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Coro the Chocolate Cafe Menu
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Coro the Chocolate Cafe Menu store hours

Phone: +44 131 225 4477


Head Office address: 13 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 2EY, United Kingdom

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Coro the Chocolate Cafe Main Menu With Price


Need a chocolate-fix? Order two waffles! A true chocoholic? Order four! 2 Waffles: Price :£5.25 or 4 Waffles: Price :£8.50

Banana & Chocolate

fresh banana, melted milk chocolate, whipped cream, & nuts


strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, whipping cream, white chocolate, & raspberry coulis

Caramel & Shortbread

melted milk chocolate, crushed shortbread, salted caramel ice cream & caramel sauce

Chocolate & Orange

melted milk & dark chocolate, Jaffa cakes & Jaffa cake ice cream


melted dark & white chocolate, crushed Oreo biscuit & scoop of Oreo ice cream

Cookies & Cream

melted milk chocolate, fresh whipping cream, cookies & Oreo’s

Premium Waffles

Cookie Jar Price :£8.95

white chocolate base topped with vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce, oreos drizzled in dark chocolate, crushed cookies on a bed of whipping cream & jaffa cakes coated with milk chocolate

Chocolate Pizza Price :£8.95

Melted milk chocolate base topped with 4 different slices. Fruit drizzled in white chocolate, vanilla ice cream topped with salted caramel sauce, pretzels covered in milk chocolate & fluffy marshmallows drizzled in white chocolate

Banana Split Price :£8.95

Milk chocolate base with split banana, 1 scoop vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream. Decorated with milk chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, glazed cherries & wafers

Waffle Platters

Fruit Platter Price :£8.99

4 waffles served with fresh strawberries, banana, raspberries, crushed nuts, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, & a jug of melted milk chocolate so you can decorate it yourself

Chocolate Waffle Sandwich Price :£10.99

4 waffle base & 4 waffle top, filled with milk chocolate, strawberries, banana & oreos. Topped with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, more chocolate & salted caramel sauce

Banoffee Platter Price :£8.99

4 waffles split in two, filled with milk chocolate, toffee sauce, banana, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Decorated with more chocolate, crushed nuts, toffee & fudge pieces. Served with whipped cream & pot of melted chocolate


A stack of freshly-made pancakes served with a variety of toppings

Milk Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream Price :£5.50

Double Chocolate Price :£5.60

served with chocolate ice cream

Milk Chocolate & Banana Price :£5.95

served with whipped cream

Milk Chocolate & Strawberries Price :£5.95

served with whipped cream

Nutella Price :£5.95

served with Nutella ice cream

Strawberry Shortcake Price :£5.95

served with strawberry ice cream

Maple Syrup & Fresh Fruit Price :£6.25

Sweet Crepes

Sweet crepes are a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day! Light but decadent, and oh so versatile when it comes to fillings

Lemon & Meringue Price :£6.75

served with whipped cream

Apple & Cinnamon Price :£6.75

served with whipped cream

Berry Bliss Price :£6.75

served with whipped cream

Peanut Butter & Banana Price :£6.75

served with vanilla ice cream

Millionaire Shortbread Price :£6.75

served with vanilla ice cream

Salted Caramel & Pretzel Price :£6.75

served with vanilla ice cream

Cinnamon Bun Price :£6.75

served with whipped cream

Pizza Slice & Chips Price :£6.75

Create Your Own Menu


Pancakes Price :£3.60
2 Waffles (Chocolate Fix) Price :£3.60
Crepe Price :£3.60
4 Waffles (Chocoholic) Price :£5.60

Sauces each Price :£0.85

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel Sauce, Raspberry Coulis, Lemon Curd, Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Toffee Sauce, Nutella, Lemon Juice

Toppings each Price :£1.00

Shortbread, Meringue, Pretzels, Marshmallows, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Oreo Biscuit, Sugar, Cookies, Milk Chocolate Shavings, Dark Chocolate Shavings, White Chocolate Shavings

Fruits each Price :£1.30

Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Raspberries, Apples

Cream & Ice Cream

Fresh Whipping Cream Price :£1.30
Ice Cream Price :£1.30

Ice Cream

Add a scoop of ice cream Price :£1.30/scoop

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Jaffa Cake



Ferrero Rocher



Mint Choc Chip

Salted Caramel


Add a scoop of ice cream for Price :£1.30

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Price :£3.50

Caramel Digestive Price :£3.50

Death by Chocolate Cake Price :£4.25

Hot Desserts

Chocolate Fondant Price :£6.50

Served with vanilla ice cream and strawberries

Toffee & Apple Sponge Price :£6.50

Served with vanilla ice cream or whipping cream

Create Your Own Fondue

Price :£7.99 / Price :£13.99. Milk, Dark, or White chocolate served with marshmallows and the choice of 4 of the following item: (add more for Price :£1.99 each)


Strawberries, Raspberries, Banana, Clementine

Sweets & More

Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans, Pretzels, Oreos


Caramel Digestive, Brownie, Waffle Fries, Mini Pancakes


available all day

Ham & Cheese Crepe Price :£6.50

served with an egg

Brie, Spinach & Tomato Crepe Price :£6.50

served with sweet chilli on the side

Pesto & Mozzarella Crepe Price :£6.50

Bacon & Egg Pancake Price :£6.50

served with maple syrup

Bacon & Egg Waffles Price :£6.50

served with maple syrup


Ideal for sharing: with a choice of melted. Milk, Dark, or White chocolate

Fruit Fondue One Price :£6.99 \ Two Price :£12.99

served with: banana, strawberries, raspberries, clementine & marshmallows

Marshmallow Madness Price :£6.99

Strawberry & Banana Bowl Price :£7.50

Cake Fondue For Two Price :£12.99

served with: brownie, caramel digestive, waffle fries, mini pancakes & marshmallows

Coro the Chocolate Cafe Drinks Menu With Price

Soya, Almond & Coconut milk available upon request

Hot Chocolate

Add cream or marshmallows for Price :£0.50!. Add both for Price :£0.80!

Dark Hot Chocolate Regular Price :£2.99 / Large Price :£3.49

Milk Hot Chocolate Regular Price :£2.99 / Large Price :£3.49

White Hot Chocolate Regular Price :£2.99 / Large Price :£3.49

Peanut Butter Melt Regular Price :£3.99 Large / Price :£4.49

Dark, milk or white hot chocolate served with a peanut butter spoon


Add a syrup for Price :£0.50! – Vanilla, Hazelnut*, Caramel, Cinnamon

Espresso Regular Price :£1.65 / Large Price :£1.95

Single or Double

Macchiato Regular Price :£1.80 / Large Price :£2.10

Single or Double

Affogato Regular Price :£2.20 / Large Price :£2.40

Single or Double

Americano Regular Price :£2.20 / Large Price :£2.40

Latte Regular Price :£2.40 / Large Price :£2.60

Cappuccino Regular Price :£2.50 / Large Price :£2.70

Chai Latte Regular Price :£2.50 / Large Price :£2.70

Flat White Regular Price :£2.60 / Large Price :£2.80

Coro Mocha Regular Price :£3.20 / Large Price :£3.70

Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate

Babicino Large Price :£1.00

Hot Chocolate Shots

Hot Chocolate Shots Price :£2.00

A rich melted chocolate shot with a sprinkle topping to spice things up. You have the choice of Milk, Dark or White Chocolate with a choice of the toppings: Chilli, Cinnamon, Nutmeg*, Paprika, Pepper, Ginger

Create Your Own!

Winter Warmer Regular Price :£3.40 / Large Price :£3.95

Choose your Chocolate: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate. Choose your Flavor: Mint, Butterscotch, Popcorn, Gingerbread, Orange, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Toffee Nut


Breakfast Tea Price :£2.20

Green Tea Price :£2.20

Decaf Tea Price :£2.20

Lemon & Ginger Price :£2.20

Rooibos Crème Caramel Price :£2.20

Chocolate Flake Tea Price :£2.20

Peppermint Price :£2.20

Chai Tea Price :£2.20

Earl Grey Price :£2.20

Rhubarb & Ginger Price :£2.20

Apple & Cinnamon Price :£2.20

Winter Red Tea Price :£2.20

Cold Drinks

Apple Juice Price :£1.20

Orange Juice Price :£1.20

Milk Price :£1.20

Still Water Price :£1.95

Sparkling Water Price :£1.95

Irn Bru Price :£2.20

Diet Irn Bru Price :£2.20

Fanta Price :£2.20

Diet Coke Price :£2.20

Coke Price :£2.50

Delicious Shakes

Vanilla Price :£3.99

Oreo Price :£3.99

Oreo shake can be made vegan friendly and dairy free

Cookie Price :£3.99

Banana Price :£3.99

Hazelnut Price :£3.99

Strawberry Price :£3.99

Peanut Butter Price :£3.99

Salted Caramel Price :£3.99

Milk Chocolate Price :£3.99

White Chocolate Price :£3.99

Mint Chocolate Price :£3.99

Coro the Chocolate Cafe Near Locations

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Coro the Chocolate Cafe Hours

Monday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am–10.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am–10.00 pm

Coro the Chocolate Cafe Offers and Coupons

There are No Offers available in the site

About Coro the Chocolate Cafe

Coro the Chocolate Cafe believe chocolate should be a fun and sharing experience. They don’t claim to be master chocolatiers, in fact its quite the opposite. Our aim is to give customers their chocolate fix but not just from your standard bar of chocolate.

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