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Juicy Lucy
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Juicy Lucy store hours

Phone: +44 141 552 8713.

Website: www.juicylucysburgercompany.co.uk

Head Office address: 8 High Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

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Juicy Lucy Restaurant Menu With Price


Classic Quater Pounder burger – £9.99
Tender beef patty topped with fried onions, homemade burger sauce, and fresh iceburg lettuce.
100% (6)
Classic Quater Pounder burger

Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger – £7.49
Grilled chicken topped with fresh salad, homemade burger sauce and cheese.


Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger

Hello – Halloumi Grilled burger – £8.99
Crispy on the outside, gooey in the middle, crunchy slices of fried Greek cheese, tomato, red onion and a quick sweet chilli mayo, all encased in a soft brioche bun

Fisher man’s Fish Fillet Burger – £7.49
Deep Fried Fish patty topped with Mayo tartar sauce, cheese, and fresh white cabbage.

Sheesh Special lamb Doner Burger – £7.99
Lamb doner, all salad, chilli, and garlic sauce.

Classic veggie Burger – £6.99
Deep-Fried Veggie patty Topped with homemade burger sauce and fresh salad.

Empire State Chicken Tower Burger – £10.99
Our Chicken Grilled patty topped with Onion rings, hash brown, lettuce, fried onions, ketchup, and homemade burger sauce .

Double Beef Patty Burger – £12.99
Juicy combination of Two beef patties topped with fried onions, our secret burger sauce and fresh tomatoes.

Wraps N Rolls

Chicken Wrap – £9.99
Traditionally, marinated cubed pieces of chicken are threaded on skewers and cooked over an open fire
71% (14)
Chicken Wrap

Turkish Falafal Veggie Wrap – £8.99
Hummus spread on bread topped with salad leaves, slices of cucumber and tomato, and a handful of pickled red cabbage & Falafel
75% (4)
Turkish Falafal Veggie Wrap

Lamb Wrap – £10.99
Traditionally, marinated cubed pieces of lamb are threaded on skewers and cooked over an open fire
Lamb Wrap

Mr Lamb Doner Wrap – £10.99
Wrap made of lamb cooked on a vertical rotisserie and other Doner Ingredients
75% (4)

Grill Specials

Grilled Smokey Chicky Wings – £11.99
Marinated chicken wings cooked on the grill. Served with fresh salad.
Grilled Smokey Chicky Wings

Juicy Lucy Grilled Chicken – £11.99
Marinated chicken chargrilled on slow heat, served with fresh salad and choice of sauce.

Sheesh Special Tawa Kebab – £13.79
Hot. Slices of lamb Or chicken doner cooked on the grill with special sauces. Served with fresh salad.

Power Pack Grilled Chicken Salad – £11.99
Tender slices of chicken breast grilled in choice of flavour mixed with variety of salads.

Chicken Shish Kebab – £12.49
Tender pieces of chicken breast cubed and marinated with a blend of turkish spices, grilled on open charcoal. Served with salad.

“Sheesh N kebabs” Treat

Lamb Shish Plate – £12.99
Succulent pieces of lamb marinated with a light peppery paste, grilled slowly for tenderness. Served with fresh salad.
Lamb Shish Plate

Special kofte Kebab – £11.99
Minced lamb prepared with chopped onions, parsley, green peppers and herbs, cooked on a skewer over the charcoal grill. Served with fresh

Special kofte Kebab

Chicken Shish Plate – £12.99
Marinated pieces of chicken fillet with green peppers and onions, cooked on a charcoal grill. Served with fresh salad.
Chicken Shish Plate

Juicy Lamb Doner – £11.99
Slices of lamb, minced, seasoned, and cooked on an upright spear. Served with fresh salad.

Juicy Chicken Doner – £11.99
Marinated pieces of chicken thigh thinly sliced and cooked on a rotisserie. Served with fresh salad.
71% (7)

Mixed Meat Platter – £22.99
Mixed Kebab Platter Comes with lamb shish, lamb doner and lamb kofte.

Chicken Platter – £22.99
Mixed Chicken Platter Comes with chicken wings, chicken doner and chicken shish.

Snack Box Meal

Juicy Lucy Collaboration Snack Pack Kebabs Combo Meal – £17.99
Choice of Any 2 Kebabs served with fresh Salad .

Sam’s Doner Snack pack Meal – £22.99
Mixed Kebab Platter Comes with lamb shish, lamb doner and lamb kofte.

Emily’s Juicy Chicken Snack Pack Meal – £22.99
Mixed Chicken Platter Comes with chicken wings, chicken doner and chicken shish.

Extras On Side

Crisp Chips

Crisp Chips – £3.79
60% (10)

Onion Rings – £4.99
Apple Pie

Apple Pie – £2.99

Flat Bread – £2.99
Mixed Veggie Salad – £4.19

Potato Wedges – £4.19

Cheesy Chips – £5.79

Dips On Side

Garlic Sauce – £1.29
66% (3)

Burger Sauce – £1.29

Hot Peri Peri – £1.29

BBQ – £1.29
Mayo – £1.29
Ketchup – £1.29
Chilli Relish – £1.29


Coke – £2.49
Tango Orange – £2.49
Pepsi – £2.49
Diet Coke – £2.49
Water – £2.49
7 Up – £2.49
Ginger Beer – £2.49
Ribena Black Currant – £2.49

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About Juicy Lucy

According to general manager Amy Feriancek, a regular client placed a cheeseburger order in 1954. Customer Matt Bristol requested that the cheese be placed within rather than on top.

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