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Head Office address: 113D St John's Rd, Corstorphine, Edinburgh EH12 7SB, United Kingdom

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Little Rascal Drinks Menu With Price

Beer & Cider

Cidrerie du Golfe, Cidre D’ici Sec Price :£13.00

Country: France; Region: Brittany; Style: Dry

Mochaccino Stout, Pilot Beer 5.5% (330ml Can) Price :£3.25

Style: Milk stout; ABV: 5.5%. About: Winner of the Bow Bar’s 2014 Dark Beer Challenge, Mochaccino Stout is a huge-bodied, full-flavoured milk stout, flavoured with coffee roast to Pilot’s exact specifications, raw and roast organic cocoa nibs and Tahitian vanilla. A rich, comforting can of luxury

Vienna Pale, Pilot Beer 4.6% (330ml Can) Price :£2.75

Style: Vienna Lager. Ish; ABV: 4.6%. About: Based on the classic Vienna Lager style (though technically an ale), and annoyer of a certain type of beer geek, Vienna Pale is a sweet, malty drinking pint, with plenty of Saaz, Citra and Cascade dry-hopping to keep things interesting


Santu, Coffee 04 Price :£7.00

Farm: Tozi & Fim Family, Caxixe Quente, Castelo, Espírito Santo, Brazil; Varietal: Yellow & Red Catuai – Pulped Process. 900-1100 MASL – Late Harvest. Grind: Whole Beans, French Press

Red Wine

Viticultor Ramon Jane, Cabories 2018 Price :£21.00

Country: Spain; Region: Alt Penedes; Grapes: Mandó, Xarel·lo, Sumoll; Vintage: 2018. Mas Candí’s Ramón Jané bottles his most avant garde winemaking projects under his own name. Cabòries is a vibrant and light red from 50% Mando, 40% Sumoll & 10% Xarel·lo (white) from 10 to 50 year old vines, planted in calcareous clay soils. The Mando and Xarel·lo are macerated on skins for 14 days, then spontaneously fermented in stainless steel, with 2 months ageing in old oak. Zero SO2 additions and practicing biodynamic. Vibrant and pure-fruited cherry and raspberry, citrus and electric acidity

Ciu Ciu, Bacchus Rosso Piceno 2018 Price :£15.00

Country: Italy; Region: Marche; Grapes: Montepulciano, Sangiovese; Vintage: 2018. An organic wine made from 50/50 Montepulciano & Sangiovese, fermented and aged in stainless steel. Fresh and juicy versatile red for all occasions, bursting with flavours of red cherries, bright raspberries and liquorice with its delightful nose of strawberry, morello cherry and liquorice root. A great food wines with cured meats and light pasta, Ossobuco alla Milanese, venison, dimsum and pork dumplings, or a juicy game pie

Spirits & Liqueurs

Electric Spirit Co, Achroous Gin 41% (700ml) Price :£38.00

White Wine

The Unfiltered Dog, Samurai Chardonnay 2019 Price :£14.50

Country: Australia; Region: South Australia; Grapes: Chardonnay; Vintage: 2019. Samurai Chardonnay, natural wine, low intervention, clean, fresh and fruity no oak Chardonnay with some balmy Aussie summer thrown in. Classic in style, natural in production and simple in its aims. Aussie white can be a touch on the hard work side at this price point but this one lip smacks with zippy acidity which gives way to a more mellow pineapple and light tropical flavour, Drink it with a herby roast chicken

Celler Vega Aixala, Brutal Roussanne 2019 Price :£27.50

Country: Spain; Region: Conca de Barbera; Grapes: Roussanne; Vintage: 2019. Vega Aixalà’s story began in 2003, with the realisation of a childhood fascination, recuperating the nearly abandoned vineyard of their grandfather, from which in the past wine had been made at home the traditional way.

Over their first three years, the family planted new vineyards, now covering 10 hectares on steep terraces of black llicorella slate, at between 800 and 900 metres altitude. The climate here is very dry, with cold winters and moderate summers, which, along with low rainfall and diurnal range during the ripening of the grape, help to protect their vines from many of the plagues by which they would normally be affected. The steep terraces make difficult work in the vineyards, hand harvesting essential, giving limited but high quality production of just 3000 kilogrammes per hectare, of grapes with optimal balance and ripeness.

They work organically and carefully follow the cycles of the lunar calendar, and make only minimum interventions in the winery. 100% Roussanne from 16 year old vines. without skin maceration. ‘BRUTAL!!!’ is a reference to the Brutal Wine Corporation that set up a new way for wines to be produced. Zero/zero – meaning no input in the vineyard and none in the cellar. Maximum production of 1 small barrel or 200 bottles. Even more, it is insisted that the wine should be bottled with some sort of technical fault, but that fault is to become part of the beauty of the wine and should get better as time goes on. Expect the unexpected!

Wine Menu

Ciello, Unfiltered/Unfined Catarratto 2018 Price :£12.00

Country: Italy; Region: Sicily; Grapes: Catarratto; Vintage: 2018. A naturally hazy white as it is completely unfiltered and unfined, in some bottles it can have an almost chalky appearance, especially if you give the bottle a wee swirl before pouring. Not to worry though, it is not like the sediment of a red wine, think of it as extra flavour. This 2018 shows that Ciello are governed by vintage. Night harvesting and modern temperature controlled fermentations result in a bright, fresh Catarratto with a wonderful nose of white grape juice, mouth-filling with notes of pink grapefruit, peach hints, lemon pith, and apple and a slight spiciness from the lees which is almost reminiscent of fresh olive oil

Ciello, Unfiltered/Unfined Nero d’Avola 2019 Price :£12.00

Country: Italy; Region: Sicily; Grapes: Nero d’Avola; Vintage: 2018. Ciello has been on Little Rascal’s list since opening, its absence only due to over demand. Nero’s brother the ’18 Catarratto has been pouring by the glass constantly, whilst we prefer to sell this one by the bottle. It can be sipped on its own but it’s a great, great food wine especially for the price! Unfiltered its packed with dark fruits, black cherries and red and dark plums. Expect some anise & bitter chocolate. Drink with anything from a simple tomato pasta to the heat of a Ndjua sausage

Gonzalo Grijalba, Gran Cerdo Blanco 2018 Price :£14.00

Country: Spain; Region: Rioja; Grapes: Viura, Muscat, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc; Vintage: 2018. Medium bodied, fruity, dry, great value natural white wine. We’ve had at least three vintages, all great, and each slightly different. This new vintage is mainly the white Rioja Grape Viura but also with about 20% of various grapes including things like Gruner Veltliner, Macabeo and various others.

Fresh, with good acidity and exciting aromatics, Scents of cut grass, peaches and lemongrass. On the palate, dry with a pronounced acidity leading to a short and refreshing finish. It’s something that you can serve chilled with some simple tapas and comfortably smash away a couple of bottles with friends and enjoy every minute. For a more adventurous evening try with grilled asparagus, or a fish stew

Gonzalo Grijalba, Gran Cerdo Tinto 2017 Price :£14.00

Country: Spain; Region: Rioja; Grapes: Tempranillo; Vintage: 2017. Quite simply, this is one of the best value natural reds on the market, and it’s so popular that it has its own faithful clientele. There’s no oak so the juicy elements of Tempranillo shine through. A great natural wine with whole bunch fermentation, light filtration, minimal sulphur.

Viticulture is organic, although not certified. There’s fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and violets with clean mineral tones from granite and herbaceous flavours gives the wine a slight green finish with a little spice, while the tannin and acidity. Great with roasted chicken, slow cooked roast shoulder of lamb with thyme and juniper, or a board of chorizo and cheese

The Unfiltered Dog, Samurai Shiraz 2019 Price :£14.50

Country: Australia; Region: South Australia; Grapes: Shiraz; Vintage: 2019. Organic Aussie Shiraz with juicy blackberry and plum fruit and touches of tobacco and wood spice. Nicely full-bodied on the palate without being over-extracted. Excellent value

Chateau Les Croisille, Le Croizillon Malbec 2017 Price :£18.00

Country: France; Region: Cahors; Grapes: Malbec; Vintage: 2017. The blend of grapes used to create this latest batch of wine from Cahors were sourced from several of the vineyard’s different terroirs, allowing the fruity and easily digestible qualities from Malbec come to the forefront. Using sustainable farming practices and modern winemaking techniques to create a wine with finesse, freshness and balance. Notes of plum, cherry, red currant, and herbs making a dry, high acidity, great tannins, full body and medium finish. Sound good? It is!

Domaine de Bellevue, VDF ‘In Solidum’ 2017 Price :£21.00

Country: France; Region: Loire; Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc; Vintage: 2017. Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc has its own characteristics, and this wine shines them fully. Fruity zest of apple and lemon with a mellow, rounded finish. Close to the Atlantic coastline, in the land of Muscadet and oysters, is the domaine of Jerome Bretaudeau.

After working for wineries in the region, he has collected enough tanks and barrels together to begin his own cellar. Jerome is a large quiet man, working hard to extract the best he can from his Domaine, combining organic practices and traditional wine making

Mick O’Connell, G. N. Guera V4 Price :£30.50

Country: Italy; Region: Sardinia; Grapes: Garnacha; Vintage: 2018. Mick is a native of Dublin but his wife comes from the island of Sardinia. Having spent many years in the wine trade Mick took the brave next step to start producing his own small batch, basket press Garnacha (Cannonau) from vines grown around his in-laws home village of Galtelli.

The wine is produced using as little intervention as possible and in a light style that had the village elders draws dropping. The result is perfumed, pepper spiced and layered. It is fresh on the finish and stitched together with ripe, well defined tannins. This one drinks like a Burgundy, is totally hands off in terms of wine making and is utterly pure

Celler la Salada, La Serra 2019 Price :£24.00

Country: Spain; Region: Penedes; Grapes: Xarel-lo; Vintage: 2019. 100% Xarel·lo, 2 weeks skin maceration stainless steel. Before establishing La Salada in 2012, Toni Carbó built Mas Candí with his friend Ramón Jané. Toni farms 20 hectares of his family’s vines, making wine from just 5 hectares of select parcels, selling off the rest in bulk.

Having been farmed sustainably for generations by Toni’s father and grandfather, without chemicals and mechanical farming, the vineyards offer an pure expression soil and vine. The vineyards are on clay and limestone soils at 300m altitude, untilled, keeping cover crops, grasses, herbs and flowers to shade and keep moisture in the soil and maintain biodiversity within the environment, lending complexity in the wines.

Toni makes no additions, sulphites included, to any of his wines, and is farming organically and practicing biodynamic methods. His wines are fresh, characterful and lively, continually working to make the best possible wines without sulphites. La Salada wines were made in the Mas Candí bodega until 2017, and there has been a clear influence and exchange of styles between

Joiseph, Mischkultur 2018 Price :£25.00

Country: Austria; Region: Burgenland; Grapes: Gruner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Muscat Ottonel, Neuburger, Traminer, Muller Thurgau; Vintage: 2018. This wine is known as ‘Gemischter Satz’; a field blend of mixed vines planted in a single vineyard. Or three in this case, as this wine sees the grapes from each site vinified differently; some direct press, some on skins, some in stainless steel, some old barrel, before being blended together to create the finished wine.

‘Mischkultur’ means a ‘mix of cultures’ and represents both the biodiversity in these particular vineyards as well as the diverse group of people that take part and help in the Joiseph project. The resulting wine is soft, clean and mineral with a lovely salinity. Very easy drinking and a tip for anyone who fancies a twist on a typical Gruner. A small sulphite addition, unfined, unfiltered, aromas of fresh almonds, tropical fruits and mandarine, then on the palate a pleasant slightly smoky finish.

Valli Unite, Fiurin NV (1.5l) Price :£26.50

Country: Italy; Region: Piemonte; Grapes: Cortese; Vintage: NV

Finca Parera, Fins Als Kullons 2018 (1l) Price :£27.00

Country: Spain; Region: Penedes; Grapes: Sumoll, Xarel.lo, Grenache Blanc; Vintage: 2018

Pascal Lambert, Chinon ‘Les Terrasses’ 2018 Price :£19.50

Country: France; Region: Loire; Grapes: Cabernet Franc; Vintage: 2018

Cellar 9+, Castell D’Aigua NV Price :£15.50

Country: Spain; Region: Tarragona; Grapes: Cartoixà; Vintage: NV

Finca Parera, Clar 2019 Price :£19.00

Country: Spain; Region: Penedes; Grapes: Xarel.lo, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay; Vintage; 2019

Chateau Tire Pe, Diem Bordeaux 2018 Price :£14.00

Country: France; Region: Bordeaux; Grapes: Merlot; Vintage: 2018

Balazu des Vaussieres, Cuvee Solaire 2016 Price :£25.50

Country: France; Region: Rhone; Grapes: Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Bourboulenc, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane; Vintage: 2016. Not very far from Nimes, Christian and Nadia Charmasson have been cultivating their small plot of happiness for more than 15 years. It took Christian and Nadia a few years to gradually switch to biodynamic lunar calendar, fruit day, flower day, root day.

on the plots, the soil is grassed over, using no tractor to plow the land but rather earthworms and biodynamic preparations based on horn silica to nourish and strengthen their vines in a completely natural way. Solaire, a 100% natural wine that lives up to its name! This cuvee displays on its label the Berber flag, in tribute to the origins of Nadia, as well as the tree of life, to illustrate the values of Christian and Nadia.

The trees of life are engravings, paintings, prints or sculptures that have existed since the beginning of history and symbolize the force of life and its origins, the importance of roots. In tasting, this blend seduces with its balance between a character solar, aromatic and very fresh. A living wine that will hit the target as an aperitif around a platter of tapas or as an accompaniment to grilled fish

Nibiru, ‘Grundstein’ Gruner Veltliner 2017 Price :£23.00

Country: Austria; Region: Kamptal; Grapes: Gruner Veltliner; Vintage: 2017. The idea of the wines Nibiru make under the Grundstein label is that they are uncomplicated, honest and down to earth; Grundstein translating as ‘groundwork’, or in other words, setting the precedent.

The grapes come from two parcels. One is behind the winery and has good body, texture, and overall roundness. The second parcel tends to produce a wine that is more linear, tenser and mineral in character. Blended together they complement each other perfectly. Picked at the same time, most of the grapes are whole bunch pressed and transferred to tank without racking.

About 20% of the grapes are fermented separately, on skins for 5 days, pressed, and then blended into the other tank with the rest of the juice where they finished fermentation together. Kept on fine lees in steel tanks for 8 months the wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered, with a small sulphur addition

Quinta Do Ermizio, Vinho Verde ‘Chin Chin’ 2018 Price :£12.00

Country: Portugal; Region: Vinho Verde; Grapes: Loureiro, Arinto, Trajadura; Vintage: 2019

Viticultor Ramon Jane, Baudili 2019 Price :£16.00

Catalunya, Spain; Xarel-lo, Parellada; White, 75cl

Les Vignerons d’Estzargues, Cuvee des Copains 2018 Price :£14.50

Country: France; Region: Rhone; Grapes: Grenache, Syrah; Vintage: 2018. “The Friends Blend” New vintage, still so good. The cooperative of Estezargues shows what can be done with good winemaking and determination. Denis Duchamps presides over the cellar where everything is about minimal intervention, this organic wine is unfiltered to show off its varietals even better. Raspberry flavours and medium-light bodied, with liquorice notes

Diamantis, Moschomavro Dry Red Siatista 2018 Price :£16.50

Country: Greece; Region: Siatista; Grapes: Moschomavro; Vintage: 2018

Chavy Chouet, Bourgogne Blanc ‘Les Femelottes’ 2018 Price :£27.00

Country: France; Region: Burgundy; Grapes: Chardonnay; Vintage: 2018

Maison Thiriet, Bourgogne Blanc 2018 Price :£36.00

Country: France; Region: Burgundy; Grapes: Chardonnay; Vintage: 2018

Chateau de la Selve, Le Ballon Rose 2018 Price :£13.50

Producer: Chateau de la Selve; Region: Languedoc, France; Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache

Fabulas, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2016 Price :£19.00

Country: Italy; Region: Abruzzo; Grapes: Montepulciano; Vintage: 2016. The Fabulas estate is set in the simply stunning location of Majella National Park in the Italian region of Abruzzo. Located in the village of Pretoro, the Fabulas team cultivate their vines at around 600 metres above sea level, producing a range of fresh, aromatic and beautifully balanced wines.

They allow sheep to roam their vineyard as they keep a check on other flora & fauna as well as providing natural fertilisation. This has to be without doubt Tony’s bestseller. The story of the three towers helps though; as French troops advanced on the undefended area as the village preyed, an old man bade the cavalry to halt. When they did not, the surrounding trees spontaneously caught fire and the old man turned into St Anthony.

The French beat a hasty retreat, and present day, every year, after Christmas, the people of Fara Filiorum Petri stop for a week to prepare their farchia. It is one of those festivals that expresses “belonging” to one’s own land, to one’s saint and to one’s people. The wine is matured half on steel, half in wood barrel. Aromas of red fruits, spices, intense, with a full-bodied, nice acidity, harmonious tannins. Share over a tale with friends, or classic Italian dishes, braised meats, duck, pheasant or rabbit, or even a board of aged cheeses

Dominio del Leone, Bianco di Veneto 2018 Price :£12.00

Country: Italy; Region: Veneto; Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Glera; Vintage: 2018

Dominio del Leone, Rosso di Veneto 2018 Price :£12.00

Country: Italy; Region: Veneto; Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Corvina, Raboso Piave; Vintage: 2018. Found in the heart of the Veneto, between Venice and Veron, Domini del Leone is an organic estate producing wines that offer fantastic value for money.

Very, very easy drinking. A combination of Corvina, Raboso and Merlot, the ‘Rosso’ is a soft, medium-bodied wine that offers satisfying juicy cherry notes with hints of cranberries. The light tannic structure ensures it is the perfect partner to all manner of meat dishes, as well as being delicious on its own by the glass!

Domaine Christophe Muret, Pinot Noir 2018 Price :£15.50

Country: France; Region: Languedoc; Grapes: Pinot Noir; Vintage: 2018. Light and delicate cherry aromas, subtle hints of spice followed by soft red fruits notes and finishing with silky tannins. Soft pressings with juice selection and limited sulphites addition. Situated halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif Central foothills, 4kms away from the historical city of Pézenas, the estate vineyard extends over plains and garrigues.

There are 50 hectares in total and most of the production is now of varietal wines sold as pays’ d’Oc. The vineyard has a system of night mechanical harvesting to protect the grapes potential

Prieure de Montezargues, Tavel 2017 Price :£24.00

Country: France; Region: Rhone; Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan; Vintage: 2017

AA Badenhorst, Secateurs Red Blend 2018 Price :£18.00

Country: South Africa; Region: Swartland; Grapes: Cinsault, Shiraz, Grenache; Vintage: 2018

Zidarich, Carso Vitovska 2014 Price :£50.00

Country: Italy; Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia; Grapes: Vitovska; Vintage: 2014

Mocavero, Primitivo di Salento 2018 Price :£16.50

Country: Italy; Region: Puglia; Grapes: Primitivo; Vintage: 2018. A great all year rounder, in winter it has got warmth for the most chilled of bones, in summer it matches the meats of the BBQ. This Primitivo is a rich, delightfully full bodied and juicy red wine, with cassis, sweet spice, dark kirsch cherry!

Francesco Mocavero’s best selling wine in the UK from Puglia’s signature grape variety which does superbly well in the Salento region. The variety tends towards uppish alcohol and lower acidity when not kept in check but Mocavero’s style has loads of freshness and finesse. The well balanced structure and alcohol complements the dark damson fruit and hints of spice. Unlike big production Primitivo, there is no stewed flavours, no sickly sweet sugar and no cloying texture. This is just lovely’ smooth’ red to drink at any time with anything

Michel Gonet, 3 Terroirs 2010 Price :£36.00

Country: France; Region: Champagne; Grapes: Chardonnay; Vintage: 2010

Viticultor Ramon Jane, Tinc Set Ancestral 2019 Price :£19.00

La Jara, Prosecco Frizzante NV Price :£16.00

Country: Italy; Region: Veneto; Grapes: Glera; Vintage: NV

Clemens Busch, Riesling Trocken 2018 Price :£20.50

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Little Rascal is a welcoming wine shop, with space for guests to enjoy a bottle alongside our rotating selection of cheeses and charcuterie. As they are a tight space, always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

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