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The Cambridge Chop House Drinks
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 by Max Mustermann

Exquisite steak and excellent wine. Along with Blackadder playing in the toilets, the atmosphere is excellent. I’ve been here about once a year for the entire time I’ve been in Cambridge and I’ve never come away disappointed. It’s great.

The Cambridge Chop House Drinks store hours

Phone: +44 1223 359506


Head Office address: 1 King's Parade, Cambridge CB2 1SJ, UK

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The Cambridge Chop House Drinks Main Menu With Price

Beer & Cider Menu

Calvors Lager 3.8% (330ml) Price:£3.70

Calvors Premium Lager 5% (330ml) Price:£3.90

Nethergate Old Growler (500ml) Price:£4.75

Sheppy’s Cider (500ml) Price:£5.00

Beck’s Alcohol Free (275ml) Price:£2.50

Soft Drinks Menu

Fresh Orange Juice or Apple Juice Price:£2.50

Coke/Diet Coke (330ml) Price:£2.75/Price:£2.70

Franklin Soft Drinks Price:£3.00

Lemonade & Elderower, Ginger Beer & Malted Barley, Apple & Rhubarb, Dandelion & Burdock, Strawberry & Raspberry

Sparkling/Still Filtered Water (Small/Large) Price:£1.90/Price:£3.50

Mocktails Menu

Strawberry Lemonade Price:£5.00

Strawberry Puree, Lemon Juice, Mint, Soda Water

Seedlip “G&T” Price:£6.00

Seedlip, Tonic Water, Cucumber, choose between ‘Garden’ or ‘Spice’

Apple & Elderower Sparkly Price:£5.00

Elderower Cordial, Cloudy Apple Juice, Mint, Soda Water

Hobson’s Choice Price:£5.00

Fresh Orange Juice, Cloudy Apple Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine

Virgin Mary Price:£5.00

Tomato Juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce, Black Pepper, Celery Stick

Wine Menu

Rosé Wines Menu

House Rosé

125ml Price:£3.50 / 175ml Price:£4.75 /250ml Price:£13.00 /btl Price:£25.00

Syrah Rosé, Anne de Joyeuse Camas

Rosé, ‘Trilogie’, Château Viranel, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£5.50 / 175ml Price:£7.50 /250ml Price:£21.30 /btl Price:£29.00

A perennial favourite – better than ever.

Organic Rosé, La Minuette, D. Gayda IGP d’Oc btl


Bold and grand. Mourvèdre led from top sites in Minervois
La Livinière.

Sparkling Wines Menu

Blanquette de Limoux NV, Antech, Limoux

125ml Price:£7.00 / btl Price:£35.00

Fresh but with depth and roundness.

Rosé Crémant de Limoux, Émotion, Antech, Limoux

btl Price:£39.00

Utterly charming and elegant pink zz.

Champagne, Joseph Perrier Cuvée Royale Brut NV

btl Price:£57.00

One of few wines on the list not from the Languedoc.
The epitome of Joseph’s style.

Dessert Wines Menu

Muscat de Rivesaltes, Domaine Treloar

100ml Price:£7.35 / btl Price:£32.00

Côtes du Roussillon, France. A late harvested fortied sweet
dessert wine with a rich, honeyed palate.

Banyuls Traditionnel Robert Pages AOC VdN

100ml Price:£9.00 / btl Price:£60.00

90% Grenache Noir, 10% Grenache Gris. A traditional Banyuls –
sweet, complex and marvellous. Served chilled.

Apple Apéritif Kingston Black, Somerset

100ml Price:£5.50 / btl Price:£26.00

Sweetness and depth of the legendary Kingston Black apple with
subtle brandy notes.

Maury Rouge, Domaine des Soulanes, Maury AOC

100ml Price:£9.60 / btl Price:£65.00

rom a single vineyard of old vine Grenache. This vintage port
style is deeply fruited, well structured and extremely satisfying!
Only made in the best years.

White Wines Menu

House White

125ml Price:£3.50 /175ml Price:£4.75 /250ml Price:£13.00 /btl Price:£25.00

Picpoul de Pinet, Domaine de Castelnau AOC

Flying Solo, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.00 /175ml Price:£5.50 /250ml Price:£15.00 /btl Price:£22.00

Grenache Blanc / Viognier. Suits all occasions.

Vermentino, Domaine Les Yeuses IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.20 / 175ml Price:£5.60 / 250ml Price:£15.30 /btl Price:£22.50

Fresh and citrus with a juicy mouthfeel. Delicious.

Chardonnay, ‘Cépage’, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.80 / 175ml Price:£6.30 /250ml Price:£18.50 /btl Price:£26.00

Beautiful golden colour; mineral stone fruit and impressive length.

Viognier, ‘Cépage’, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£26.00

Pure and precise Viognier blended from three separate vineyards.
A mainstay with us and a favourite.

‘The Duke’ Sauvignon Blanc IGP D’Oc

125ml Price:£5.10 / 175ml Price:£6.80 / 250ml Price:£19.00 /btl Price:£27.00

Named after Cambscuisine’s many wine trips to the
Languedoc-Roussillon. Stew Travers (Cambridge Wine
Merchants) is affectionately known by us as ‘The Duke of the
Languedoc’ and introduced us to Domaine Gayda.
This Sauvignon Blanc has been inspired by Gayda’s New World
Heritage. Tim and Vincent met up in South Africa in 2003; this
inuence holds rm within the wine, showing forward fruit
yet the interminable Languedoc winds give their own
special identity to the wine.

Picpoul de Pinet ‘RC’, La Croix Gratiot, AOC

btl Price:£28.00

The ‘RC’ bottling is unique to Cambscuisine.
We loved meeting this producer, one of the best.

Désir Blanc, La Croix Gratiot, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£5.30 / 175ml Price:£7.30 / 250ml Price:£20.80 / btl Price:£28.00

A very highly regarded, stylish blend of Viognier, Chardonnay,
Roussanne and Muscat.

En Passant Blanc, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£5.50 / 175ml Price:£7.50 / 250ml Price:£21.30 / btl Price:£29.00

Fresh blend of Maccabeo and Muscat from the Roussillon.

Roussanne, L’Imaginaire, D. des Trinités, Vin de France

btl Price:£30.00

An original Roussanne, given several days of skin maceration.
Depth of colour, some ginger notes with a streak of tannin.
Good balancing acidity and elegant freshness.

Viognier, L’Invité Domaine des Trinités, Vin de France

btl Price:£33.00

Fresh, natural and mineral Viognier grown on a single site of
Volcanic Basalt in Faugères by “The Coulsh”.

Freestyle Blanc, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£35.00

A blend of the best grapes from Gayda’s top sites.
Our favourite wine from our last trip to the estate.

Mauzac Ch. Rives-Blanques Occitania Limoux AOC

btl Price:£35.00

Much heralded oddity from our friends the Panmans in wonderful
Limoux. Oily, zippy, creamy – outstanding!

Chardonnay, Cuvée Odyssée, Château Rives-Blanques,

btl Price:£35.00

AOC Limoux. One of the best Chardonnays in the Languedoc.
Only hand selected grapes from their top vineyards.

La Serre Blanc, Domaine Sainte Croix, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£37.00

Blend of Old Vine Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris. Works
well with sh and white meats. Fresh, long and intense nish

Chenin Blanc, ‘Figure Libre’, D. Gayda IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£42.00

A very exciting wine from Gayda. Fermented and aged in a
concrete egg. Terric texture with immense length and freshness.

Red Wines Menu

House Red

125ml Price:£3.50 / 175ml Price:£4.75 / 250ml Price:£13.00 / btl Price:£25.00

Château La Dournie, Rouge, IGP d’Oc

Flying Solo, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.00 / 175ml Price:£5.50 / 250ml Price:£15.00 / btl Price:£22.00

Grenache / Syrah blend from a favourite producer of ours.

Merlot, Domaine Les Yeuses, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.30 / 175ml Price:£5.70 / 250ml Price:£15.40 / btl Price:£23.00

A ‘proper’ Merlot from the Languedoc. Plummy, good depth.

Cabernet, Rendez-Vous, Château Viranel, IGP d’Oc.

btl Price:£26.00

50/50 blend Sauvignon and Franc. Lifted dark fruits on this
medium to full-bodied gem from the Viranel boys.

Syrah, ‘Cépage’, Domaine Gayda, IGP d’Oc

125ml Price:£4.80 / 175ml Price:£6.30 / 250ml Price:£18.50 / btl Price:£26.00

Classic peppery, fresh but serious Syrah.

Cinsault, ‘Misunderstood’ D. La Combe Blanche,

125ml Price:£5.10 / 175ml Price:£6.80 / 250ml Price:£19.00 / btl Price:£27.00

Côtes du Brian IGP d’Oc Guy Vanlancker has pioneered a
single varietal ‘cinsault’ before it became fashionable in the region.
Silky, medium-bodied sunshine in a glass.

Terres Falmet ‘Cuvée Reserve’ AOC Saint Chinian

btl Price:£28.00

Resolved, fresh and characterful. Outstanding addition to our list.

Tempranillo, D. La Combe Blanche, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£29.00

The main Rioja grape. Produced from a vineyard above la Livinière.

Pech Mege, Domaine des Trinités, AOC Pézenas

125ml Price:£5.50 / 175ml Price:£7.50 / 250ml Price:£21.30 / btl Price:£29.00

Grenache led. Charming and focused red fruits with fresh minerality.

Malbec-Alicante ‘Bel Serrat’ IGP Côteaux de Peyriac

125ml Price:£5.50 / 175ml Price:£7.50 / 250ml Price:£21.30 / btl Price:£29.00

A wicked purple colour with kirsch cherry brightness on the nose.
Pure fruit, lovely tannin, ne texture.

Marselan ‘Bel Serrat’ IGP Côteaux de Peyriac

btl Price:£29.00

A Languedoc cross between Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon
vines. Chunky, hearty and pleasing.

Classique Rouge Château d’Anglès, AOC La Clape

btl Price:£29.00

A mix of Mediterranean spice and fruit. Silky tannins, good
structure and ne balance.

Syrah-Carignan, En Passant Rouge D. Gayda IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£30.00

Harvested at full maturity to express its richness complemented
with whole-bunch Carignan for brightness and lift.

Le Portail, Domaine des Trinités, AOC Faugères

btl Price:£30.00

Syrah dominated. Pepper, spice & lovely deep fruit.

Cuvée Jean-Pull, D. des Soulanes, Côtes du Roussillon

btl Price:£30.00

Villages. Blend of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah. Well
structured, silky and seamless. A favourite amongst us.

Malbec, Château Vincens ‘Prestige’, AOC Cahors

btl Price:£31.00

A Decanter Magazine medal winner, from the home of Malbec.

Pinot Noir, ‘Les Zazous’, La Croix Gratiot, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£33.00

A new world style from this undiscovered Pinot territory.

Clos Padulis Fitou AOC

btl Price: £36.00

An exciting Fitou with wonderful fruit, heady garrigue, black
pepper, liquorice and ne leather.

Cabernet Franc, ‘Figure Libre’, D. Gayda, IGP d’Oc

btl Price:£42.00

This is one of Vincent Chansault’s growing family of special ‘babies’
and it is superb! Full-bodied, intense with countless layers of avours.

Roboul, D. Danjou-Banessy, AOC Côtes du Roussillon

btl Price:£45.00

Villages. 50/50 blend of old Mourvèdre and Grenache vines that
are organically farmed on clay and limestone soils. Stunning.

Coffees Menu

Black Coffee Price:£2.70

White Coffee Price:£2.70

Cappuccino Price:£3.00

Cafe Latte Price:£3.00

Chai Latte Price:£3.00

Espresso Price:£2.70

Double Espresso Price:£2.90

Macchiatto Price:£2.70

Double Macchiato Price:£2.90

Mocha Price:£3.20

Hot Chocolate Price:£3.00

Teas Menu

English Breakfast Price:£2.60

Earl Grey Price:£2.60

Moroccan Mint Price:£2.60

Fruit Punch Price:£2.60

Green Tea Price:£2.60

Chai Tea Price:£2.60

Lemon & Ginger Price:£2.60

Decaf Tea Price:£2.60

Juices Menu

Fresh Orange Juice Price:£2.50

Fresh Apple Juice Price:£2.50

Franklin Soft Drinks: Price:£3.00

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The Cambridge Chop House Hours

Monday   10am–10:30pm
Tuesday   10am–10:30pm
Wednesday   10am–10:30pm
Thursday   10am–10:30pm
Friday   10am–11pm
Saturday   9am–11pm
Sunday   9am–9:30pm

The Cambridge Chop House Coupans

Cambscuisine gift vouchers can be exchanged for food and drink purchased at any Cambscuisine restaurant including SmokeWorks.To redeem the voucher you will be required to produce this printedvoucher at the point of sale. The issued no. must be clearly visible.

Gift vouchers may not be exchanged for cash.Gift vouchers must be used within their valid until date.

About The Cambridge Chop House

The Cambridge Chop House was the first of our two Chop Houses. It is in the heart of Cambridge, just 50 yards from King’s College Chapel and a similar distance from Cambridge Arts Theatre. The restaurant and steak house has a wonderful cellar area with spacious, white washed walls and the ground floor area has spectacular views.

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The Cambridge Chop House Drinks
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Max Mustermann

Exquisite steak and excellent wine. Along with Blackadder playing in the toilets, the atmosphere is excellent. I’ve been here about once a year for the entire time I’ve been in Cambridge and I’ve never come away disappointed. It’s great.