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Veeno Edinburgh Main Menu With Price

Gli Stuzzichini

Our “while You Wait” Selection

Italian Crisps Price :£2.00

Taralli Price :£2.50

Sundried Tomatoes Price :£2.50

Salted Peanuts Price :£3.00

Marinated Olives Price :£3.50

Garlic Bread Price :£4.00

Le Bruschette

Bread Slices with A Variety of Toppings. Create Your Own Selection: 1 Bruschetta Price :£4.50 – 2 Bruschette Price :£8 – 3 Bruschette Price :£11.50


An Italian classic, freshly chopped and lightly seasoned tomatoes

Pere e Taleggio

Pear, taleggio soft cheese and fig jam, perfect with a mid-dry wine

Tonno Siciliano

Tasty and authentic. Dark tuna straight from Sicily with capers and onions

Nduja e Scamorza

A spicy spreadable sausage from Calabria, not for the faint-hearted, with smoked cheese

Zucchine e Ciliegino

Grilled courgettes, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad, perfectly paired with a light red wine

Pecorino, Noci e Miele

Goat cheese, walnuts and honey, perfect with a fruity wine

Pesto e Pomodori Secchi

Pesto sauce and Sundried tomato, with a sprinkle of caciocavallo spicy cheese

Salmone Affumicato

Smoked salmon, mascarpone and dill, perfect pairing for a glass of Prosecco (Price :£1 supplement)

Salsine Sfiziose

Add One of Our Tasty Dips

Fig Jam Price :£1.00

The wonderfulness of our fig jam will take you by suprise

Chilli Jam Price :£1.50

A tangy and fresh chilli jam. Ideal with seasoned cheeses

Olive Pate Price :£1.00

Finely-chopped olives and olive oil

Honey Price :£1.50

Traditional Italian clear honey

Olive Oil Price :£1.00

Our family produced olive oil and balsamic glaze

Honey Truffle Price :£2.00

Honey infused with truffle is a combination for experts

I Taglieri

Our Italian Boards. Add a Bread Basket (Vegetarian) (Price :£4): Four different breads all served with our family produced olive oil and balsamic glaze

Grandissimo Price :£39.00

The King of boards, with a magnificent selection of meat and cheese from Italy, ideally shared by a group of friends

Grande Price :£25.00

The Queen of boards. A selection of all our favourite meats and cheeses, ideally for 2 people

Bruschette Price :£22.00

Chef’s selection of our amazing bruschette

Piccolo Price :£15.00

A wonderful sharing board with a mix of two meats, two cheeses and bruschette

Salumi Price :£10.00

Ideal to try a fine selection of our best cured meats

Formaggi Price :£10.00

Perfect to taste a mix of our special favourite cheeses

Gli Spuntini

Our Sharing Small Plates, Italian Style. Create your own selection: 1 Spuntino Price :£6.50 – 2 Spuntini Price :£12 – 3 Spuntini Price :£16.50

Polpettine alla Pizzaiola

Beef and veal meatballs, with a tomato, oregano and olive sauce

Lasagne alla Bolognese

Stacked layers of pasta alternated with bolognaise sauce, parmesan cheese and bechamel sauce

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Baked aubergine slices, layered with cheese and tomato sauce


Sicilian aubergine stew, with celery and capers in a vinegar sauce

Gli Speziati

Garlic Salame and Caciocavallo, a semi-hard chilli seasoned cheese, to add spice to your day!

IL Nordico

Soft, creamy tomino cheese grilled and wrapped in smoked speck

I Tartufati

Truffle salame and truffle cheese, a combination with the noble tuber (Price :£1.50 supplement)

Gli Affumicati

Speck and scamorza affumicata cheese, a selection of our oak smoked products

IL Re e la Regina

Mozzarella di Bufala & Parma cured ham for the perfect combination (Price :£1.50 supplement)

IL Piatto del Contadino

Parmigiano Reggiano 18 months cured, honey and pear, what a suprising pairing!

Le Pizze

Our Italian Artisan Pizzas

Margherita Price :£9.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil

Vegetariana Price :£10.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted vegetables and fresh basil

Milano e Taleggio Price :£11.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salame Milano, taleggio cheese, Parmigiano, garlic and rosemary

Bresaola, Rucola e Parmigiano Price :£11.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, bresaola, rocket salad and Parmigiano leaves

Nduja e Fiordilatte Price :£12.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella fiordilatte, nduja and fresh basil

Parma e Bufala Price :£14.00

Tomato sauce, mozzarella di Bufala, Parma ham

I Piatti Freddi

Our Selection of Salads

Insalata Ortolana Price :£4.00

Mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, raddish, onion and cucumber

Carpaccio di Bresaola Price :£7.50

Breasola, our dry cured beef, rocket salad and Parmigiano leaves

Insalata Caprese

Beef tomato, mozzarella, olive oil and oregano

With Mozzarella Fiordilatte Price :£6.50
With Mozzarella di Bufala Price :£8.00

Insalata di Pollo Price :£7.50

Grilled chicken, mixed leaves, avocado, grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Prosciutto e Melone o Fichi Price :£7.50

Parma ham with Cantaloupe melon or fresh figs. Because we aim to offer you always the best products, this product might not be available all year round

Insalata di Quinoa Price :£9.00

Quinoa, mixed leaves, avocado, grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes, beetroots and cucumber

I Dolci

Our Selection of Desserts

Homemade Tiramisu Price :£4.50

Freshly made to Grandma’s recipe. Delicious, light and fluffy

Sorbetto al Limone Price :£4.50

Tangy and fresh lemon sorbet
With Limoncello on Top Price :£5.50

Torta Mascarpone e Cioccolato Price :£5.00

Chocolate and mascarpone cheesecake

Torta al Limone Price :£5.00

Lemon brûlée cheesecake

Italian Tea Menu

Available 12pm to 5pm every day

Italian Afternoon Tea

A delicious Afternoon tea, italian style!

Min 2 People Price :£15.00
With a Glass of Prosecco Price :£21.00

Veeno Edinburgh Drinks Menu With Price

Wine Tasting & Pairing

A Trip to Sicily

Let us take you on a journey to discover our best wines from sicily. You will be guided through and taste each of the 5 wines where your host will pair them with our best spuntini. This experience will introduce you to the excellent wines and foods that are rooted deep in Italian culture.
Min 2 People Price :£34.90

Food & Wine Pairings

I Rossi – I Bianchi IL Nord Italia – IL Sud Italia

our perfect wines complimented by a sharing board of bruschette, a meat and cheese. Choose from one of our 4 carefully selected tastings whereby your senses will whisk you away across Italy!
Min 2 People Price :£19.00


Italian Prosecco Mojito Price :£8.00

Rum, raspberries, sugar, lime, mint, topped with Prosecco

Pornstar Martini Price :£8.00

Absolut Vanilla Vodka, Passoa and Passion fruit, with a sidecar of Prosecco

Mojito Price :£7.50

Refreshing classic with white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint

Bramble Price :£7.50

Gin-based with an explosion of fruity flavours

The Woo Woo Price :£7.50

Vodka with a refreshing mix of strawberries and lemon

Veeno Cosmo Price :£7.50

Revisited long drink, italian style with Vodka, Martini rosso and Cranberry juice

Frozen Strawberries Daiquiri Price :£7.50

Strawberries rum-based cocktail with refreshing limes notes

The Godfather Price :£8.00

Jack Daniel’s and Amaretto di Saronno is Marlon Brando’s favorite drink

Rainbow Bellini Price :£7.50

A classic peach Bellini, twisted with strawberries, topped with Prosecco

Sicily Price :£7.50

A Limoncello based cocktail with Amaretto Disaronno and lemonade

Negroni – Negroni Sbagliato Price :£8.00

Negroni is a simple aperitif of Gin, Martini Rosso and Campari (Prosecco instead of Gin in the sbagliato twist)

Espresso Martini Price :£7.50

Classic, chilled, perfection. Vodka, Kahlua and coffee, shaken

Ferrero Rocher Price :£8.00

Hazelnut based cocktail with vanilla flavoured vodka, Frangelico and milk

Moscow Mule Price :£7.50

Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice for an immortal classic cocktail


Pornstar Martini Mocktail Price :£4.00

A tropical blend of Indian mangoes, passion fruit from Ecuador and a splash of orange juice

Mojito Mocktail Price :£4.00

Classic combination of Persian Limes from Mexico, mint and sugar

The Woo Woo Mocktail Price :£4.00

A modern favourite thanks to a combination of peaches, strawberries, sicilian lemons and cranberry juice

Red Wines

Our Family Red 175ml Price :£4.80 / 250ml Price :£6.50 / Btl Price :£18.90

Label: Tasari Nero d’Avola; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grapes: Blend of Nero d’Avola and Merlot. Deep ruby and crystal clear; it offers a wide variety of aromas highlighted by liquorice and raspberry.

Our Smoothest 175ml Price :£5.50 / 250ml Price :£7.80 / Btl Price :£22.00

Label: Terre di Giumara; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minin; Grapes: Blend of Frappato & Nerello Mascalese. Ripe red fruits and spices are balanced by a fresh acidity, making it a smooth and pleasant wine

Ruby Diamond (Bio) 175ml Price :£5.70 / 250ml Price :£8.20 / Btl Price :£24.50

Label: Aion Conero; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grapes: Blend of Montepulciano and Sangiovese. Freshness and complexity are perfectly balanced in this young and elegant Montepulciano. Aromas of dark fruit mixed with some herbal notes and a touch of saltiness

Our Elegant 175ml Price :£6.20 / 250ml Price :£8.80 / Btl Price :£26.00

Label: Cusora; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon. Rich and full yet elegant and beautifully balanced with spices. Red fruits blended together in perfect harmony

Light Red 175ml Price :£6.20 / 250ml Price :£8.80 / Btl Price :£26.00

Label: Sangiovese Rubicone; Region: Emilia Romagna; Producer: Rometta; Grape: Sangiovese. A simple, easy to drink light red wine. Light, fruity and a beautiful freshness for this young wine

Robust 175ml Price :£7.00 / 250ml Price :£9.50 / Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Barbera del Monferrato; Region: Piemonte; Producer: Amonte; Grape: Barbera. Deliciously fruity with notes of blueberries, cherries and raspberries. Robust with a persistent finish

Spicy 175ml Price :£7.00 / 250ml Price :£9.50 / Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Primitivo del Salento; Region: Puglia; Producer: Boheme; Grape: Primitivo. Rich aromas of plum and black cherry with spicy notes of cracked black pepper. A charming, well balanced wine with a velvety texture and intense black forest and damson fruits

Spice and Herbs (Bio) 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Naturalmente Bio; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Perricone. A wine full of character and personality, rich with red fruits, liquorice and hearty flavours. It’s a brilliant expression of its land

Our Organic Red (Bio) 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Naturalmente Bio; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Nero d’Avola. Strength and character define this organic wine along with a long and harmonic finish

Tuscan 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Chianti Da Vinci; Region: Toscana; Producer: Da Vinci; Grapes: Blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. A well-balanced wine of medium weight with jammy flavours of ripe plums, cherries and red fruit

Our Richest 175ml Price :£10.00 / 250ml Price :£12.50 / Btl Price :£36.00

Label: Le Selezioni; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Nero d’Avola. Complex and rich with intense notes of dark fruits and silky tannins

Vibrant Btl Price :£36.00

Label: Valpolicella; Region: Veneto; Producer: Le Vigne; Grapes: Blend of Corvina and Rondinella. Ruby red colour, the nose features a rich red berry fruit bouquet, smooth on the palate; well structured

Intense (Bio) Btl Price :£40.00

Label: Conero Riserva; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grape: Montepulciano. Warm and rich with a marked aroma of wild cherries and elegant notes of violets

Our Finest Btl Price :£45.00

Label: Le Selezioni; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Syrah. A combination of power and smoothness, enriched by a delicate touch of red fruits and the spicy notes of the oak

Silky Btl Price :£50.00

Label: Pinot Nero; Region: Trentino Alto Adige; Producer: Colterenzio; Grape: Pinot Nero. A stylish and elegant wine rather than full-bodied and muscular

Our Signature Btl Price :£62.00

Label: Nino; Region: Sicily; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grapes: Blend of C&M best red grapes (Amarone technique). A strong and powerful red made with dried late picked grapes, using a similar technique used for Amarone. Dark jammy fruits dance together with vanilla notes. An exceptionally complex wine

King Btl Price :£72.00

Label: Barolo d.o.c.g.; Region: Piemonte; Producer: Ascheri; Grape: Nebbiolo. The King of Italian wines. This is a harmonious, well structured wine with elegant tannins and great balance and complexity

Emperor Btl Price :£85.00

Label: Brunello di Montalcino; Region: Toscana; Producer: Il Poggione; Grape: Sangiovese. Brunello di Montalcino is the Italy’s most famous and prestigious wines. Ripe plum, tobacco, dark spice and balsamic aromas adorn this invigorating red

White Wines

Our Family White 175ml Price :£4.80 / 250ml Price :£6.50 / Btl Price :£18.90

Label: Tasari Catarratto; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Catarratto. Refreshing and light on the palate, mixed notes of tropical fruits with hints of honey

Our Fruitiest 175ml Price :£5.50 / 250ml Price :£7.80 / Btl Price :£22.00

Label: Terre di Giumara; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Inzolia. Clean, with a soft palate and lively tropical fruit notes

Our Mid Dry 175ml Price :£5.50 / 250ml Price :£7.80 / Btl Price :£22.00

Label: Terre di Giumara; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Grecanico. A dry, intense and refreshing white wine. Notes of white fruits on the palate and an elegant bouquet of orange blossoms on the nose

Wine of Love 175ml Price :£5.80 / 250ml Price :£8.40 / Btl Price :£25.00

Label: Terre di Giumara; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grapes: Zibibbo. Rich and warm, with an extensive range of flavours going from ripe white fruit to floral expressions. Very expressive on the palate yet dry and with a good acidity to balance

Aperitif Wine 175ml Price :£6.20 / 250ml Price :£8.80 / Btl Price :£26.00

Label: Cusora; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Chardonnay. Rich and aromatic, full bodied with intense notes of vanilla matching the tropical fruits. Perfect example of an oaky Chardonnay made in a Burgundy style

Exotic (Bio) 175ml Price :£6.80 / 250ml Price :£9.20 / Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Candiano; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grapes: Blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia. Made with 80% Trebbiano for its freshness and a 20% of Malvasia to add some floral notes and a touch of exotic fruits on the palate

The Venetian 175ml Price :£7.00 / 250ml Price :£9.50 / Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Pinot Grigio delle Venezie; Region: Veneto; Producer: Setteanime; Grape: Pinot Grigio. Intense aroma with flowery and fruity notes. Straw-yellow wine with full-flavored, soft and balanced taste on the palate

Our Driest (Bio) 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Naturalmente Bio; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Grillo. Bone dry with a full body and a delicate bouquet. Oak ageing gives this wine some delicate vanilla notes to balance the richness and intensity of the Grillo grape

Organic White (Bio) 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Naturalmente Bio; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Catarratto. Richer and darker compared to our family Catarratto. Ageing on the lees gives this wine a pronounced flavour of yeast that adds complexity and length to it

Unforgettable 175ml Price :£7.80 / 250ml Price :£10.50 / Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Sauvignon del Friuli; Region: Friuli; Producer: Victoria; Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc. White wine with lightly golden color, structured and of good character. The flavour is dry and delicate, with a light melon aftertaste

Wine from the Castle 175ml Price :£8.20 / 250ml Price :£11.00 / Btl Price :£32.00

Label: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grapes: Verdicchio. Structured and elegant, with a straw yellow color and green tinges. On the nose, elderflower and blossoms

Queen 175ml Price :£10.00 / 250ml Price :£12.50 / Btl Price :£36.00

Label: Gavi di Gavi La Minaia; Region: Piemonte; Producer: Nicola Bergoglio; Grape: Cortese. White peach and acacia aromatics, with soft honeyed richness, a cool mineral streak, beautifully balanced and fresh through to long finish

Rose Wines

Our Family Rose 175ml Price :£4.80 / 250ml Price :£6.50 / Btl Price :£18.90

Label: Tasari Syrah; Region: Sicilia; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Syrah. Fresh and easy drinking with pronounced notes of red berries. Completely dry on the palate with a good acidity

Blush 175ml Price :£6.20 / 250ml Price :£8.80 / Btl Price :£26.00

Label: Pinot Grigio Blush; Region: Veneto; Producer: Sospiro; Grape: Pinot Grigio. Salmon pink in colour with a subtly aromatic nose. The palate is simple, light, dry and crisp; very easy to drink, with a clean and refreshing finish

Blossom Wine (Bio) Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Rosa di Montacuto; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grapes: Blend of Syrah, Alicante and Montepulciano. This is darker and more structured than your average rose, with a distinctive aroma of dark cherries, typical of the region

Sparkling Wines

Prosecco D.O.C. Extra Dry 125ml Price :£6.90 / Btl Price :£26.00

Label: Rosalia Prosecco; Region: Veneto; Producer: Giusti; Grape: Glera. Multi award winning Prosecco, with an intense, and fruity bouquet with hints of Golden apple and lemon; prevailing floral notes of wisteria and acacia

Lambrusco di Modena D.O.C. 125ml Price :£7.50 / Btl Price :£28.00

Label: Sassomoro Castelvetro; Region: Emilia Romagna; Producer: Cantina Cleto Chiarli; Grape: Grasparossa. Bright Rosé color with purple nuance and fine perlage. Delicate notes of red fruits with floral fragrances stand out on the nose. Stunning fresh-tasting and good acidity with pronounced mixed berries hints

Spumante Brut Rose Charmat Method Btl Price :£30.00

Label: Brut rose; Region: Marche; Producer: Moroder; Grape: Blend of Merlot and Syrah. Bright Rosé color with purple nuance and fine perlage. Delicate notes of red fruits with floral fragrances stand out on the nose. Stunning fresh-tasting and good acidity with pronounced mixed berries hints

Prosecco D.O.G. Gold Btl Price :£50.00

Label: Prosecco Gold; Region: Veneto; Producer: Bottega; Grapes: Glera. Typical and refined with fruity (green apples, pear, citrus fruits) and floral (white flowers, acacia, wisteria and lily of the valley) notes, sage and spices in the finish. A truly luxury drink, presented in a beautiful liquid metal bottle that not only looks good but helps keep the Prosecco fresh for longer

Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut Btl Price :£65.00

Label: Yellow Label Brut NV; Region: Epernay, Champagne (France); Producer: Veuve Cliquot; Grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay. A perfect balance between power and finesse, its complexity comes from the predominant presence of Pinot Noir and Reserve Wines. Rich notes of apricot, vanilla and brioche drift through a mouth-filling mousse

Our Fortified Wines 50ml Price :£4.00

Marsala Superiore Riserva 5 Years
Label: Marsala Riserva; Region: Sicily; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Blend of Grillo and Catarratto. Sweetness and bitterness are balanced together perfectly in this Madeira style dessert wine

Tagos 50ml Price :£4.00

Label: Terre Siciliane; Region: Sicily; Producer: Caruso & Minini; Grape: Blend of Grillo and Catarratto. The lovely result of a long wait. Bright colour with intense golden reflections, balanced bouquet with scents of fruits and flowers, notes of honey and cinnamon follow. The wine is pleasurable on the palate due to its sweetness, sapidity and softness

Beers & Ciders


Lisa – Birra del Borgo Half Pint Price :£2.80 / Pint Price :£5.50

LISA is a 5% ABV premium lager, brewed using Cappelli wheat grain from the countryside of Puglia, a region in southern Italy, and the best Italian orange peel. The light foam head releases crisp and fresh aromas that are both complex and elegant

Goose Island Midway IPA Half Pint Price :£2.85 / Pint Price :£5.50

A 4.1% session IPA with a bright hop aroma with tropical and mandarin notes and medium-to-low bitterness


Peroni Lager 330ml Price :£4.50

Peroni is said to be “the most widely consumed beer throughout the Italian Peninsula.”- 4.7% ABV

Ichnusa Unfiltered 330ml Price :£5.00

An unfiltered beer, low fermentation, 100% pure barley malt. The recipe uses light barley malt and caramel barley malt, a mixture that gives a round taste, delivers delicate herbal feelings and notes of yellow and apricot fruit, accompanied by a delicious, fragrant soup of bread crust – 5% ABV

Peroni Gluten Free 330ml Price :£5.00

A gluten-free option for Italy’s most iconic beer, without compromising on taste, with the same delicate balance of bitterness and citrus aromatic notes as Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Libera 0% Alcohol 330ml Price :£4.00

This is the perfect beer for when you want that special Peroni refreshment without the alcohol. It’s triple-hopped and brewed with the same exclusive Nostrano Dell’Isola maize as full-strength Peroni Nastro Azzurro


Angioletti Italian Apple Cider 500ml Price :£5.50

Angioletti craft Italian Cider is made using ‘charmat-method’, the same method as used for Prosecco; it is only ever made from 100% Italian apple juice and contains no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings

Rekorderlig Strawberries – Lime Cider 500ml Price :£5.50

Strawberry-Lime Cider perfectly embodies a Swedish summer with the authentic flavour of freshly picked strawberries. It is best served cold over ice with a squeeze of lime

Italian Spritz

Aperol Spritz Glass Price :£8.00

The Italian classic – Aperol, Prosecco and soda water garnished with an orange slice

Limoncello Spritz Glass Price :£8.00

Limoncello, an Italian favourite, in a light and refreshing Spritz

Hugo Spritz Glass Price :£8.00

Light and sparkling with Prosecco and elderflower

Veeno Spritz Glass Price :£8.00

Our Signature Spritz, with Aperol and Lambrusco Sparkling wine

Gin & Tonics

Served with a choice of Fever Tree Tonic, Light Tonic, Lemonade

Beefeater 50ml Price :£6.50

An exceptionally clean, bold gin whose extravagant juniper character is balanced with strong citric notes

Tanqueray 50ml Price :£7.50

A classic based on juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice

Bombay Sapphire 50ml Price :£7.50

100% Vapour Infused with 10 hand-selected botanicals, creating a bright, vibrant gin

Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin 50ml Price :£8.50

A well-balanced gin with juniper still at the forefront but with a harmonious balance of herbal and spiced bitters

Malfy Lemon or Orange 50ml Price :£9.00

Malfy Gin combines Italian juniper and five botanicals with Italian winter wheat spirit. Infused in Lemons from Amalfi Coast or Oranges from Sicily for a refreshing citrus taste

That Boutique-Y 50ml Price :£9.00

Cherry gin? Now that’s not something you don’t see every day! Made in the finest sloe gin tradition, with both sweet and sour Marasca cherries

Bathtub 50ml Price :£9.50

An award-winning compound gin, made using a high-quality copper pot still. The gin is infused with juniper, orange peel, coriander, cassia, cloves and cardamom, resulting in a warmly spiced flavour

Hendrick’s 50ml Price :£9.50

Hendrick’s is a super premium gin with subtly different botanicals recipe that includes a unique infusion of rose petals and cucumber alongside more traditional botanical ingredients


Jack Daniel’s 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

Mellowed drop by drop through 10-feet of sugar maple charcoal, then matured in handcrafted barrels – 40%

Jameson 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

Mellow pot still Irish whiskey with toasted wood and sherry undertones. Smooth and sweet with woody and nutty tones – 40%

Glenfiddich 12 Y.O. 25ml Price :£4.90 / 50ml Price :£9.80

Carefully matured in the finest American oak and European oak sherrycasks for at least 12 years. Creamy with a long, smooth and mellow finish – 40%


Bacardi Carta Blanca 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

The nose is light and fresh with a little spice and pepper, quite spirity. The palate is of medium-body with hints of tropical fruit and a note of dark brown sugar and winter spice. The finish is good with smooth vanilla spice notes. – 37.5%

Havana Club Añejo 7 Y.O. 25ml Price :£4.00 / 50ml Price :£8.00

Sweet and buttery Rum with intermingled notes of toffee, honeycomb and coffee, a little spice and dried peels with notes of orchard fruits and biscuits – 40%

Kraken Spicy Rum 25ml Price :£4.50 / 50ml Price :£9.00

Dark, rich and thick Rum, with molasses and tar and a barrage of cinnamon, golden syrup, nutmeg and oak. – 40%

Malibu 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

One of the world’s most iconic liqueurs, Malibu sees a Caribbean white rum base blended with natural Bajan coconut extract – 21%


Finlandia 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

From Finnish-grown six-row barley and glacial spring water – 40%

Grey Goose 25ml Price :£5.00 / 50ml Price :£10.00

French wheat vodka made with filtered limestone water – 40%

Brandy & Cognac

Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera 25ml Price :£3.30 / 50ml Price :£6.60

Vecchia Romagna’s black label is a lovely Italian Brandy that’s distilled from Trebbiano grapes in the French “Charentais” style. Very flavoursome – 38%

Courvoisier VS 25ml Price :£4.50 / 50ml Price :£9.00

It is a blend of several crus aged between three and seven years, composed principally of Fins Bois with a balancing hand of Petite Champagne – 40%

Grappa 25ml Price :£4.50 / 50ml Price :£9.00

Grappa is a uniquely Italian drink. Traditionally, made from pomace, that is discarded grape seeds, stalks and stems that are a by-product of the winemaking process, grappa has been around since the Middle Ages. – 40%

Other Liquors

ask our staff for our selection of Italian Liquors




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About Veeno Edinburgh

Italian wine café, proud to offer quality Sicilian wines and spuntini appetisers across the UK. In the spring of 2013 something extraordinary happened. Two Italian guys in their twenties met in Manchester to find out that they shared a unique passion; they both loved and missed, the Italian Aperitivo, the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work.

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