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Beefy Boys Hereford store hours

Phone: +44 1432 359209


Head Office address: The Meat Boutique, Old Market, Hereford HR4 9HU, UK

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Beefy Boys Hereford Main Menu With price


Jalapeño Poppers…Price: £5

JalapeÑo Peppers stuffed with a blend of three cheeses, coated in
bread crumbs, Parmesan and chives. served with Chipotle dipping sauce.
(We use fresh jalapeÑos in our recipes, due to their seasonality heat levels may fluctuate
depending on the time of year)

mac & Cheese balls…Price: £4

Breaded Balls of Mac and Cheese served with Parmesan, Chives, Bacon
Dust and spicy chipotle ketchup (veggies ask for cheddar & no bacon)

Griddled Corn on the Cob…Price: £2.50 S&P / Price: £2.75 C&L

Served with either Sea salt and Cracked Black pepper
or Chilli and Lime Butter


Buffalo Wings…Price: £5

Classic Twice Cooked Wings with spicy Franks Red Hot,
Butter & Maple Syrup served with Blue Cheese Dip and Celery

Ninja Wings…Price: £5

Twice Cooked Wings with Soy, Garlic, Honey and Sesame Seeds

KPop Wings…Price: £5

twice cooked wings with our Sticky korean BBQ style sauce
and sesame seeds


Plain Fries…Price: £2.50

Our house fries, served with our secret seasoning

Millionaire Fries…Price: £3.50

House fries, local Truffle oil, Parmesan, Chives, Smoked Chipotle dipping sauce

Bacon Fries…Price: £4.50

House Fries, baconnaise, Bacon Dust, Bacon, more Bacon (great to share)

Chilli Cheese Fries…Price: £6.50

a big messy plate of HOUSE Fries, Beef Chilli, HPA nacho cheese sauce,
Sour Cream, Ball Park Mustard, Pickled JalapeÑos and Chives
(great to share


Side Salad…Price: £2.50

mixed greens, tomato, red onion, pickles
available dressings: Chipotle Dressing, Hereford cider vinegar dressing


Customer notice

As standard our Beef burgers come served medium (still pink in the middle)
due to the health risks associated with undercooked meats we strongly
advise that children, pregnant women, the elderly or those who are unwell,
order their burger well done.

Extras..Price: £1

Egg, Mushroom, Bacon, pickled JalapeÑo

Extras..Price: £2

JalapeÑo poppers, mozzarella patty, mac and cheese patty


The Beefy Boy…Price: £8.50

The First Burger we ever made featuring our super secret
Special Sauce (creamy and tangy), crispy Bacon, American
Cheese, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, red onion and Gherkin

The American Boy…Price: £8.50

The Classic Ketchup and Ball park Mustard combo, crispy Bacon,
American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, red onion and Gherkin

The Chipotle Boy…Price: £8.50

Comes with our Smokey and creamy Chipotle sauce, crispy Bacon,
American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, red onion and Gherkin

The Lonely Boy…Price: £7.50

literally just meat, cheese, bacon and a bun, no salad, no sauce


Prime hereford chicken breast lightly marinated in spices and citrus then chargrilled

The Chipotle Chicken Boy…Price: £9

Chipotle Rubbed Chargrilled Chicken Breast, Chipotle Mayo, Bacon,
American Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Red Onion and tomato

The Buffalo Chicken Boy…Price: £8

Spicy Buffalo sauced Chicken Breast, Blue Cheese Mayo,
lettuce, red onion and Chives

Extra sauces available…50p

chipotle sauce, Baconnaise, blue cheese dip, special sauce, rude boy
salsa, spicy chipotle ketchup, honey mustard mayo, garlic and herb,
marinara, BBQ and HPA Nacho Sauce (Price: £1)


The Blue Boy…Price: £9

Blue Cheese Mayo, pickled JalapeÑos, lettuce, red onion
American cheese, Swiss Cheese and Bacon
(don’t want it spicy? just ask for no JalapeÑos!)

The Bacon Boy…Price: £9

Double Bacon, Baconnaise, American cheese, Swiss Cheese,
Lettuce, Tomato, red onion and Gherki

The Pizza Boy…Price: £9.50

marinara Sauce, breaded mozzarella, red onion, Pepperoni,
American Cheese and Swiss Cheese served with our Garlic
and Herb Dip

The Macaroni Boy…Price: £9.50

Mac and Cheese Patty, Nacho Sauce, Lettuce and Spicy
Chipotle Ketchup
(don’t want it spicy? just ask for marinara sauce instead
of Chipotle Ketchup)

The Rude Boy…Price: £9.50

Fire Roasted Green Chilli Salsa, Jack Cheese, Bacon,
Lettuce, Onion and Tomato, served with a JalapeÑo popper
on top! one for the Chilli Fans
(We use fresh jalapeÑos in our recipes, due to their seasonality heat levels may
fluctuate depending on the time of year

The Jurassic Classic Nozboy…Price: £9.50

Designed in conjunction with Hip Hop Legends Jurassic 5 and
local festival Nozstock, Honey Mustard Mayo, Ketchup, Spinach,
Egg over easy, American Cheese, Swiss Cheese and Bacon


All of our Classic and speciality burgers are available
as vegetarian options – just ask to swap the Beef Patty
for a bean Burger or a Truffle Mushroom (contains nuts)

The Beanie Boy…Price: £8

Poblano Peppers, Black Bean, cashew nuts, Chipotle and Feta
patty with Jack cheese, lettuce, red onion and chipotle sauce

The Leafy Boy…Price: £8

Field Mushroom cooked with truffle oil, served with Special
Sauce, american cheese, swiss cheese Lettuce, Onion and gherkin

The Mac patty Boy…Price: £7

A Breadcrumbed patty of Mac and Cheese served
with lettuce and chipotle ketchup

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Beefy Boys Hereford Hours

Monday 12–9:30pm
Tuesday 12–9:30pm
Wednesday 12–9:30pm
Thursday 12–9:30pm
Friday 12–9:30pm
Saturday 12–9:30pm
Sunday 12–8:30pm

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