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Sushi Atelier
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 by Lloyd Thomas

We had quite a nice meal here. I believe this restaurant is owned by the same people that own Chisou in Mayfair and the sashimi wasn’t of the same standard here as it was there.

Sushi Atelier store hours

Phone: +44 20 7636 4455


Head Office address: 114 Great Portland St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 6PA, UK

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Sushi Atelier Main Menu With Price


Edamame Price:£4.0

spicy or yozu called

Assorted Pickles Price:£4.5

Shiitake & Kinpira Gobo Price:£4.9

sweet shiitake mushroom and slightly spicy burdock root

Tako Wasabi Price:£7.1

octopus with marinated wasabi and ponzu jelly

Scallop & Asparagus Price:£7.9

seared scallop and steamed asparagus served with yuzu-basil miso

Three Kinds Tartare Price:£10.2

salmon, tuna and white fish with cresses and garnish

Razor Clam Ceviche Price:£9.9

smoked razor clam served with japanese spring ginger and whisky jelly

Chutoro Tataki Price:£18.5

panfried medium fatty tuna with truffle butter and fresh wasab


Green Salad Price:£5.9

baby spinach, green leaf and steamed veg with carrott and sesame dressing

Seaweed & Cucumber Salad Price:£6.1

mised seaweed and cucumber served in a dashi vinaigrette sauce

Hijiki-Lotus Salad Price:£6.3

seaweed, lotus roots and rocket with a garlic-vinaigrette

Tofu Salad Price:£6.5

soft tofu and tofu foam served with green leaf, coriander and sesame dressing

Sashimi Salad Price:£12.1

3 kind sashimi served on a salad and avocado bed with wasabi dressing


Octopus Carpaccio Price:£9.1

cooked octopus served with kizami wasabi and azuki bean sauce

Salmon Carpaccio Price:£9.2

salmon with umami salt and tomato sauce topped with kataifi and cress

Tuna Carpaccio Price:£15.5

style tuna served with chili ponzu jelly and coriander cress

Yellowtail Carpaccio Price:£15.5

tataki style tuna served with chilli ponzu jelly and coriander cress

Butterfish Carpaccio Price:£13.4

butterfish and foie gras served with cresses and veg chips

Wagyu Carpaccio Price:£19.9

Seared wagyu beef with marinated wasabi, ginger-ponzu jelly and miyoga


Miso Soup Price:£3.7

fermented soybeak soup served with seaweed and tofu

Steamed Gyoza Price:£6.1

Chicken / Veg / Pork, with seasme dipping sauce

Fresh eel Osuimono Price:£6.3

Clear soup with eel, shimeji and veg

Tsukune Price:£7.0

Chicken meatball with spicy teriyaki sauce

Tofu Dengaku Price:£7.1

steak with dengaku miso sauce

Iberico Teriyaki / with wild mushroom Price:£15.2 / Price:£20.5

spanish pork with homemade teriyaki sauce

Butterfish steak Price:£15.2

Yuzu pepper, samphire and shiso

Wagyu Slider Price:£19.9

2 pc mini wagyu burger with apple yakiniku sauce


Salmon Set Price:£17.3

1 salmon avocado roll(8pcs) and 5 salmon nigiri

Tuna Set Price:£22.0

1 spicy tuna roll (8pcs) and 5 tuna nigiri

Yellowtail Set Price:£21.4

1 yellowtail, spring onion and garlic tuffle mayo roll (8pcs) and 5 yellowtail nigiri

Mixed Sushi Price:£19.2

1 california roll (8pcs), 3 salmon and 2 tuna nigiri


Oyako Donburi Price:£18.9

seared salmon and marinated salmon roe

Chirashi Sushi Price:£29.4

mixed sashimi

Battera oshizushi Price:£14.2

Mackerel, battera konbu and kizami ginger

Salmon-Butterfish Oshizushi (pressed rice) Price:£16.7

Seared salmon with mustard-miso and seared butterfish with truffle-ginger butter

BBQ Tuna Oshizuhi (pressed rice) Price:£19.2

seared tuna with bbq sauce topped with parmesan

Unagi Oshizushi (pressed rice) Price:£19.2

bbq eel with sweet soy and kizami wasabi


Salmon Avocado Price:£8.2

salmon and avocado with yuzu mayo and sesame

Spicy Salmon, Yellowtail, Tuna Price:£9.5

chopped salmon, yellowtail or tuna with green chili, spring onion, spicy mayo and rice crackers

Yellowtail Truffle Price:£9.4

chopped yellowtail with homemade truffle mayonnaise

California Price:£9.4

snowcrab and avocado with japanese mayo and flying fish roe

Tuna-Mango Price:£12.6

Mango-avocado roll topped with tuna and fruit-salsa

Rainbow Price:£12.6

snowcrab and avocado with garlic truffle mayo and flying fish roe topped with different kind of fishes

Aburi Truffle Price:£13.5

Picked cucumber, spring onion, tapped with chopped seared fatty tuna and truffled teriyaki sauce

Dragon Roll Price:£13.5

Veg and tamago roll tapped with BBQ eel

Veg Special (V) Price:£7.6

asparagus, bell peppers, cucumber and fresh basil with sesame, topped with avocado and rice crackers

Shiitake & Cucumber Price:£7.0

sweet shiitake mushroom and cucumber with mixed herbs


Atelier Bento Price:£24

2 kind sashimi, 3 pc nigiri, 4 pc maki, pickes and small starter

Oyaku Donburi Price:£18

salmon sashimi and ikura on rice bed

Sushi Set 10pcs Price:£28

9 Kind Sashimi Set Price:£30

with bowl of sushi rice

Salmon Set Price:£17

4 salmon nigiri, 8 pieces salmon and avocado roll

Mixed Sushi Set Price:£19

2 salmon, 2 tuna nigiri, 8 pieces california roll

Veg Sushi Set Price:£16

2 asparagus, 2 avocado nigiri, 8 pieces veg roll

Maki Set Price:£17

4 pieces salmon avocado, 4 california, 4 spicy tuna

Iberico Teriyaki Don Price:£17

Spanish pork Teriyaki on Rice


Sorbet Price:£3.9

ask staff for available flavors

Soy Milk Ponna Cotta Price:£4.5

Black Sesame Sauce

Tiramisu Price:£4.9

Green Tea Cheese Cake Price:£5.5

Yukimi Daifuku Price:£4.5

mochi ice cream (vanilla, mango, green tea)

Sushi Atelier Drinks Menu


Stolichnaya Red Vodka 40% Price:£4

Suntory Haku Price:£8.2

Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka 40% Price:£9.8


Tanqueray Gin 43.1% Price:£5.2

Suntory Roku Price:£8.0

Sipsmith Gin 41.6% Price:£8.1


Suntory Yamazaki 12yo Price:£19

Nikka All Malt Whiskey Price:£9.5

Suntory Yamazaki Distillers Reserve Price:£12.5


on rocks, sour plum or hot water 50ml Price:£8 / btl Price:£80

Kuro Kirishima

Sweet potato 50ml Price:£5.5 / btl Price:£60

Genkai Iki

Barley 50ml Price:£6 / btl Price:£82


Draft Asahi pint Price:£7

Draft Asahi haft pint Price:£3.7

Sapporo 330ml Price:£5.7


Kingsdown Sparking 750ml Price:£4.5

Kingsdown Still 750ml Price:£4.5

Coca Cola 330ml Price:£3.5

Diet Coke 330ml Price:£3.5

Apple Price:£3.5

Orange Price:£3.5

Cranberry Price:£3.5


Sencha – free refill Price:£3

Hojicha Price:£3.5

Genmai Cha Price:£3.5

Jasmin Price:£3.5


Espresso Price:£2.5

Double Espresso Price:£3

Latte Price:£3

Cappuccino Price:£3

Macchiato Price:£2.5

Double Macchiato Price:£3

Americano Price:£3


2017 Verdejo Ramón Bilbao 175ml Price:£7.5 / btl Price:£28

straw yellow colour with emerald hues, bright and clean. on the nose this 100% verdejo is intense and aromatic. pair with seasonal veg and salmon dishes

2017 Chenin Blanc Reserve, Ken Forrester Wines btl Price:£36

full bodied and well rounded with a complex structure. bursting with flavours of dried apricots, pineapple and hints of vanilla. good match for salmon carpaccio

2017 Albariño, Eidosela 175ml Price:£8.5 / btl Price:£34

aromatic with good straight forward fruit showing hints of apricot stones. drink with fish and shellfish

2016 Gavi di Gavi, La Minaia, Nicola Bergaglio 175ml Price:£9.8 / btl Price:£38

acacia, white flowers and white peaches and a touch of wild herbs on the nose. the palate is fresh, crisp and classically mineral. try with scallop and basil miso

2016 Macon Fuissé, Domaine Paquet btl Price:£43

white burgundy with a ripe green apple note on the nose, baked apple flavours and a hint of spice. pairs well with vegetables

2016 The Hermit Crab Viognier/Marsanne, Originals, d’Arenberg btl Price:£39.5

the viognier certainly takes centre stage on the nose in the guise of stone fruits, candied ginger and florals. in the background for those keen on honing their senses, marsanne adds slightly more exotic notes of green mango and almond. a great match for any shellfish

2016 Sancerre Reine Blanche Domaine J Reverdy btl Price:£52

clean, pure notes of white flowers, quince, melon, and white peach are all present in this surprisingly opulent, fleshy, rather exuberant and flamboyant style of sancerre. salmon and seabass go nicely with this wine

2016 Chardonnay Les Mougeottes IGP Pays d’Oc 175ml Price:£7.8 / btl Price:£31

lemon and vanilla on the nose with a round, fruity body and a hint of vanilla oak character. pair with shellfish

2015 Rully 1er Cru Rabourcé, Domaine Jaeger-Defaix btl Price:£60

a real success for this fine wine, with some pine, lemon and soft aromas showing through. eat with chicken gyoza

2014 Meursault, Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux btl Price:£85

well developed with ripe, tropical fruit on the nose and an enticing note of honey leading to an intense and concentrated palate. try with salmon roe or sweet shrimp


2017 Petit Pinotage, Ken Forrester Wines 175ml Price:£6.8 / btl Price:£26

classic pinotage aromas of spicy mulberries, plum pudding and cherries, with more subtle hints of smoky bacon. try with seared sushi

2016 Pinot Noir Les Mougeottes IGP Pays d’Oc175ml Price:£7.8 / btl Price:£31

clean and precise bouquet with black cherries and raspberry aromas. the palate is medium-bodied. serve lightly chilled

2016 Beaujolais Origine, Le Vissoux, Chermette btl Price:£38

youthfully light cherry in colour, offering red stone fruit on the nose. the fruit is very stylishly extracted, generous, ripe and not shackled by too much tannin. works well with spicy tuna

2016 El Mago Organic Garnacha, Franck Massard btl Price:£42

this moderately ruby/purple-hued wine exhibits complex aromas of liquorice, roasted herbs, sweet cassis and cherries, smoked meat, and spices. try with a seared wagyu sushi

2011 Rioja Reserva, Ramón Bilbao btl Price:£48

lovely garnet colour with medium-high depth of colour. clear and bright. when the glass is twirled you can see its legs. sumptuous and classical in style with good use of american oak. loves a bit of spicy food

2012 Chateau Saint Ange Saint Emilion Grand Cru btl Price:£58

ruby colour, dense and deep with purple reflections. elegant and expressive bouquet. red and black crystallized fruits. drink with any of our wagyu dishes


NV Brut Mosaïque, Champagne Jacquart 175ml Price:£11 / btl Price:£65

a light, golden yellow colour with fine, long-lasting bubbles. the bouquet is lovely and fresh with fruity grape and pear hints mingling with intense notes of bread crust

NV Prosecco, Stelle d’Italia 175ml Price:£7 / btl Price:£30

a lively crisp sparkling wine with a delicate lemony character and an aromatic, dry, refreshing finish

NV Ruinart Blanc De Blanc btl Price:£129

beautiful pale golden yellow colour with gentle green reflections, a vibrant, luminous colour. active effervescence with a persistent release of bubbles.

NV Brut Mosaïque Rosé, Champagne Jacquart 175ml Price:£13.5 / btl Price:£82

Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

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Sushi Atelier Hours

Monday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Tuesday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Wednesday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Thursday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Friday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Saturday   12–3pm 6–10pm
Sunday   Closed

Sushi Atelier Coupans

About Sushi Atelier

Our skilled sushi chefs serve modern sushi. Think nigiri with toppings like ponzu jelly and rolls filled with yellowtail and truffle mayonnaise.

The space inside the restaurant is dominated by a long sushi bar at which you can watch the chefs working away on your food. There is also a sizeable basement with cosy lighting and banquettes, great for larger bookings and private parties.

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Sushi Atelier
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Lloyd Thomas

We had quite a nice meal here. I believe this restaurant is owned by the same people that own Chisou in Mayfair and the sashimi wasn’t of the same standard here as it was there.