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Phone: 0131 285 5940

Website: https://www.atpizza.com/

Head Office address: 4 Charlotte Ln, Edinburgh EH2 4QZ, United Kingdom

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@pizza Main Menu With Price


48 hour slow proofed sourdough pizza. Choose from over 50 toppings, at a fixed @pizza menu price (hand stretched gluten free and vegan options available); fully customization – unlimited choice: Choose sourdough or gluten free, Choose from 5 sauces, Choose from 4 cheeses, Choose from 11 veggies, Choose from 10 proteins; we cook your pizza in 90 seconds; Choose from 19 ingredients to finish

Any Two Topping Pizza

Small Price: £6.95 / Regular Price: £8.95

Design Your Own Pizza

Small Price: £8.95 / Regular Price: £10.95


The Icon Small Price: £6.95 / Regular Price: £8.95

The Classic Margarita One; Classic tomato sauce, Italian mozzarella pearls, garlic oil, Tomberry tomatoes, fresh basil, Gran Moravia cheese (700 cal)

Eat Meat Repeat Small Price: £7.95 / Regular Price: £9.95

The One with A Fresh of Meat; classic tomato sauce, mozzarella & cheddar, pepperoni (salamello salumi), Italian sausage (Basilicata picante), Wiltshire ham, spicy beef meatball, Gran Moravia cheese, oregano (1100 cal)

Heartbreaker Small Price: £7.95 / Regular Price: £9.95

The Hot One; Roquito pepper sauce, Scottish mozzarella (fior di latte), pepperoni, Italian sausage (Basilicata picante), fresh jalapeno, grilled red onion, rosemary, Sriracha (865 cal)

White Dog Small Price: £7.95 / Regular Price: £9.95

The White Pizza One; Garlic & ricotta sauce, Scottish mozzarella (fior di latte), grilled red onion, grilled red peppers, pesto basilico Genovese (DOP), garlic oil, rocket, Gran Moravia cheese (785 cal)

At Tiffany’s Small Price: £7.95 / Regular Price: £9.95

The Breakfast One; Classic tomato sauce, mozzarella & cheddar, grilled red onion, baby spinach, Italian sausage (Basilicata picante), smoked bacon, free range egg, Gran Moravia cheese (1085 cal)

Boombastic Small Price: £7.95 / Regular Price: £9.95

The Sweet and Smokey One; Barbecue sauce, mozzarella & cheddar, pineapple, grilled red onion, sweetcorn, chicken, Gran Moravia cheese (970 cal)

Mean Greens Small Price: £8.95 / Regular Price: £10.95

The One with Salad on A Pizza; Pesto basilico genovese (DOP), mixed leaves, baby spinach, rocket, fresh basil, Tomberry tomatoes, grilled red onion, grilled red peppers, Italian mozzarella pearls, caesar dressing (755 cal)


Sourdough Garlic Bread Price: £4.50

Vegan options available (584 cal)

Scottish Mozzarella (824 cal) Price: £5.25

Classic Tomato (731 cal) Price: £5.25

House Slaw Price: £1.50

White cabbage, red onion, carrot, beetroot, real mayonnaise, salad cream, salt, pepper, sugar (190 cal)

House Green Price: £1.50

Mixed leaves, baby spinach, rocket, fresh basil, Tomberry™ tomatoes, grilled red onion and peppers (40 cal)


Simple Salad Small Price: £6.95

One protein and one finish of your choice, mixed leaves, baby spinach, rocket, fresh basil, Tomberry tomatoes, grilled red onion, grilled red peppers

Design Your Own Salad Regular Price: £9.95

Simple salad, plus your choice of veggies, proteins & finishes

Pizza’s Counter Culture Price: £9.95

Fully customisable pizza, made with only the best ingredients. @pizza menu sourdough is slow proofed over 48 hours and blast cooked in 90 seconds at 600f resulting in a light and airy crust that’s easy to digest.


Sourdough (420 cal)

Gluten Free Dough (538 cal)


Classic Tomato Sauce (25 cal)

Roquito Pepper Sauce (30 cal)

Pesto Basilico Genovese (DOP) (105 cal)

Smokey Barbecue Sauce (95 cal)

Garlic & Ricotta Sauce (55 cal)


Mozzarella & Cheddar (180 cal)

Scottish Mozzarella (Fior di Latte) (150 cal)

Italian Mozzarella Pearls (140 cal)

Veganarella (155 cal)


Tomberry Tomatoes (10 cal)

Mushroom (20 cal)

Grilled Red Peppers (20 cal)

Fresh Jalapeno (10 cal)

Roquito Peppers (20 cal)

Baby Spinach (5 cal)

Sweetcorn (60 cal)

Grilled Red Onion (25 cal)

Broccoli (10 cal)

Pineapple (40 cal)

Kalamata Olives (30 cal)


Pepperoni (Salumello Salumi) (95 cal)

Spicy Chorizo (100 cal)

Spicy Beef Meatballs (120 cal)

Chicken (70 cal)

Italian Sausage (Basilicata Picate) (125 cal)

Wiltshire Cured Ham (55 cal)

Free Range Egg (60 cal)

Smoked Bacon (165 cal)

Tuna (Dolphin Friendly) (60 cal)

Marinated Anchovies (60 cal)


Wild Rocket (5 cal)

Fresh Basil (10 cal)

Kalamata Olives (20 cal)

Peperoni Lombardi (Pickled Peppers) (10 cal)

Sun Blushed Tomatoes (40 cal)

Garlic Oil (35 cal)

Chilli Oil (35 cal)

Garlic Mayonnaise (Real Mayonnaise) (80 cal)

Balsamic Glaze (40 cal)

Barbecue Sauce (40 cal)

Pesto Basilico Genovese (DOP) (50 cal)

Sriracha Sauce (15 cal)

Feta Cheese (60 cal)

Clawsons Blue Stilton (85 cal)

Gran Moravia Cheese (85 cal)

Oregano, Rosemary, Dried Chili (1 cal)

Soda (Craft Sodas)

Price: £2.95; Made with unrefined cane sugar, stevia, natural flavours and colours. Around 100 cal per glass

Peach & Honey Iced Tea (Still)

Mango & Blood Orange

Sicilian Lemonade

Ginger, Lime & Mint

Grapefruit & Juniper

Apple & Bramble

Kids Drinks

Forest Fruits or Apple Randor 300ml Price: £1.99

Water Price: £1.25

Still or Sparkling Can-O-Water

Local Craft Beers

Paolozzi Lager ABV 5.2% 330ml Price: £4.50

Holyrood Pale Ale ABV 5.2% 330ml Price: £3.95

Ka Pai Pale Ale ABV 5.2% 330ml Price: £4.50

Stewarts Lager ABV 4.0% 330ml Price: £3.95


Thistly Cross Traditional Cider ABV 4.4% 500ml Price: £4.50

Thistly Cross Strawberry Cider ABV 4.0% 500ml Price: £5.25

Single Serve Wine

Kissing Tree Australian Chardonnay ABV 13% (White)

Intense aromas / hint of oak / peach & tropical flavours
187ml Price: £4.95

Kissing Tree Californian Zinfandel Rose ABV 10.5%

Wild strawberry & qxotic fruit aromas / try it over ice
187ml Price: £4.95

Kissing Tree Chilean Merlot ABV 13% (Red)

Ripe, rich & warm / spicy berry fruit with a warm finish
187ml Price: £4.95

Le Contesse Prosecco ABV 11% (Sparkling White)

Aromatic, fruity & floral / refreshing & well balanced
200ml Price: £6.50

Wine by the Bottle

Araia Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC, ABV 13% (White)

Elegant & clean / ripe peach & fresh fruit notes / light spicy finish
750ml Price: £17.00

Clifford Quay Sauvignon Blanc ABV 12.5% (White)

A classic example from NZ / gooseberry & tropical fruit / clean & zesty
750ml Price: £20.00

El Finatello Malbec ABV 13% (Red)

Full bodied 100% Malbec / ripe red fruit / warm, spicy & velvety
750ml Price: £17.00

Primitivo Salentro ABV 12.5% (Red)

Powerful & full of character / rich berry flavours / long lingering finish
750ml Price: £19.00

Prosecco St Triazo ABV 11% (Sparkling White)

Perfectly bubbly / sweet apple & floral notes / fresh & lively
750ml Price: £22.50

Dessert Pizza

Vanilla Sky

The Original Dessert One; Sweet ricotta, summer fruit, chocolate sauce, mascarpone, icing sugar
Small Price: £5.95 / Regular Price: £9.95


The One Brunch Would Want; Sweet ricotta, raspberry coulis, chocolate brownie, crushed hazelnuts, chocolate sauce, icing sugar, chocolate flake
Small Price: £5.95 / Regular Price: £9.95


The Caribbean One; Sweet ricotta, pineapple, coconut, mango coulis, icing sugar, mascarpone, crushed biscoff
Small Price: £5.95 / Regular Price: £9.95


Vanilla Sky Price: £5.95

The Original One on Ice; Vanilla gelato, summer fruit, chocolate sauce, mascarpone, crushed biscoff

Trunchbull Price: £5.95

The One You Will Dream About; Chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce, mascarpone, crushed hazelnuts, chocolate flake

Tropococo Price: £5.95

The one you will talk about; coconut gelato, pineapple, desiccated coconut, mango coulis, mascarpone, crushed biscoff.

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Sunday 4–10 pm

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About @pizza

@pizza is to give you the best pizza you’ve ever had, every time. That means doing things right. Starting with a 48-hour slow proofed sourdough and the best ingredients we can source, your pizza will be lovingly crafted in front of your eyes by our ever-so-friendly Pack.

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