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Pasta Remoli
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 by Catherine Osley

Really nice staff and service. They were accommodating and helpful. The pasta is good and there are a wide array of options.

Pasta Remoli store hours

Phone: +44 20 7263 2948


Head Office address: 7 Clifton Terrace, Finsbury Park, London N4 3JP, UK

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Pasta Remoli Main Menu With Price


Bread & Focaccia Price:£2.50

Homemade focaccia and bread served with
extra virgin olive oil

Olives Price:£2.90

A selection of the best Italian olives

Deep Fried Arancini Price:£6.50

Ask our lovely staff for the seasonal filling

Bruschetta Price:£5.80

Homemade toasted bread with chopped
tomatoes, pickled vegetables and
balsamic vinegar

Burrata Cheese & Parma Ham Price:£7.90

Creamy cows cheese from Puglia served with Parma ham

Caprese with Fried Buffalo Mozzarella Price:£7.90

buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil

Seafood Salad Price:£9.00

Octopus, cuttlefish, shrimp, black olives and capers

Octopus Price:£11.00

Pan fried octopus served with potato,
cherry tomatoes and salted ricotta

Fritto Misto Price:£9.00

Deep fried calamari, whiebait and prawns

Antipasto Remoli to share (2 people) Price:£16.00

Salumi and cheese selection, arancini, burrata cheese,
mixed bruschetta, bread and focaccia


Borlotti Beans & Italian Sausage Stew Price:£8.50

Stewed borlotti beans and Tuscan fennel sausages in a
white wine and tomato sauce. Gratinated with pecorino cheese,
served with toasted bread

Crostino with Chicken Liver Price:£8.50

One of the best Tuscan dishes made with chicken liver
marinated for 24 hours in olive oil and herbs then pan fried
with shallots, almond flakes and a drizzle of marsala liquor,
served on toasted bread with basil pesto

Melanzane alla Parmigiana Price:£10.50

Baked aubergine in a tomato and basil sauce, buffalo
mozzarella and parmesan

Beef Lasagna Price:£11.00

The most well known Italian dish made with beef ragu,
bechamel and baked with parmesan

Roast Chicken Price:£13.00

Roast baby chicken marinated for 24 hours in paprika,
chilli and mixed fresh herbs, served with mixed salad
and roast potatoes

Lamb Chops Price:£16.00

Pan fried lamb chops marinated for 24 hours in paprika,
garlic and fennel seeds, served with mixed salad and
roast potatoes

Saltimbocca alla Romana Panati Price:£14.50

Bread crumbed veal escalope with parma ham,
sage and scamorza cheese

Zuppa di Pesce Price:£14.00

Stewed seabass, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, prawns,
mussels, clams with olives, capers, potato and tomato

Bistecca alla Griglia Price:£19.50

450g T-bone steak served with roasted potato and
mixed salad on the side


Mixed Salad Leaves Price:£3.50

Roasted Potato Price:£4.50

Garlic & Rosemary

Spinach Price:£4.50

Garlic & Chillies

Buffalo Mozzarella, Price:£6.50

Mixed Salad Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes

Insalata di Pollo Price:£8.80

Chicken salad, with bread crouton, parmesan cheese,
sweetcorn and green olives

Insalatona Remoli Price:£11.00

Mixed salad leaves with artichokes, roasted cherry tomato,
black olives, tuna and boiled egg


Butter & Sage Price:£3.00

Basil Pesto Price:£4.50

Basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and pecorino cheese
with extra virgin olive oil

Cheese Sauce Price:£4.00

Our cheese sauce is made with gorgonzola, pecorino
and parmesan cheese all melted into single cream
with a touch of nutmeg

Creamy Mushroom Price:£4.20

One of our best sellers, made with a mixture of wild mushrooms
cooked with stewed onion and thyme in single and double cream

Chicken, Mushroom & Peas Price:£4.50

Diced free range chicken cooked with mixed mushrooms
and green peas in a creamy sauce

Pancetta & Creamy Mushroom Price:£4.80

mixed mushrooms and thyme with single and
double cream

Tomato & Basil Price:£3.00

Pure and simple – onion, fresh tomato from Sarno and fresh basil.
This is also a vegan option

Arrabbiata (spicy) Price:£3.10

Ancient Roman recipe with pan fried chilli and garlic in a tomato
sauce with basil. This is also a vegan option

Cherry Tomato & Ricotta Price:£3.80

Garlic, cherry tomato and fresh ricotta cheese

Beef Bolognese Price:£4.70

The ever popular combination of beef mince mixed with a light
onion, carrot, celery, herbs and tomato sauce

Siciliana Price:£4.20

Aubergine, courgette, cherry tomato, capers and black olives

Italian Pork Sausage Ragu Price:£4.90

Tasty ragu made with delicious Tuscan sausages cooked
in white wine and tomato sauce with herbs and black pepper

Seafood Sauce (spicy) Price:£7.90

Well known in Italy as “allo scoglio” it contains prawns, mussels and
clams with chilli, garlic, white wine and a touch of spicy tomato sauce


Spaghetti Carbonara Price:£9.50

Authentic Roman sauce made with guanciale, black pepper,
Italian egg and pecorino Romano cheese

Maccheroncini Gricia Price:£9.00

Another brilliant Roman sauce made with guanciale,
white wine, black pepper and pecorino Romano cheese

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe Price:£8.50

Black pepper, olive oil and pecorino Romano cheese

Spaghetti Ajo, Oio e Peperoncino (spicy) Price:£7.50

Simplicity at its best! Fresh chilli & garlic soffritto
with extra virgin olive oil & chopped parsley

Maccheroncini all’Amatriciana Price:£9.00

Simone Remoli’s favourite Roman dish with Guanciale
red wine, tomato sauce and pecorino Romano


Choose your Pasta Price:£6.50

Spaghetti / Fusilli / Maccheroncini

Choose your Sauce Price:£6.50

Bolognese / Tomato & Basil / Cheese Sauce / Creamy Mushrooms / Basil Pesto

Choose your Cheese Price:£6.50

Parmesan / Pecorino

Choose your Drink Price:£6.50

Apple / Peach / Pear / Orange Juice

Choose your Ice Cream Scoop Price:£6.50

Chocolate / Pistachio  / Strawberry / Vanilla


Tiramisu Remoli Price:£4.90

Delicious traditional dessert, made of coffee, mascarpone
cream and savoiardi biscuits

Fruit Tart Price:£4.50

With a custard base and seasonal fruit on top

Sicilian Cannolo Price:£4.50

From Sicily, a sweet pastry tube filled with fresh ricotta,
chocolate chips & fruit candied on top. Just delicious!

Baked Cheesecake Price:£4.90

Please ask our staff for the seasonal flavour
Basil Pannacotta with Caprese

Chocolate Cake (Gluten Free) Price:£6.90

Just Fantastic!


Scoops Price:£5.00

Affogato al Café Price:£4.50

A scoop of Vanilla gelato & espresso

Strawberry & Prosecco Sorbet Price:£4.50

Pasta Remoli Drinks Menu


Aperol or Campari Spritz Price:£7.50

Prosecco topped with Soda

Virgin Mojito Price:£6.50

Lime, Seasonal Fruit, Brown Sugar, Mint, Apple Juice & Soda

Negroni Price:£7.50

Gin, Campari & Red Vermouth

Mojito Price:£7.50

Rum, Soda, Lime, Brown Sugar & Fresh Mint Leaves

Strawberry Caipiroska Price:£7.50

Vodka, Strawberries, Lime & Brown Sugar

Cosmopolitan Price:£7.50

Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice & Lime

Espresso Martini Price:£7.50

Vodka, Kahlua, Single Espresso & Sugar Syrup

Pina Colada Price:£8.50

3cl Rum Bianco, 9cl Succo Ananas, 3cl Crema di Cocco,
1 Fetta di Ananas & Ghiaccio Tritato

Long Island Ice Tea Price:£8.00

1.5cl Gin, 1.5cl Rum Bianco, 1.5cl Tequila, 1.5cl Triple Sec, 1.5cl Vodka & Coca Cola a Completare


San Pellegrino Sparkling Water Price:£2.50

Acqua Panna Still Water Price:£2.50

Coca Cola / Diet Coke (Glass Bottle) Price:£2.50

7 up Price:£2.00

S.Pellegrino (Aranciata, Limonata, Chinotto) Price:£2.00

Lemon or Peach Iced Tea Price:£2.00

Santal Juice (Orange, Peach, Pear, Apple) Price:£2.50


Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5% Price:£4.50

Moretti 4.6% Price:£5.50

Gran Moretti Toscana (500ml) 5.8% Price:£6.50

Menabrea Ambrata (Red Beer) 5% Price:£5.00

Cider 5% Price:£5.80

Draught Lager Menabrea 5% hafl Price:£2.90 / pint Price:£5.50



Nero d’Avola (13%) Sicilia

btl Price:£19.00 / 175ml Price:£5.90

The most important red wine grape in Sicily with an aroma of cherry and black pepper alongside sensational fruitiness

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (13%)

btl Price:£23.00 / 175ml Price:£6.00

Scents of blueberry and fresh violets are followed by a hint of ripe blackcurrants with good tannins and a long finish

Merlot (13%) Friuli

btl Price:£26.00 / 175ml Price:£6.50

Aromas of ripe red fruits and flowers. Soft, smooth, delicate tannins and good acidity

Sangiovese (13.5%) Toscana

btl Price:£27.00 / 175ml Price:£7.00

Intense & full, scents of violets, cherries & wild berries. Good structure with a long persistent finish

Barbera d’Asti (14.5%) Piemonte

btl Price:£28.00 / 175ml Price:£7.25

A violet bouquet, dry in flavour, well-balanced and full-bodied

Primitivo del Salento (14.5%) Puglia

btl Price:£30.00 / 175ml Price:£7.50

Full bodied, warm and velvety plum flavour, mature fruitiness and sweet tannins

Brunello di Montalcino (14%) Toscana

btl Price:£48.00

Rich, intense bouquet of raspberries and blackberries backed by notes of vanilla with an elegant and balanced finish


Chardonnay (13%) Sicilia

btl Price:£18.00 / 175ml Price:£4.90

Full and fragrant flavour with a warmth typical of Sicilian white wines

Pecorino (13%) Abruzzo

btl Price:£23.00 / 175ml Price:£6.00

Scents of peach, sage and broom flower. Great balance with a pleasantly bitterish finish

Pinot Grigio (12.5%) Friuli

btl Price:£24.00 / 175ml Price:£6.75

Fresh and youthful, hints of acacia flowers and subtle spicy tones

Sauvignon (12.5%) Friuli

btl Price:£24.00 / 175ml Price:£6.50

Fresh and youthful, hints of wild flowers, mineral notes with subtle almond tones

Vermentino di Gallura (13.5%) Sardegna

btl Price:£28.00 / 175ml Price:£7.00

Refreshing bouquet of white blossom and a fresh fruity flavour


Pinot Grigio “Blush” Rosé (12%) Veneto

btl Price:£21.00 / 175ml Price:£5.90

Hints of summer fruits followed by a soft, fresh and zesty flavour


Brut (11%) Veneto

btl Price:£24.00 / 175ml Price:£6.00

Aromatic intensity of wisteria and apple flowers with a hint of sweet almond

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Pasta Remoli Hours

Monday   12–10:30pm
Tuesday   12–10:30pm
Wednesday   12–10:30pm
Thursday   12–10:30pm
Friday   12–11pm
Saturday   12–11pm
Sunday   12–10:30pm

Pasta Remoli Coupans

Customers of Pasta Remoli Finsbury Park are in for a real Italian, mid-week treat.2 courses or 3 courses meal are available from 11am to 3pm.

About Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli is a fast casual restaurant specializing in fresh homemade pasta and sauces, cooked in our open kitchen using only the finest Italian ingredients, and ready to eat in a few minutes by following three easy steps

Along with a selection of tasty antipasti, traditional Italian dishes and delicious desserts we can assure you to serve one of the best homemade pastas in London.

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Pasta Remoli
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Catherine Osley

Really nice staff and service. They were accommodating and helpful. The pasta is good and there are a wide array of options.