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Silk Road store hours

Phone: 020 7703 4832


Head Office address: 49 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8TR

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Silk Road Main Menu & Drinks Menu With Price

Cold Dishes

Mix Shreds Salad: £3
carrot vermicelli & spinach in ahot & sour sauce

Xinjiang Spicy Salad: £3
Onion, green chilli, tomato & coriander

Cucumber in Sauce: £3
Cucumber cubes in special sauce

Shredded Kelp: £3
Shredded kelp in a hot sauce

Pork with garlic Sauce: £4
Sliced belly pork in a hot sauce

Assorted Spiced Beef: £4
Sliced spiced beef in a special sauce with chilli oil

Ox Triple in Chili Sauce: £4
Shredded on tripe in a tasty chili sauce

Style Dishes

Xinjiang Lamb Shish: £1.00
Fresh lamb pieces & fot roasted over charcoal, seasoned with salt, cumin & chili powder. served on steel skewer

Ox Tripe Shish: £1.00
Tripe slices roasted over charcoal, seasoned with salt, cumin & chili powder, served on steel skewer

Kidney Shish: £1.5
Lamb kidney roasted over charcoal, seasoned with soft, cumin & chili powder, served on steel skewer

Fish Shish: £2.50
Boneless red snapper roasted over charcoal, seasoned with salt, cumin & chilli powder, served on steel skewer

Big Plate Chicken: £15.00 (extra noodle £2.00)
Most popular xinjiang dish in china, contain chicken with bone, potato green chilli & dried chili, including a protein of belt noodle

Middle Plate Chicken: £9.00
Smaller version of big plate chicken

Special Big Plate Chicken: £28.00
Another version of big plate chicken, contains chicken with bone, dried chili & green chili

Big Plate Tripe: £12.00
On tripe slices with onion & green chili in a special seasoning

Boiled Lamb: £12.00
Boiled lamb with bone covered with a salty onion sauce, use of hands are recommended

T.E.P Noodle: £6.00
Dish contain tomato, egg & pepper covered on hand-pulled noodle

Mixed Vegetable with Noodle: £6.00
Dish contains onions, cheese leaves, celery, tomato & pepper covered on hand-pulled noodle

Special Cooked Lamb with Noodle: £6.50
A stir fried lamb dish with a similar flavor of lamb shish seasoned with salt, cumin & chili powder covered on hand=pulled noodle

Cabbage & Lamb with Noodle: £6.50
Dish contains cabbage slice, lamb covered on hand pulled noodle

Luxury Noodle: £7.00
Special cooked lamb with noodle plan a fried egg on both sides

Xinjiang Style Fried Noodles: £6.50
Stir fried hand-pulled noodle with lamb, celery , onions tomato & chili

Hot Dishes

Cabbage in Vinegar Sauce: £5.00

Hot & Sour Shredded Potato: £5.00

Extra Hot Chinese Leaves : £5.00
Stir fried cabbage slices in a extra hot sauce

Home Style Aubergines: £5.50
Stir fried aubergines with tomato & green chili

Garlic Pak-Choi: £5.50
Stir-fried pak-choi in a garlic sauce

Home Style Cabbage: £5.50
Stir fried cabbage & dried chili

Stir Fried Spinach: £7.00

Pork with Black Fungus: £7.00
Pork slices, black fungus & cabbage

Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork: £7.00
Shredded pork , carrot, black, fungus & red chilli giving a fish like sour & sweet taste

Chicken with green chilli: £7.00
Chicken cubes with green chilli & red chili

Beef with piastchio: £7.00

Pepper with Shredded Tripe: £7.00

Double Cooked Pork Slices: £7.00
A traditional si-chuon dish with belly pork

Lamb Slice with Spring Onion: £8.00

Stir Fried Chicken Gizzards: £8.00
Chicken gizzards & onion fried with cumin & chili powder

XinjiangStyle Noodle in Soup: £4.50
A bowl of sour soup with hand-pulled noodle slice, lamb & tomato

Boiled Rice: £1.80

Belt Noodle: £2.00

Hand-Pulled Noodle: £2.00


Lamb & Onion Filling: £3.00

Beef & Onion Filling: £3.00

Pork & Celery filling: £3.00

Egg, Leek & Shrimp Filling: £3.50

Fried Dumpling: £3.50

Beef & onion filling: £10.00


Coke: £1.00

Diet Coke: £1.00

Tango 330ml: £1.00

Chinese Jasmine Tea: £1.50

Tsintao Acer: £1.50

Aloe Water Juice: £2.50

House Red Wine: £12.00

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Silk Road Hours

Tuesday12–2pm 6–10pm
Wednesday12–2pm 6–10pm
Thursday12–2pm 6–10:30pm
Friday12–2:30pm 6–10pm
Saturday12–2:30pm 6–10pm
Sunday12:30–2:30pm 6–9:15pm

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About Silk Road

Silk Road is a simple and small restaurant, famous for its long wooden tables and serving up amazing Chinese dumplings, noodles and stews in Camberwell, London 💂

Dishes can be flaming, but are also balanced with a lot of far eastern spices. The cuisine of Xinjiang exhibits many of the hearty traditional standbys found around Central Asia – especially kebabs and dumplings – but with a strong Chinese dominance.

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Silk Road
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