken with boiled egg

Abyssinia Zegni Quey Wot Price :£10.00

Spiced minced beef sauce

Chicken Rice Price :£8.00

Medium-hot spicy served with vegetable

Meat Rice Price :£7.90

Medium hot with Abyssinian spices & vegetable

Abyssinia Awaze Tibs Price :£9.50

Diced sautéed beef accompanied by berbere & red wine sauce

Abyssinia Gored Gored Price :£13.00

Rare diced lean beef marinated in awaze
(hot sauce of the house) & clarified butter

Abyssinia Quey Wot Price :£9.00

Lamb OR beef simmered in spicy sauce

Kitfo Price :£9.00

Prime beef tartar seasoned with Abyssinia clarified butter
& Abyssinian chilli powder (can be served raw OR slightly sautéed)

Kitfo for 2 Price :£16.00

Abyssinia Special Kitfo Beef Price :£12.50

Tibs Wot – Zegni Price :£10.00

Diced prime beef sautéed & simmered in spicy sauce
seasoned with spices & fresh herbs Hot

Minchet Abish Quey Wot Price :£10.00

Finely chopped prime beef sautéed in Ethiopian clarified
butter simmered in a spicy sauce, seasoned with spices & fresh herbs. Hot

Minchet Abish Alecha Price :£10.00

Finely chopped prime beef sautéed in Ethiopian clarified butter
simmered in a spicy sauce, seasoned with spices & fresh herbs. Mild

Bozena Shero Royal Price :£10.00

Diced prime beef simmered in shero
(spicy puréed yellow split peas)

Tekil Gomen Price :£8.90

Cabbage & potatoes simmered in a mild sauce. Mild

Kilk Alecha Price :£9.50

Yellow split peas simmered in a mild,
flavoured onion & herbs sauce.

Azifa Price :£9.50

Lentils salad seasoned with red onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers,
olive oil, fresh lemon juice, herbs & spices (served cold)

Buticha Price :£10.00

Chickpeas puréed, chilled, seasoned with red onions, garlic,
jalapeño peppers, olive oil, fresh lemon juice & spices (served cold)



Chicken Combo Price :£9.00

Grilled chicken served with rice OR injera

Vegetables Combo Price :£9.00

Served with injera OR rice

Meat Combo Price :£10.00

Beef & chicken served with rice

Fish Combo Price :£13.00

Fresh Tilapia served with vegetables & rice

Abyssinia Mixed Combo (for 3 people) – Meat & vegetables Price :£29.00

Abyssinia Vegan Grand Combo (for 3 people) Price :£26.50



Kids Lamb Stew Price :£6.90

with Toast Bread

Kids Grilled Chicken strips Price :£6.90

Served with lettuce & tomatoes

Kids steamed Chicken breast Price :£7.00

Served with boiled potatoes & fresh tomatoes

Kids Chicken Stew Price :£5.50

Kids Fish fingers, potatoes and veggies Price :£7.00

Kids Vegetables rice Price :£7.00



Abyssinia Lega Tibs Price :£9.00

Tender diced lamb sautéed to perfection
with rosemary, green chilli (optional), onions & seasoned butter

Abyssinia Zilzil Tibs Price :£11.00

Grilled zigzagged beef served with injera OR rice

Abyssinia Alecha Wot Price :£10.00

Turmeric flavoured sauce served with injera & rice

Ingudai Tibs (Vegan) Price :£8.50

Marinated sautéed mushrooms
with onion, garlic & fresh tomatoes

Alecha Fitfit Price :£8.00

Injera marinated with lamb sauce,
cooked with lamb meat, onions & garlic

Derek Tibs Price :£10.00

Diced lamb, sautéed onions, garlic, green chilli (optional)
& rosemary cooked with seasoned butter



Ice Cream Price :£4.00

Baklava Price :£3.50

Marye Price :£4.90

Toasted Injera with Organic Honey


Abyssinia Restaurant Drinks Menu


Coca-Cola 0.33L Price :£1.00

Diet Coca-Cola 0.33L Price :£1.00

Sprite 0.33L Price :£1.00

Fanta Orange 0.33L Price :£1.00

Tango Orange 0.33L Price :£1.00

7Up 0.33L Price :£1.00

Mango Juice Price :£3.00



Regular Tea Price :£2.00

Coffee Price :£2.00

Latte Price :£2.00

Cappuccino Price :£2.00

Kemem Shay Price :£2.00

Dried ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon & black East African tea

Ginger Shay Price :£2.00

Ginger tea

Mint Tea Price :£2.75

Arengude Shay Price :£2.75

Green Tea

Freshly Brewed Hibiscus Tea Price :£2.75

Abyssinian Black Tea Price :£1.50



House Wine Price :£12.90

Bottle of Red or White

Bottle beer Price :£3.00

Tej Price :£3.00

Abyssinian honey wine


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Abyssinia Restaurant Hours

Monday   12 pm–12 am
Tuesday   12 pm–12 am
Wednesday   1 pm–12 am
Thursday   1–10 pm
Friday   1 pm–12 am
Saturday   1 pm–3 am
Sunday   12 pm–12 am


Abyssinia Restaurant Coupons

Abyssinia Restaurant

Choose Between Two Options

  • $13 for $20 worth of Ethiopian food for two
  • $25 for $40 worth of Ethiopian food for four


About Abyssinia Restaurant

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant is a corner of the Horn of Africa in the midst of London. We’re specialized in Ethiopian Cuisine & Cultural Food. With over 31 years of service experience, Abyssinia was the first & oldest Ethiopian restaurant in London. And now, under new management, we’re ready for a fresh start after updating our standards and look while respecting our traditions and authenticity. Blending our precious roots with a classy touch and a twist of spicy originality.

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